Bridges & Arches – Geocache of the Week

MARIA: Hi, I’m Maria and I work for Geocaching HQ. During a recent trip to New York City, I wanted to find the next Geocache of the Week. Every geocacher I talked to pointed me to Brett. BRETT: Hey! MARIA: Are you Brett? BRETT: I am, Maria? MARIA: Brett, AKA AddisonBR, is the proud owner of one of the most popular caches in New York City: “The Bridges & Arches of Central Park” BRETT: Are you ready to get started? MARIA: Yeah, let’s go! MARIA: When Brett first placed the cache, he wasn’t sure people would even go for it. Because it just so happens to have 32 total stages. BRETT: This is the west entrance, that’s the arch. We want the… second digit of the serial number. MARIA: Brett wanted to show geocachers these unique bridges that are often hidden amongst the beauty of Central Park. BRETT: A lot of them you might travel over without realizing that you’re doing it. Because it’s sort of designed to be innocuous. For each of the stages there’s an error check. So whatever it is you had to look for there’s also at the same site another way to get the same number. You know it would just be so heartbreaking to spend 6 hours in the park and leave without being able to find the final equation. New York urban caching is great, but Central Park is sort of the one big space that we have in Manhattan Where you can do a little bit more of a hike, it’s the gameboard we have available to us. Where we can do a little bit more traditional geocaching. MARIA: We continued through the stages. More bridges… More arches… And then this bridge that was made of arches… This is gorgeous! BRETT: It’s pretty cool right? You’ve got 2 different weddings going on at the same time. MARIA: I know, I think that’s the 4th wedding we’ve seen. BRETT: It’s their special moment that they’re sharing with everyone else in Central Park. We take the number of stairs in the center stairway and multiply that by 3. BOTH: 25, 26, 27, 28… MARIA: So, beyond using the error checks, not forgetting to eat, and definitely not wearing heels, I ask Brett what other advice he has for people attempting this massive multi. BRETT: You can do it in one day and a lot of people have, but you don’t have to. And so, if you can do a couple hours one day and a couple hours the next, you might enjoy it more. MARIA: Finally, we made it to the last stage. For the brave geocachers who complete this challenge, Brett designed a custom geocoin. BRETT: It’s just kind of neat to have something physical that you can hold in your hand and say, “I did that.” MARIA: Discovering the overlooked beauty of one of the most famous parks in the world, while surrounded by nature, and making a fun new friend, is what geocaching is all about. That’s why Bridges & Arches of Central Park is Geocache of the Week.

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