Breaking news….New Scent Release!

Breaking news….New Scent Release!

what’s up guys my name is Doug the
bearded outdoorsman bringing you a special edition beard product review now
you may be wondering if you’re new to my channel what is all this camo walking
through the woods well today is a special edition I’ve got a company that
reached out to me and asked me to do a special video for a special release
beard product and it is very unique and let’s say a little dirty but we’ll get
to that in a minute so the beard company is wild side’ beard
company and they reached out to me and said hey you’re a perfect candidate jump
on this if you don’t mind let’s send it to you I was like let’s go all right so
what we’re gonna be talking about today is a new scent release if you’re
watching this the day this video goes live this scent is available on their
website today so make sure once you finish watching
this to get over and purchase you something all right so two questions we
have to ask do you have a beard and do you hunt if you answered yes to both of
those then this is going to be some good information for you number one if you
deer hunt you know that deer can smell really well and to cover your scent is
key so going to the store buying all this stuff to to spray on your clothes
to wash your clothes with to bathe in it works well but what do you do about your
beard do you put something citrusy in there do you put something unscented
what do you do well the guys over a wild side beard company have got the solution
and let me tell you it’s ingenious if you hunt
you have used cover sent they have bowhunter in oil and bomb now you ask
what does bowhunter smell like bowhunter smells like let’s get a little shake
bowhunter you’re gonna laugh if you don’t hunt
it smells like dirt it smells like dirt cover scent now you can go to a big-box
retailer Walmart and buy spray to spray on your clothes that smells like dirt
and covers up your scent so the deer can’t smell you well the guys over at
wild side thought about what do you put in your beard for cover scent well they
hit the nail on the head with this stuff I just wish it was deer season already
here in Georgia we still got another month month and a half but this stuff
smells just like dirt there is the bomb I used a little bit of it to test it out
but I’ve got to hold on to this for deer season can’t waste it and the oil is
kind of a yellowish color lighter consistency felt really good and beard
absorbed really well same ingredients they have with their other stuff I’ve
done a review on some of their products before I’ll drop a card up top so you
can check that video out and see see the consistency the ingredients on this
jojoba oil rosehip oil sweet almond oil argan oil vitamin E oil and scented with
premium grade essential oils now these are essential oils in here not fragrance
essential oils make this smell like dirt and not just dirty
it smells like dirt it smells just like the cover Sam
I smell this and it just makes me think about deer hunting it makes me think
about being up here in this tree and ready to get out in woods and go on so
if you’re a deer hunter or hunt anything that you need to cover your scent and
you have a beard you need to get over and check out the guys over at wild side
beard company because they now have what you need to cover your scent in the
woods and the balm comes in a two ounce ten oil comes in a one ounce container
so ingredients on the ingredients on the balm beeswax shea butter jojoba oil rose
hip oil sweet almond oil argan oil vitamin E oil and scented with premium
grade essential oils this is some great stuff these guys over here have not this
outlet park I will drop links to all of their information in the description
below from Facebook Instagram Twitter I think they even have a YouTube channel
and their website there they’ve been on Etsy but their time to get everything
over to their own standalone website but definitely you need to check these guys
out and starting this week or either last week they’re going to start putting
manufacture dates on the bottom of their bottles and on the inside of their lids
now one thing they did not tell me I know they’re coming out with some
butters they did not tell me if they’re gonna make this in a butter scent if
they do I would be interested in that too because you can kind of prep the
night before put some butter that smells like dirt
and then put your oil in and your covered your beard doesn’t smell like
lavender or citrus are any of these carrier oils it’ll smell like dirt and
for some of you that don’t know anything about hunting or have never been hunting
before you’re gonna think this is crazy but for us guys at hunt this is a
game-changer for you guys with a beard so definitely I keep saying it but
you’ve got to check out the guys at Wildside thank you guys for sending
this out to me and letting me get my hands on it first it’s awesome love it
and I’m ready for deer season that all right guys so that’s it for me from up
this tree so until next time stay bearded get outdoors and God bless alright guys I am pretty sure this is
the first beard product review ever filmed from a tree stand in a tree so
there you have it there’s the tree we’re up there I just wish it was deer season
but it’s not so gotta wait a few more months

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  • The Bearded Outdoorsman says:

    Giving a first hand look at a new scent release. Must see. Do you have a beard and do you hunt? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you need to watch this video.

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  • Wildside Beard Company says:

    Doug you were definitely the right man for the job! Thank you for doing a great review and literally going above (tree stand was perfect) the call of duty. FYI, bar soap and butter releasing soon!

  • BeardTastic Reviews says:

    Wildside. One of the most respected companies out there. Some good people running that company. Love their products. This,is a damn genius idea, and I wouldnt want it any other way,then a couple of hunters coming up with this. šŸ‘ŠšŸ‘ŠšŸ‘Š

  • I need that climbing tool in my life, where do I get that?

    This is an interesting idea, very niche market scent, but if nobody else does it you know where to go! Brilliant!

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