Boston Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

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  • Wow, thanks a lot!!! Boston is the city I want to discover in my next trip to usa. The video is useful and nice to watch, thanks a LOT 🙂

  • Hildiana Bofill says:

    I am planning my next vacation , you just gave me a great idea! Thanks a lot Chris! Congratulations ! Always an awesome job!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Yellow Productions says:

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  • The people are nice, and will help you – kind of the opposite of New York. But 100% are card carrying Liberals, 100% – worse than CA, NY and CO BION. So you can easily enter conversations with strangers in watering holes – but remember to take your "free everything" hat.

  • Superb 'need to know' video of Boston.
    Chris is so polished,informed and professional yet personable and relatable.
    Bravo…10 out of 10!

  • Don't forget hotels near downtown Boston are very expensive. Fortunately, the subway/metro runs often. If you're comfortable staying slightly outside the city, pick a hotel near a subway stop and just commute in to see the city. You'll save money.

  • If you’re willing to drive out of Boston for food, there’s a place called Riverview Restaurant in Ipswich. They’re a great cash only mom & pop that only sells Pizza, beer and soda.
    Oh, and it’s right near the train, so you can easily get there from North Station.

  • I'M FROM BOSTON!!! Mike's Pastry is good, but it's the typical tourist spot with long lines (think Geno's Cheesesteaks in Philly). The REAL best spot for cannolis in the North End is Bova's Bakery. Love Beacon Hill! I used to walk around that neighborhood just to take photos. Would spend a good two to three hours just shooting photography. Quincy Market is a great spot to sample various Boston fair, especially for first timers. Fun fact… at the 11:03 mark on your video, the bar over your right shoulder is the Bell in Hand Tavern. It's the oldest bar in America. Also, Boston Marathon is held on Patriot's Day, which is a holiday for us in Boston. Usually there are several events going on including the marathon, Red Sox home game and even a Celtics or Bruins home game. Finally, one place you forgot to mention is…THE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE!! Its consistently ranked Top 3 in the US and National Geographic named it the top science museum in the country. Its right next to the river and a must for everyone!!

  • Scottman895 Travel says:

    These are some great tips on Boston! As I have been to Boston several times in the past decade, I agree with many of these! I really like how walkable the city is. I never drive in the city as I always take the Silver Line from Logan Airport into the city. Stopping at Quincy Market for the clam chowder at Boston Chowda is a tradition I have done every year (except for my very first trip to Boston). It is quite good! I have a couple tips and recommendations which I will share from my experiences:
    1. Definitely check out the Prudential Center in the Back Bay neighborhood for shopping and an observation deck with great views of the city and the surrounding area. There is also an Eataly there too!
    2. For some great pizza, I recommend checking out Santarpio's Pizza over in East Boston. I learned about it from a good friend of mine who is from Rhode Island. You will need to take the Blue Line to Maverick Station, and it is not far of a walk. I went there several years ago with friends, and the pizza was amazing! Be warned that it is cash only.

    I need to go back to Boston soon! It is one of my favorite cities in the United States!

  • Patrick Armstrong says:

    Hey Chris. where did you get those drone clips from of South Boston around the one minute mark of the video. It looks literally exactly like the film I took with my drone only about 2 months ago. I filmed during the dog get together as well (seen at 0:50). Maybe I'm just freaking out but I swear those are the same exact clips. Please let me know!!!!

  • David Charnitsky says:

    Just one thing wrong we don’t call them grinders we call them subs! Other than that you did a wicked pissa job 😃

  • Nguyễn Nathan says:

    Cambridge isn't a part of Boston. East Boston is the best section. The Combat Zone is extinct but Chinatown still has massage parlors. Yes, that is a Dunkin Donuts across from another Dunkin, don't ask questions.

  • Really good video, with a few minor issues. 1) Dunkin' Donuts started in Quincy 2) it's "Quin-zee", not "Quin-see" 3) Cambridge is not Boston. Cambridge is a far-left city that makes Boston look conservative by comparison. 4) I don't know who told you we call them grinders, but sub is the overwhelmingly used term for those sandwiches. 5) At 11:08 you are standing in front of the oldest restaurant in continuous use in the US (Union Oyster House) and also the oldest bar (Bell in Hand)
    Thanks for doing my city. I've watched a lot of your Vegas stuff in the past.

  • bigstackD Casting says:

    Fellow YouTuber here mate 👌🏻😁🍻🍻
    1 quick question about a 360° camera matey as I’ve been watching your videos for awhile and you seem to know your camera stats so i was curious on your thoughts on this GoPro model 🤔
    GoPro MAX 360 Action Cam . It’s only for personal use as I’m going on a big trip soon without my kids and wanted to show them New Zealand and the cruise in VR !
    It’s gonna cost me $550US .
    Ive seen a couple of reviews that are really good just wondering on your thoughts as you don’t bullshit and say it as it is👍🏻

  • Wutaii1 Nostalgia says:

    I have never been to Boston, but it looks amazing. Also, I shared your videos with the travel channel and a few other networks and I think you should be hired immediately. Best Travel Guide Host EVER!!!

  • You should do more videos about Boston. I’m from right over the border in New Hampshire and I loved learning and hearing about what you had to say about Boston. 🙂

  • The Freedom Trail does not end at the North End, it continues on into Charlestown

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