Boonies of Maine, Crank Phone, Paul & Babe & Perfect Camping

Boonies of Maine, Crank Phone, Paul & Babe & Perfect Camping

morning guys before we head out and
explore this morning I have one tiny little I think quick easy project this
is the drain for my freshwater tank inside it’s also great for rinsing off
your feet from the sandy beach or filling up a container for water outside
of the campground rather than going inside using a pump because it’s just
gravity fed problem is well over the years of Sun and weather it has become
very brittle you can see it coming apart and I’m just trying to open it and you
can see I’m about to break this brittle plastic off this weathered plastic so
and it drains really really slow so it is time to replace this component for
that I went onto Amazon and got another replacement camco drain valve it’s a
tapered three-eighths inch or half inch I’m not sure what my inner hose
connection is in here I think it’s half-inch but this works for both of
them and then you just screw it in it should be an easy replacement yes I am
gonna lose a little bit of water in this process but actually two things I
realized one I don’t have enough half-inch hose coming out to be able to
grab it once I do this so I’ll just get water all inside so unfortunately I’m
gonna drain the tank completely a water first before we do this that’s close
enough but still trickling out of there but I am going to take it off find out
maybe there might clamp around the hose as well I won’t know until I pull this
out and check also got something else going on inside will tackle that project
here after this one I just don’t have a whole lot to play wait that’s why I was
worried about getting water inside there and it was a half-inch so we don’t need
this part right there but that’s all gonna go in there like that I can’t even
turn that and this one’s just butter smooth so and the only other thing is
the existing drill holes so although it may not look good what I am gonna do is
offset the new ones I’m gonna drill two new holes at a different angle and this
is gonna look crooked I don’t care what it looks like I don’t want to go into
the other old holes there tighten up this clamp again and what I’m going for something like
that like I said we’re just off setting setting new screw holes so that this
stays in also you could put some butyl tape around this I’m just gonna use
silicone after the faggots silicone all around the edge so water doesn’t get in
here and over the new screw heads so this outlet in the kitchen that I pretty
much just used for the coffee maker is no longer working you see it flashing
maybe quiet can you hear it clicking as well it’s just clicking once every second and
if I reset it it instantly just pops back this outlet does not work at all
again it’s a GFCI so it’s meant to do that so that we don’t have a short or a
problem there but the outlet doesn’t work and the funny thing about this
outlet I just replaced that outlet a few months ago for not this kind of a
problem but that outlet just stopped working from the factory and so I put in
a new household GFCI outlet right there and now like I said I’m having there’s
there’s no other outlets that are connected to that circuit right there
that’s just my small appliance circuit right there for stuff like toasters and
toaster ovens and coffee makers and stuff so I can turn that breaker off
right there same thing when I’m running the
generator I’m just plugged in to power here at Renee’s house and it is time to
again once again replace this GFCI outlet and we will do that shortly oh so
I trimmed my I went back to a goatee look just makes me feel lighter in the
face also realize that the plug for the fridge behind here operates on that same
circuit that same breaker that’s given me issues right now not really a problem
I basically run my fridge on propane 24/7 even if I’m plugged in I still run
it on propane so it’s not that big issue but it adds a second outlet to look at
as a possible culprit it is not a GFCI outlet out here which surprises me one
by the sink is the one that’s like almost out in the elements where regular
air is getting through is not GFCI so I maybe be replacing a couple outlets
later but we’re getting ready to go right now
Renee’s just got to hook up his Coleman trailer to the red van here and then
we’ll be heading on down the road okay checking out the window
I thought – Renae he’s actually got to run three errands around town with the
van beforehand so we’re actually going to meet up later gonna be hanging out
and possibly camping with my friends up north we’re actually going north west
towards the Rangeley area up there for some possible really nice camping today
so it should be a fun little trip I’m excited about exploring more remain
different part of Maine well we’re traveling north on 26 right
now and I met back up with Renee and Monique here on the road they’re
actually going to lead the way cuz AT&T no service through year they have
Verizon AT&T is just not one of the better ones in Maine
some states AT&T is better than Verizon you just never know but they’re gonna be
my quirky Scouts for the day and we’re gonna go check some stuff out believe it
or not this is just your typical main highway rest area pull off with a nice
River guys
okay a little walking bridge plenty of beauty in Maine mm-hmm let’s
enjoy it before the snow hits and were buried a little main mushroom there yeah awesome nice little rest area stop a little
different than your typical highway turnout but let’s get back on the road
and keep exploring north et phone home what I don’t even know what city were in
but we are in the home of the world’s largest telephone the easiest I am a
little young to remember this particular style but some of you may remember
dialing into the operator on this type of device with the hand crank huh huh
did you have one of these in your house anybody any of my viewers let me know in
the comments below hey we’re here in Rumford Falls and it
has been a while since I’ve got a chance to see a new babe the Blue Ox and Paul
Bunyan from like Minnesota back in Washington State we did see one a little
one at Tina’s lumberjack show but they’re looking good here in Rumford
balls nice blue coat of paint they’re on babe looking good and Paul Bunyan
looking sharp buddy they got a little waterwheel down by the river I believe
this is still the Androscoggin River that we’re kind of trailing this river
goes all the way through Maine I guess so this part of the Falls can open
unlike ryf lake back home that can get flooded this one says danger sudden
release of water when the siren sounds I don’t know what the siren sounds like
but when you hear it we start going uphill yeah I guess they also call it in
the event of a hydro station trip the water level will rise obviously it’s
kind of pretty through there and the hydro dam is upstream so the plan from here is to go find a
nice campground a little bit farther up north I’ve never been to this part of
Maine so I don’t know what to expect we also need to check for a burn ban and
stuff like that but I do want to get settled and spend a few night you know
now that there’s no service no TV stations no nothing this is a nature
experience for me in Maine which is much needed in my book so let’s go see what
we can find we do have an option B which is a paid campground and option C is a
Walmart nearby so see what happens don’t worry guys there is plenty plenty
of beauty in Maine to go around and we definitely took the scenic route
although a little hazy or foggy I guess that’s fog for Maine but we’re
way up here this is called the height of land and that’s the Rangeley lake out
there so pretty early morale we’re here jacks or in the woods
woods put up our cat crossing sign mm-hmm go check it out uh we lucked out
there was one site here and we are lakefront pawn front we’ve got take a
look at this but a big open site so enough room for Renee and Monique’s
trailer back in there by the water we got a fire pit right here close to the
road but I think it’s gonna be a whole lot of people coming down here
I got level just naturally without using blocks there so I’m happy about that and
check it out right behind our Arby’s is our own private walkway to the water yeah I haven’t quite decided what to do
out here because as it turns out the weather is going to be nasty starting in
one hour and for a couple more days but this is this is our spot that we picked
for our little natural getaway it’s quiet it’s peaceful out here so like I
said I still plan on being out here a few days I’ll just be indoors or up put
on a rain jacket and boots I don’t care yeah no biggie
but I’ll get back with you guys from this spot here soon all right guys have
a great day Jackson I’ll see ya

30 thoughts on “Boonies of Maine, Crank Phone, Paul & Babe & Perfect Camping”

  • Great video Eric & Jaxman! I’m enjoying the beauty of Main through Nomadic Fanatic Channel. Keep up the good work. Flying kisses 😘 to Jaxman.

  • The only problem watching your videos is that most other rv videos dont look very good. Your the gold standard Eric. Excellent watching, but then you pretty much know that. Thanks

  • you only need one GFCI per circuit so the one in the kitchen is protecting that exterior outlet. This actually drives a lot of completely bonkers wiring in houses where cheapskate electricians try to run all the exterior plugs on the same circuit as interior bathrooms/kitchens to so they can use regular plugs that cost a few bucks vs 20+ dollar GFCI plugs.

  • Phones like these were wall-mounted. When you received a call, you would hear two long rings and one short ring. If you heard three long rings, that was your neighbor's call. If you were on your phone, your neighbor who you shared the line with could listen in on your conversation β€” and neither of you could make a call when the other was on the line. I remember that type of phone in my grandfather's home in rural Iowa. I can't think of my kids putting up with a similar phone for a minute

  • Hi Eric,
    No… my family did not have that phone, but a neighbor gal that worked for the phone company did with the number 762-0001 indicating her family had the first phone in the area, which was near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • My grandmother had one of those phones. When you rang up the operator, it was called "central" for central office! Then the operator rang your call for you. Can't remember how they did long distance, though. I was a long distance operator here in Alaska in the 70s/80s and there were a couple old guys who would address me as "central" when their call came in. Cool old phones!

  • Boondocking Mainah's says:

    Uring the ride up to Eustis , Maine we were following Eric and just out of Rumford Falls Monique and I witnessed a good size deer barrel out of the wood and almost "inches" nail the side of his rv . i mean the deer was thinking that Erics wrap on the rv was the woods

  • Eric My mother in law still has a hand crank phone in her house. It isn't hooked up, but last time they checked it still worked. It's just a piece of wall art now. My kids are probably some of the youngest to know about the hand cranks. What gets them is the dial phones. LOL That just cracks me up.

  • Jeffrey Hillier says:

    i guess maine was the last but cotton, maine and some where else were the last three leftin the usa and cotton was the last in minnesota i graduated from cotton mn

  • Jeffrey Hillier says:

    i used a phonebooth that had a crankphone i always called sid the operater just to talk to her; she was cool

  • Doug Rennick says:

    Eric,hope you get this message: if you are by water,use your drone and hook up your fishing e/warm and fly it out a fair distance,drop your line and start fishing,GOOD LUCK πŸ™‚

  • Stephen Pruszenski says:

    I had one of those old phone hookups in my Pgh apartment where I lived from 2000 – 2010. The installation date on the metal plate read 1943.

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