Bones – Searching for Kristopher (CH 4)

Bones – Searching for Kristopher (CH 4)

All right we are finally here where
Zzitzewitz in a slutty park and are headed out into the forest see what we
can see this section isn’t really part of the big lava bed it’s heading down to
the edge of it so it’s a really dense forest not so much lava so I feel kind
of goofy with my helmet on but it’s a good place for it to park here with my
brother-in-law Tyson and a good buddy from high school
Cody and I really appreciate them coming out and I’m just curious about what
we’re going to see here what we’re going to find the one one thing that I’m
trying to look for is a lava tube ish thing I don’t think there is a lava tube
here but they said they were following a lava tube up and then they got kind of
the end of it and it came to a like an end where it was not collapsed anymore
and it’s once went this went to the west or the left of it and the other buddy
went to the right and that’s the last a song five minutes in so not that far in my compass on my watch is not working
and so I’m trying to calibrate it just keeps flipping all over the place so rotating the last time I just did this
it wouldn’t stop I think it’s not a mess after all that
wouldn’t stop I’m hoping it’s going to usually by now it would be calibrated
and done take it and just automatically go back it’s not doing that so exiting north is that direction okay West is the direction we want to be
headed here we go I think it’s years long though but I thought the creek
would be flow in the opposite direction like this is flowing into the lake
flowing Northwest and I thought it’d be flowing into the lava bed so I am
curious up at the top of that Bank we hit the
lava flow that was the lava flow right there that came to that stream we are on
it now within one or two minutes leaving the road all right we have spread out a
little bit so we can see each other how to do West so we can try to look down
every crevice as we go let’s go keep in touch so we are in a big rock boulder
field here but you know we’re definitely five minutes out and I don’t see
anything that really resembles any kind of a lava tube there’s lots of little
valleys and dips but not like in some of the other places I’ve seen a defined or
area where it looks like it’s lower like a little creek bed almost I’m not sure that those trees over there
are actually as thick as they look though yeah you want to try those those
were thicker back there though you want to try to go to go over these trees and
see what we see see if we can find a trench and I’m
sorry I feel bad I shaved my beard last weekend Oh
kept it in yeah I held on to it through the Highland Games oh yeah she just kept
it one more weekend how are you guys what do you think ah
what if you’ve seen so far what is it I could see people dying out here
it’s wicked yeah it’s pretty nasty and like you said it’s like a coral reef
yeah especially on this side of it you see anything that could resemble a lava
tube well I collapsed lava tube or French I were too high out for fun like
right man here somewhere yeah I bet there was lava running under the whole
area oh yeah yeah cooled and started running again I could see how you could
paint a kind of time out here looking for I think this was a huge lie yeah I
think it was a huge wide flow like you were talking about but just push the
rocks up which is big flat rocks sticking up out there here and there
yeah I think maybe if you were in the fog like the edge that we’re standing
out here either the creek bed or the edge of the right here where we’re at is
like the edge of – I don’t know flows or pushes of lava that maybe if you’re in
the fog can be mistaken for a trench yeah could be they said yeah and I think
you we’re out here under ideal weather
circumstances and any moisture fog so they went five minutes in and they
were headed north circling back into the road and he it kind of came to an end
and they were headed into trees and woods with the left into the trees
thinking this could be the trees the ladder it’s down in the creek bed down
there that’s hard to say maybe we should just head along this
edge here so you can fine I think yeah I mean even these areas are just talking
about like ten foot elevation up and down and we’re in a third of a mile over
a third of a mile hmm be curious at what distance you could even hear somebody
yeah there’s a creek here I hit the edge of
this swampy area people talk about here I can’t figure out what’s going on with
the water and we see a lot of water in here okay it seems to clear up but okay
I’ll meet you back there in a little bit all right the others have headed back to
the rig I’m want to press further west until I hit the 65 road here at least
want to see where the stream ends because it’s actually flowing in the
opposite direction that I thought it would it’s flowing towards the lake
which the lava bed for the most part flows downhill the opposite direction so
is going uphill it seems it’s not really but that’s what it feels like and it’s
got a just dead end in the ground because there is no inlet
and actually the outlet is on this end of the lake so somewhere let’s go into
the lava bed but I want to head up towards the 65 Road and then cut back
across and go back through the woods back to the rig and meet the others I am regretting my four choices in life and drop into some sinkholes and then
into this mess Irvine e maple by the creek and there is just really standing
beside a giant sinkhole right here that’s below the creek you get the
crease still flowing the opposite direction and I’m kind of in the middle
of this now and I’ve committed and it’s just a mess to get out every direction I
look and there are drop-off this isn’t isn’t good we’re getting
pretty close to 65 though so Road I think but this is slow going
not five my window for a while
got myself hemmed into a corner and started to get in a swampy area where
and I smelled something dead and I just it was like bars and a maid and just
something really uncomfortable on and today oh I’m balancing on the log only
over I don’t know some sort of a sink here it’s really up and down and trying
to find my way out of the maze I’m in shoot I’m sure what kind of bones these are I don’t know the why but I felt really
uncomfortable back in that area it’s like the thick brush and it felt like
there’s like I kept hearing stuff it’s that’s what I was hearing I think is the
trees and the wind you know just kind of cracking a little here and there but
it’s also getting towards the evening and I’ve got all these Sasquatch stories
on my mind and the subject matter that I’m doing right now
when it gets towards the evening and look like I just get out of here I don’t
want to wander through the woods by myself that’s bad enough during the
middle of the day but all right headed back to the vehicle.

42 thoughts on “Bones – Searching for Kristopher (CH 4)”

  • Not sure what kind of bones those were, but I can see why the area would seem creepy. You do a really good job naming reasons of what could be making it so uncomfortable. That's one reason your good at what your doing. Your never negative and not easily spooked. Well done. Thanks for posting.

  • I am surprised you didn't take some good still shots of the bones. I see the noseeums are biting or is that just little annoying flies. Your helmet is smart in those rocks. You are doing the right thing if there are bears or cougars around there, which is talking a lot. The human voice makes those creatures run away fast. A recent study was done on what cougars do when they hear a human voice. Did you see that? Since reading that I've been talking a lot more to my dog in the forest. It's a good thing the dog can't tell me to STFU. You sure could use a cadaver dog.
    Cougars and human voice:

  • Everythingisdull says:

    I hardly ever watch, but I always listen. Keep it up please! I'm burnt out on YouTube videos with little to no stability.

  • breadandcircus1 says:

    The hiker told his partners he'd keep searching an area, meet them at the parking lot. His friends leave him alone there. Hiker was walking through thick vegetation, getting around sinkholes, swamps, he's seen on a video looking at strange bones he found next to a crevasses and reports smelling a smell of death. He says he lost his radio signal, feels uncomfortable in the area, hears sounds, and looks scared talking about the fact that it's getting late. Then he goes missing, ladies and gentlemen. Nikia: you were so damn LUCKY you did not get missing. All the situation was a very familiar case of Missing411. For your sake, man, do NOT return there, you'll be in DANGER, You won't find Chris alive, you won't find his remains for sure. That area is infested with Sasquatches, the sounds were not the ones of wind and trees. Who knows what was dead over there, and what kind of bones those ones are.

  • William Robinson says:

    Pretty much any lava bed in the western U.S. can be very treacherous, and could easily "swallow up" the body of a man who, for example, tripped, fell and was knocked unconscious. Searchers could easily miss a body in such rough territory and predators would make quick work of it. There are similar areas I'm very familiar with in New Mexico's Sangre De Cristo mountains. Hikers, mountain bikers, etc are strongly advised to avoid the lava beds in those mountains. This disappearance therefore really shouldn't surprise anybody.

  • Forever Karma says:

    So neither compass nor radio worked there? With all due respect sir, you made the huge mistake of getting separated from your pals telling them you'd remain in the area a little longer. In many cases of missing people, the ones who go missing forever tell the friends they will catch up with them soon. I bet you had angels watching over you because you could have disappeared like Christopher too. If I had gone with you there I had dragged you but I had not let you alone there.. Your friends should have kicked your ass to get you out of that deadly zone. Four people went missing in that area. Do you know what I found so spooky too ? The smell, and the sounds. You tried to rationalize what you are hearing, because you're scared to death. Lol, I bet you anything it was not "the wind". It was Bigfoot. I subscribed because your channel is awesome, and you seem a good guy who loves Nature, and has a big heart

  • that lens you used near the 5 minute mark was amazing! what kind was it? it looks like an ultra wide-angle…. Made you look like you were standing on an island in the middle of the sky! LOL

  • This is the second time I've said this to you and please take my advice as a guy that hoes into way thicker stuff up here in Canada BUY A MACHETE and quite bushwacking blind you will hurt yourself. Cuts a path and it's also a weapon. And to top it all off its good action from the camera.Please just try it. You'll never go back into the bush without it again

  • about These people l bet if you put Videos about joining you on these hikes thousands of people Would come from around the world to join you There out There Some where Waiting to Be found

  • Allthings Seen says:

    A question for you. . Let's suppose you're by yourself in an area like that one, and your compass does not work, and your radio doesn't give a signal and you get lost: what would you do to alert rescuers for help in such a dear precarious situation, sir? You were extremely lucky you could go back to your buddies

  • Forever Karma says:

    Sometimes human remains in the open will give off odor even after 4 years. You did not check out what was decomposing there. It could be the remains of that missing man. The bones were clean, you looked at them but you did not take any photo of them. You were searching for a missing person, right? So ?…..

  • Apache White Crow says:

    RatCat, love your search and seek doc. The best. How about field testing name brand outdoor camping, and field research equipment, and reporting your opinion. That would be cool. Get some outdoor and camping manufacturers to offer free items to push/promote their  products-at the same time your doing your Big Foot, or lost/missing persons-in the forest docs….just a thought.

  • Hrs probly over there where you got creeped out at ..your camera is your best bf defence anyway the refuse to be photographed apearantly.

  • Ocean Current says:

    "Smelled something dead". I'll be that if you plot out that swamp and traverse around the edges you'll find a trail into it. I have no doubt.

  • At 10:55 your companions go back and leave you alone. Isn't that breaking the cardinal rule? Isn't that what happened to Kristopher? You have a walkie-talkie, sure, but still…


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