Bölüm IV: Yaz Dönemi “Work and Travel” Programı – Vize Görüşmesi

hello good how are you and my name is Dylan where are you going I want to go to Ohio okay what were you doing I will be a lifeguard I will be an housekeeper at a hotel okay very good have you traveled outside of Turkey before well one time I found with my family we went to Germany one time no it will be my first time I’m a student at hadith Peppa universe I am studying at Ankara University okay in which department economics I’m studying international relations okay you have to be ready yes and when will you graduate at two years later okay very good let me take a quick note here okay I signed your this is your transcript and your status for receipt and this is your signed ds-2019 have you received a copy of this booklet no okay this is a pamphlet that explains your rights in the United States hey please take a copy and read it at home okay okay so then your visas thank you so much and we will send it to you in four days at the PTT offices oh thank you very much thank you bye bye

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