Bobby Valentine Recreation Center Walk Through

Bobby Valentine Recreation Center Walk Through

– Hi, I’m Bobby Valentine, here in front of the Bobby
Valentine Rec Center. Understand, this is 60000 square feet that’s going to aid the entire campus. Every student will be able to use this but it’s also going to facilitate
our Division One program because the William Pitt
Center now will be dedicated totally to Division One. We’ll have our bowling alley
and our bowling teams here. We’ll have some coaches here. We will live together in harmony with the rest of the campus
and boy am I excited. (upbeat music) – We’ve got recreational basketball. We’ve got the climbing wall,
bowling alley, golf simulator. So it’s a building that
can be used year round. It’s really for everybody. The entire student body, faculty, staff, can enjoy this beautiful building for many many years. (upbeat music) – [Bobby] The indoor running track, which encompasses the entire building. You’ll go by the rock climbing wall which suspends into the roof area and you’ll have a 360
panoramic view from up top as well as here. You’ll look out onto the
campus and the tailgating area, the softball field, the beautiful vista, our football lacrosse field, and it’s wide open and beautifully lit. (upbeat music) This university is happening. It’s happening because of you. Thank you very much. Can’t wait to see you in the new year. (upbeat music)

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