Black River Recreation Area

Black River Recreation Area

Located a the base of the foothills of the Guadalupe Mountains just below Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the 1,260 acre Black River
Recreation Area is an oasis in the desert. The Recreation Area was purchased from its
private owner by the Nature Conservancy in 1989 and given to the Bureau of Land Management.
The area contains four miles of flowing river beginning at its headwaters, spring-fed by
the Guadalupe Mountains. The lush river valley provides habitat for numerous species of terrestrial
and aquatic wildlife. Black River is managed primarily to protect and enhance the unique
riparian habitat in the Chihuahuan Desert. Because the earlier use of the area was for
farming, the BLM maintains the irrigation channels to grow crops for the enhancement
of wildlife. The Cottonwood Day Use Area provides visitors
a developed handicap accessible picnic area and a chance to view wildlife from an observation
deck along the river. Hiking along foot trails or service roads
in the area provides excellent bird watching and wildlife observation opportunities.
So get outdoors and enjoy your public lands with a visit to BLM’s Black River recreation
area. Who knows what you’ll discover.

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  • I just went there today! I wanted to get in and swim, but I wasn't so sure how clean or safe the water was. The rules posted at the entrance do allow swimming "at your own risk". It looked nice and clear.

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