Biolite Campstove 2 Review

Biolite Campstove 2 Review

today we are taking a look at the bio
light camp stove – so stay tuned hi everybody this is Andreas from
off-grid Sweden if you haven’t been here before I want to welcome you for the
first time on this channel I show you things that we do on the homestead tips
and tricks review stuff related to home studying and off-grid living and also
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content and you will get notified on new content now back to the topic of this
video first I want to thank the guy that seemed to be a lie to me you know who
you are he just wanted me to do an honest review on it and here it is when
I first got a bee alights though it felt big bulky and heavy it weighs about nine
hundred and thirty five grams but if you start to think about it it’s not adding
so much weight due to that it also contains a power bank and being without
a power bank with all technology that we got around us isn’t a good idea you
don’t have to bring any fuel either but it’s still a little bit bulky the thing
that comes with it is a large pot with a capacity of 1.5 litres or about six cups
a lid which you can pour out oh and a little eating bowl you also get a little
LED light which I didn’t bring it also charged the internal battery while
burning and there’s an USB outlet that you can use to charge your phone camera
or other gear the stove comes together real easy when you extend this leg it
locks the power pack with a fan and charger into place while hiking to this spot I just picked
up some twigs and some birch bark that I load into the stove I light it with a Ferro rod but you can
light it any way you like the stove should start to fan
automatically when it gets hot but I turn it on before that and that turned
out to be a good idea the stove instantly stopped smoking and the fire
got going quick if you would like to pick up one for yourself or maybe as a
present for a friend I got a link to it on Amazon down in the
description so far so good it takes a while before I really got a good fire
but that was probably because I didn’t have any high quality sticks they were a
little bit damp I started with a little amount of water
because I was just thinking of getting a cup of tea but then I realized it was
lunchtime so I added more water to be able to prepare my meal so to get all
that water boiling I had to add more twigs it goes through a good amount of
twigs but I could probably have loaded it with more from the beginning what kind of stove are you using please
leave a comment today’s lunch will be freeze-dried
chicken tikka with rice the lid has a silicon scene so you can
put it on really good but I didn’t like that so I just put it on the top
I like the handles they make it easy to pour out of it just remember to have the
handles pointing towards the power and fan unit otherwise they will be getting
really hot so I think this is a good stove it’s
good that you can load it with materials from the nature around you it’s a little
bit bulky but that is okay I’m not doing any ultralight camping you know anyone
that could be helped by this video please share it with them it can be really handy in a great down
situation and also in a bug-out situation if I was to go by foot to my
cabin in the woods I would have to cross a lot of forest land and the series of
videos is about preparing for that but doing it in a way that benefits us in a
daily life it’s just amazing to be out in the nature when I was done I dumped the ashes into
the lake you don’t want to start a fire then I packed up everything one concern
is that the fan unit will be really dirty so I will bring a small classic
bag before I put it into the burning chamber one last sip of tea and then I went on
with my mushroom hunt so what do you think would you use one
of these please leave a comment and I’ll see you next weekend if you haven’t subscribed already do so
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44 thoughts on “Biolite Campstove 2 Review”

  • Now that is a GOOD little stove to keep in your car when your driving out of town too. And good size for a family or group too. Nice gift.

  • Inte elda på berghällar de blir sprickor sen kommer det in vatten i sprickorna som fryser till is och expanderar och förstör stenen.

    Det är vad jag hört

  • Hej och tack för en bra video!
    Här hittar ni massa bra om matlagning i naturen och massa annat:

  • Nice review. Looks like a handy stove. Im mostly used to Trangia with alcohol (T-Röd) but I really liked thisone to use material from the surrounding nature. Nice basket by the way, is it Fjällräven 😂

  • This channel was so cool I found it about to months ago when I hand subbed to other Swedish channels i live in Missouri USA but I think sweden is one of the coolest country’s and have been interested in it since I was little and when I become older I would like to be a Foreign exchange student there I have learned a little bit of the language not that much really but I also love the out doors I knew I’d like this channel a lot good job

  • Thank-you for your honest review of the Biolite Stove. If the grid goes down I won't need to charge my phone, there won't be anymore cell service….LOL. I agree, it seems kind of bulky. I use a modified stainless steel utensil holder from Ikea. Lighter, yet no fan, so it is a trade off. Still able to boil water pretty quick and I keep it in a ziplock bag to keep it from getting other things dirty in my backpack. Only four dollars, US.

  • Hi again Andreas. Thanks for checking out my channel. It 's good to see this rather novel stove set up. So the heat produces electricity? I am curious as to how it works. The fan is ingenius. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Just ordered one the other day .. for myself and Angie when we go fat biking next year .. myself it's a perfect size for all round use .. can't wait to get it…

  • Frank von Thienen says:

    I got this one with the additional grill, it works great. Disadvantage is, you have to wait until it got cold til you can pack together..
    Idea was to use it on the motor bike, but the waiting is a little annoying….
    The Biolite itself is cool and it works perfectly

  • I've been thinking of using one, not for camping, but for off-grid living in general. Boiling a kettle or running a toaster uses a huge amount of electricity, and with something like this I needn't chew up my batteries.

  • человек Божий says:

    "What kind of stove are you using?"
    SOTO Muka Stove, Fire Maple FMS-117H (Blade 2), PINGUIN Surpass titan.

  • Christer Hesselgren says:

    Älskar din engelska ;). Jag är en människa som älskar att vara i naturen och fiska, har en liten fråga dock. Hur lång stund tar det ungefär för den att svalna så man kan packa ned den?

  • I have the same stove for motorcycle camping. It works great and makes up for its weight by using twigs as fuel and providing a usb charger. It also came with a press pot for coffee and a grill attachment that actually works. I used it for weeks in the desert and mountains and enjoyed using it. Boils water in 3 minutes.

  • Destinations Chronicles says:

    I am currently using a small coleman propane for Kayak camping as well as a GoSun Go solar oven. I do really want a biolite as well!

  • Stort fan Pan intended när det kommer till Campstove 2, otroligt bra om man har lite möjligheter att ta med sig mycket saker. Vi är en krupp på 5 pers som brukar åka och resa med motorcyklar, du får med powerbank, ett mini kök som inte kräver sprit eller nån typ av extra för att få eld. (Jag brukar ta med mig halvkilo med pellets i fall det har varit blött) Det är allt, otroligt bra on the move så att säga. Bra review och härligt utan någon typ av störande musik. Ha en otrolig sommar!

  • Why make a review of this stove and not even try the usb charger which is the most interesting thing about it?

  • Ronald Valdez says:

    That stove is very nice! I am planning to get o e aswell! Thank you for making this video! Btw what basket are you using?

  • There are plenty of ways to make a fire or a stove to boil water. However the point of this stove is to provide electricity, unfortunately you didn't do that. You just showed us a stove that can boil water. Cheers.

  • terno blomerus says:

    👍bäst channel! Glad i found it. Va kostar den här stoven o hur hittar jag den? På nätet. Kackkar på förhand.


    I would have liked to see the charging feature, I found this stove looking for a cheap way of charging my phone.

  • Dont miss the part two of the review and if your are interested in more information or want to pick one up for yourself follow this link

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