Best Travel Flashlight? Beta QRv2 by Prometheus Lights | Compact Flashlight for Travel

Best Travel Flashlight? Beta QRv2 by Prometheus Lights | Compact Flashlight for Travel

Being in the dark sucks, but the Beta QR
from Prometheus Lights does a great job at lighting things up and fits on a
keychain. Let’s check it out. [upbeat music playing] Like I mentioned before, the dark sucks and Jason, the founder of Prometheus Lights, also agrees with me. If you don’t believe
me just take a look at his domain name. This small light packs a punch. It
measures in at 0.5 by 2.875 by 0.5 inches. According to the website this
thing weighs .8 ounces but we clocked ours in at .85 ounces and
Jason the founder claims that it will put out more light than a Maglite; 50%
more, to be exact. For us we haven’t tested the lumens specifically on that.
We can attest that this thing puts out a ton of light for the tiny size that it
is. Can you imagine law enforcement using
these instead of the giant mag lights that you see on their belts? Be a little less
epic looking at the smaller size, but it’d still be as bright. Upon inspection you can
tell that a lot of small details and a lot of hard work has been put into
creating this light. And although Prometheus Lights doesn’t create
everything in their shop, when they do source things from outside, specifically
the LEDs, they always look for the best and there bar for quality is very high.
This one is black in color. And on the website there are a couple other styles
to choose from, with different finishes and different colors. The light operates
off one AAA battery keeping it nice and light and you can put this in by
screwing it off the top and just sliding it right in. There are two brightness
modes on this thing – if you twist twice it’ll be on high, if you twist once it’ll
be on low brightness. Now we thought this twisting mechanism would cause a bit of
a problem because twisting turns on the light and off the light. And twisting
also lets you change out the battery, but there are quite a few threads in this
thing, so for it to come loose it needs to be twisted around quite a few times before
it’s going to come apart and the battery is just gonna, you know, fall out
in your bag or on your keychain or attached to your pack. On the highest
brightness mode I personally use this thing to light up an
entire small tent. It does get very, very bright and it’s sort of deceiving
because it is tiny. One of the best features on this thing is the
quick-release keychain. So we’re just going to pull that off ‘BOOM’ and then we
have ourselves a dedicated flashlight. This keychain piece can go on your keys,
on your luggage, or in your bag attached somewhere; and the great thing about it
is that whenever you need this light you just quickly pull it off. Now at first I
thought this would be a loose connection and I was like: “Hey, like if I had this on
a keychain you know I’m going to lose my flashlight!” But the connection here is
very strong, much stronger than I had initially anticipated, and only comes
apart with kind of some very specific force. It’s definitely not the tastiest thing
in the world, but once this thing is detached from the keychain you can hold
it in your mouth if you need two hands to operate something and you need a
light pointing somewhere. It’s small enough to fit inside. Obviously a
headlamp is going to be better, but it’ll work in a pinch if you need two hands
for something. So for the pros of this thing: It’s very bright for such a small
size. It has a slick design both in aesthetics and the way that it functions
with the two different modes. It’s also super convenient and handy to have, and
it’s really small so it just kind of disappears into the rest of your loadout
when you’re not using it. It’s not this huge mag light that you’re taking around
with you when you’re traveling. So for some of the cons: It’s really minor but
this logo is a little bit off-center. I don’t know if it’s just this specific
version but those little design details matter and it doesn’t look the best. With
it being so small it’s also kind of a double-edged sword so, you know, it could be a little bit easier to get lost if you’re more of a clumsy person or you
don’t store this in the right way. And the last thing, this thing is a little
bit expensive. At the time of posting this review, the Beta QRv2 from Prometheus Lights comes in at $59. That may seem like a lot for a light this small however,
you’d be hard-pressed to find something as small and as bright and as of high
quality than what we have here. So thanks for taking a look at the Prometheus
Lights Beta QRv2. Be sure to head over to Pack and
never miss an update. We’ll see you in the next video. [upbeat music playing]

5 thoughts on “Best Travel Flashlight? Beta QRv2 by Prometheus Lights | Compact Flashlight for Travel”

  • Thanks for the video! I carry a Fenix E12 LED light as my EDC. Another one you might want to look at is the Olight S1R Baton which is USB rechargeable.

  • Looks like a well made light that is durable and will last as long as one needs it. With the exception of the mag light which I do own. Most flash lights I have purchased over the last 20 years may look great but all eventually fail with minimal use. Of course you only figure that out when you really need one!! I like the size of this little giant of a light! Thanks for a great review once again! Really appreciate Pack hackers wisdom!

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