Best Deep Sea Fishing Of Our Lives!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 92

[MUSIC PLAYING] Previously on Delos. Bye, Chagos. We left our private
atoll at Chagos and set out on our two-week
sail to Madagascar. We have 900 miles left until
we reach the tip of Madagascar. And it’s a beautiful day
here out on the Indian Ocean. We left Chagos in our wake. And we’re about halfway
through our 1,500 mile sail to the northern
tip of Madagascar. We still had about 900 miles
of sailing in front of us and some interesting navigation
through the Mascarene Plateau. The Mascarene Plateau
stretches from the Seychelles in the north to La Reunion
over 1,200 miles to the south. And in lots of places,
it’s shallow enough to wreck your boat. During the last
Volvo Ocean Race, Team Vestus actually
ran aground here. We needed to sail right
over the top of it. So we were planning
our course carefully. We are where this bulls eye is. And the wind is
continuously coming easterly from this direction
on the chart. And we need to cut
through this area here where it goes from
2000 meters to 20 meters. We need to cut through it
at the right time or else it’ll be really
nasty and big waves and lots of currents and stuff. So we picked this
point to cut through. But in order for us
to get that point, we need to go pretty
much dead down wind. So we’re going to try and
see if it’s comfortable and if there’s enough
wind for us to do it. So we’ll put out of the pole
probably on the starboard side. And then we’ll put the
main out on the other side. And we’ll read the book. [LAUGHTER] Winga winga wing. Winga winga wing. Winga winga wing. [LAUGHTER] We’ve got our halyard
wrapped around the deck light on the mast. So– [INAUDIBLE], slack. We tried to pull
it around but Brian has to go up and pull it free. When you’re up on the mast
and it’s swinging like this, it just amplifies the
movement of the boat. Ready, brother? Hold on, brother. Start taking me up. [MUSIC PLAYING] Turn, Meg. Turn. The other way. Yeah. There you go. Doing it. And I [INAUDIBLE]. It’s good. Good? Look at that. Right up the bum. [RAIN POURING] Raining. Yeah, mate. Squall came up from
behind us going 30-35. At least we’re going downwind. Yeah. We’re cruising. It feels like we’re
tied to a dock actually. We’re just flying. Really? Doing between
eight and 10 knots. Well, I was just down there. And it did not feel
like we were at a dock. I just flew from one side
of the dock to the other. Really? [INAUDIBLE] Just filming Grady
in the squall. Squallage. Cruising. Yeah. Scary ones. What are you doing? I was going to make a tea. I just put the kettle on. Oh yeah? Some water in there for me? For my tea? Yeah. So we took them main in. And we’re just cruising under
the [INAUDIBLE] right now. But it’s pretty nice
conditions right now. We’re just running
dead downwind. There are a few things
to watch out for though. But we’re here. And we’re in the
middle of nowhere except there’s these shallow
pits, the Mascarene Plateau. And if you look
out here, there’s 20 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters. So it’s not shallow enough
to necessarily hurt the boat. But when you’ve got
seas and currents and it goes from like 2000
meters to like 20 meters, it causes strange currents
and unpredictable waves. So we’re really trying to
plot our course to avoid that and to get through this
area in the deeper water by hitting this wave plane. So just on my night watch. It’s about 1:30 in the morning. And hitting at [INAUDIBLE]. And we’re going
through a channel with really shallow spots. And the depthometer
went from crazy like 50 meters and
then 30 meters. And I was like, holy fuck. We’re going into a reef. And I started freaking
out and woke up Grady. And basically we just need
to change our direction a little bit. And cause there’s heaps of
20 meter spots around here. So we’re not going
to go into a reef. So that’s the good news. [WIND BLOWING] Pretty scary when you’re
in the middle of the ocean and you see the depth
reading do that. It was like 100. And I was like, oh yeah. It’s a whale. And then it went to 50. And then 30 suddenly. And I was like, oh my god. Grady. Yeah. Not cool. You see we’re right
on the edge of– So we’re here. We were going to
go to this point. And then Brian’s watch is going
to change course to hit here. But I think now we’re going to
change course and go straight here. Yeah. [WINDS BLOWING] I just woke up. It’s my watch. Max has been on since 6:00. I woke up in the
middle of the night because I heard
that when Brian was going to go and explore the
[INAUDIBLE] and Grady was up. And I think the depth
went up to 20 meters. But it can because
we have this weird– we’re kind of sailing
on this weird platform. So it can be very shallow. And even though the charts can
be sort of somewhat precise, we still want to keep a lookout. And it’s supposed to
be 600 meters now. But a bit ahead it’s
supposed to go down to 60. So we’re just keeping it close
and looking for shallow spots that we can pass through. But it looks OK. It’s just scary to
sail through stuff like this during the night. Because you can’t really
see it properly and stuff. So I’m happy the day came out. So I think it’s a
few more like three or four or five hours left. Six hours. And we’re going to
talk through it. So it’s all good. [MUSIC PLAYING] Big changes in depth
usually mean good fishing. So we had our lines out
at the crack of dawn. And it was already paying off. [LAUGHTER] Wait. Hold it. I need to get the [INAUDIBLE]. Holy shit. [CHEERING] We caught a mahi. [MUSIC PLAYING] Shark bait’s a killer. Within 10 minutes
of each other– I knew it. A beautiful mahi and
a yellowfin tuna. It’s a mahi. We’re going to have a mahi. [CHEERING] Go, go. Go dive on it. Dive on it. Yeah, yeah. Get on him, get on him. [LAUGHTER] [INTERPOSING VOICES] It’s so hard. There’s so much waves. There are like four at a time. Color’s disappearing. Look at all the
girls lined up here. We’re all like– We’re like– We got a mahi. We got a mahi. We got two. How much? [LAUGHTER] Yeah. All right. There’s a lot of fish
action going on back there. It’s good stuff. Thank you. So there’s lots of different
options to make for lunch. So many options. I think I’m going to make sushi. So we thought that we caught
two male mahis because they have more square heads. And the female have more round. And they travel in pairs. So we thought that we would
catch maybe two more females then. But if you look at this
one, see that his head is a lot more like this,
really like a square. Can you see that? Uh huh. And then you look at this guy. And compare the heads. You see that this
is a lot more round. So this is actually the female. And they only travel in pairs. So we caught the full
couple which is good. So they’re not looking for
their companion out there. That’s good. Yeah. COme on, mates. Mates. Lunch. Fish on. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] Don’t stop. Fish time. [MUSIC PLAYING] Come on. Fishy on. Come on. Organize with his hands. Come on, Max. Oh my god. I feel like we’re
dragging a carcass. Good job, [INAUDIBLE]. One, two, three. Coming. [YELLING] [INTERPOSING VOICES] Get that other carcass
out of there with Max. Hold on. Hold on, hold on. Grab him by his tail. And– Yeah, yeah yeah. OK. Pull. Good? Mates. Get it. Get it. Get it. [CHEERING] Whoa. That is fucking gorgeous. A beauty, mates. [CHEERING] That’s a fucking big one. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Is it breathing? [INAUDIBLE] It’s [INAUDIBLE]. Yahoo. What’s on the dinner? Wahoo? Big eye tuna? Or mahi? SO many options. That is a massive– They caught a wahoo. [INAUDIBLE] Look at that. Look. That is exactly what you want. Yeah? You see it? Yeah. Boom. Just like the other one but– Quick. Check this out. Check out this hook. That is fucking boom right
in the top of the jaw. Can’t throw that. So we have very good
teamwork going on over here. We’re going seven knots so
it’s a good [INAUDIBLE]. First, we’ve got Max
currently working on the mahi. The [INAUDIBLE] station. Making fillets. I’m doing a terrible– And Karen’s waiting
to chop it up. Final station. Chop it. And put it in the box. What’s going on, Mercy? Making some sushi. We all caught four
different fish this morning. Two mahi mahis, a wahoo. And was it a yellowfin tuna? No. It was a big eye tuna. And it’s my cooking day. So I’m making some
sushi rolls [INAUDIBLE]. Everyone gets too each. And we don’t have any
fresh ingredients. So we’re just doing
rice and raw tuna. And there it is. Awesome. It’s just a bit hard doing it
without quite really rolling it. I think everyone’s
really hungry. So. I’m almost finished. Getting there. I think this is a new record for
absolute amount of fish caught. This is mahi, wahoo, wahoo. This is mahi, mahi. Just bags of tuna somewhere. [INAUDIBLE] is a lot. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ve personally seen the
impact irresponsible fishing can have on the environment. In fact, we stopped fishing
and eating seafood entirely for our two years
sailing through Asia. It was that bad. But the Indian Ocean
is much less populated. And there’s less
stress on the fish, especially this far out at sea. We only troll with
hand lines and take what we can eat and freeze. If you’d like to learn more
about sustainable seafood, a great website to check
out is How’s your watch? Nice. It’s a good one. Sun just went down. Moon is coming up. Just had a delicious meal. That fish was so delicious. Like it feels like
we haven’t really had anything fresh in a while. Just having fresh fish. Me? Now I’m going to have a good
night’s sleep on a full belly. For like an hour. Any thoughts on the day? Yeah. Fishing is fun when
we catch fish, man. [MUSIC PLAYING] Up next. I think we are sailing
into a dark cloud. [WIND BLOWING] Shit. What’s going on up here? Gnarly, gnarly wind. It’s actually kind of scary. I think it’s the first
time on this trip that I’ve actually
felt kind of afraid. [MUSIC – GOLDEN
AGE OF BALLOONING, “ACROSS THE NATION”] I crossed the nation. Going back to see her. For her coronation, someone
claims she was holy. Crowned by the roadside. Don’t feign indifference. Some search for treasure
while I dig to China. Whoa oh oh. Whoa oh oh. Whoa oh oh. I saw something brown
in [INAUDIBLE] panties. I asked her if it was poo. She said no. It was chocolate. [LAUGHTER] [INTERPOSING VOICES] What are you doing, crazy? Doing my exercise. I feel like I’ve been
sitting and standing. I mean sitting and
sleeping so much. I need to stand. So I’m trying not to
hold onto anything and just walking back and forth. It seems a bit slow. It’s [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE]

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