Best Climbs Doable by ALL Beginners (I Guarantee) in Santee Boulders – San Diego

Best Climbs Doable by ALL Beginners (I Guarantee) in Santee Boulders – San Diego

That was fun. Great scenery up here, but oh-oh, how do I
get down? It’s time to climb at good old Santee Boulders. Santee Boulders is probably the most well
known outdoor climbing spot around San Diego. It has a whole lot of different climbs suitable
for beginners and casual climbers. Here we are at the parking lot. The approach is really easy. It will just be a 5-minute walk. The trail is fairly big. Make sure to turn on the right direction on
a few crossroads to get to the beginner climbs. This climb at the Beehive is probably the
easiest in Santee Boulders; make sure to shift your weight to your right leg on the last
move up. This crack climb here on the side of the Beehive
is very different from what you will climb at the gym. The key on this one is to stick your left
leg inside the crack and rely on friction to hold your body. Here is another crack climb at the West Mudball. There are a few good footholds inside the
crack; make sure to find them and push yourself up. This climb on the side of the East Mudball
is slightly harder; the key is to lean to your left and push up with your right toes. Now we will head for the other side. Here we are at the Butt Plug boulder. This one is also suitable for beginners. The thing is this rock is a little bit higher
than the other ones, but it will be fun. I will show you how to climb this up. The handholds are fairly easy to grip, but
the footholds are a little bit small, so make sure to toe in on them firmly. There is no walk off on this one, so down
climbing is required. The key is to find the solid footholds and
put your entire weight onto them and slowly come down. It was a fun day today. Thanks for watching, make sure to like and
subscribe, and click here if you want to see more outdoor climbing guides. See you in the next video.

7 thoughts on “Best Climbs Doable by ALL Beginners (I Guarantee) in Santee Boulders – San Diego”

  • Michal Dobaczewski says:

    Awesome video!

    If you need topos you should check out First Ascent App. It has 157 topos in Santee boulders.

    Android version:

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  • Great video! I have been climbing in the gym for about a year and consider to try outdoor ones near SD. Thanks for providing such information.

  • Santee Boulders was epic for my daughter (now college student) and I as we met a 45 year all outdooor experienced climber that spent a few hours teaching us how to “smear” while on belay. He had been bouldering at Santee for 25 years never been to indoor gym! 😲😎 You should try the Lieback Rock Dyno (5.10a/V0) in Moby Dick area-fun. Oddly the pic in Mountain Projects was my daughter’s climbing coach when he transitioned from 🏄. He crushed surfing and climbing. 🤙 Great vid. 🙏


    Hey! I'll be heading to San Diego this weekend and visiting Santee Boulders bc of your recommendation. The plan is to rent crash pads at Adventure 16. I'm a V6-V7 indoor climber. Don't have much experience outdoors. Should I still rent the crash pads, or do you think the climbers are beginner enough. Thanks! Chris

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