Bernie scoffs at question about limiting his air travel

100 thoughts on “Bernie scoffs at question about limiting his air travel”

  • Really guys, it is just too late to become President if you are in your late seventies. They have missed the boat. They need to retire to do doctor's appointments.

  • Sanders is trying to solve a major problem. Fox is literally the only news in the world that doesn't believe in climate change.

  • No matter how I keep hitting Not interested on fox news , it keeps coming on. And what do you know, they are pushing Mary Ann. Fox in the hen house.

  • RedRoofRetriever says:

    Seems lately that Fox is moving to the center left, just in case. Biden, Warren, have no chance of a close race against Trump. The left will lose again. Stop playing it safe and just report true facts, no speculation.

  • The only reason juan is on there is to try and prove a point that conservatives allow everyone to have there own opinion without attacking them with violence, but he needs to go hahahah

  • you guys don't have to be rude to juan–let him speak–we can see for ourselves what is sooo wrong with his statements

  • Wait, so they want Bernie to be the only one who pays higher taxes lmaoo. The guy wants to pay higher taxes, but he also wants Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump to pay they fair share just like he does.

  • So fake! How is this journalism? They DO want Sleepy Joe or Pocahontas so as to be beaten by Trump…but Trump will lose to Bernie!

  • Patricia Hoequist-Breeze says:

    Wait, Bernie just said "I'm not going to say we're not going to use fossil fuels ". Then he tweeted fossil fuels exec's should be criminally responsible and in jail for damage they allow by use of fossil fuels. Wow.

  • Let's elect a Republican majority to the House as well as reelect Trump in 2020 so we can finally clean out all of the nonsense that almost doomed this country to Socialism.

  • MrInuhanyou123 says:

    "Derrr bernie sanders rides planes while putting out most comprehensive anti climate change proposal?? what a hypocrite! yes i am very smart"

  • Michael Macluskie says:

    Limit Bidens Air Travel and save Thousands if not Millions……what about limiting the USA Military personnel abroad who get housing allowance paid for by the USA tax payers but do not live in the properties but cross let them out to foreigners for half price etc.
    Foe example Military staff and civilians contracted to Military bases in Bahrain are housed in fully furnished apartments costing upwards of $4000 (Four Thousand Dollars) a month but do not live in them and opt to live on the Military Bases instead and then cross let the apartments to foreign workers working for private companies for half the price which is pocketed by the USA Service men and women…..this scam is all paid for by the American Tax payer and the USA Government is well aware of this.

  • Music Playlists says:

    I never liked Bernie especially when he vehemently refused to promise reparations. He doesn't represent all Democrats

  • feef and peef inc. says:

    i didn’t click this video to see some random newscasters talk about politics i came here to see bernie talk and i was disappointed

  • morekidsharderwork freedom says:


  • jankiel bobrowsky says:

    Call their bluff. If they ask about jets, say you’ll walk and see if then they’ll support a green new deal.

  • Dennis Navarro says:


  • There is no more proof needed of socialists CREATING an elite class than Bernie's defence of IT BEING OKAY for HIM to fly in carbon emitting Jets, own three homes etc., All the while clearly creating the Elite POLITICAL CLASS over and controlling us deplorable plebs.


    Wake the hell up America.
    Trump better win with a republican Maury in Congress and nice towards SUPER MAJORITIES to change and undo what the left has done to the US OVER THE LAST 50 to 70 years.

    Term limits for ALL Senators and Congressmen (Get aoc AND her squad to be severely limited in their roles.)

    Abolish the 90 year old regressive IRS tax code and make the Federal Govt SERVE the people the God given (read the Bill of Rights and Constitution)FREEDOM and true LIBERTY…., FROM government!

  • Bidens greatest accomplishment, being vice President to the worst president in the USA ever, and not being able to name one thing that he has done for the average American. Not even sleepy Joe can name anything he done. WAKE UP JUAN AND SEE THE FACTS, UNLIKE SLEEPY JOE. WE'RE NOT INTERESTED IN FACTS WE'RE INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂WHAT A JOKE

  • Juan is an ignorant man or a well paid stuge.
    Bernie is the elite of socialism. The live like kings while everybody else starves.

  • F. D. R. / F. D. R. says:

    Juan is so short sided. Or are his opinions just the opposite of his peers to create
    conversations of debate to entertain this audience? I am a part of the same audience
    as all the other viewers. By The Five debating we can judge for ourselves who is write
    or wrong as our own personal opinions. Beauty you know is in the eyes of the beholder.
    This opinion above is personal. Should I be way off base, that's okay. You be the judge.
    This may be the only station that gives us the views pros. & cons. regarding what our
    president has accomplished with his administration these first 3 years. It certainly is a
    no brainer we have a winner in President Trump.
    Fake news is bombarding the public with questionable facts they want as many citizens
    as possible to believe their negative propaganda re: President Trump as gospel.
    They Are Wrong but they will stop at nothing to regain undeserved power.!! You know the
    rational; A lie told long enough & often enough there are many who will accept it for truth.
    The only way to combat such deliberate ploy is to bombard the public with the real truth.
    The more Juan talks up the left in most all their discussions we have the opportunity to
    decide which side the right or the left is more suitable for the future of American Citizens.
    There isn't one leftist that has the where-with-all to stand against Trump. Those that don't
    see that or understand that are the ones that need to view more of Fox News everyday.

  • Uncle Joe reminds me of the time I started losing all my hair. I would notice the clump left over after the shower water would finish draining and thinking if I could transplant it on my head.
    Same thing with Uncle Joe, the democrats are trying to figure out what to do with the only lump of hair they have left..

  • LOL this sums up the Five

    Greg Gutfeld – cognitively dissonant windbag.
    Dana Perino – Brain-dead, bleach blonde.
    Jesse (from full house) Watters – incapable of even the most common of sense.
    Juan Williams – The only person on the show, with half of a brain.

  • I wish people would ask what about the actual health care that people are receiving because many people are overmedicated falsely medicated to medicated it's ridiculous and we need to have a results based health care system where you actually have to have a goal of getting people off their medication

  • You have doctors and clinics out here resolving type 2 diabetes through diet and water fasting and intermittent fasting and here we are still pumping diabetics full of insulin more and more telling them to eat more and more a Bernie really cared he would team up with these doctors and basically change the care for type 2 diabetes treatment Dang it

  • Oh yeah I would love to see trump and bite in on the debate stage trump has so much ammunition against bite him because of his own record

  • Divergence Media says:

    Literally nobody cares about Joe Bidon. The left should be rallying behind Tulsi Gabbard. She is the best candidate they have. I however rally behind Nobody for 2020. Government is a big circus act.

  • Lol, Biden doesn't doesn't have a chance in Michigan, Bernie won the primary there in 2016, and he will win again in 2020.

  • Bernie Sanders on Joe Rogan stated people are getting their Social Security checks garnished it’s a federal law Socisl security checks cannot be garnished.

  • Woah, what the hell do these people think Obama's mansion has to do with Bernie? Do these morons seriously think Obama and Bernie are close? And that is some heavy climate change denial. The do know that not all of the coast is identical right? You can check out the NOAA maps and see which places will be affected the most and which will not, and that's my pro real estate tip of the day for all of you morons in denial.

  • Juan is the best one on this panel, which isn't saying much, but still, it's pathetic seeing all of you in the comments bad mouthing Juan.

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