Bellroy Transit Backpack Review | 28L Travel Bag With Smart Organization

26 thoughts on “Bellroy Transit Backpack Review | 28L Travel Bag With Smart Organization”

  • MJS on the road says:

    Love your reviews, and I love the Bellroy brand and how they think through things so well – but, this is too big for EDC and too small for one-bag travel IMO. Still, I am hopeful of that 35l bag sometime in the future…… then for sure i'm on board! Pack Hacker = Binge Worthy!

  • Not Your Average Vegan says:

    I wish bellroy would make a line without leather. I really like the organization of their bags but just can’t do it.

  • This was a bag I was definitely checking out, so I appreciate Nathan's perspective on how it fits on a longer torso as we're about the same size. Any chance Nathan might do a guide to travel backpacks that best fit taller/longer torso people?

  • a question regarding the adjusting straps of the shoulder straps -> its essentially a kinda seat-belt material and from my experience with the Arcteryx Nomin, the adjusting straps will glide too easily over a short period of time and your shoulder straps will not longer be the same length as you initially adjusted to. This is amplified when your load is heavy.

    do you experience similarly on the Transit?

  • Hey great video, I really like your consistent format.

    Any plans for a video on 'hybrid' bags? I'm personally looking for a suitable EDC and travel bag. Only things holding me back are that the large compartment on most travel bags are kinda hard to use for organised EDC. Thanks.

  • Dang, 86% like the look! I'm a huge fan, curious if they will release larger 35L bags. This would make for a great 2-3 night trip bag, especially if you can fit everything into a medium cube only, and a smaller toiletries bag on top to compete with the tech pocket they offer at the top. Fantastic review as always!

  • This is my goldilocks bag. Big enough for minimal travel, small enough for work EDC, sturdy and well-designed without being overbuilt. I'll stay subbed to the channel, but with this bag, a 10L Bullet, and the CTB40, I'm set for a couple decades.

  • It’s a shame they went with that horizontal compartment. I get that it looks sleek but IMO it’s just not as useable as a vertical one.

  • Hang on…you put two packing cubes in this and said it's wise not to pack another layer because otherwise you'd can't get into your external pockets. In your Synik review, you put a suit, and two packing cubes, and a dopp kit, AND all your work stuff, and you could still access all your external pockets. Then here you say the Bellroy's got more main compartment room because it's more squared off. >x-|

  • Robert Williamson says:

    Just curious…. Are you ever going to do a review of the Minaal Daily? I traveled with various bags over the years… including the 45 litre M.E.I. Voyageur, the Tortuga 45 litre, and my Minaal 2.0 35 liter. But I've actually gone more minimal and carry on with the 21 liter Minaal Daily bag that I just bought recently..
    I'd love to see a review on the Minaal Daily.

  • Definitely one of the better looking backpacks I have seen recently. That extra pocket with the laptop is probably something a lot more manufacturers should start doing. Its very handy to have for chargers and other tech.

  • Count me in with the others who hope they come out with a 35L version. 🤞

    P.S. Would you guys do a review on XD Design's 35L Bobby Duffle Anti-theft Travelbag Backpack?

  • Nice review, but I think this bag seems like it's for someone who checks in a suitcase and this will be their carry on. The side pocket looked the perfect place for the passport. The size would suit some extra clothes and tech + camera to carry with you. Am I correct in this assumption? Happy to be corrected…

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