Bellroy Sling Review | 7L Urban Travel & EDC Sling Bag

22 thoughts on “Bellroy Sling Review | 7L Urban Travel & EDC Sling Bag”

  • Spot on review. I bought one of these thinking I'd be able to use it much more than I have. What keeps me from choosing it often is the access to the main compartment. There's a lot of room in it, but the access is so restricted, it really limits what you can put in there and comfortably access while on your body. Love the look, but I keep going back to my Peak Design slings because they open way up.

  • Been enjoying my Bellroy Sling! I've been using it for a couple months. Would've been nice to have some sort of magnetic key clip as it can get quite awkward to undo my keys. Would've also liked a slightly larger opening for the main compartment as it can be hard putting larger items in i.e. a camera or water bottle. Still a great bag though! (doesn't look overly techy which is a plus for me)

  • Thanks for another excellent video and you confirmed my already very happy choice to use the Aer X pack sling instead. 😎

  • Love the auto-compression feature on this, looks like it would work for just a few things that didn't fit in your pockets all the way to a day pack replacement. It's a shame they didn't add more internal organisation, especially considering how easy it would have been. Also didn't realise it was an Australian company—might help to justify buying this sling that costs almost as much as my main bag (which was also made in Australia by an Australian company, even though they are sadly no longer making bags).

  • very nice review. You really made it very easy to go with the Aer Day sling 2.. Aer is who is getting my money. Nice review.

  • Any tips on anti-thefting your non-antitheft bag as much as you possibly can? Or tips for avoiding pick-pocketers? Unsure if this concern steers away from the nature of your channel, but just curious?

  • This is a hundred bucks, I just don't see the premium as I'd rather save the hunnit and stuff my pockets with things. I'd be a buyer for something so small for about 30 bucks honestly; I think for every person willing to buy this for 100, 10 would be into it for 30ish. Not trying to beat up Bellroy but I just don't see the premium whatsoever because even cheaply priced Chinese bags are using premium materials and great zippers.

  • it's good as an edc carry dont put to much in there just treat it as a slightly bigger replacement to your pants pockets, and you should have no problem, the blue bag is very versatile and can fit many outfits because of the look of the strap and the clip. But I agree it is not perfect

  • The video doesn't discuss how the female tester (around 6:20) found the access to the main compartment. To my eye – and comparing with other (male) reviewers I've seen, as well as how I'd wear such a bag myself – it does look as if you are wearing the strap quite short with the bag correspondingly high on the body, which would certainly account for the T-rex arms dilemma you describe but which I've not seen anyone else complain about in reviews. The female tester seems to be wearing it a little lower/longer, and I imagine that could make a difference.

  • Hey Tom, great review!
    I see you have answered this below, but on a bit different note, how does a regular sized iPad fit? I can see by the measurements that it SHOULD fit, but how does it work with the zipper? Love the look of the sling, but fitting my iPad is a must.
    Best Regards, John.

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