Being a digital nomad in Kernville

Being a digital nomad in Kernville

I would say Kernville Cowork is not the place to come if you just want to get in, do 8 hours of work, and check out Kernville Cowork is the kind of place where you’re gonna be part of that community and you’re gonna form relationships and you’re gonna have an ongoing conversation with them I was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska, and I think that really instilled in me a sense of adventure and sort of this spirit for the wild Right now we call ourselves digital nomads And what that means is essentially I work remotely and we just travel and take advantage of what’s around us We were both working essentially nine-to-fives and we’re in our 30s and we have a kid and it just felt like this was gonna be the next 20 years of our life We had to rent out our house, We bought a trailer we bought a new truck and we just kind of went for it. I found out about Kernville – It’s kind of funny – I was googling online for different coworking spaces and online, you know, there was a lot of different options and most of them are in San Francisco, they’re in big cities. And that’s just not me. I wanted to go with my family someplace that we could go hiking that we could Explore the area and get to know the locals and so on this one website I found this little itty bitty spot, and I said “Let’s go there” So I scheduled a tour with Justin at 9AM. And it was awesome. He was here waiting for me I got a tour of the space, I got to see the free snacks He showed me the free beer and I felt immediately at home I felt like I had finally found some camaraderie and some Familiarity after working from coffee shops and libraries and my trailer for the past four months I would describe my experience here at Kernville Cowork as ‘awesome’ I think I finally found a place that felt like I could actually live here I feel like there’s really comfortable people, I get invited to lunch, I can take my conference calls with ease I’ve been here three weeks. I don’t know when I’m leaving So I’ve been here with my husband and my three year old child and they’ve had a blast So while I’m working here, basically my normal nine-to-five they are out there. They’re fly-fishing. They’re going for short hikes. They’re exploring Lake Isabella They are playing at Chico flat. There’s so many different things to do that I don’t have to worry about how they’re gonna be entertained because there’s so much to do around us A lot of my coworkers have said “Huh, You’re still in Kernville. Why are you still there?” And the fact of the matter is, it’s just really comfortable and it’s working out great for us

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  • Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance says:

    This is such a GREAT idea! I'm hopeful more of our rural communities across North Los Angeles and Southeast Kern Counties embrace this type of workspace co-op and support the start-ups and small entrepreneurs with tools and resources to thrive. Great job, Kernville!!!

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