Bangkok, Thailand: Traveling for $20 A Day – Ep 7

Bangkok, Thailand: Traveling for $20 A Day – Ep 7

Welcome to Bangkok Welcome to Bangkok Welcome to Bangkok Good morning everybody. It’s time to enjoy our delicious Thai breakfast. We have gai yang (grilled chicken)… som tam (spicy papaya salad)… we’ve got some sticky rice here and we have some of this
delicious sauce that comes with it. All this together was 100 baht. That’s like, not even 3 bucks. This is an amazing breakfast. Let’s enjoy it! Oh, man! It’s so hot! Now, let’s try some of this som tam. This stuff is traditionally one
of the hottest Thai dishes you can order. It doesn’t look like it.
It looks like a friendly little salad… but then, when you take a bite out of it… you watch yourself! Your mouth’s gonna be on fire for days! Alright, so we just got some iced coffee here. 20 baht for this. Keep my energy up while… we’re walking around all day carrying our stuff. I told her no sugar and it’s still pretty sweet. Alright, so, we just arrived at our hostel here. The Happiness Hostel here on Khaosan Road… and we got a private double room. It’s only 275 (baht) per person. We’re still doing pretty good for our budget today. I think we should go get some lunch. Alright. Right here, we’ve got some pad kana moo, some stir-fried kale with pork on rice… All together, this comes out to 110 baht. Huge lunch here, and we’re not breaking the bank. Cheap, delicious, authentic roadside Thai food. You can’t beat this. A floppy roti right here. Looks so delicious; only 10 baht. So chewy. Roti, baby. We’re at Wat Arun on the west side of
the river here in Bangkok. The “Temple of Dawn” – a very beautiful temple, unique from all the other temples… you see around here in Bangkok. Unfortunately, though, it’s under construction. We can’t go exploring up here on
all these steep steps. It’s my shall… to cover my scandelous shoulders. 你好! Hey, nice lasagne. How much did that cost? More than you can afford. We got some Pad Thai here with an egg, tofu… and we got some spring rolls here. Let’s see what this Pad Thai is all about. Now it’s time to try the spring rolls. Okay. Crunch city. That’s what I like. I’m all about the crunch, so I’m happy. So now we just finsihed dinner,
and we’re back at Khaosan Road… and you know where, before we head back… to the hostel, I think it would be a lot of fun… if we walk up and down Khaosan and do… a little bit of people-watching, because… this road has some of the most amazing, unique, beautiful faces you can see. So, let’s go check it out.

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  • อีห่าลาวอีสาน ตั้งโตะบนทางเท้า คนต้องลงไปเดินบนถนน แล้วมึงก็มาอ้างว่าทำเพราะมึงยากจน แม่ป่วยพ่อพิการหลานต้องเรียน อีสัตว์

  • This is the most realistic vlog on Bangkok, that I've seen so far.. Perfect , with the break down of everything and how you spend..THANK YOU BROS

  • Christophe Lesort says:

    Il goute vraiment pleins de choses..!., il est vrais que chaque année je mange toujours pareil, et fini par avoir ces petites habitudes..!.Et je passe toujours les 2 ou 3 derniers jours à Khao san road., très pratique pour moi.

  • Sara ticketsells says:

    เที่ยวบินที่ถูกที่สุดและโรงแรมมีให้บริการเฉพาะใน ซึ่งเรากำลังเปรียบเทียบไซต์ 100 แห่งและช่วยให้คุณเดินทางได้อย่างคุ้มค่าที่สุดสำหรับเที่ยวบินโรงแรมเช่ารถล่องเรือทั่วโลกเข้าสู่

  • That dipping sauce for the gai yaang made my mouth water. 100B is a good deal.
    I still like KSR, 26 years on.
    Khatoey count; 1

  • Khao San and the Sukhumvit sois area (etc.) are open prisons for tourists, allowing Bangkokians to remain sane and (largely) blissfully unaware of crazy farangs. Sure, you're going to get ripped off there, but think of it as a humanitarian gesture to the mental well-being of your hosts.

  • Budismo y algo mas etc says:

    damn I think my head got be very drunk and feeling a Vietnam war environment or something like that, bombs everywhere and no shit to eat and then find one of those and wtf………… but I want my happy drunk time in Thailand with thai girls instead of scorpions. jjaajaja


  • These must be Trust Fund kids, You know, parents that leave a nice money filled Trust Fund so their kid will not have to work so hard. They usually spend it all junking around the world. It looks like a lot of fun till you get in trouble with the police or worse in a foreign country. when you are out there acting seriously stupid its not lone before you are looking out the window of the Gray Bar Hotel

  • As I look at this group I feel sad for them. They all look like Pinochio when he was tricked by the Fox to go to the carnival to have nothing but stupid fun. In the end they all turned into donkeys and were tied up for sale as slaves from then on. Yup!! that it, They are all turning into DONKEYS.

  • Suddenly dudde ur the only person that went on to detail about baht and the money different which really helped me. Am planing visiting some time next year hopefully what ever is bean contracted it shall all b dun. Wen I travel. tnks a lot for it help dudde cheers ,,😉😉😉🙋🙋🙋🙋✌✌✌✌✌👏👏👏👏👏👋👋👋👋👋

  • dudde thanks for the feed back, u was to help full info perfect -;} (love 4 that dudde) any way am feom uk south east london but i miss TX that's were i grue up as a child then i moved hear to study lol happy days. but apart from that like i said i'm planing to come over there and just go mad crazy lol not for the (LADYBOIS THO LOOL) SOZ… I WILL TRY TO CONTACT U WEN CLOSER DAY AND HOPEFULLY WE CAN CHAT MORE AND I WILL SUPPORT U ALL THE WAY BUDDY monkey>>>

  • You have really created a magnific video, and watching it i have dreamed to travel the world and visit these wonderful places !!!
    Congrats, Great job 👍🏻

    Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  • Please, please people don't let this video fool you why are you all so naive ?! This is just a total deception of the truth itself, the person who posted this video hasn't mentioned the cons and the downside of this city. He's probably on an high salary working for some American co. or agency, having quite a comfortable life with a nice income coming in every month..

    The truth is that Bangkok is NOT an affordable city at all ! ( perhaps it was 20-30 years ago ) Also, there haven't been hardly any street vendors on the roads in the past few years, this is because it's still run by a narrow minded military junta who is making tourists avoid this jungle and go somewhere else where you can get a work permit easily and having a dignified living with it for less money, for example; Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos are countries much more accessible to tourists and business owners and much SAFER.

    I can also assure you that it's one of the most dangerous city in the world ! Starting from road traffic, it's full on mayem 24/7 no rest, even if they have traffic rules and regulations ( which seem to apply to foreigners only ) These are not enforced on their own people! As a consequence of the city's havoc, people die on a great number literally every day/night especially on Bkk roads, even just trying to cross the roads.

    Needless to say they'll leave you right there on the roads if you haven't got plenty of cash handy or a bullet proof insurance.

    In the begin with beware of the taxis who are reluctant from using their meter , they may even take you somewhere else or the long way round in order to rip you off ! Trust no ones !

    Everyone's aware of the fact that the police is widely corrupt throughout the country, so don't be surprised if they'll ask you for tea money ! I must mention that being a foreigner in Bkk you're target number 1 for the Thais, they see you like a walking ATM machine and they're convinced of it, you won't be able to change their minds, since everyone's after your money, particularly women !

    Furthermore, you won't be able to make any Thai friends not only because due to the lack of English language ( Even if some do, they pretend to be shy so they won't talk to you nor give you an answer when being asked a simple question, some kind of mind game ) That's only until you show them a consistent amount of money to spend on their premises or on their women.

    Nonetheless, It's very difficult if not impossible to trust a Thai person because of this convictions that they have about all the foreigners are rich ( They're greedy and rich themselves, with their newest BMW, Mercedes Benz cars and several properties and so on, this apart from having farms and lands back in their hometown ) On the other hand if you're on a budget you're just considered as a piece of garbage, oh and yes just to mention that Thai people even though they may occasionally give you that fake smile they're also racist and still pretty much closed minded and insular to the rest of the world, hence they're just after one thing as I've mentioned above.

    The international food seller eg Villa Supermarkets are very expensive , you may pay 2-3 times higher the price of an item comparing to your home country.

    There's no safety of any degree when you travel in Thailand, your life is at risk constantly whether in the sea or on the roads, they're just not aware of proper maintenance both of their vessels and of their vehicles ( Tons of Chinese people and not only died due to several boats sinking later in the 2018 ) As I've mentioned above It's even worse on the roads, they drive like lunatics, coming at you on the wrong way of the roads, when they come out of the smaller lanes without looking and consideration of other motorists on the roads, it's always an accident waiting to happen at any given moment ! There's total lack of enforcement on the behalf of the police on the roads especially towards their own people, you' will feel that that you're alone in the wild while everyone is after you !

    I haven't given you all the in and outs of this so called land of smile, in brief just be careful, trust no ones and think twice before you even decide to come on holiday in Thailand, let alone live, forget about it..

    Run for your life !

  • Didtapong Onthong says:

    Of course you want a good reception, you must respect each other. No one wants to look inferior to anyone else, insulting with modesty may be intended or just some stupidity, it doesn't feel like he will be good for you.

  • First thing I do when arive bkk. Head out to the beach and provinces and out of Bkk.. One day is too long for me these days. Thanks for sharing the vid though…

  • Three great meals, a private safe room to stay in, a little tourism, and all for less than a taxi ride in the US or Europe. Nice!

  • Sensei Honcho says:

    You’re definitely limited to only eating and transportation but in a city like Bangkok that sounds pretty nice.

  • davish thaiboy says:

    for most thai folks , 20 US Bucks we can live at least 1 week only for foods
    but if you live in BKK , the cost of living is way more expensive than you are living
    in suburbans and other provinces of thailand , if you live in BKK
    1st you''ll have to pay for a ride like a BTS , MRT for at least 70-100 BHT a day
    it depends on how far you work place is , foods outside the shopping malls and
    street foods are cheaper than in the luxurious malls , you can pay 40-50 BHT a dish
    thai coffee , bubble tea & other drinks are about 25-50 BHT a glass
    the cheapest internet package is 10 bucks / month with no limit 1Mbps of speed
    for some people who's wondering why thai cost of living is cheper that other countries
    it's because our pays are cheaper , if you are working at thai McDonald's
    you''ll get paid 1.5 US dollar an hour MAX while you can get paid at least 10 US bucks an hour
    if you working in USA

  • ตู่น้อย คอยรัก says:

    ขอบคุณที่ชอบประเทศไทย หวังว่าคงจะมีความสุขจากทริปนี้ครับ ของคุณครับ อาจมีการใช้แกรมมาที่ผิด ผมใช้ กูเกิลแปลภาษา
    Thank you for like Thailand Hopefully there will be happiness from this trip. You may have misused the grammar. I use Google Translate.

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