Banff National Park – Restoring to Zero

5 thoughts on “Banff National Park – Restoring to Zero”

  • Have hiked into Devon Lakes several times and find it heaven. Saw the camp and boat for fishing, and am glad the area is being restored to "normal'.

  • Brook trout as a nasty invasive species?  Good heavens, what have we come to.  Has it occurred to anyone that many freshwater lakes and rivers were fishless until they were colonized by fish including amphibians, reptiles, aquatic mammals etc, Note that not all of these animals arrive under their own power – they have been carried in by predatory birds, floods and other forces. Ecosystems are dynamic.  Is this an unhealthy or out-of balance ecosystem, if it has a self-sustaining population of a beautiful and much sought after gamefish? These are not asian carp – they are native to pristine waters in both eastern and western Canada, and there is even an anadromous population of sea-run brook trout on the west coast.  Neither are these trout a "flight risk" that poses a potential hazard to nearby lakes and rivers.  In the decades since they were introduced, it is almost certainly true that they have  undergone significant adaptation and would therefore represent a genetically unique strain. Golden trout would be an example of such a species that have uniquely adapted to high-altitude lakes, and certainly at some point in time they would not have existed in their current form in the lakes and watersheds where they are presently found. 

  • Randy Sandberg says:

    If the Park is so interested in returning it to normal, why have they built 6 lane highways through it? Ridiculous PC in taking out fish but building roads. Hypocrites.

  • Randy Sandberg says:

    You want it to return to "normal" yet you bring in helicoptors and many people. How about leaving it alone and let survival of the fittest take over. I've been to Devon lakes many times and I'm so glad I didn't see you or the crowds of people with you. I enjoyed the wilderness and peacefulness.

  • Randy Sandberg says:

    In 1973, myself and two friends hiked up Mosquito creek, over Pipestone pass to Devon Lakes and then down the Dolomite to Isabella lake and up to Katherine and Helen lakes and out to the highway. We didn't see another soul the entire trip. What an adventure.

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