AYL   Paiute Trail Jamboree   Duchesne County   Weller Rec   Ashley National Forest   Tunex

AYL Paiute Trail Jamboree Duchesne County Weller Rec Ashley National Forest Tunex

Kevin: get ready at your leisure. Fans this week, Gina and I are back at it again
as we take you out to a fun filled ATV jamboree
that you don’t want to miss. Gina: then what’s the highest
off-road trail in the state? This week were going to
find out as we follow our friends from Weller’s
Recreation to beautiful Duchenne County. Kevin: finally, were going to
break down a new bill that is all about OHV taxes
and fees where is your registration money going?
We’ll find out this week on at your leisure. Music up. Kevin: hello everybody. Welcome
to at your leisure I’m Kevin Mortenson Gina: and I’m Gina Mortenson Kevin: and we are here in
beautiful Marysville Utah. Normally it’s a pretty
small town. Gina: yes, normally this town
only has 300 people in it. But today they’ve
added 600 guests who are here to enjoy the
beautiful scenery and ride the beautiful trails that
are here, so for this small town not one stoplight.
This is a really big deal. Kevin: yeah, if you haven’t been
here. This is a really neat town you need to
come down just for a day, maybe even have dinner.
Grab some lunch walk around the town, but
the reason people come here from all over
is these amazing ATV trails. We are here at
Piute UTV jamboree and there are some really fun
activities today and were going to go try and be
a part of them. Gina: I’m excited for the
soccer, they UTV soccer. I’m a soccer mom and
it’s soccer season at our house. So, this
is something that I’m really interested in. Kevin: and I’ve heard that the
blind Kevin challenge is something that we
really have to see, Chad and Ria rocked it last
year and so the bar is set high, so we’ve got to
better. Gina: oh, dear, sounds like fun.
Right now, there’s a show and shines. So,
I think we should check it out. Kevin: show and shine right over
here were going to go check that out,
we’ll see you guys in a minute. Jim: I came from Salt Lake City,
Utah, we come down here every year, but this
is the first year for the jamboree, it’s an
adventure. So, come to you will not regret it. I’ve
actually enjoyed it. This is my first year and I will
be back next year. I’ve already made my
reservations for next year. Jim: it’s meeting new people
getting to know everybody what they like what
you know, everybody’s doing it’s an
exciting and new adventure for me as well to
reach out find new friends. It’s exciting to see
the different machines and what they’ve done
and how they’ve done it. Jim: I was skeptical at first I
thought about it and then when I saw you know,
like I said if you’d seen this 36 hours ago I
was like nine we probably not going to do it and
then I gave in this morning and said where do I sign
up? Let’s just get her done. Jim: yes, we have made some
great friends this week and they will be back with
us next year, we have already reserved for next
year and were excited for it. Gina: the show and shine, that
was amazing. It’s always fun to see all the
people that come to these events and hear them brag
to us about their rigs. Kevin: you know there’s some
really nice machines over there, you saw
that before and after. He told me he spent $30
getting thing ready for the show and shine
this morning. It’s really nice machines, and if
you’re going to spend that money on it. Show it
off. Listen, we’ve made our way over to the
blind man’s challenge and as you can see
behind me the riders are pulling up in the
area blindfolding the drivers and the wives are
getting out and taking the microphone and the idea is
that the wife will guide the husband or vice versa
through the obstacle course. Gina: you should point out that
the fastest ones so far was the blindfolded with
following directions from the husband. Kevin: listen, well we enjoy
this. This is a blast. We are going to go to this
week’s where to which is going to take us to do
what they say is the highest ATV trail in all of
Utah. Music up. Johanna: I would get rid of a
lot of things in my life before I would get rid of
my Ranger or my ATV. So that we can go together
as a family and just get away for fumigants
together. Girl: if anything were like the
ones that say hey let’s go on a Ranger ride ha ha
yeah you can fit usually like a pretty good size
group to in the Ranger. Paul: this is my first time out
here. I’ve spent a lot of time in the West at
soapstone, but I’ve never crossed that little Valley
and come East. Music up. Ryan: the trail were on today is
the highest ATV trail in the state of Utah.
We’re topped out right here at little over 11,200 feet.
We actually come up Swift Creek technically it’s
forest road 171 and it’s on every forest service
map it doesn’t have a specific trail name come
up blind stream until you hit the turn off
towards Swift Creek and one year you, peer and the
purples that you can see behind me take over and
everything looks purple this year it’s the yellow
their yellows everywhere you get so many
flowers up here you get wild strawberries wild
raspberries and the plant life is amazing. Paul: this is one huge high
elevation mountain valley and there’s no trees
here. It’s all meadow. Girl: I mean you saw us. We are
over there looking at the rocks. We
climbed up over there to the snow were picking the
flowers we discovered that the hills were
alive with the sound of music and they started
singing all the lovely songs of sound of music
with us. Music up. Julie Andrews: the hills are
alive with the sound of music. Music up. Paul: it’s really close. And
this does look like that meadow, now do I want to go
to Austria and see Salzburg? Yes, but in the
meantime, I have that same experience right here
and I don’t have any of the tourist traps on the
way. Music up. Johanna: the rain last night
made it a lot more fun because it cut down on our dust
for sure and made it an enjoyable ride and
then I got to get my kids all wet, which is the
number 1+ side. I feel like the Weller girls can
handle a little dirt. Kinzy: I like to look at the
flowers and get all muddy. Johanna: but my son on the other
hand he had a harder time with me going
through the puddle’s ha ha, he kept screaming no mom.
Once your wet their wet so just get out
there and go and you saw after the first battle,
we went through I had different passengers for the
second puddle because everybody wants to try. Music up. Paul: I live just across the
draw and I have never been here. We have such a tight
circle of where we go because it’s about where
we live, but I just need to expand my vision a
little bit and look up and drive a little bit
further because it wasn’t that far. Music up. Scott: welcome back to at your
leisure. I am Scott Huntsman we’re back at my
Tunex shop in West Valley city today. This is
what’s new segment for this week. What’s
new in this suburban which isn’t so new but
what it’s used for is tolling off-road
vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. in this hot summer
heat. It’s developed an air conditioner
problem and were going to take care of that today
and were going to show you what it is that we
do with air- conditioning services and how we
go about that. Let’s get it on the inside and
take a look at. Scott: the first thing we do
with an air conditioning check is verify the
complete we actually run the vehicle we take
it for a little road test and confirm the fact that
the air conditioner is not working, now I can tell
you this it seems to be making cool air that it’s not
blowing much of the volume of it, but one of the
first things we do in the most common problem we
run across is refrigerants loss. So there’s a
way that we measure that right now looking
we have an initial static pressure of around 75
pounds that’s with the system shut off that tells
me that there is refrigerants available in the
system for it to work in order to get a good look at
what’s going on inside the refrigerants system.
I first need to remove the refrigerant from the
vehicle. This equipment does that. It not
only will recover store but then it will also send
it back, we can add oil for the compressor along
with it. This machine does it all. Scott: okay. The refrigerant
recovery is complete. It’s all out. I can
now open the system up, now what I’m going to
look at on this General Motors vehicle the
expansion device is an orifice tube, but this tells
me a big story it tells me with a little bit of metal on
it. There were going to have a compressor
failure at some time in the future, how much oil is
in the system. And if there is any other
contamination. We’ve got our refrigeration system
complete, we charged it that’s going to be fine. Our
concern with the low air volume coming from the
vents. Most likely has to do with the cabin air
filter that’s probably lacked service over many years
located under the of this vehicle. I’ve
already removed some screws we will drop it down and
just as I thought. I’m starting to see
some debris in the bottom of it and oh gosh that
thing is still the I think is the heart of our
problem here’s the old just to compare with. Here’s
the new a big difference. This is really
going to help in this is something that’s important as
well. Scott: all right, guys, we’ve
got this suburban outside here we’re giving it a
final check everything is come out great on
this. So, a 50° outlet temperature is perfect,
and it feels great. It’s working great. We have
great air volume I couldn’t be happier with the
results. These folks are going to drive now tolling
their ATVs and side-by-side. It’s the big
smile on their face because it’s going to be nice
and cool on the way there and the way home. I’m
Scott Huntsman at Tunex, more at your
leisure in a moment. Music Gina: welcome back to ask your
leisure. We are here at the Piute jamboree and
although we’ve had a really great time so far.
You’re watching UTV soccer now they’re using a
giant wall. I mean, it’s huge and they’re
pushing it around with their UTV’s Kevin: it’s a lot different than
the soccer were going to spend the next two
months. Watching her kids chase around. Gina: yeah. Kevin: listen, right now we’ve
had a lot of fun today. And a lot of really cool
events, were going to go see what it takes to
put this on. Dana: we have the Piute chamber
of events. And there’s five of us, that’s
it. On that and then we try to include the local
businesses in the actual volunteer committee part
and there’s anywhere from 20 to 30 that show
up for our meetings. Dana: Piute County helps put on;
we do the jamboree we do a Poppa bear run
over Father’s Day weekend we do the Halloween
howl the last weekend in October. Tyrel: there are many volunteers
that we have at the Piute Trail jamboree working
here without compensation and because they
want to put on something amazing and so we have
upwards of 18 guides, some of them are
duplicates on the days that we have a lot of
people that are just out on the trails guiding we
have a lot of people manning and handling our
registration we have people behind the scenes who
handled the tech in the website. We have people
who handle all of our prizes and our facility.
I mean, the list goes on and so coordinating with
that many people in making sure that
nothing is missed is really what makes that an
involved job. Dana: you know are number one
thing is our volunteers we have oodles and
oodles of volunteers that start in May and
work tell Saturday night, free of charge
spend their time hours. Everything. We have
lots of people that have been here, this is our
10-year anniversary and they’ve been here for 10
years. Tyrel: in order to put on a fun
event, you have to have a variety of activities.
If you don’t, pack up and go home because obviously
people are here on their machines. They’re
here to go up on the mountain and have a good
time they are done with that after two or
three days. Even it just, they need new scenery.
They need new things to keep them excited and
happy. So, we want them to stay as long as we
can host them. So, we’ve got to shake that up a
little bit. So, what can we do to get them to
have more fun that’s different than what
they’ve already been doing? Dana: when you come to the Piute
Trail jamboree, you can look forward
to miles and miles of trails and lots of fun
and great people. We have big boys with big toys,
and they come up with how they want to play
with them. Dana: you know our purpose here
for Piute is to get people to come to Piute
County our RV parks are filled this weekend
our hotels are filled this weekend and we hope that
they come this week and they will come again. Tyrel: yes, we have this
jamboree. Please come and have a good time. But most
importantly come back and see us. We loved
having you, and we hope that with your
experience out and having a good time means that
you want to come and see us again. Dana: I like the blind man’s
obstacle; it shows how the men really listen to the
women ha ha. Tyrel: the joy of this job is
how many people are coming in and saying wow that
was fun. I was so neat and I could just say hey
where are you from where you coming from and
what Trail did you go on today at to see them
light up and get to tell me about what they did
that day that makes me happy. Kevin: well, as you can see it
takes a lot of work to put this show on and they do
a really good job of it. Right now, were going to
send you over to our along the way where were
going to show you just where your registration
money is spent. When you go register that ATV,
where does that money go? Music up. Joe Davis: if you own an
off-highway vehicle otherwis known as in OHV you may have
noticed a difference in the amount of
taxes you paid this year that is because of a new
law that took effect at the beginning of the
year House Bill 143 this bill is going to bring some
big changes to the off-roading community here in
Utah. Music up Chris Haller:House Bill 143 what
it does it was passed in the 2018 Utah State
legislature and what it does is it actually increases the off
highway vehicle registration fee from 18 to $35
in addition to that it reduces the property tax now
this affects just about anyone who registers
off-highway vehicles within the state of Utah so
off-highway vehicles include off-highway motorcycles
UTV’s or utility terrain vehicles or ATVs known
as all-terrain vehicles or four wheelers as
they are commonly referred to so that increase
does take place for those individuals who register
their machines in Utah. Joe Davis: With over 200,000
registered an off-highway vehicle in Utah this increase
will no doubt have a huge impact on the OHV community
and in addition to the rural counties
that house some of our favorite trails. Chris Haller: So, the idea
behind this is that it will
greatly assist these rural communities
because typically what happens is or has happened
is a high percentage of those registered
owners reside along the Wasatch front cross
those for five counties. Brent Stuart: Just to be fair
with everyone because if you
live in salt lake County there’s no
miles of trails so you shouldn’t receive a lot of
trail money so we’re putting it in the rural
counties where we go down there and enjoy the trail
systems and then we put them on a trailer and
wear out there trails out and then come back
and didn’t leave any money other than spending a
night in a motel. So now we’ll know where
every dollar is as far as trail maintenance
facilities. Joe Davis: So how will the money
find its way back to the dirt where it belongs? Chris Haller: what we’ve been
doing is collecting those registration fees and then we
are going to take those registration fees and
start a quarterly Grant process and this quarterly
Grant process or the overall process is called
the fiscal incentive Grant and so the idea
is to incentivize the county’s and other nonprofit
organizations and clubs to work cooperatively
with Federal land managers in order to
enhance motorized recreation in the state whether
that’s trails sustainability it could be trail
maintenance it could be trail infrastructure. Joe Davis: Grant requested up to
$12,500 will be available quarterly and the applicants
must be able to offer matching funds to be
considered this money can go towards projects
that involve all kinds of things construction of
new trails improvement of current trails
land planning, protecting access, tourism in
advance and of course very important search and
rescue. Brett Stuart: it’s going to have
a lot of money available to expand protect and put
facilities like restrooms and nicer trails and clean up
because all of the volunteer hours go towards the
matching Grant, so it is a win-win for everybody
in the OHV world. Joe Davis:so, keep an eye out
for some of the amazing projects that are likely going
to come from this Grant and how it will affect the
OHV community for at your leisure I’m Joe
Davis. Music Up Gina: welcome back to at your
leisure we are here at the king of the trails
competition all day long we’ve been having a fun event.
And is there something wrong? Kevin: yea, where did you get
that shirt from. Gina: I got the shirt at our friends
at Jorgensen powersports. Kevin: Gosh I never get free
shirts. Gina: Just smile Kevin: this king of the trail
competition is a lot of fun though these people down here in
Marysville they put on a great program look
at that. Gina: Ahhh, I’m going to have to
wash my shirt. Kevin:Let’s send you to see this
week’s sticker winner. GINA: This week’s contest winner
was submitted to us on Facebook by Bret Lacey KEVIN:Congratulations Bret! It
looks like you’re the lucky winner of a two-night stay
and half day UTV rental and the wonderful
Lizzie and Charlies RV and ATV park in
Marysvale, Utah. GINA: Be sure to call us on
Monday at 8019478888 to claim your prize and
remember, if you get caught with our Limited Edition
Eagles Landing AYL sticker, you can earn an
extra one hundred dollar gift card from our
friends over at Eagles Landing which is the best place
to get that real gasoline, clear 91. KEVIN: Now, Let’s take a look at
our Calendar of Events. If you’re still looking
for awesome county fair action, head down to Beaver
county from August 21st through the 24th for
a fun filled time at the county fairgrounds in
Minersville Utah. GINA: August 24th we’re heading
to the 2nd annual Bike Festival in Brianhead and
Kevin and I will be there so make sure you come
out and join us as we soak up the sun on a great
ride. KEVIN: Then, September 14th is
the Friends of the Paiute Trail Banquet so be sure
to come down to Richfield for a fun evening
of food and prizes. GINA: And one hundred percent of
the proceeds from this event go back into the
trail system so come out and have a great time
while supporting a great cause. Now, let’s take a
look at Next week’s show. KEVIN: Next week, Chad and Ria
visit one hundred and nine square miles of
freshwater adventures as they take us out for a day at
Bear Lake. GINA: Then, we’re following our
friends from Steadman’s Recreation as they
take us on an off-road adventure in Duchesne
County, through nine-mile canyon and then cap
off the ride off with a delicious steak dinner. GINA: next week show looks great
we’ve had a wonderful time here in Marysvale
at the Paiute ATV jamboree and it’s been a
long hot day so right now they are ending the
day with these events where they jump in the
mud. Kevin: There’s $50 hidden in
there and I may have to go get it. We’ve had a great
time at Marysvale. Gina: I’ll take a mud bath at
home. Kevin: It was good to see you
all here this week and if you didn’t make it this weekend
make sure you get out here next year. Remember
there is adventure around every bend. Gina: You just have to get out
there and create it yourself. Kevin and Gina: At Your Leisure!

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