Welcome to.. Mallnitz, Austria! And we finally are in Austria! We’ve been
flying from London Luton to Munich we’ve spent the whole day in Munich because
we’ve been there for the first time and we wanted to explore the city. We’ve been
to the BMW Museum Even though we were thinking we will
have a very long day actually the time passed very fast and
after three hours travel by train we’ve got here finally. At the beginning I
wasn’t planning to vlog but when I’ve seen this place I have decided that I
have to show it to you. It is so beautiful! The scenery is magnificent! I
have to show it to you! But only tomorrow because now it’s dark outside, obviously.
It’s a bit late here but I’m not gonna give up, we will go to party for the
first day of our New Year’s holiday. Because this was our deal:
we have to party three nights in a row so if I’m not gonna vlog enough I have
to apologize from now even if I’m extremely tired, I’m gonna get ready and
I’m gonna go to the party and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to wake up in
time for a full day at the slopes. I will keep you updated tomorrow, after a good
sleep, of course. So I’ll see you tomorrow guys! Good morning, eveyone! So much snow on the ground,
I can’t believe it! Unfortunately, as you can see on our window, the clarity is not
the best… so I can’t actually show you how big the mountains are here but
fingers crossed we will have a sunny day here and I will be able to see and show
you this beautiful paradise. I’m not sure if the slopes are opened but anyway we
will go to explore because we want to see the surroundings, we wanna see how
beautiful Austria is because I’m sure it’s stunning. Oh, yeah! And also I don’t
have to forget about these Christmas presents for my friends! Oh, this is so
exciting! I’m ready to go! We are in the middle of nowhere! True! And we are waiting for our friends to pick us up, because we wanna go at the slopes! Our first attempt… It looks like this is how we have to travel in Mallnitz! Adelina, what’s this? Wake up! And because it’s getting stormy at the slopes we
will go to the central area of Mallnitz. For me, it was hard to believe this place
is real. Look at those streets and those colorful
gingerbread houses and the Christmasy set up! Everything looks just like a
fairy tale! Pizza anyone? And a gameland! Cool! We are so lucky to have this area to socialize when the weather is not ideal,
like today. My makeup is ready is ready! It’s something quite natural
and I’m wearing the outfit of the night. All black! I will show you my outfit
shortly I am wearing this body. I’m not sure from what store I have it but I
will link everything in the description box below. I am still wearing this
necklace from Ana Luisa, the boots are from Naked and I’m all set, we are ready
to go! And the New Year’s Eve is starting right now! See you in the next year, guys! Bye! And while we were still having our
festive dinner here in Austria, in Romania was already the New Year’s Eve! Wait one second, we wanna make you a picture! And this one’s birthday, at the same time! I think it’s getting confusing for you to
keep everything on track but here is the main thing: our New Year’s Eve in Austria
is starting now! This is how we should celebrate every
year: in a magical location, with all our friends together… 2019, yey! …and with some… Why not?
Retro romanian music? Followed by electronic music! New year,
new me… I can’t be a DJ overnight but it it was fun to try. Wow!
And good morning 2019! Today is the first day when there’s not foggy, it’s not snowing, it’s sunny and everything looks right. We are ready to hit the
slopes at one o’clock. I’m not sure if I’m gonna ski but I really want to see
that huge glacier because everybody’s talking about it.
At least, I hope it’s that one… Oh my god, this place is just unbelievable! And I also have to make a little
unboxing. I’ve got something really pretty for the New Year. This is a new
charm! It will be perfect! Let’s go at the slopes! We’ve made it! It’s freezing here but is so beautiful! I will show you this spectacular view right now! Paul! And this is something really strange:
soup with pancakes! I’ve never heard about that! We are on the top of the mountains
I would like to show you the slopes, as well! To be honest, I’m not really good
at skiing and I will let my friends to show you how nice the slopes are here, in Austria. I’m sure you will enjoy it! But the view is insane! He’s gonna be the first one who will take my vlog to this winter wonderland journey so you will see everything from above! He might be a bit shy on the camera but his snowboarding skills are incontestable! Hi guys! I’m Loana and I’m Adelina! And we are taking over Cristina’s vlog! Now we will show you one of our favorites slopes, close to Mallnitz. But first, let’s have some fun! There is no doubt, our goals for 2019 is
to up our game when it comes to ski and to try these beautiful slopes! Beer! Beer! On our last night here we’ve been
tasting some traditional Austrian dishes. First of all, I have to mention this
garlic soup, again, with pancakes. Even if I don’t like garlic at all and I think
this is the strangest combination of food ever, this soup really made
my night! This was followed by a snitzel dish and some apple strudel for dessert.
2019, what a good start! we’ve got the best food so far! And now, that the moment when
you don’t want to leave, when you feel the trip was way too short and you
totally believe you could have stayed longer. Byeee! But you don’t want to lose your
train, neither! We will be back soon and this is a
promise! I had no idea how stunning is Austria!
Is the totally dreamy destination for winter! This trip was the perfect way to end up
one of the best years of our lives! We are so grateful for all our exciting
travels from the past year and we are looking forward to making some new
memories together in 2019! What’s in your New Year’s travel bucket list? We would love to hear your plans and to get some inspiration from you, in the comment
section below. Happy new year, everyone!

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