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  • HAPPY TRAVELLING to everybody. Australia was a lot of fun for us. If you liked this video make sure to check out our channel for a lot more travel content 🙂

    Check out my Canada Travel Documentary here:

  • Exceptionally well made and presented video. You have displayed Australia to the world, in one of the best videos l am yet to see on the subject. Was your Challenger reliable for the entire trip?

  • Very well documented! Great videography!! Narration could have been a bit lively though!
    What was noticeable is that unlike most travel vloggers who over-expose themselves, you guys kept the right balance where importance (screentime) was given more on what need to be seen than who is showing it! Thats was great to see! Well done!

  • once a lifetime trip, I like all the amazing locations, showing how diffrent australia is ( something that we didnt knew being in a diffrent part of the world )
    Then again Australia is a huge country so it is more or less expected that it has all of this variation

    but this is not a trip anyone can do, it is expensive just the fuel cost a minor fortune, and the running cost of the car is high too..
    I live in Europe, and our travels are once a year where we visit diffrent countries for 1-2 weeks, and then we can visit diffrent parts and variation of my part of the world.
    – but it is getting "common" the more we travel, so watching videos like this makes one dream of the "big adventure".

    Thank you for your video 🙂

  • That was a beautiful journey! Thank You! My wife and I are keen on exploring Australia. How much would a trip like this cost? Is a month enough to do 35000km?

  • Pradip Kumar Shome says:

    Never knew Australia has such hidden beauty. I was reluctant to visit there as I was not sure what Australia can offer and i was least interested to visit skyscraper clad cities.

  • The carvings on the tree at 8:38–8:40 reveal a dark side of Australia: vandalism and hooliganism. There are plenty of 'ferals', bogans and hillbillies roaming our continent (many of them in semi-perpetual state of drunkenness) and they can be quite a nuisance and sometimes more. Also, something that few outsiders know, Australia has experienced among the greatest amount of environmental damage outside the Third World, due to large-scale farming, mining, hunting, 4-wheeling, introductions of foreign species, and a generally blasé attitude towards conservation. On top of that (since this is a travel doc), if you travel with pets it's extremely difficult to find places that will welcome you because Australia is a very pet-unfriendly country. I am not discouraging you to visit us, but in all fairness the wildlife is the only thing that we have that's out of the ordinary and we're not even good at protecting that. Otherwise there's no sophisticated culture or cuisine, no interesting architecture (even the Opera House is just a building with a strange roof and actually designed by a European), no real mountains to speak of, mostly desert, sand, and dust, and although the beaches are great, you can find similar beaches on virtually every continent except perhaps Europe. Prices are out of this world — a basic room in the outback can cost you more than a small hotel in Paris, so you'll need to do a lot of camping.
    Now this documentary is something else. Very beautiful footage, great commentary, you should really make more – you have a great talent, but I am sure you know that by now. Congratulations!!!

  • Ah yes the beaches of Australia are great, till the men in the grey flannel suits show up! I think I would prefer a vehicle with a tad more ground clearance and wider tires, and jerry cans strapped to the back, one with fuel, red can, one with water, blue can, and at least two spare tires. But it looks like you guys did okay.

  • Such an awesome work of art! Only 100K views as of Dec 2018. Why has it not gone viral yet?! 🙂 Keep up the good work, mate

  • Tip: When you climb a tree that tall you must wear a safety harness. The steps on that tree didn't look secure at all – the steps look weak like they're made out of some type of soft material. You're lucky those steps didn't break through pressure or you didn't slip and lose your grip – that would've been disastrous, to say the least!

  • amazing video so many great spots. Im heading south from Perth in a couple days theres so many places I wouldn't of known about if it wasn't for this video

  • Brad Młodystach says:

    Great video mate. Good on you for getting a 4wd and going offroad. Most tourists would not do that. You did a great job of driving offroad too.

  • Globetrotter Travel with Puran & Karen says:

    absolutely fantastic and fabulous video, I really enjoy watching. I am glad I found your channel. big thumbs up and new follower. cheers Mate.

  • TheMisbahuddin says:

    This is perhaps one of the best video about Australia I have come across. Amazed by jaw dropping natural beauty of Australia

  • You're lucky none of you died. Seriously. Swimming at unpatrolled beaches, driving cars across limestone areas where as little as 5cm of sandstone may be all that stands between your car and a 25m drop into an unmapped cave. Do you know how to spot a rip from the shore? Do you know what to do if you get caught in a rip? How much water and food were you carrying when you went off the trails? Did anyone know where you were going or when to contact emergency services if you didn't check in? Did you have radios? What range did they have? How about an EPIRB in case you needed to evacuate someone?

    Tourists die in Australia every day. Not because the country is full of things that want to kill you, but because people do dumb, careless shit without knowing how much of a risk they're taking. And they all think the same thing "Oh it won't happen to me." And then it does…

  • Great video! 4WD is not needed, I did all those tracks (except for the Gibb River road) in my trusty vw kombi called MOO! It's not the vehicle, it's the driver! If I ever get another kombi, I would love to go back and do the Gibb River Road and the Canning stock route. I have pictures! haha!

  • What a load of pussy bollocks! where ever you have been in Australia, in your magnificent 4wd's, the locals get there in their ute's without gps! haha!

  • An excellent adventure presented perfectly, well done on both. Pity you missed the really amazing stuff😌. If you had turned to the left at Wyndham, you would have made it to Kullumburu, that place is truly magical.

  • Xthank you very much for this video. I've enjoyed every second. Its my dream to visit Australia by 4×4. Fantastic job mate!!!!

  • This is the best video and narrative that I've seen about Australia the land that I call home. Made by a foreigner who called it as he saw and experienced it. A job well done.

  • Great vid, but what happened to the east coast? Just Sydney?? straight to Tasy?? and the bight? missed that too! You may have traveled 30,000K's but you jumped over most of the east coast, south Oz, Nullarbor…. One of Australia's most often visited "the great ocean road" not even a mention?? I know it's a big place and you cant show everything but wow you missed a big chunk of it!!


    Even my dog watched the video with me and he could not take his eyes off the screen, its a shame he could not understand the commentary as that was truly the best part. Awesome, I'm subscribing and will be watching this video over and over again, thank you for making such a terrific story.

  • Just a small point – the Maheno did NOT come ashore due to a cyclone, it happened in the month of July and so was due to a winter storm – otherwise nice post!

  • tiphaine prouheze says:

    Man, your video took me back years ago when I lived there during 2 years. Didn't have the chance to visit the West Coast and the Kimberleys tho. Next holiday trip ^^

  • Great beaches and swimming until you get chewed by a shark or stung by box jelly fish tentacles or bitten by a sea snake 100s of time more venomous than land snakes, or instead taken by a salt croc. In the bush your are at risk of being bitten by a King Brown snake or deadly spider.

  • Ulrike Krekeler says:

    Finally, a video where the journey across Australia doesn t become a VIP trip up your girlfriend s bikini thong cladded crack. Informative and refreshing, big thumbs up!

  • Amazing video! Great footage and good editing. Loving the white Mitsubishi montero, it’s the car I daily drive till this day

  • Really wanted to enjoy this doco but couldn't stay with it, got pretty disappointed with the number of times a 4 WD was driven needlesly across 'pristine' sand dunes and along remote beaches and bush tracks. There are reasons why tourists to Australia are encouraged to stay on recommended routes ( safety, protection of the environment etc) and the selfish and borderline dangerous explorations in this vid really send the wrong message to other travellers. Stick with the plan guys. Please.

  • Alejandro Fumero Hernandez says:

    GREAT VIDEO!! How did you manage to stay so long (1 year) in Australia? because of the visa… thank you

  • Maurice van Draanen says:

    Thankyou for this beautifull documentairy, brings back many good memories from my trip around Ozz in 1984

  • Vera Priymenko says:

    I can't believe that you don't have millions of subscribers yet!!! It was wonderful!!! And you're so crazy (in a good way)!!! How much time have you spent on that trip? (Sorry maybe I missed that information cuz I'm not an English speaker:))

  • T-shakes Dan Mugisa says:

    Wow that was an exciting and adventure Journey. I hope to do it some day. I am from Africa Uganda and Australia is my dream destination that I would love to visit.

  • manuel rosquete says:

    Outstanding work, simply amazing this should have millions of views 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏

  • Beautiful country! So much wildlife and spectaculer nature! Hope to visit it once and make the same roadtrip as you guys did! Thanks for sharing, great video! Greetz from the Boring western europe (holland)

  • Hope you are keeping to the designated tracks, treating the country and the landscape with respect and not tearing up the bush in those mighty rundown whizz bangers. How about the toilet paper and human excreta the backpacker lot seem to loiter around our bush? Whilst it’s great to visit and enjoy this amazing landscape and country and al it has to offer, put a message in your video somewhere to treat it with respect. Otherwise a great video. 👍

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  • It was an Awesome Trip.. the real deal,, not just a BBC documentary,, Real Travel, Real Life Journey! Enjoyed it so much, From Los Angels, CA Thank You!!

  • This is one of the funniest videos you will ever see. Utterly useless but the very epitome of a "German holiday". Can't pronounce Australian names, uses some bizarre vocabulary, has no idea of genuine 4×4 driving – has probably already caused one or two deaths by luring idiots into the most hostile environment imaginable. Enjoy it…'s priceless!

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