Athletics and Recreation

Athletics and Recreation

Come on! Stop dragging your feet! Any slower and you’ll be moving
backwards! Move it! Move it! Move it! Male voice in background: You’re on! Oh hey! I’m Hilary, and I’m going to share with you some things I wish I knew before I started at Waterloo. Our athletics and recreation programs are spead over two buildings. The Physical Activities Complex, or PAC, is home to the main gym, the pool, studios, weight room, high performance zone, squash courts , golf simulator and the athletics and recreation office. Columbia Icefields or CIF, our other facility, is home to the skating arena, additional gyms, a studio, a fitness centre, and our playing fields. Don’t worry. You’ll find your way around. There are a variety of ways you can get involved with athletics and recreation on campus. For intramural sports, sign-ups for teams and individuals happen the first week of classes. Athletics and recreation has a tonne of options from soccer, badminton, to Quidditch and so much more! After registering, your schedule will automatically appear on your Student Portal. Athletics and recreation has over 30 clubs beyond campus. All the information about the different clubs and when they meet is available on our website. If a club catches your attention, show up to their first or second meeting to find out what they’re all about. Then you can decide if you want to join. For a small fee, you can also take classes in aquatics, first aid, strength and conditioning, plus dance skating and martial arts. You can sign up during the registration period the first week of the term. If you prefer drop-in classes, you’re going to love our fitness shoe tag program. For a small fee, you’ll have access to over 50 fitness and wellness classes every week. When you buy your membership, you get a little tag you can attach your shoe or key chain, hence the word shoe tag. You’ll need to bring this to each class to show your instructor. I star my favourite shoe tag classes in portal, which makes it super easy to see when my favourite instructors are teaching. Let me show you how it’s really done! Throughout the week, the fitness centre as well as our gyms, pool, studios, and other facilities are available for you to use. Visit the athletics and recreation website for fitness centre hours, and open rec times. Or check the crowd reporter widget on your Student Portal to see how busy the facilities are. We have 32 varsity teams that compete against universities across the province and country. If you’re a competitive athlete, tryouts start as early as August. Be sure to contact the coach well before arriving on campus. If you want to watch our athletes in action, you can find game times on the athletics
and recreation website or on portal. Students receive free admission into all home games in the regular season. So now you’re in the know. athletics and
recreation truly has something for Athletics and recreation truly has something for everyone. So visit our website for more information. See you on campus soon! Ahhh, gotta stay hydrated. You know, you can’t spell legendary without leg day. Time to carve it up.

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