Arrow Season 3 Q&A – The Flash Villain and Time Travel

Arrow Season 3 Q&A – The Flash Villain and Time Travel

Hey youtubers it’s Charlie what’s this,
this doesn’t look like it normally does, I’m traveling right now but I still wanted
to do a few videos. this week in my Arrow video I asked you to submit all your Season
3 and Flash questions. I picked 10 to answer in this video with one bonus question. Thanks
for all your bonus video suggestions too. If you’re finding me for the first time I
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for the really big stuff or if you guys have a special one you really want. So feel free
to request a special Q&A for anything. So let’s talk about some villains and Justice
League cameos. Careful for spoilers from season 2 if you haven’t seen it yet. Here we go,
Question 1 – Kimberley asks Since suicide squad will be more prominent on the show are
we to expect the appearance of Harley Quinn?  After her cameo this season Andrew Kriesberg
said that they never had any intention of making her a real character on the show. It
was just meant to be an Easter egg for the hardcore fans. But never say never. Stephen
Amell said this funny thing recently. Someone asked him about Diggle becoming the John Stewart
Green Lantern and he invoked hollywoodntv rules. He joked that in the world of TV, if
it looks good, it has a much better chance of happening. I think that Cassidy Alexa looked really good,
so there’s a good chance we could see her again. But I don’t think it will be a big
huge role like the other Suicide Squad members. Question 2 – Aramil Whisperwind asks how will
the timeline’s work with Oliver and Barry going on each other’s shows without missing
their own episodes? So you’re asking how can Oliver be in Central
City doing Flash stuff at the same time he’s supposed to be on screen in Starling. What
they’d probably do in a situation like that is write around the problem. So events are
separated by days. Like Oliver goes to Central City on a Tuesday but is back in the New Arrowcave
by Wednesday. And right now we have no idea what the crossovers
are going to look like except for what we saw in the trailer. And that was Barry visiting
Oliver in The first episode of the Flash. Because both shows are premiering the same
week. Arrow episode 1 will probably just pick up that next day unless Grant Gustin comes
on Arrow. Which is totally possible. It sounds confusing but it’s really not. Whenever
episodes start again I’ll try to address the timelines of both shows throughout the season. Question 3 – Sventu asks which other Justice
League members do you think we’ll see next season? I do think they’ll do at least one new cameo
from a comic book character we haven’t seen yet. Not including the new villain. Probably
a b or c level person like a Justice Society or someone inside the young justice universe. There have been a lot of rumors that a live
action young justice show could happen in the next couple of years. Not soon, but anyone
they bring on will probably be a character that they can use on another show. Question 4 – Shovel and Pick asks What role,
if any, do you think the Huntress will play in season three? I thinkmOliver and Amanda Waller will get
her out of prison to help out on a case. Andrew Kriesberg already said that they’re continuing
to develop the Birds of Prey dynamic on the show. So think of Huntress coming back in
an episode that feels like a sequel to Birds of Prey this season, only with Huntress helping
Oliver, Laurel and possibly Sarah if she gets another cameo. It’s possible that in the next
Birds of Prey episode Laurel could just occupy Sarah’s spot on the team. Even if she’s not
Black Canary yet. It would be like Huntress, Laurel and Felicity
teaming up. But anyone who hasn’t gotten their head chopped off is fair game for them to
bring back. Not just Huntress. Question 5 – Gerry Do you think they’d ever
jump forward in time between seasons in the future. Like fast forward. No, just talking about story devices, I think
Arrow has made flashbacks their thing for better or worse. If we do see Flash Forwards,
I think it will be via The Flash. Since Zoom is a character that moves around in time a
lot. Plus Goeff Johns is writing on the show. Remember how he wrote the Legion episode of
Smallville? They could always do something similar on
the Flash. Where Barry Allen interacts with the Legion of Superheroes. I wouldn’t expect
something like that in season 1 though. Question 6 – Dontforget asks Can you do a
video saying what you think the writers could do to make season 3 better than season 2?
 Ooh, that’s gonna be tough. Right now they
have a few advantages that I think will help. Team Arrow is at a low point. Even though
they defeated Slade, the collateral damage was off the charts. So they have to go into
rebuilding mode. Oliver has to get his company back, rebuild his fortune so they can buy
more cool toys. They have to build out the new Arrowcave,
they have to integrate A newly super powered Barry Allen into the team. I am counting Barry
as a member of Team Arrow this year, even if he isn’t around all the time. He is officially
part of the ever growing family. So what a lot of professional sports teams
do in rebuilding years is focus on fundamentals. So I think we’ll see Oliver doing another
Rocky style training montage as he slowly builds a stronger platform for the Team. Metaphorically
speaking. The series takes a lot of it’s story cues
from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knoght Trilogy, but I don’t think we’re going to see a Dark
Knight Rises batman arc for him. That would be a story they’d do if they ever ended the
series. Question 7 – Ricardo asks do you think Solomon
Grundy could be the villain for season 3? We could totally see Grundy again. We don’t
really know what happened to him after last season. He’s just kind of floating around
somewhere. I don’t think he’ll be the main villain. Question 8 – Supergamelord asks What if they
build a smallville Clark/Lex relationship between Barry/Eddie? I definitely think they’re going to have a
‘ship of sorts. But I think Thawne is going to already know Barry is The Flash. There’s
a couple things going on with the character. I think they basically combined Eobard Thawne
and Hunter Zolomon. Eobard came from the future and Zolomon worked with Barry at the police
station. The only reason Eddie would have for killing
Barry’s mother is because he knew Barry would become the Flash someday. Which means he had
to come from the future. So the Clark/Lex frenemies dynamic will be very different.
But they’ll be working in the same building, so I actually think it will be more interesting. It will probably take Barry all season to
learn Eddie is Zoom but Eddie will known what’s going on from the start. I’m mostly interested in home they weave the
time travel aspects into the story. Or maybe they’ll just side step it and change the comic
book version of what happened. Question 9 – Navish asks Do you think that
Slade will be back. Definitely, I think if he does come back it
will be Oliver visiting him in prison to get information about the new villain. Like Clarice
Starling visiting Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. In fact, if someone wants to draw Slade as
Hannibal Lecter, I’ll put it in my Arrow video next week. Just message me with the link or
post it in the comments. Question 10 – Party Freak asks What about
Sin? I hope we get to see another Bex cameo. Sarah
never told her about the League of Assassins or the Mirakuru. So as far as we know she’s
still hanging around the glades. I’d really like to see her get some more team ups with
Roy. That was one of my favorite episodes this season. And one last Bonus Question – Mahleks asks
what about Richard Dragon from the comics being the villain. They’ve been using him
a lot lately? Good suggestion, in the New 52 Comics, Dragon
leads the Longbow Hunters. Which were also big classic Green Arrow villains. There was
even a really awesome trade paperback called Longbow Hunters. I suggested it as a possible
storyline for the show to adapt in one of my other season 3 predictions videos. I think they’ll stick within the Green Arrow
Justice League universe, no matter who they pick for the new villain. So thank you so much everyone for submitting
questions. And thank you for your patience this weekend. I’m traveling so I’m probably
only going to be able to do one video a day. Be sure to go see Days of Future Past this
weekend. I’m posting my review tomorrow. Right Now Click here for that. I’ll add
the annotation as soon as I post it. And click here for my top 10 arrow season 3 teasers. Thanks for watching, see you guys tomorrow.
High fives!

15 thoughts on “Arrow Season 3 Q&A – The Flash Villain and Time Travel”

  • donna pavlovic says:

    Anatoli Knyazev = KGBeast… have or can you shed some light and/or teasers about his potential return? Going crazy!

  • Ask Killer Frost has been confirmed for Flash, do you think they'll make some connection between her and Captain Cold (his guns being an attempt to copy her powers or something)?
    You you think Brick or Cheshire are likely to appear in Arrow?

  • They could have red rood as main villain for season three for season 4they could have shade Make a version of the long bow hunters with Solomon Grundy dark archer and shrapnel brake Ollie then he could go renegade and suicide squad could hunt him down then he could go in to exile and try to earn his rep back and then could have a final fight with slade

  • After watching the pilot of flash would you still say eddie thawne is reverse flash ?? Alot of people seem to think that harrison wells is now zoom ?? Hmmmm

  • Two things for Q & A do you think kid flash will appear in the flash series and in arrow do you think Artemis will appear in arrow

  • But not as a fan not trying not to be anti fan. I do really want to see Grant gustin as Barry Allen as the flash on the cw. I totally really want to be first Barry love interest, girlfriend, be his wife too, and a wife his wife me

  • Will Sade fight Merlyn . So if they did fight who would win. I think Merlyn would win because he has more training and in season 1 Merlyn almost killed green arrow but Slade didn't ever git close to kill him. And also Slade was trained by the army and Merlyn was trained by ninjas so ninjas have more training and skills. So I think Merlyn would win

  • upon rewatching the pilot of Flash… i noticed something at the end of the episode….


    the doctor went into a "futuristic" hidden room… put his hand on a device, and a hologram from 2024 came up stating the Flash was missing
    and Wayne Tech and Queen merger completed.

    who is this doctor? how does he know/have all of this stuff?
    he a time traveler?

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