ARRIVING In Hong Kong – Worth It ? (VERY TINY Apartment, Bus To Hong Kong City) ๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

ARRIVING In Hong Kong – Worth It ? (VERY TINY Apartment, Bus To Hong Kong City) ๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

it’s okay it’s amazing wake up okay this my lounge okay got it it’s going off again isn’t it to the
department or an innate need for autonomy to show the possible uses anyway first impression we have to take
a trend to go to immigration why there’s a little seat right here to me you wanna
sit right here and right here so we just got our luggage and got off
the plane immigration was super quick and easy but now we have to get some
money so we’ve planned an ATM and we have to get a SIM card I’ve heard and
reviewed that I’ve heard and I’ve read online that you can actually get a SIM
card for under $10 here in the airport so that’s where we’re gonna try and
that’s what we’re gonna try and do like a financial island financial island
they actually have American banks so it’s very unlikely that my card is gonna
get denied like everywhere else in Asia so you’re very very much set like if you
have City Bank of America there they’re all got Bank of America – yeah how do
you know cuz they sponsor to sign as we were walking out of the airport oh okay so it’s what 68 68 Hong Kong dollars
three gigs of data for five days and it’s 68 Hong Kong dollars which is eight
dollars and 67 sighs it’s really really affordable I mean that’s like not too
affordable because you’re only 500 and next
we’re gonna have to take a trend actually there are two way of
transportation that you can go you can go by bus or you can go by train train
would be faster to me and I with us waking up and for EM I think we just
want to derive our accommodation as fast as possible so we’re gonna try the
Express train so big signs all over the airport Hong Kong
and say do not accept an illegal transport services so somebody comes up
to you asking you if you want to transportation like a taxi or something
literally tells you do not accept thank you
it’s that Wi-Fi here bit yes so got you guys up
wait because we just started using priority pass we had no idea that you
could actually use it on arrival I thought it was only a departure yeah
cause like let’s stop it stop it yeah well it’s good to ask because we can use
it and I was really hungry so now this holds me over until we take
the train into the city and get some real food but they have a phenomenal
food here at the premium lounge back to the same way baby okay how much are they – they get to
Cheney first step Express $600 100 100 and I’m going to ebuy somebody to get
each person around and all the rest somebody again alright so the airport is
expensive with this the rest is cheap all the pirate the bug that the bus is
cheaper stands there how long would it take us to get there by someone that’s
as well just to get one stop on the airport metro okay let’s just do it
can I ask about octopus cart where we can buy this it’s refillable right 15 possible is it
like we can take Mars and bus furry everything got it and how can we get a different result
anytime session okay thank you oh yeah please thank you that’s actually
really good who’s your octopus card I need my
octopus why didn’t any octopus okay thank you good car card on the bus at first I thought this is the bay
literally yes I can see the wheel we’re gonna
tightness is we’re on double-decker bus this is why bus driver must be really
good because this is really tight roads and the bridges are only like this much
higher than the actual bus double-decker buses like that drive you’re on the city
it’s pretty well I think you tried to lay save off the space right and that’s
why everyone has to be narrow so from what I’ve read in research actually 80%
of the island in Hong Kong is undeveloped like straight woods and
forests the government won’t allow them to actually develop that land so that’s
why Hong Kong has like the most expensive real estate if they just sold
a 1-1 square law for like 18 billion dollars or something like that because
they build up it’s like super should be a five-year I talk to me do me this is
not what I expect from Hong Kong I thought it’s gonna be like skyscrappers
City but it’s really dense this bus Wi-Fi you are now successfully connected
enjoy up to 30 minutes recruiting can you have to put in a phone number a
phone number no you know that’s so awesome the past costs way less and is
direct to marklar putting all the total travel tops a way faster cheaper they
ring don’t need to transfer or anything so it’s faster than my house Wi-Fi whoa we can literally come on the pass and I
thought the video Hong Kong or the bus connects Hong Kong and Taiwan is pretty
much the same in terms of the speed of the Wi-Fi okay why they have Mickey
Mouse Mickey Mouse Hong Kong is so green ccccc how can we so clean you guys okay
can you believe that we are in Hong Kong right now so green like under right hand
side of me is the mountain and the be I know really please tell me like what
that is is it like is it like straight pollution because I could barely see the
buildings accommodating but it’s only on that side
but okay because we’re close on this side it’s like so crystal clear huge but
that’s is more like industrialization soldier in my opinion that you see crane you see that I usually come on my leg see like every business
now it made me feel I am in Hong Kong very very deadly some every investor
eyes season very hard it’s very high all high-rise do this fascinating nah
nothing like among all the sky Scrabble and high-rise the stylish to have this
tree guys so where we stay where we are
heading to is our Airbnb and we decide to stay in Kowloon now the first
milestone when I’m in Cabo inside okay yeah so the Altos I will decide to send
Carlo inside and that’s I is going for most of the founding Shepherd you can
feel it more authentic and that is what we’ve heard that is what I heard from
one could have traded trip with us in South Korea for the food tour she is
from Hong Kong and she was like you guys pick the right side that is the sign of
Aging yeah and uh I’ll be done Naoki we don’t have
a case after you find that a drawer on the left hand side I put room 2 it’s that AC okay this is this wasn’t
the apartment we actually actually paid for but there wasn’t many within our
budget for Hong Kong so we had to choose between the place that we actually
booked and another place which was like two hundred dollars more
well when we booked the place and was talking to the owner she said she
accidentally overbooked she said so stay I can give you a place to stay at one of
my friends places for two nights or one night and then you can come to my flat
so that’s what we’re going to do we’re only staying here for like one night one
night or two one night of two nights and then going to her place on the second today’s thirtieth okay $60 a night in
Hong Kong – yeah whoa it’s more like toilet but there’s a
shower up top so you can shower at the same time no look at the shower
that is basic level courses guys welcome to my dream for the first time that we
have separate bed I said you got the space under your bed so you can put your
luggage under that so then you can have more space standing again against the
main door and then in front of me is my lucky boxers yeah what I’m trying to do
because I have a bunch of back like this that’s emitting a bit useless so I try
to stop my clothes out so then I know within two days that I have to stay here
what I would like to wear I’m trying to kind of like what is that what is it
calling with select organize yeah organize and see like what I would like
to have within two days and then I gonna take the clothes for
two days of my luggage after that I will put my luggage under the bed because
there is the empty space under the bed then it’s kind of like make some space
in her room after settling in and dropping off our luggage at our
apartment we decided to go out to spend the night exploring eating different
foods going to a couple different locations that we have written down that
we really want to see so because my sandals just broke while we’re in Korea
I needed to get a new pair cuz we’re throwing somewhere tropical next

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    Near 31 Lugard Rd, The Peak, Hong Kong

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    HK is not dangerous if you avoid few street blocks where protest happens, also stay away from HK police

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  • Hong Kong was a safe city that attracted a lot of tourists who went to Asia in the past. In consideration of the ongoing protests, I do not recommend travelling to Hong Kong at present. Instead, travellers may go to mainland China.

  • Hong Kong was a safe city that attracted a lot of tourists who went to Asia in the past. In consideration of the ongoing protests, I do not recommend travelling to Hong Kong at present. Instead, travellers may go to mainland China.

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