ANIMATED TRAVEL  MAP route generator for After Effects – Review + Demo

ANIMATED TRAVEL MAP route generator for After Effects – Review + Demo

This video is brought to you
by Meze 99 Classics. [Ambient music] Hello creative filmmakers, thanks
for watching Orange 83. A few weeks ago I released
a travel vlog video… …on my channel about
my trip to Iceland. Iceland is an incredible place and one of the best travel
experiences that I had so far. I will add some links to this video if you
would like to see more about my trip to Iceland. Today’s video will not be a travel
video but it will be related… …to the animated travel map
that I used inside my travel vlog. I received a lot of questions
about this animation, so I thought I make
a dedicated video on it. I made the animated maps
with the Map Route Generator which can be bought
on At this moment this versatile
map generator is priced at $36. In this video I’ll show you
what you get for $36 and I will also give you my
honest review and opinion. I will also briefly show you how
to use it inside After Effects. And, just to be clear, this
is not a paid promotion, I haven’t received anything
from the creators and I actually bought this map generator
myself to use for my travel video. However, if you want
to support me, then please use the envato product
link in the video description. I will receive a small commission
if you use it to buy the product. Now, let’s take a look at this Map Route
Generator and see what you get for $36. This Map Route Generator is a
template-based After Effects project controlled by an included script. This all might sound very
complex, but it isn’t. I’ll show you later on in this
video, inside After Effects. But first let’s get back
to the main features. This project template has a 4k
resolution and it’s compatible… …with all versions of After
Effects, starting from CS5 all the way up to
the newest version. You can easily create an unlimited
number of points on your map. And then create an animated line between
the points with the Map Route Generator. This pack also includes
animated name tags. You can choose from info tabs,
image tabs and call-outs. You can also pick one of the 10 Pin presets
and also choose from different trackers, and all these pins, trackers and tabs
can be customized in color as well. You can find all the details,
upgrades and other features on the product page of Envato. And now it’s time to move
over to After Effects, where I’ll show you how
this is all done. This won’t be a step by step
in-depth tutorial, I just want to show you how easy
it is to use this inside After Effects. There’s a good usage instruction
video included in the download, so, it would be a waste of time
to create another one in this video. I’m going to go through this
in a fast pace. It’s just meant to show you how easy
it is to create a map animation inside After Effects with this
Map Route Generator. When you open the project inside After
Effects, you will first see this message inside the “YOUR MAP HERE” composition. You can import your own high
resolution map image here, I will use this one
for the demo. After Effects will now import
the map image, and as you can see, it is bigger than the
composition size, so we need to scale it down. Something like this
is good enough. And we also need to turn
this layer into a 3D layer. Now we can move over to the next
composition, the Map Animation. And we also need to enable the
Map Route Generator script now. Assuming you have followed
the steps in the instruction video, you can find it here in the File
menu and then go to Scripts. This will open up this Map
Route Generator panel. We will put it here for now. And then we’re going to create
a few locations on the map by clicking this Add Locator button. You can now simply change the position
of the locator to any point on the map. For this demo we’ll use
three random points in total. Now we’ve got three points on the map,
it’s time to connect them together. The Map Route Generator created three
location layers here on the timeline. The top layer is the starting point and
the bottom layer will be the end point. And to create a line between the points,
we need to select all the layers and then select “Create Path”
in the Map Route Generator. We can also add a curve to the line by
changing the position of this blue dot here. You can change the curvature
as much as you like, but it’s not an option to add
extra points to the line. And, once you’re happy
with the line, you can click on Confirm
to create the map animation. Let’s do a quick playback
to see the results so far. [Music] At this moment the airplane is flying
directly over the second locate point. You could add a stop to
this point if you like, you can do this here
by enabling this option. And now the total duration
of the animation is 9 seconds. And now if we do a playback
you’ll see that the plane also slowly stops at
the second point. For camera movements
we’ve got three options. At the left of the screen you can
see an example of each option. The first one is the Follow Path option, the
second one is the Rotate Around Tracker, and the third one is the
Free Camera option. Next I’ll show you a couple more options
from the Map Route Generator. For example, you can change the airplane
or the tracker into another shape. You can pick this arrow
shape, for example. I’ll switch back to the
airplane for this demo. Next we’ll take a look
at the Path options. You can change the color if you like, click
here and then pick any color you prefer. It’s also an option to change
the solid line into a dotted line, and you can also change
the thickness. Another option is to change
the distance of the shadow. Another thing to change is the
appearance of the locator, the default is this blue crosshair, but you
can change this into a few other pins. First you’ll need to select
a locator on the timeline and then you can change this into one
of the pins inside this drop down menu. As you can see, we now
only see a shadow, so that means we need to change
the properties of the orientation. If I increase this value you can see the
rotation of the pin and it becomes visible. And in the final part I’ll show
you how to add info tabs. In this demo we’re going
to use the Single Text line. You can expand the folder and then
open up one of the title templates, double-click on the text and then
change it to anything you like. And once you’re done typing, then
open up the Map Animation composition and then drag this one
over to the timeline. Then select that layer and also
the pin you would like to connect it to. And then all there’s left
is to click this button, which says “Connect info
tab with selected pin” and that does exactly
what it sounds like. We will also move the layer a bit forward
in time to make it pop up at the right moment. And then this is the result
of what we’ve just created. [Music level increases] As you all might have already guessed,
I’m quite positive about this product. This Map Route Generator
enables you to create a professional-looking map
animation in a few minutes. It is not very cheap, but if you
use it on a regular base, then the price can
also be justified. I also realize that $36 is a lot
of money for a lot of people. For these viewers I would recommend
to watch my free tutorial on map animations
inside Premiere Pro. You can find the link to this
tutorial in the video description. So, I’m going to end this review
with a solid recommend for this Map Route Generator
on And, since we’re talking about
solid recommendations, huge thanks to Meze Audio
for making this video possible! You definitely need to check out
their 99 Classic headphones. They look amazing with ear cups
made of walnut wood, and I can safely confirm that they
sound as good as they look. So, go check them out, the product links
can be found in the video description. So, that’s it for this one. Let me know in the comments below what
you think about the Map Route Generator. For now I say thank you
for watching and see you next time
on Orange 83. [Music]

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