Andrew Sykes: “We Are Our Habits: How to Become a Magnetic Human Being” | Talks at Google

Andrew Sykes: “We Are Our Habits: How to Become a Magnetic Human Being” | Talks at Google

19 thoughts on “Andrew Sykes: “We Are Our Habits: How to Become a Magnetic Human Being” | Talks at Google”

  • Art Konstantino says:

    Madiba! The Master Listener. It is call the Relationship Driven habit of building customer and sales loyalty. I have asked several questions directed to the Google staff and never received any answers. That is very sad, but, I am still a Google paying customer.

  • The Mama of the Polgars is a Hungarian too, from a Hungarian territory that had been attached to the Soviet Union/Ukraine After WWll.

  • I enjoyed this talk immensely, it was inspiring while being fun to listen to. I think "moose" deserves all the credit for your success.

  • Hey Little Brother, this is a great talk and really makes a person think about how habits can become changes in ones life . Excellently delivered with enough mix of funny antidotes and serious information. I am going to have all my sales staff watch the video and try the listening side, I for one have realized how bad I am at listening as I will be monitoring mails while people are talking to me. Thanks for the great talk.

  • "We learn to tolerate our bad habits by telling ourselves better stories" Great talk! Makes me assess what stories I've been telling myself about how I've been developing skills and habits.

  • Extraordinary Work, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you can try 🙂

  • Naveen Khajanchi says:

    Loved this whole piece which I actually listened to . Sharing

  • This talk is so important. One of my favorites of all time. The section I will never forget is about giving/receiving feedback: focus on strengths, build confidence + competence. Great job, Andrew! 👏👏👏

  • I'm so proud of you and so impressed and LOVE LOVE LOVE this talk. It's touching, heartfelt and so inspiring. One of your best yet! xox

  • Jonathan Dawkins says:

    Thanks so much Andrew, loved the stories and I believe incredibly powerful advice to make huge changes in our lives – professionally and at home. Great question Amir

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