Ancient Temple of Time Travel Found in India?

Ancient Temple of Time Travel Found in India?

Hey guys, today we are going to look at this
temple called Panchavarnaswamy temple and from the outside it looks just like an ordinary
temple built in the last century, but it is actually at least 2000 years old. What is
really fascinating to me is the design of this temple. It is designed in a way that
normal visitors see normal carvings and if you are a serious researcher, there are carvings
which are baffling, and they are all carved in the dark corners of the temple. Today,
even though the temple has electric lights, the strangest carvings still lurk in deep,
dark areas and these carvings have no explanation until now.
Let us take a look at this carving. It has a figure which has the head of an elephant
standing upright. You may think this is the popular Hindu God Ganesha but it is not, because
this is a female figure and Ganesha is a male god. And what is even more interesting is
that it has wings like an eagle, you can even see the feathers. Now, look at the legs, these
are long, slender cylindrical feet which defy any explanation. What could this possibly
be? Even Today, scientists have not been able to create such a species through genetic engineering,
we do not have enough technology to do this as of today. But 100 years from now, we could
easily create a species like an elephant with wings. Believe it or not, scientists are said
to be secretly working even to create human beings with wings. It is estimated that this
will be achieved in less than 200 years from now. And this is exactly what we see here
in this carving. At first look I thought it was just a regular mother playing with a baby,
but upon looking carefully. I realized that she has wings, ready to fly. While these carvings seem to show developments
in the future, here is a carving which shows something from a distant past. This animal
you see here is a type of Saber-toothed Cat, sometimes even known as Saber toothed Tiger.
This particular species is called Thylacosmilus. The Thylacosmilus looks like a modern day
lion or tiger, but the main difference is its exceptionally long upper canine teeth.
This carving undoubtedly shows this particular species with protruding fang like teeth and
a long tail. If you compare this carving with the modern day recreation of this animal using
fossil evidence, we can see that they are almost identical. However, here is the problem:
all experts agree that this species become extinct 2.5 million years ago. And historians
and archeologists tell us that his temple was built about 2000 years ago. In order for
sculptors to carve such an animal, they must have seen the Thylacosmilus. So how did sculptors
accurately carve this animal 2000 years ago, even though the species became extinct 2.5
million years ago? Think about this: How can a temple contain
both futuristic carvings and carvings from a distant past? The only way someone could
record something from both future and past accurately, is by doing time travel. Were
ancient builders in India capable of Time Travel? Is there more evidence of Time Travel
in Hinduism? What is remarkable is that the ancient text
called Bhagavata Purana not only describes Time Travel, but also the concept of Time
Dilation accurately, even though we think that Albert Einstein was the first person
to clearly understand this. According to the text, a king and his daughter make an interstellar
journey to see Lord Brahma who lives in a different planet. They had to wait for a short
while before meeting Lord Brahma, and when the King talks about the issues he is currently
facing on earth, Lord Brahma begins to laugh loudly and explains that that time runs differently
on different planes of existence. Lord Brahma explained that during the seemingly short
time the King and his daughter experienced through the interstellar visit, more than
one hundred and sixteen million years had passed on earth. So, he tells them when you
go back, all your friends on earth, enemies and their sons and all their descendants would
have died long time ago, no one even knows about their names anymore. Of course, until
1900s people regarded this story as a baseless fantasy with no logic and then Einstein comes
along and explains Time Travel and Time Dilation and now even scientists agree that yes, this
is a pretty accurate description of Time Travel and Dilation.
But what really amazes me is that this temple even has a carving of Brahma in his planet.
And it looks completely exotic, it doesn’t resemble the earth. Brahma looks humanoid
but he has this strange, long beard and his dreadlock like hairdo is coming down to his
waist. The Tree shown in this planet does n’t look like a regular tree, this actually
looks more like a brain, and the trunk resembles the brain stem – this somehow seems to signify
the consciousness or spirituality and what is this tree connected to? A mysterious lingam,
often explained as a source of unlimited power. Perhaps Brahma is tapping into this bigger
power source and taking some power in his own portable device. He holds a mysterious
hand bag and note that this ancient hand bag does not touch the ground. We see this depiction
again and again not only in ancient Indian temples, but in civilizations around the world.
The Gods and saints of all ancient civilizations carry a mysterious bag which never touches
the ground – a standard procedure we use for all batteries today. Was this bag some kind
of a power source? Now, why did ancient builders design this
temple in such a way that all these strange carvings are located in dark areas where normal
visitors do not see them? The more I look, the stranger the carvings get. Remember I
showed you the carving of a bicycle? This carving is also from the same temple. To normal
visitors, these carvings are not visible at all, but were they left as clues to be seen
by researchers like me? Were ancient builders capable of time travel, is this why we see
carvings of the distant past and future? How else could they carve genetically engineered
hybrids as well as extinct animals? Perhaps the key to all these questions can
be found on the ceiling of this temple. Usually the ceilings of temples contain complex cymatic
patterns, but when I look at the ceiling of this temple, there is something out of the
ordinary, there is not much light in this area.. but do you see what it is? Does it
have the answer to this important question: Were ancient builders capable of Time Travel
and Interstellar Travel? I hope you liked this video, I am Praveen
Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and also click on the bell button
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  • Wilmer Amador Aguilar says:

    My believe in human intelligence and evolution substancially decreases everytime I listen to your "arguments" in support of absurd fantasies

  • JJ Veliyannukaran says:

    clues left behind to be noticed by researchers like me the height of being boastful….although good observation

  • उत्पति स्तिति लय पूरा विश्व का नियम है। ये एक उन्नत सभ्यता थी। जो । महाभारत काल। मैं आप के चरम पर थी । और इसके अंत मे इसका लय क्रमवार होता गया। इस्लामी आक्रमण ने नालंदा विश्वविद्यालय जलाकर उस रास्ते को बंद किया जिससे इन प्राचीन काल का पता चलता

  • You make great videos.
    I wish I could be there, with you.
    This topic exights me, so much.
    Your on to something huge…
    If you keep going, YOU will find the answer to all of your questions.

    If you really want to know the answers and much more.
    How bad do you, want it.




    Let the others seek and find it on the own.
    It's not fair, to change their destinies for them.


  • sandeep verma says:

    I think these Gods carry wooden KAMANDAL .it is basically a bottle gourd fruit dried to carry holly water to give boon or curse. This dried fruit is also used by snake charmers to make BEEN a mystic flute (Lagenaria siceraria)

  • Sathyam Shivam says:

    Adolf Seilachar & P.K. Bose, scientists
    "One Billion-Year-Old fossil prove life began in India: AFP Washington reports in Science Magazine that German Scientist Adolf Seilachar and Indian Scientist P.K. Bose have unearthed fossil in Churhat a town in Madhya Pradesh, India which is 1.1 billion years old and has rolled back the evolutionary clock by more than 500 million years."

  • No need of virtual experience imagination is enough to build such artistic sculptures – making people fools talking all the shit about time travel and all – don't misinterpret and make people fools – enjoy the he arts and have a nice day

  • Ancient India is mysteriously intriguing in it's own right. Would love to check out India's Awesome temples, if I have the means… Lots of love form the Philippines!

  • If ancient builders travelled in time and saw our modern day buildings, they will laugh at it as our buildings are neither strong nor aesthetic like the ancient temples.

  • "They" were obviously more advanced than we are today. "They" could have had smarter Paleontologist in ancient history as well. We have artist today that carve, or create sculptures of Sabertooth Tigers today. However, scientist like David Luis Anderson have time control technology right now. India is way more advanced in this realm th the US government. So if a Society that is way more advanced than we are today. Ancient people would have had to have way better time control abilities then we do.

  • What an excellent presentation….bravo…..praveen sir I am big big big fan of yours….if u don't mind what's ur qualification….have u done ne degree in archaeology??? I hope I will meet u one day…..HUGE RESPECT FOR THE WORK, RESEARCH N FOR THE CLEAN AND INTERESTING VEDIO….

  • The west imbibed our spiritual texts but never acknowledged it!!! To this day Christianity is appropriating Hindu traditional!

  • Prafful Bansal says:

    They all are scientist,researchers and philosophers
    To keep all data stay for future they sew such things into worshipping of God where researchers will research in next civilization to adapt them and make their life useful
    From the last 400 years , all the scientist research on Hindu Veda , upnisads, samhita,Gita,puranas to translate them into their language and reinvent them and patent it as like they invented them, that no one can will.

  • now now same mistake every make ancesters are not dummy so we got same dinnos on museums did we time travel ? we are lossing the brains as time pass tv radio internet we are pupets day after day humans are more dummys ancient people was smart coz ther lives was in nature urs and mine its on front a tv pc etc we learn nothing we are slaves of the system

  • Gristle Von Raben says:

    odd. 116,000,000 years is an odd arbitrary number. Some scientists believe that gravity is 2 billion times faster than light. If so, and subspace exists, as stated in my theories, then subspace is 2 billion times smaller than regular space, if gravity moves at the speed of light in subspace. Maybe, time, if they are correct, is also a dimensional aspect of space, since space can be big or small, maybe time can be big or small, fast or slow, or maybe, they got it wrong. Idk. Time travel, the kind in movies, requires a special kind of domain. You see, if it takes you 10 minutes to go somewhere, but it's allowed 100 years to pass on Earth , you haven't gone into the future, until you go back to home, where the round trip has taken you 20 minutes, but 200 years have passed. You didn't travel into the future, you traveled away from somewhere, and experienced time dilation. Time travel is the ability to go anywhere in a time line, and a time line is a fixed object, like old movie film, where you can rewind or move forward a roll of film, and pick a spot to start playing. See, a timeline has to be somewhat fixed in space and time. And a fixed timeline, in a non-holographic universe, would require a dimension to hold it where time is held in a kind of vault, protected from outside influences. This means there would be two kinds of time, an outer unfixed time dimension, and an inner, fixed time dimension. Now, as long as the outer protects the inner, you can have an always forward moving timeline, to where you can go back, but you can't go forward on a linear timeline until it is created, unless, it has already been created, and we are in its past. But, I suspect such organic energy consumption would necessitate a less than organic universe, especially, if there are multiple universes, or multiple timelines. Right? But you know what is more important than all this technology and science? Having love to live for. What is life, if its just an object? What is life if its just dna becoming aetheral and non-substantial? What is life without a hug, or a kiss, or non-evil sex? What is the purpose if we come from dust and just end up turning back into dust because of boredom or lack of reason to life that is fulfilling? Love isn't always the answer, but it is often the answer to why we should keep on living. If we lose that love, we become dust again.

  • arjun mohan appu says:

    in India ,there are 2000 more rock cut Monolithic structure and 200000 temples situated in different places.

  • That By cycle is absolutely same as we ride today…. If that was also carved thousand years ago…… Then that is an observation definitely from time table….. It is one of the prominent proof in this video…..

  • Parijat Gangrade says:

    Please mention d address of place in details ( state , district city village )
    it is beneficial to ur viewers subscribers n others

  • Cant really see much there. Ceilings dark.

    Neway, Really not tryna discount wat ur sayn but i hav one question coz im also tryna make sense of sum stuff… How do you know that the one picking leaves off the tree is supposed to be Brahma, is there anything that lead u to believe that???

  • Hi
    Very much impressed with your work.. don't know what you are trying to find & explaining about different different temples and historical places…but worried
    Bcz already left ruined by many outside invadors in past…if any treasure found now, don't know how to tackle bcz now threat is not from outside…we Indians forget prime problems and switch to other stupid things
    Best example IPL

  • Aparajitha Sarathy says:

    The carving that you showed as Brahma is not actually Brahma . It is some Rishi worshipping lord Shiva. Brahma lives in satyalokham which has a different description. Kindly check properly

  • K D M chanel s m says:

    ధన్యవాదాలు స్వామి… హిందువు తక్కువేమీ కాదు అని నిరూపిస్తున్నారు… హేతువాదులు కళ్ళుతెరవాలి

  • శ్రీ కృష్ణదేవరాయ తెలుగు అకాడమీ says:

    Try to speak natural.. Bro..
    It's really disgusting

  • The bag at 8:10 looks exactly like the ones Graham Hancock was talking about,the one in Gobekle Tepe at the pillar 43 and the one at the La Venta site of Olmec civilization.

  • brahma holidng a tri foliate leaf and touching the tree with the middle finger has some hidden significance. Vilva leaves are usually offered to the shiva lingam which are also trifoliate.

  • You have a video, in a temple, where you show a stone sculpture identical to the rock engraving under the tree, same shape and position. you should do a comparative analysis of the engraving and the object carved in stone

  • Remote Viewers (Clairvoyants) travel in time with the electromagnetic part of themselves. These temples are very old but the claimed extinction dates are ridiculous. the Earth axis shift created tsunami waves that account for deeper layers of earth covering. This could be figured out by children. Until around 50,000 years ago there existed a very different earth filled with large now extinct animals, giant humanoids, large plants and insects. Oxygen levels were much higher and lifeforms were larger. But our basic DNA is the same.

  • 1:30 is not a physical animal, not an animal at all. 2:26 neither a physical being. You are reading these all wrong. Go back to symbolism and study energy, waves, etc. None of these are physical animals.

  • This is not handbag… This is a kamandala ( a holly pot) that always hold by sants ( hrishi or muni). That extraordinary tree is well-known indian tree bel-Patra tree. If you want to correct Any information of you please contact me.

  • Russian divers had countered some other worldly being under water in a lake and they had same type of legs. When they tried to capture one of them those divers was involved was shoot out of the deep in a second. Some of them died because the instant decompression. Was on the Discovery or one of those channels.

  • Sanjay Venugopal says:

    It’s a metaphor, lower body is of a bird + wings , the boobs are feminine energy (Shakti), the elephant (intellect) head. The pic is just saying that a yogi used his intellect to control his kundalini Shakti, transferring his awareness into the ventricular system in the brain (wings). Everything in any temple is explained through meditation, I suggest you give it a go.

  • a lot of times,,,,artist will make items/statues of things that do not exist, HAs anyone EVER seen an angel? what about GOD? or the DEVIL??? I " an others" have seen pictures of a horse man…. it's NOT that unusual

  • INFINITISH Bhati says:

    i was ancient alient watcher and im also a dangerous seeker,khojkarta use to run my mind in everything untill my seeking ends on that rock painting, the tree looks like brain connected to linga and with brahma standed there, its like linga means eternal source that eternal source connected to a tree which then may be also eternal and there is an old man whom if we call none other then parabrahman,
    make that old man on the place of linga and connect a tether with old mans navel to the tree there u have eternal source now the tree and old man is infinite and make that brain of tree to old mans brain, brain or mind! can it be like that? my seeking ended on this! if ill get older much much older and dont shave my beared and hairs and dont cut my nails, may be ill look like that old man or my father will look like that old man! i have a photo of that old man here, no one has a original photo of GOD! i have.
    dont u be happy or surprised to see you or yourself sitting somewhere else in this universe! im joking. seeking ended!

  • The story goes as follows
    The king wanted a suitable groom for his Daughter Rewati and so he goes to Brahmalok (Brahma's dimension) to seek Lord Brahma's advice as he could not find any suitable person to marry his daughter. When they reach Lord Brahma's place. They had to wait as Lord Brahma was watching a dance. They waited for few minutes and when they met him and described their situation Lord Brahma laughed loudly and said that by the time u waited to meet me already 27 Chaturyugas have passed. 1Chaturyuga= 1000 yugas and 1 yuga consist of Satyug, Tretayug, Dwapuryug and Kaliyug (present)
    So Then Lord Brahma advised the king to marry her daughter to Lord Balrama (Dwapuryug) which was 28th Chaturyuga. Both of them took his blessings and left.
    When they arrived at that time they noticed the changes in environment, civilization and people were significant (as they belonged from Satyug)
    Later her daughter married Lord Balrama
    You can google the years of Satyug, Treta yug, Dwapuryug and Kaliyug
    Currently we all live in 28th Chaturyuga's 50th yuga

  • Raviprakashsingh Markandeysingh says:

    Hello ,
    Thanks for showing us ancient temples…
    One my suggestion is when you visit a temple , please give proper address of that temple…
    Thanks a lot….

  • this is a portal to travel if u look in the center my theory and shows u how to go forward and back in time and or planets. go to the dark place's as a clock read them then also read them in reverse.

  • I'm on the edge of my seat.. what is on the ceiling??? And also, when you showed the ancient animal that looks like a modern lion, what is the "post" called that it is propped up on?

  • I think the female Ganesha coo just be the Yin or goddess part of the male Ganesha…perhaps a different species of ET gods…does not mean any future genetic hybrid although the Bicycle is much more interesting or indicative of time travel if it was not carved later by modern human artists …lol

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