American Express Green Card (Refresh) Review – Should You Get It?

American Express Green Card (Refresh) Review – Should You Get It?

What’s going on everybody David here today we’re talking travel war credit cards and today’s card is the American Express the Refreshed green card for first off on this channel. We talk about inspiring people to travel more using points That sounds like something interesting to you. Please hit the subscribe button Don’t forget to the little Bell notification so you can give future updates on my videos Ok, so we waited a few months and they finally refresh the American Express green card So let’s go ahead and take a look at the card and the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take a look at the card and then I’m gonna give you my opinion and I’ll put in some other little Stuff in there too. So you guys can kind of see what you’re getting with the credits because I think the credits are really Where this card is a little weak. So let’s just take a look. Okay so Looking at the first thing that I always like to look at the annual fee The annual fee on this card is a hundred and fifty dollars that is not waived the first year so you do have to pay That upfront so just be aware of that Signup bonuses now the signup bonuses are pretty interesting American Express. Always has these different incognito sign up bonus regular sign up bonus referral sign up bonus I wish they really would just put out 50,000 sign up bonus across the board and not have us like trying to jump around and and find referral links in order to to get different signup bonuses But the signup bonus that’s standard on the website when you go when you just go if you’re not going in incognito It’s going to be a 30 thousand signup bonus. That’s after spending $2,000 in the first three months you can get a referral signup bonus of thirty five thousand With I think it’s a hundred and fifty dollar away Credit and the standard one that’s on on the website is going to be $100 away credit We’ll talk about the way credit in a minute. Now. You can also if some people have had success going into incognito mode Google Chrome browser and they’re able to get a forty five thousand signup bonus So you just have to kind of dig around Get on reddit or get on some of these different sites and maybe you can find a link and get the forty five thousand So just something just something to think about but we’re gonna stick with the standard 30,000 because that’s what’s on the website when I when I open it up So without any work, you’re gonna get thirty thousand now looking at the away luggage you get a credit So this is part of your sign up bonus. You’re gonna get $100 credit this hundred dollar credit Will go towards Luggage, but it doesn’t just have to be luggage and let’s let’s take a look at away luggage Just so you guys have an idea of what you’re getting. So if you have $100 credit You’re really looking at luggage that costs anywhere from two hundred twenty-five dollars and up. Okay, so this is for carry-on 225 bigger carry ons 245 so you see that you’re gonna get that hundred dollar credit But you’re still gonna have to spend at least 125 dollars out-of-pocket in order to get this luggage now I will say I do I’ve never had this luggage before but a Lot of people are talking about the luggage. They really like the luggage it has a good warranty It’s a lifetime warranty for the wheels and things like that stuff. That’s important So if that kind of stuff breaks You’re definitely gonna want to replace that And if you have that that lifetime warranty you can you can go ahead and have that replacing that have to buy more luggage So there is something to be said when it comes to that but just understand you’re gonna have to come out of the pocket In in all situations that I’ve actually not all most situations that I’ve looked at when you’re buying something from away Luggage, you are gonna have to come out of the pocket. Now. There are some ways around it One thing you can look at is don’t get luggage get bags right if you don’t need luggage There’s no reason for you to get luggage. So look into their bags You can get some bags for a little bit cheaper one hundred and ninety five dollars So you still have to come out of the pocket a little bit for this bag? These bags are all in the two hundred. So it’s a little more expensive Backpacks and I know it like some of this stuff you look at you’re like wow I’m gonna pay one hundred forty five dollars for for a day pack, but $145 for a day pack so you can look into that. One. Other thing to look into is just getting Packing cubes or something like that $45 for packing cubes. Okay that qualifies I can get some packing cubes. I think we all Would want to get packing cubes if you travel a lot and if you’ve ever used packing cubes you you know You’ll probably be sold on on the on the on that system Other things to look at you can get this garment sleeve here You can get this a little a little bag for your toiletries and stuff like that in So just some things to think about when it comes to away luggage I don’t really like that hundred-dollar. Give me like a free Free piece of luggage and then that’s that’s really good as a sign of bonus but just giving me that credit and not that credit doesn’t really It’s not a full piece of luggage I’m not a big fan of that but American Express, they’re always Pulling out these credits that don’t always make sense. So that in this case This is no exception to the rule with American Express. Okay, looking at the urn possibility on this car. There are impossibility This part is really good. I do like the other possibility There’s one thing that I wish they would have done and I’ll talk about all that stuff at the very end kind of my overall Opinion you get three points every dollar spent on travel now This is this includes hotels transit taxis tours and ride share ride-sharing services so and more there’s other stuff too like third party so online like if I if I go to Travelocity and I booked something I can get three points every dollar spent so they’re really broadening that that travel Scope there. I like that three points. Every dollar spent is very good So that that does compete with with the Chase Sapphire reserve with with that earned possibility there You’re going to also get three points every dollar spent at restaurants What worldwide I think so before it was only us with the American Express gold. They caught so much flak on that I’m sure they said yes. This is gonna have to be worldwide. So you get three points every dollar spent now this card You know it When it comes to the restaurant category, you have the the Amex gold And the Analects gold Has better it’s better. It’s four points every dollar spent So it really kind of Handicaps this this card when it comes to that then you’re going to go one points for at one point for every dollar spent on All other purchases there. Okay looking at some of the other benefits here Now we want to look at lounge buddy, right? So you get $100 credit to Lounge, buddy This is this is interesting, but it’s not for everyone. Definitely not for everyone If you travel a lot like I travel at least three or four times per year. I use priority pass it on a trip I’m using priority pass at least twice. So on that flight out I’m using priority pass prior to Going wherever I’m going I like to get to the airport a little early go to either get a restaurant credit with my Priority Pass or Go to one of the lounges so I’m gonna use that lounge at least once in most situations It’s going to be twice because on my flight back I’m gonna probably find a lounge to use and If I have lay overs in between I might find a ledge to use. So let’s say 2 to 3 times per trip and Looking at lounge buddy. We’ll go ahead and go over to their site. They’re quoting here They’re saying that starting at $25, right? So you get $100 credit and then you’re gonna get a 28 you’re gonna You’re gonna get lounges that start at about $25. Ok. Now they do go up. So I’ve seen them a 30 I see number $40 so it just depends It depends on that that whole situation now one thing that you want to do before you get this card go to lounge buddy type in whatever airport is near you or the airport that you fly out of and Find out if there are any lounges here. So looking at this in Los Angeles. They don’t have any lounges that are available Ok, so it says coming soon. So they’ll have something in the future, but they don’t have anything right now that is one reason why I would be like You know what? The lounge lounge axis is not really gonna help me in this situation so just something to think about go to lounge buddy type in your nearest airport and find out if you If you have any lounge buddy access in the area, okay, so looking at that Let’s see you get the hundred dollar credit. Like I said if it starts at 25, it does go up There’s some that are that are even more expensive you do want to see what you get though – some of the largest will offer more if it’s a full-on meal and stuff like That then maybe it makes sense But I can use that up in one trip. If not two trips for sure. I can use that credit up. So just something Something to think about when it comes to that All right now looking at some of the other things the other benefits here We have the clear so we have clear $100 clear credit, which I think this is good I think this is they’re on the right track with this but what you want to do is you want to have You want to sign up for the Delta SkyMiles or you want to sign up for United Mileage Plus? It’s free to sign up and by signing up now You’ve dropped that clear clear cost down to one hundred and nineteen dollars just for signing up for free now if you have if you have some type of Status with either Delta or United then you can drop it down to one hundred and nine dollars and if you have top-tier status with one of those Airlines Then you can drop it down to zero so you don’t have to worry about this whole hundred dollar credit but if you are in that neighborhood where it’s a hundred and nineteen dollars $109. Well you get a hundred dollar credit per year with clear So it does make sense to get two to use this card and get that clear Credit, so that’s one thing that I do like about it now So what clear does is clear allows you to speed through the lines a little bit quicker a little bit quicker than TSA PreCheck But TSA PreCheck still I think is is is definitely good Global Entry is is even better if you have Global Entry and TSA PreCheck But when it comes down to it, that’s what clear does it gives you a little little bump it up in front So you’re you’re gonna go through their biometric system, then you’ll go straight through to the front of the TSA PreCheck line So that’s that’s pretty good It’s not it’s not a bad deal If you if you’re signed up with you 9 if you’re signed up with Delta It really makes sense because you get the hundred dollar credit So really you’re only spending $20 or or nine dollars in a situation if you have any status with one of those airlines Ok looking at some of the other benefits here Ok, so you have the purchase flexibility the payment and purchase flexibility you have baggage insurance a plan So you get baggage insurance with this? So that’s good So there now I mean the travel insurance is not the greatest, but they do give you some some type of travel insurance So that’s good. I always recommend going third party $35 or less you can get third-party travel insurance and it will allow you to Protect you when it comes to medical emergencies And stuff like that because those are the important things I could care less about my luggage getting lost or stolen If that’s the case, I can always replace that kind of stuff but when it comes to your physical you know self you can want to be able to protect yourself when it comes to that and have Money in place or some type of insurance in place to take care of you if you were to get injured outside the country Okay, so I’m gonna give you guys my my opinion my overall opinion when it comes to this card now I will not be getting the car and I’m going to tell you some of the reasons why I will be getting some American Express cards in the future right now. I have chase have the chase ecosystem I really like chase cards, but I’m looking at the American Express Platinum and the American Express gold I liked how those cards work together. This card doesn’t really work with those cards very well as far as the the Green card working with the gold card. There are some things where they they overlap the restaurant credit Come on, you’re getting with the American Express gold. You’re getting four points every dollar spent on restaurants with a green card You’re getting 3 points every dollar spent at restaurants. So I’m gonna use the gold card in that situation The travel is good. I do like to travel and I like how they’ve broadened it So you get three points every dollar spent in a much wider wider category set up, so I do like that but when it comes to cards working together They’re gonna really be kind of bumping heads when it comes down to it. I don’t really like that lounge buddy access I think that is kind of just an afterthought. They throw that in there. Hey, let’s give them a credit. Well, you know what? We’ll give them the lounge buddy credits $100. It doesn’t really it doesn’t really do anything be away credit I’m not a big fan of like just giving me a credit just to give me a credit Signup bonus $100 credit to away luggage. Well, if you don’t need luggage, it’s not really Anything that that I probably wouldn’t use it if I do use it I’m gonna buy something that I really don’t don’t need like I’ll go buy some $45 Packing cubes when I can get on Amazon and get it for a lot cheaper So and I already have packing cubes anyway so I don’t need any any other packing cubes or anything like that if I were to get luggage I Don’t really need luggage. So I just be getting an extra piece of luggage just to have right now. I like daily luggage That’s the luggage that I use I have carry-on I have checked so I don’t really need any luggage So that credit doesn’t really help me So in my mind The only really good thing about the card is the signup bonus and then you have the the urn possibility But if you have some of those top-tier cards the American Express Platinum American Express gold You’re probably not going to use this this card very often. So that’s something to think about too So is this a card that you can get for a long term? probably not because I would want to use that in the American Express gold card for the four point categories and then the American Express Platinum Card for airfare So if they don’t really work together, too well so this is one of those cards you might get have it for a couple of years and then and then get rid of the card because you are paying $150 annual fee every year so you want to be able to try to Make sure that you you get all that value out of the card. So that’s my my opinion But I’d love to know what you guys think. So please down in the comments. Are you getting the card? What do you think about the card? What do you think about the the credits? Please post it down below If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up Please subscribe for more and check out these videos over here for some more great content. Talk to you later. Bye

32 thoughts on “American Express Green Card (Refresh) Review – Should You Get It?”

  • Average Joe on Money says:

    GREAT VIDEO! This is a great breakdown of the AMEX GREEN CARD. I’m more focused on building the Chase CC strategy and feel like there’s more value for our family with Chase and Cap1 at this time, but maybe in the future. No matter what card you have, you must ALWAYS have a budget, follow a budget, and make sure the Budget ALWAYS WINS. Great Video! 😎👍🏻

  • Travel Explore Click says:

    Will you be getting the Amex Green Card and why or why not? Please like, share and subscribe for more great videos 🔔 SUBSCRIBE HERE: . Join our facebook group:

  • I'm gonna have to pass. I am feeling a bit rebellious with Amex this season. Its November or almost! And I am yet to use my Gold card $100 credit and my Platinum $200 airline credit. They- are too restrictive. I dont check bags, I go out of my way to not do so, because I pack efficiently into a carry on and a personal item. I do not buy things in flight, What is served on a plane, that is worth $100 purchase price? If I cannot find a way to recouped some of this $300, one of these cards gotta go, if not both. They are too unfair, it's all a p lo it to render most card members to leave money on the table. Every year

  • Currently Chasing the Chase cards, but since I don't see one in your bio:
    Referral Link for 35k MR points and $150 Away credit below!

  • 45K MR through incognito and $100 Away credit is not a bad sign up bonus for 2K spend. It's a no brainer. Cancel if you must after year one but get them points now if you can.

  • I’ll probably get it as I was considering the CSR for the travel category. I currently have the Amex gold card and love it.
    Amex took a big jab at Chase on this one. Think about it! CSR $450 anual fee, minus $300 travel credit = $150 anual fee. The new green Amex is $150 anua fee and they have a 3X on “travel”. I’m sure Chase will revamp their cards as well and that’s great for the credit card game. Bring on the competition and let US enjoy the benefits.

  • Downgrading my gold card for this one. Mirrors CSR in multipliers and It’s a better combo with the platinum card for me than others gold. Clear in ATL is extremely helpful and now having travel defined broadly is a major win.

  • 3X on gas would have been nice or maybe the Amazon prime membership people were talking about .

  • Jeremiah Crowley says:

    The 45k signup is SO worth it for 2k spend and they normally will offer a retention offer for year 2! However restaurant 3x is odd with gold card…should be 3x on gas

  • Best to do a Platinum, Green and ED/EDP trifecta. No point of the Gold, since 3x will be on dining and you can get 3x on Supermarkets at on EDP.

  • This card is good for the sign up bonus but that's about it. American Express credits are geared towards forcing you to spend money you wouldn't ordinarily spend. My CSR has a net annual fee of $150 after the $300 travel credit, which by the way I use without having to think about it, and for that I get priority pass, primary auto coverage and travel protections just to name a few. Also canceling my Amex Gold and going back to CSR as my primary for dining.

  • With the gold card and platinum, the spend that category that remains on this card is basically: hotels, anything booked on an online travel agency like expedia, transit and taxis, and various miscellaneous travel expenses… Its 1 MR point more than the blue business plus in the bonus categories so will need to do the math to see if its worth it

  • This is a great card for someone brand new to Amex travel cards and not comfortable paying $200+ in annual fees. For more seasoned Amex users there is really no value in it.

  • 50,000 Bonus MR points to sign up for the Amex Gold, the #1 card, only with this link. You are welcome!

  • Stuck between Amex Green and Capital One Venture. Annual fee is not a problem. Only take 3-5 trips a year. I'd rather have a Visa or Mastercard abroad than American Express. Looking for a charge card because it's more in line with how I spend money.

  • I guess mileage varies. I think the card is a great idea. I'll admit its not perfect and everyone situation is different. I travel often for work and live in the city therefore I uber quite often. Between hotels, uber/taxi etc this card is a win for me. As far as the credits (lounge buddy, away) yea, not the best but last I checked CSR/CSP didnt provide any travel credits for anything :P. Keep in mind this card is meant to compete with Chase. Just my 2 cents

  • This card is good for a few. That credit we get to offset the annual fee isn't that good. I would've rather get 100 baggage credit instead of the clear but that's just me

  • I might pick up the Gold card after completing the Chase trifecta, getting the Amex Hilton Aspire, and the Amex Platinum but I will not be getting the Green card. The multipliers don't work for me.

  • I cancelled my amex gold cause of the $55 increase and the loss of the airline gift card loophole, and downgrade on the roadside assistance benefit. My retention offer was 15k MR points for $2k spend in 90 days. Its decent. But getting 45k MR points for $2k spend was still a better deal. I consider the green fee to be more or less equal to the gold, since the $120 for grubhub is easy to get for me, and since I use about $7k in restaurants a year I lose out on the difference, but for the bonus its fine. I can always upgrade to the gold later since there is only one sign up bonus per card per lifetime anyway. A benefit I may take advantage of is cruises are covered by the green, thats a big ticket earner.

  • David, if you're someone, like myself, who is not being treated very well by Chase (even though you give them a lot of business and you are a long time customer), I think this could be a nice alternative.

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