ALPO Documentary Trailer Released

ALPO Documentary Trailer Released

hey good evening star report special
edition Sunday evening breaking news breaking news you see it on the screen
the Alpo documentary trailer surfaced today let’s take our time in the words
of Funkmaster Flex the big dog streets want this yeah they do
let’s not play that game I’m gonna go extra slow for you tonight if you have
not seen the trailer go to Vlad TV com feature box watch it call me if you
haven’t seen it call me anyway I want to go back back into time you want to go
back into time there’s no details from what I could see
Alpo in this documentary produced by the father of street documentaries Troy Reed
who I met once upon a time and I want to talk about his brand because he’s very
well-known he hired me um was it may be 2015 or 16 I I hosted the sneaker pawn
shop the grand opening so I might be a little biased tonight I’m gonna try and
be objective but good man he’s behind this new documentary from what I could
see our post says in the trailer then he shot bitch porter in the head
bomb did you know that maybe you did maybe you know it’s it’s coming back to
me I mean it’s very layered it’s it’s an old story but a true story and he speaks
about when they got rich Porter in the in the van we were driving and his man
who was five three hit rich Porter twice with the 357 Bom Bom slumped him they
thought rich Porter was dead and because his his men you know it’s homey wasn’t
big enough to carry rich Porter Alpo carried him out into some wooded
area talk about no fucking respect just through through bits
his body in the fucking woods didn’t even bury him and rich poor removed and
Alpo heard a sound he said he got shook and that’s why he shot rich porter in
the head bang after his man shot him twice phone lines are open let’s talk
about tonight oh you want to talk about it you want to talk about snitching all
this old drug-dealing harlem shit let’s go i’m with it also folks on the screen
will you support the film Harriet I watched it today I watched it on the
free movie Network and truthfully it was just it was okay
I’m the objective hater not a player hater so I’m not just gonna hate just to
be hating it was okay have you Tubman who you should know if
you don’t please google her abolitionist she freed hundreds of slaves and an
American icon not just a black a black figure by way of the black struggle but
an American icon Harriet Tubman so on the film I thought it was okay I’m not
gonna say trash I thought it could have been better but there are some things
about the film that are causing controversy and is there a fictional
character the black man who supposedly the Bounty Hunter who was helping the
slave master hunt down Xavier Tubman or did he really exist are
they trying to make the black man out to be the bad guy again in Hollywood films
you know four lines open we’ll talk about that also um tone talks aka
Antonio Mortimer the ados movement he basically did an interview I watched it
today on al Jazeera English the YouTube channel and they’re using the well many
people not just tone and others but not my Harriet hashtag people are I’ll just
say concerned about this film I don’t know if it’s an official boycott but I
want your opinions your thoughts do you think that people should boycott the
film the actress Cynthia areevo back in 2013 back in 2013 she was
a reading with Joel Montague and she said
some things with regards to ghetto American accent
so there’s a kick back now has she apologized
I don’t know I’m pulling the notes right now did she apologize should she be
forgiven and also she’s a British subject by way of Nigeria I think let me
just double check my notes here hold on lot of shit on my desk and um did she
apologize but there’s other things that are concerned of concern about this film
I want you input your thoughts and phone lines open boy so um I reached out to
Momo fax to see if he has seen the film if not I would like to hear his opinion
also anyway and bullshit Rani may not call in tonight she’s not really up to
speed on all via the output Martinez you know the ongoing drama certified snitch
killer good evening in a live chat how you guys
doing huh I’m gonna need you tonight mm okay yeah yeah oh yes yes hang on a
second I’m gonna is that the homie em rack em wreck TV and em do you want to
call in that’s too homey shoot me a text me let’s get you on the line promote
your platform what’s going on hey Laura Red’s Laura I saw you earlier when I was
I’m heading to the mall folks I was having a freestyle flashback today for
about maybe 35 minutes whilst I was driving to the mall here in Atlanta I
was playing a little Suzy CoverGirl’s sapphire Noel sweet sensation I started
having flashbacks of rollerskating in a place called 10:18 in New York City
I’m as always dust I started to curve the show tonight and go holla back this
Olie chick who I know who’s out here hey you wanna have a few drinks press it now
let me let me slow the fuck down but anyway good to see again Laura red yeah
she was with me earlier on the ground okay give me a minute guys I’m coming to
the phones let me check and see if most call okay money up front
Ronnie point me Ronnie let me know if what Moe’s response
is and Dana with the smoke Dana made : somewhere after 8 o’clock alright also
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next show Oh G Ice Ice T west coast goat okay if you say so sir but thank you for
your donation okay okay let’s talk about this documentary that’s coming out I
don’t know when it’s coming up but again Troy Reed is behind it google him if you
don’t know who he is he’s the father of many many Street documentaries by way of
Harlem legends guy Fisher Nicky Barnes of course Frank Lucas and a host of
others all right Troy Reed okay let me go to the phone lines let’s get started
early here okay area code nine sr8 good evening
are you there not only beyond the check hey let’s get to it
yeah I saw the trailer um we’re lining up I love you say yo we’re just gonna
cut teen to promote oh fuck shit man yes first we got GPB on vlad trying to
promote his side of the story of the two polish children banging ah Frankie the
bull out here continuing to tell his story six now part did you say Frankie
the bull did you mean to say Sammy the bull feel Sammy Sammy the bull excuse me
the boy excuse me excuse me about that so we’re pretty much these niggas hi
patrons I’m just saying this the nudes the new wave now yes away
maybe maybe maybe uh niggas that used to work with bad boy would tell their side
or whatever they gonna snitch on video whatever the case is me
well actually big gene is putting his Mac down on YouTube for me with big gene
no I’m nothing that well what do you do what feel you you have to start watching
more mm rec and doggy diamonds on YouTube big G big G he’s got his own
channel he’s popping he’s got a book coming out
he held everybody down at bad boy for years he’s got all the inside
information anyway alright so the documentary let’s not play that game the
streets want this you’re gonna watch it yes Alpo martinez unfortunately we have
to watch because we entertained the street we entertained the fuck shit and
we are carrying to know you know what why he did what he did it’s because the
movie doesn’t really the movie itself doesn’t really it’s not really a ha
you’re talking about the paid-in-full movie with Cam Ranh Bay therefore this
is the real shit coming up yes the real shit yeah host finger got cut off feel
do you remember I want I want details and this finger got cut off rich borders
uh rich borders nephew I think let’s get the you to fuck up out here
the nigga said Frankie the bull okay folks let’s go real slow again the
streets want this Vlad featured box ok mo is unavailable ok guys I don’t
have my contacts on is em rack up in a live chat as to homey okay all right
we’re running sit tight I want to get to the monkey shit the streets want this
let’s not play that game grieving 562 brand-new uh trailer
released today have you seen it about elbow what what I’m starting it without
this is a from New York what do I have you man let’s go let’s go
man just like you said this is this is this is yeah you know what stuff this is
what the Christmas season has to offer we got Alpo getting ready to come out
with his shit Sammy Sammy the Bulls on his new Takashi’s coming home Sammy the
Bulls interview we just had glaze you know I’m saying admit that he helps the
originals but he say it murdered he said it not me it’s on the video I ain’t
snitching he basically said it tre way niggas dropping their flags huh tre wait
niggas is dropping their flags they coming home Cole Christians they gonna
be they’re gonna be with Reverend Floyd flake at the church I love it yes all
right so now was it public information before that Alpo shot reporter in the
head one time or was that not known I forget it was on it it was on DVDs it
was in movies it is everywhere it’s beyond you know I’m saying urban myths
at this point you know and uh and and and use the truth about it and you could
relate to the star anybody attached to that whatever that was affected by all
the niggas is 50 and 60 out of state pot belly ain’t trying to do nothing ain’t
trying to bust a grape no fruit fight they don’t always want as a picture with
them and it’s over with it’s all over there’s a handful of dudes I may want to
do some but then go and do it oh well well that one hang on a second
Jay because I don’t think anybody’s even thinking like that I think that
everybody now is in the matrix quote-unquote and people people are
talking about you know or wondering will out PO do a podcast that me the Bulls
game and you do a podcast hey well see here’s the thing here’s the
thing not only do people want to do a podcast
this trailer has now given so many internet YouTube leeches new father to
make new videos this ridiculous it’s ridiculous
people right now they got a bigger saliva coming dripping down emails they
got a big lobster table because they can’t wait to talk about the trailer
well I have to say that I know the Wolves need to eat the babies have to
eat and if they can eat off of Alpo story I think that’s a good thing
man anything you want to mention by way of sports Jay before let you go Knicks
Giants anything um giant suck the Knicks need a star but I like I like the the
team we got we fighting right now so you know we got to do it the old-school way
man we got to go through the draft many nobody gonna come to the mixer you got
to do it the old-school way too but but I like that I like to fight and um yo
man oh you and one last thing if anybody didn’t see I didn’t see that Harriet
Tubman movie but I will say see those of my Eddie emergency there’s a dope that’s
a step stop right there stop stop stop Jane I saw it was that was trash J but
okay III go nice look crazy Eddie Murphy it was like watch habit a bad
Eddie Murphy have you ever seen have you ever seen
Clerval Martin no stars you never seen d’Urville Martin act in the movie the
actors like that from 1 to 5 what would you give my name is dolomite we are
given a bob I like it let see me fuck J’s a good guy he spends money but come
on my nigga 5 that movie was trash the Dolomites movie Jesus hey Blake leaving
he says damn Takashi ki fede Sammy the bull and now
Alpo 2019 is the year of the rat facts coursing guys me turn his phone down whoo yeah I was in that freestyle zone
today you know I was heading to the mall acting crazy smoking a cigar yo no se
ah then I saw the blast and Stevie Stevie B anyway folks if you have not
seen the trailer for the documentary please go look at it so I’m Vlad TV the
featured box and : I forgot a lot about that story I mean really just you know
over the years you know I know they were driving the you know the fly foreign
cars of the Audi’s or what do you call them I think it was cause it was driving
was Alpo a drug dealer or a drug lord there is a difference or a drug runner
do you know the difference let me see what you know area code six four six
good evening six four six into Cydia the trailer the outpost documentary six four
six meaning hello son hey things didn’t have you I’m good you know for me
stuffing my Teresa let it somali cookie song i remember you used to I produce
music for who who’s it those the Dipset here I was I was a and off for DJ Clue
right right okay there’s no record that’s my guy clue come on yeah kuku my
due to he gave me he gave me a garbage bag full of free clothes for Christmas
is my niggas about clue clue help me down in the early days leave it alone
I’ll shut you mic off now Albert Alpha has got a documentary uh you know coming
out soon Amana Troy read so I read a lot of respect for him he’s the father of
street documentaries did you see it what are your thoughts well my thing is I
know I’ve heard stories at Apple situation you know those three guys are
just like our like the Italians that Gotti and the amiable and you know these
guys I got a name a tease they were making a lot of money
you know they were the pioneers of the crack game so we look up to them because
these are dues but I think honestly like alpha which is you know you kill a
mining man fuck you for life on that yes I’m sucking shit like when I hang on a
second I don’t think Alpo killed the miner okay can you get the right details
it wasn’t ALPA wasn’t it rich Porter’s brother or cousin I forget
well he set up the situation yeah I’m kidnapped cut the finger off
you know what Alba Alpo didn’t kill rich Porter’s younger brother if I remember
correctly hang on a second I go look in the live chat because you said you know
the story man I’m okay they’re saying it was the uncle oh yeah come on man I was
I was born in 81 bar to start I’ve heard different different versions of this
story over and over and over there’s so many different everybody has their own
story of what really went down okay stay with me stay with me now listen to me I
want to be fair tonight as I always try to be that’s why the show says the
objective perspective to my recollection here it was not
Alpo who killed rich poor his younger brother it was the own Co now let’s go
back for a second let’s go back for a second no we didn’t look up to
drug-dealing Harlem a bullshit not me
I’m from New Jersey I didn’t move to New York and then start looking at the
fucking you know crack dealers respectfully and you were born in 81
that’s when I first started sniffing coke in 81 so um okay
have you seen the documentary if not let me put you on hold
go watch it and come back on the line can you do that I’ll do that okay put
your whole stay right there folks I was skiing on on the slopes
fish-scale from 81 until 91 so a lot of this shit it’s it’s a blur but I want to
be fair tonight you know as fair as fair can be the documentary have you seen the
trailer nevermind reparations nevermind
impeaching from this is the top story let me go to Kashyap hang on a second
guys what is this about somebody talking about Instagram
oh are you okay I’ll get back to later I hope you fucking Instagram like that
okay thank you Ronnie Ronnie sent me uh sent me an email appreciate you okay
Miguel hey Miguel salute to Ronnie Ronnie with the rocket best co-host
you’re Ronnie’s doing a great job the numbers are up Thank You Man thank you
for your cash shot Miguel and and saluted deeds and miss Toya who also had
been working you know to get these numbers up and the audience retention
and a whole lot of other things and guys I have to mention my sponsors shortly
bear with me doing what tonight Elvis the chef Rosenberg greetings sir oh sure
he wants a piece of the action here we are
dude where are you sir Elvis the chef Rosenberg six for six is that you Elvis
hello it up it’s Rosenberg testing testing testing okay that’s not Elvis
hold on a second guys scroll down Elvis they fell Rosenberg
greetings sir how are you good to hear your voice man thank you for your cash
up yesterday I didn’t even do his show and he sent me a donation man salute you thank you so what’s going on did you see
the trailer for the documentary streets want this
yes I will never see the trailer nor will I ever see that damn documentary
Scott another respectful order definitely miss Florida I don’t know
miss Porter I’ve seen her I say hi miss Porter I don’t know but I know a
daughter crack Florida cannot I respect her family not only will I not watch the
turn I will not be part of that mmm I’m just sick of everybody who glorifies
this Hollywood style lust Allah because that’s all it ever
was because gentlemen made a lot of money and they’re over there and
boasting jobs and they’re popping champagne and their daughters names a
Paris and they’re you know their sons names are Huntington and all this kind
of BS and we ran around thinking that that’s how hostile supposed to be you’re
supposed to be ruthless and vicious and not a mummy man that’s all a lot
business in this town don’t get down like that these Hollywood fucking drug
dealers that destroyed a lot of bullshit in the motherfucking City I’m sick of it
I will never see that shit out of respect for the people that I respect
you know I respect pop quarter puttin it down all these years holding our head up
as a strong black woman my mother holding out a hand up I will never be
part of that crappy-ass Hollywood Hospital okay hang on a sec Elvis if I
can jump in now I forget Pat that’s rich Porter’s sister yes who is that I forget
okay okay does she have a YouTube channel she means one right I don’t know Elvis
listen to me streets gotta eat my nigga you we can’t be telling niggas not to
come up the babies want to eat off of youtube this is the new drug game so
Alpo he’s gonna do a podcast at some point I assure you I assure you I think
rich Porter’s sister and whoever is you know from his family if they can talk
they should create a youtube channel start getting donations you know so she
can get lit I think she should start bike by
going on Queens flip a platform yeah the quiet rooms poppin yeah Wow nigga start
doing too much no you brought me down man I appreciate that but let me let me
let me can I hit the Harriet Tubman thing I think it has to be boycotted did
not go see this retail white sympathy’s movie it is propaganda they got the
enemy only two people died miss moving in they’re both black and they’re broke
a do Esther get killed in his movie if all not 1800s people survived this is a
movie about our love story between a slave and her master and his battle to
fight his love and not be able to show it by being more and more evil and
vicious so they allow inside of me like love and hatred to combine the same damn
scream it is the worst absolute movie ever betrayed of an Atos and check this
out potentially this woman who plays a deal with hero or walked around with
Cynthia areevo she’s a British subject Cynthia Reeve oh yeah and we all know
about the chocolate clever black people okay we all know that she’s elite of her
group and she’s here the elite of her group and guess what the elite of their
group did they so slaves so do you need to tell me that comcast that owns this
movie is going to put on a movie about a woman and freedom while trying to take
away freedom with the Civil Rights Act of 1866 that’s up right now in November
and the Supreme Court race that’s what’s going on you listen you’ve said a lot
man I appreciate you taking the time I think you should see the film so you
should you know so point me so you can critique it even more um no no no I’m
not gonna see the film boycott in that movie everyone needs to boycott this
fantasy oh let me just say they stopped they created a character the worst
fucking protagonist in this movie happens to be the only Atos well not the
only but the ad was character he they created a fictional guy this never
existed this purse will never existed they created a person that never existed
and made him the worst character ever black women are the main target of the
people that gonna see this and we’ll hang on a second now Elvis
do you know who directed the film and who who wrote the screenplay because
they wrote that time just because he got dreads don’t mean that she’s on the team
right okay just because just because she’s having lunch with Oprah who hooked
up with that horrible movie where the by you that was not at all this is all
about genocide barri now it’s just about the last Dee’s if you don’t know about
the live Jesus 14 the last piece is destruction we are armed the prank and
we are at the edge wake the fuck up yeah Elvis good to talk to you man thank
you for your support salut hello so okay mr. chef rosenberg
going in tonight folks have you seen the film do you plan to see the film I saw
it I thought was decent it wasn’t bad it wasn’t great the character the the black
Bounty Hunter who was killed by the slave master because he was he was
getting ready to part me spoiler alert getting ready to shoot Harriet Tubman
Tubman I think he said bitch you go and die and then the slave master shoots him
in the head POW you know just it again it’s like
okay so the header sexual black man is the bad guy okay Funland to open Charles Forrest
gleamings her sins in a Kashyap he says what up star CF from Philly saloon okay
who is CF sir do I know you yes okay Bob that’s your name point me
okay speaking of Philly you know I don’t like to say anything about anybody
else’s YouTube platform you know I’m not looking for back a full attention but
there’s a guy in Philly and he’s been going an outboard me looking alive Jay
you guys know I’m talking about a couple of people know here should I interview
that guy from Philly he has a YouTube platform you know stars bought that
skrilla okay okay you know a fucking King earner King earner going hard in
the paint on Alpo salute the King earned a hush snatching niggas honor her
selling to CMOS yeah child king ain’t earn apartment old king earner holler at
the big snitch star let’s get him up on the platform here man I saw him up on a
Queens flips couch you know I’m talking crazy as he should be
hey Rick Hayes thank you sir he sent a cash app he said I’m check your email
okay hang on a second Rick let me look for that salute star from one mulatto to
another keep your foot on these niggas necks salute to Ronnie
hashtag make America great again hashtag Newt Dana
hashtag silence Dana word word around the campfire is that Dana sells food
stamps on the low Wow okay he’s talkin reckless Thank You Man yeah folks keep
me up to speed on all the monkey shit huh King Erna where are you nigga have
you seen that the trailer huh Phillies stand up I think I know one of our King
earners uncle’s folks I’m as old as dust I used to hang up
place called a Knights on Broadway and of course Piccadilly I’ve been gonna
pick a Dilly’s for years but keep me up to speed if King earner just like blacks
out over this this trail okay cash no credit one sender to catch them he says
get that clown off the line fake news okay all right I’m coming to supercharge
shortly area code seven three – good evening
have you seen the trailer for the documentary
Alpo Martinez good I actually didn’t see that one I did see the movie Harriet
though about a couple of couple months ago
okay okay thank you for your support man peas
thank you for me thank you man hey I said I said Ronnie like a histogram DM
and I send you an email like a like a week ago okay sit into screenshots I got
like two different um IG accounts I did one that showed that T I blocked
me right I show the other one that shows are still there but the sort of the area
I got that email I saw you snitching respect I saw you I saw you snitching
come on yeah but as far as the Harriet movie I think it’s like a UPN do like
it’s something that I feel like you don’t need to stare like school trips
and they bring the kids to see like a movie on TV and they just ape that’s
basically what that movie was like the the main actress I think it’s like
Cynthia isn’t known Cynthia re boom boom yeah like she was confused the whole
time like I don’t know if Harriet Tubman will be making those facial expressions
like she look confused I don’t think she really made it look too confident and I
went to the had something called Arbour World Film Festival right and basically
she was over there some other ones were there but they didn’t
really address like the whole controversy okay but you know I feel
like the audience the it’s more like the audience was kind of supporting the film
anyway well when you got a chance to talk to everyone everyone was like okay
I’m supporting it basically because it’s Harriet Tubman but it’s like they
wouldn’t really go to the theater just to see if I know okay now hang on a
second so now knowing what we have now in terms of the controversy some tweets
from 2013 where she was tweeting with Joel Montague and she made the reference
to ghetto American accent do you feel some type of why do you think she’s just
a young actress and she made these remarks when she was very young I think
16 at the time you know like we all do and it’s not that big of a deal
that’s move on what do you think I mean I think it’s a big deal but nothing’s
really going to change you know it’s like they’re gonna
it’s almost like they’re giving her more attention is this gonna raise the
notoriety listen I think Antonio more and Yvette
Carnell have valid points you’ve heard me say on multiple occasions I support
them because of how they present data and how they frame things and they have
a have a plan 88 EOS they’ve got a fucking
plan so let’s not act like you know they’re just you know talking to me
talking but now with regards to boycotting this film as Antonio more
referenced when he spoke on al-jazeera English what are your thoughts do you
think that this film should be curbed by african-americans you said you said I
looked at um tomatoes I looked at Rotten Tomatoes and they got it with an
audience score is 98% and the critics gave it like 60% so I don’t know if it’s
just a plant like as far as the paying people to give it a score but you know
it’s like apparently people like the movie I don’t know how many what are
your thoughts for reading it tells Rotten Tomatoes what are your thoughts
should African Americans say fuck this film come on man vetoes
uh-uh I think so but you know the film is basically already out you know like
what are you going to make a Harriet Tubman sequel you know I don’t think
that’s really gonna happen at this point okay all right so listen man no thoughts
on the Alpo trailer just came out oh yeah I’m over here now in Toms River I
don’t know you could deal with this place everybody here is like 70 years
old it’s like yeah it’s very quiet if
they’re white people it’s very quiet yeah different job so you’re living
there now in Toms River yeah okay yeah I sold that house it was a house I
purchased from my old racist Italian aunt and you know she passed away I
moved in and I sold it I probably won’t go back though yeah I feel like trailers
they got like a like Trump Trump faces everywhere if you like a favorite flags
right no they never went to the south at all you know very quiet area code when
you see him Ronnie there I’m like you know maybe I have to give her a tour
around the place nothing Ron my violins way down by Cape May New Jersey lives in
Cape May Thank You Fareed thank you man REO Thor yes sir okay yeah what does
Ronnie live talking about hi folks Park me I’m a little extra
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second sir every create one six where are you Paulo 1200 evening sir
or you have to speed on the newer Villa how are you yeah yeah washed it we think again your phone went out say again sir
yeah cold-hearted motherfucker yeah he’s about that hey he said he looked though
react speech you say hey he’s a bridge to get some bricks for him he’s a rich
there’s some shit about he uh got him from this connect he said he felt and
looked at his home voice very and not a sadist times with the 357
yeah it slumped him over fuck that nigga he said he heard rich porters last or
what he thought was rich borders last breath and then he had to actually carry
him out again to the field because his man was was too short who’s not not
strong enough yeah except you didn’t heard a groan or
something they say DS fuck ain’t big and shot even okay whatever he said rich
made a sound and it startled him huh yeah that’s some fucked up shit hold on
hold on hold on let’s let’s be really and I don’t you know condone killing
rich poor or anything that happened to his younger brother that’s not where I’m
coming from but you know we can’t sit up here and suck the the toes of these
Italians you can’t go watch a film like Scarface or you know right John Gotti’s
tip you know Gambino Gotti yadda yadda yadda and then when the black man does
your ass whopped off yo huh well shit that but that was his partner
walking he’s like talk it out with him about this you know why didn’t he have
to go straight to killing in any hair then he try to put it off oh why not him
like everything huh why why not him man let’s talk that real
a street you tonight why not him go to kill Bob well I don’t want to answer
that on the show right here but you know hey if I was moving like you know Alpo
who knows but while might get me to in the back of the head who knows but I’m
not living like that bucks not living like that you feel me but we talked
about gangster niggas Harlem gangsters yeah but I’ll pose the fucking right so
it really though yes yes so is Sammy the bull he wait down there so was Lucky
Luciano they all right so was uh some of the captains in the Colombo family who I
grew up around I grew up in New Jersey around the
Colombo family rats snitches yeah laughing Gary yeah all of them so why
you hate on Alpo I’m being objective a hit on Alpo
because I just think that’s some real sucker shit you do you kill your man you
look at he I know ya think you do some stuff this shit you tell you sing a
little ho way to do the shit you know I’m saying and I don’t believe it was
overdose I think he was just home from sucking you just wanted to rob the bed I
gotta focus on the road I’m driving you clap him I’m gonna make sure you clap
I think he was just trying to rob him and he that uh you know he was trying to
get his brother back and shit but he like fuckin that’s my rock come on
fuckin me yeah that’s that’s what I think but you know fuck their outpost
starts doing a podcast you’re not gonna tune in well not like not like I saw
Coonan yo so she goes up on Queens flip show you’re not gonna watch the
interview oh yeah that’s my man shit I gotta support him yeah see I
support his shit but just going on apple’s fucking thing you’re just
watching your lips I’m just being a little extra man because you know it’s a
different day in time I’m 55 years of age my generation moved different but
you know you got kids today man that are looking at Tekonsha as if he’s a fucking
hero so we have to be objective you feel me I don’t condone what what Alpo did or
how they handle you know rich Porter’s family that was the lowest of the low
I’ll give you the last word go ahead I have washed it but thank me a salute
thank you okay and don’t forget Minister Farrakhan
if we gonna talk that real rah rah gulley shit huh
what year was that it was early 90s when a Minister Farrakhan gave that speech
I’ll never forget it I used to have the cassette a problem you still got it
somewhere I keep everything the tape was called hard trials are
necessary to establish the truth and Farrakhan was talking about Malcolm X and he said and if we did kill
him what the hell business of it is yours right cause a gangster I’m gonna
fucked up let’s go to area code three three six oh good evening three three
six are you there hello yeah how are you sir I’m good I’m a little turned up out
I got a nap earlier and I was blasting some freestyle so I’m just yes right now
are you filming what’s going on with you man yeah I’ll pose home rocking that fly
shit skinny jeans he’s oh oh yeah so I turn that down the background please
turn that down the background so it doesn’t affect my algorithm I’ll pose
home documentaries come and Troy read put some respect on Troy reads fucking
name where we going my nigger what do you mean we talking about they didn’t
wanna beat the air one so shit on one of them right we’re you calling from sir we
come from North Carolina man okay now feel free to shit on New York
niggas if you want to I’ll fall back then get out them niggas man I’m from
Jersey yep that’s a niggas man yeah yeah man I
went to school in New York niggas man and claim no Carolina talking at old
slide shit yeah and I said dude I seen a nigga get beat
up his homeboys I help ya from Yonkers man you got better buy some milk a lot
of news yeah nigga come at the barbershop coconut all sliced yeah New
York there’s New York there right I see metal party got stole our phone
man I need help yeah I don’t know how how old you are but I’ve spoken in the
past the difference between fighting up north
and then fighting in the south you know something some young nigga chased me huh
takes me home 1974 or 73 down in Durham I’ve run across the baseball field it
was ask me say get him get him and I learned that summer that you know
niggas in the south when they fight it still somebody is till somebody gets
knocked the fuck out you see up north they fight until somebody says you know
all right you got it you got it in the nail they just stay let it go but in the
south they rock your shit see really gonna fight yeah there’s something nigga
out man I seen him at the barbershop he had his energy and he thoughts up on the
Harriet Tubman film you’re gonna watch it or you don’t give a shit not care but
I probably ain’t gonna watch it man oh I get tired of slave movies man okay I
mean they’re gonna have well respectfully I think we should have 500
more slave films because the Jews are gonna have three thousand more Holocaust
films so we have to promote the suffering we have to let the babies know
how black people did suffer you ask me did you like Django loved it loved the
word nigger every six seconds loved it yeah I like Django member I support some
McCain report the hater keep going man yes sir
one okay one truth be told I’m a North Carolina nigga deep down inside you know get him niggas chased me across the
baseball field I think that was 19 I was young maybe seven or eight down there in
Durham down there by a Kent Street I’ve told you this story before some type of
little recreation center we playing horseshoes and one of the boys said hey
thank he cute talkin all proper talking about me they
started gathering around oh shit now my father was from North
Carolina he always taught taught me to like you know to hit swing first or hit
first so I was getting ready to throw the horseshoe and the guy that was like
you know sand saying all that crazy shit hit him with the horseshoe boom I
started running ran up the hill to Kent Street
anyway let me get focus here again area code nine one nine good evening I’m
a little sloppy tonight nine one nine did you see the trailer are you there
hey what’s up man hey nice dog yes sir I want to all go off the topic real quick
real quick man I well so can I ask you to address the Alpo trailer first no we
can go up top and please it’s it’s big man yeah it’s bigger than the
reparations that’s gonna do big man no Apple man I seen this year but I’ma be
honest with you I mean I mean it’s also matching you see
that folks are eating the seed or man on the matter sir I don’t I don’t take
shots at other peoples platforms I don’t do that man you know come on I’m too old
you know I respect everybody Tyreke nice sheet is a good a good man
in my book I don’t do that man why is he beating on the phone no oh my babe my
babe my babe what are you doing sir I don’t want to do that I have respect for
Tyreke Nasheed if you talk about me she X I know what’s goin on it’s none of my
business you feel me I support me chi-x also at
listen I’ve been fucking with me GX and oh god well what’s her name she’s
dark-skinned why am I forgetting on-the-fly nubian Network I’ve been
fucking with them for you know a couple of years man but I mean I don’t want to
jump in the middle of that you feel me Vicky Dillon Vicky Dillard Vicky Dillard
and meet you you know meet Jax is a sexy motherfucker but I don’t want to get a
melon I don’t wanna get in the middle of what they saying it’s not
business you feel me I see after yoga yeah I respect that
what’s that you come from man Oh Raleigh North Carolina
okay okay you ain’t got a shot at them fuck ass New York niggas support now PO
snow chance nigga come on many clouds maybe a little bit
lower metallian yeah they can rotate anybody you know that’s how we is man
you know we’ll see we got Million metate our cell phone so we just grab it take
the anything you know yeah make us feel good that’s all you know when Mabon in
Snow Hill is you’ve heard of those places goodness no real mabe in North
Carolina Snow Hill Durham that’s what my father’s yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I
know all those so my father’s from no people my father’s no yeah I know your
people when you say man yeah I know your family thank you me yeah yeah yeah my
father pistol with this shit out of one of my mother’s cousins who was acting
like he was in the Mafia is back in 75 pistol what the shit out of him right in
the front yard because white people coming by the house unannounced a murder
made me say no more man honey nah man there are there used to be y’all
like flooded with hell are like in the nineties in the early 2018 that place up
man I had some great summers in 1972 and 73 and 74 in Durham beautiful place from
what I remember you feel me yeah thank you for you call me and salute
regular I just do that at the time man yes sir okay yeah my father was a
different type of country nigga different type of nigga give a second
guys you know I’m doing a lot tonight just bear with me hold on um folks I’m gonna promote Mike my
GoFundMe page tonight you know I promote everybody else I’ll let you call in and
promote everything you’re doing I have a GoFundMe page the star report I’m gonna
put the banner up on the screen first if you fuck with me fuck with me you feel
me I haven’t promoted that GoFundMe page in
months and thank you to those of you who do you know send in small donations I’m
doing work you know snitch Network snitch so your donation goes
to you know work behind the scenes okay I’ll get that banner already after the
show what else I’m gonna mention Oh anybody see the film The Terminator what
is it called dark feet let me google that trash please stop making Terminator
films Arnold Schwarzenegger is tall he looks crazy he looks crazy yeah
Terminator dark feet trash spoiler alert he’s some type of family
man he’s a family man in this new film dark fate trash something about the
future was changed oh my god hold on a second guys just give me a minute Sara yeah Linda Hamilton mommy it’s time
to just you know it’s time to retire she look crazy trash don’t waste your time
if you want to see it on the free movie website that’s what I would suggest
don’t go spend your money in the theaters okay hey tell you how are you
man thank you for your cash yet he said sorry I see our poll on Queens flip show
before Christmas Josh that’s where he belongs he belongs matter of fact Troy
read again a lot of respect to that man and his son chase they opened up a a
sneaker pawn shop in Halling years ago and they hired me to to host the event a
lot of respect for that man Troy Reed are the father of street documentaries
you can go to UM the source that’s where I got this from today online
you know Troy Reed innovator you know anybody know had the arm the sneaker
pawn shop is doing me looking live chat real quick is it still going on guys okay okay yeah it was a brilliant idea
and his son chase was a really really good guy true story catch this one true
story I was on the stage with a microphone and
I was and chase was standing next to me and Troy Reed was in the audience and
and Troy Reed’s beautiful wife I don’t know if they’re still together but she
was fine as a motherfucker and um I said hey I said do you guys really support
Chase and they said yeah I said well then hold up a dollar
everybody hold up a dollar and we had the camera and I and I said to chase now
go around and collect all those dollars and he was first he didn’t want to do it
I said aw man that’s your money he went around and collected the dollars but
yeah man great guy freedom that’s who’s behind I’ll pose
documentary Thank You Tay for your your donation mmm he said yeah man queens
flip is poppin facts guys I told this girl not to call me during the show let
me turn this phone down yeah Brian good evening sir he says that the
Mafia sends your friend to clip you exactly yes so again not that I’m you
know co-signing what Alpo and his team did but you know how is it you got such
an issue with Alpo and you ride the scrotum of the of the Cosa Nostra I want
to see Alpo on Love & Hip Hop Real Talk I wouldn’t see that nigga on Love & Hip
Hop Jerry hey Jerry thank you for your Kashyap he says Alpo aka mr. keeping the
streets clean he was in that documentary he was at some type of fly-ass apartment
what the fuck was at it huh what what up fam hold on a second he said star let me
get some in action man six four six we talk to these niggas hold on black is
that you six four six black yo what’s up hey how are you hey listen
man yeah in the cache at you put six four six two one seven but okay
can you hold on a second this is a Harlem cat okay well stay right there so
everything because you know black spent money yeah I fuck with niggas and spin
the scroller just sit tight come on guys here’s black black you
there hey black star peace was good nice how you been good how are you sir listen man it’s a little bit of
contradictory and all our posts story that he was given on that little trailer
right you know the arm or the notorious phone interview he did that’s popular on
YouTube he didn’t mention that he shot which Porter I’m saying he also said
that on which Porter was gripping the the door handle to get out okay you
don’t understand he said that you know which Porter’s defecated on himself so
what I’m thinking is you know Alto he’s trying to get a little you know
notoriety for his name because everybody’s pretty much propped his
office made by jail right also you know growing up in the Bronx living in Harlem
for many years but I was a kid and out for generations probably about five to
ten years older than me I didn’t really hear too much about how polite to hear
about rich Porter and easy nothing and um when but our pole was locked up you
know he’s name was ringing you know they made money off the movie right
Bridgeport his name was legendary and I feel like this is a ploy for our poll
the timekeepers name ringing also awesome awesome Street shit give me not
to I mean the curse and some things we go if all if you in the street right
and the immoral thing about the Apple situation and reported situation and
that you know which was trying to get his bread up to get it get his brother
back and you know I feel like his ego won’t allow him to say the truth of what
he was really feeling like I don’t feel like he murdered rich Porter because
rich Porter had a collect I think he just murdered reporter because bridge
Porter got hit with those bricks to get his brother okay because he never stated
whether or not he got the bridge from rich afterwards or anything just
murdered bridges defer to him and people gotta stop letting this caffeine ring
man like we talked about you know Stanley bull and he’s mafioso caps and
all that but you know they they Cole was a lot different than you know the cast I
was getting money in the crack of it man we got to stop idolizing caps like this
because you know this dude man he didn’t really staff anything man you murdered
your man for no reason you didn’t get anything out of it you know I’m saying
and he’s trying to hold on to that okay I can appreciate what you’re saying I
really can and I’m 55 and during the rich Porter Alpo era I mean I was really
running with the Latin Kings I wasn’t really into hip-hop then I was I was in
the Freestyle and before the Latin Kings oh yeah we talked of a Haiti yeah yeah
before the Latin Kings I was running with the shower policy so I learned
about rich Porter and I’ll go you know after rich Porter was killed you know
I’m saying but I was there I was living on 150×150 2nd Street between Broadway
and Amsterdam so I mean I was intertwined with these guys but I can’t
I can’t honestly say to you that I heard of these guys as being drug lords me
they were drug runners drug dealers but the streets always fabricate things so
I’m not hating on on their hustle if alcohol is changing the story somewhat
sort of kinda oh well he’s home now and he can shoot a documentary he can do a
podcast he can do whatever and he can he could eat the same way as Sammy the bull
is fuckin eating yes ma’am yeah you got a point there but um I mean
it’s gonna do a documentary right like yeah why does the documentary got to be
titled the murder of rich Porter like they’ll let that man live man like at
the same time you know you just not like you feel any remorse from it you know
his family still gotta grieve from hearing his name ringing behind the
situation you know you’re out here trying to prop this put it if you want
to do a documentary put a documentary out about yourself man
you know it’s like you know there’s a sort of like you know someone trying to
make money off another man’s death like just don’t they don’t sit well man you
know that’s all I gotta say near you I appreciate you start doing your thing
man I love what you throw out the following you for 20 years
thank you sir sorry thank you you know hold up on the whole Harlem on the rise
there six for six what’s that me how you tell you may I
call you tell you about how back in the day wait a minute wait a minute how old
you you said oasis how old you keep a real no 47 without thousand dollars when
I was like 16 years old okay okay because I used to be in OSS in the back
in the booth getting skied up yeah you you and everybody except for the young
niggas and then I used to go up to 150 a street hold on and 158 in Broadway and
uh I think was called the monarch the monarch bar and I said hang with Mike
Barnes Nicky Barnes younger brother Weezer sniff coke together nigga start
doing too much come on come on I’ve seen that I’ve seen that helpful
Johnny last night on our with that cunning TV with with the city’s
colleagues Dahomey gullies Dahomey and the Apple Apple you want to know my
witness detection our Airbnb so wet hmmm okay gasps big windows but where it is
he going around Harlan we call herself big lo now okay run around with some
young niggas fuckin niggas pockets out so I heard the streets gotta eat city my
new right yeah always yeah every day okay so now hang on a
second you from the hall I’m born and raised okay are there any details any details
that we need to know ahead of time because Troy Reid is one of the most if
not the most official source historians about you know Harlem drug lords drug
runners drug dealers and he’s behind this Alpo documentary anything that you
know we don’t know I’m gonna go from the west from the west side no I’ll put the
west side that I was part of man also in the West Side out poor that’s one of
East Side hundred a bitch wanna melt Barry on that nigga soon okay I am
really feeling that dude well Smith Smith you’re no snitch you know I’m
saying maybe he killed he killed the nigger I was a legend in
Harlem man like when Richard Porter got killed me on the fucking moon spread it
was niggas crying who didn’t even know but it was just like the nigga was just
he was just knowing me he was more famous than a Z and fucking helpful put
together yeah well swell serve respectfully maybe he was a little too
Giggy for Alpo maybe I’ll post it you know he’s pulling all the bitches you
know he’s got the fly ass Oh J or the Audi whatever you know all that shit
back in the days on them let me get this neighbor the fuck out of here what’s it so that’s instructor shit yes
you’re right jiggy yes your change bigger than mine you you old
sheepskin you gotta fuck out of here before we get started let me just say
this I don’t want to get in the middle of you know who you’re beefing with I
respect what you do I receive other guys as well right but I’m fucking with you
right I’m fucking with you I see the movie welcome with you man I’m loving
you for that store and I got you man a hundred percent you know Bob Mina state
shout you out and you know like I said the business entertainment for you you
know I ain’t getting no trouble man I’m so much out here as a public figure to
be to be entertaining dude I just called him out man you know and I’m tired of
people letting you know New York dudes get away with a lot of a bull stuff man
so I gotta address like in on your phone bill what I’m saying come on take your
time pop your collar let’s go come on okay I got
100% real even if I’m the one that through the bullshit I’m gonna let it be
known so nobody can’t sing it’s so far that shit going around I’m always gonna
keep it 100% real man so what’s the world now what we gonna show up on but
you know the book is about to be done in two more days right okay okay you tell
people how they get to book what platform do they go to promote your IG
page where do they go to get this this uh this boat the poker scorpy the link
is um the link is on my page on the website 69 shot book saga CAW okay
follow me at the real stone Billy the real snow on the score – Billy
but let me shout let me shout let me sell to people start is real important
him let me sow Nancy it out and then stop the hunter out man and shout them
through people out very important people in my life right now
shut off the Nancy shut off the cash man but let’s get it man broke 59 shot is
dropping tear me down table waterbed anybody wanna know why CEO Chris our
relationship what we going through with the whole legal things and everything
but right now the topic is out cold man I just posted a video on my page and I
said some things only God to judge the man we need better his legal team got
the door with these dudes man so and nobody can’t down the makers you don’t
know who or two of you was in that situation right right right
listen I did a whole lot of grimy shit back in the day so I can’t sit here and
you know clown the man because truthfully I should have been doing 20
years bedtime 2020 right right right you
feeling like like and I do have to get up out of there Oh me out all your man
there right we got so much similar histories a couple this is why I you
know you know meet me I take a liking song because we and people that know me
from Brooklyn out of the waters projects in Albany Avenue they know their history
like man I had the same kind of similar history where him enriched and made my
from back in the early night man so I kind of understand but hey listen man
you know anybody want to get caught up than we did all court don’t let that man
whatever he did he did grow that whatever that door
these two they just want to be in a mix but it’s cool because we need them in
the rules without the mix we ain’t got no flavor for ya so we need our dope now
hang on a sec I want to ask you two questions no Billy stay with me stay
with me I don’t want to act so whatever you want to act like guys okay number
one is Takashi coming home under your protection that that’s the rumor he’s
coming home to you he’s gonna be under your wing yeah yeah yeah coming under my
wing he’s coming under my wall you know is everything everything have a right
you know with the right legal people’s and everything he will definitely be
under my daughter’s like he supposed to been under my goddess before these tools
play tricks on his mom and I’m definitely taking one day okay anything
else come here anything you want to ask though I’m here
bro now have you an apple ever met because I see you guys doing a podcast
together that shit would be like the gangster Chronicles I’ll be lik I never
met Pope I never met old man but um you know one day I definitely got plans to
meet a man yeah I know I love you sweat I love it’s where I got no my niggas a
Harlem I love Harlem man you know I’m not calling anybody always
I’m a Harlem too everywhere I go it’s always those who from Hall in smaller
nah sorry man I had to be born where I was born that man but I love Harlem man
you know and anybody see I come at you know these dudes new doors long but I
got it I got I’m tired of moved off niggas getting
away with the far delicious so I gotta put him on blast and I’m and being a new
dog nigga I’m able to do it from a loser’s little perspective
somebody from out of town doing it they say they hate ya but now at the same
time we have to put respect on New York and Jersey because New York stays with
the styles New York stays with the sky no no no when it doesn’t sell you know
you don’t interview all my peoples in North all my peoples the Egg Harbor
Pleasantville yeah I’m heavy in Jersey man huh I love neutral rules man I live
in West Bulldog me and Craig lived in the same building
I lived in West no trenches the homing looking a Hudson River yeah right right
right miss out stretch out miss out stress the whole north
by nature again man no me and Polly give me the dummy I’m would it man I got said
I don’t I see a pot hang on a second if I can just cut in here I see a podcast
with you Alpo and DeHaven I spoke to DeHaven two
weeks ago the three of you on a podcast be crazy crazy they’d be great today
get it be quick have you ever spoke to uh Mona what you ever spoke to Mona’s
God from loving hip-hop no no no no no I never I never I never be stopped the
Mona Scott man I never got in contact with her but you know I’m over 400 I see
you want Love & Hip Hop my snow Billy when I when I saw it so much me like
shoot me a DM via Instagram should lead in the interim I’ll shoot you moaning
Scott’s information say listen star said to holla at you on that new nigger and
I’m ready got you got you got you I’m thirsty put
that out be a man and I know my people that know yeah yeah he’s good people
right right right right you took my markers Sean I get that Marcus right
Marcus y’all familiar yeah yeah grab you hit you up a strap so I’m guessing you
know me install we’ve been in contact from here near but you know once the
books rock and a few more days they be more in sorting if the same pushing away
need be push those peepers no storm you man you know you know he’s do don’t know
the whole story and a lot of things I was an April put out there because it’s
proud didn’t stop ya know what I’m save it all for love and hip-hop say save it
for love and hip hop my nigga what hey what the book notes save all the other
details aside from the book beloved hi pop you can get that check okay right
right right right right right okay okay Billy but yeah you know they they they
they you’re thinking it’s like your stall you
know like I grew up stall fuck where you thousand again at the top but I always
you had to your when I was upstate so Matt Sweeney assesses for a murderous
new has a city but I still got New York trust master guy policeman Oh your voice
is testing industry man I’ll help you go from here so look man I’m in here true
I’m a billion you now I’m gonna respond tomorrow because tonight I’m sipping I’m
spawned tomorrow you got my work I got nobody no man you know we’re not
thank you thank you hey yo man she’ll start up strong be
poured out go men shouting everybody that much snow Billy in the Frank saying
game smokily Anna Frank damn Park ed post our report my lunch from outlet
right man have a go in slow okay alright snow Billy on the chicken who folks
we’re doing a lot tonight slow down who’s my Pellegrino
let me check the live chat cuz my troll babies had told me if I’m doing too much
if I’m doing too much they’ll say star shut it down close the show down am i
okay should I keep it going we gotta see Apple I’ll pull up on Queens flip King
earner where are you nigga holla at me okay the amp another say keep going okay
hold on a sec guys let me just reset the show here okay guys the Harriet Tubman
movie is in theaters right now I saw it this morning it was okay it was okay I don’t really have any major issues with
it I think you should see it but at the same time I do want to put respect on
antonio mores name and yvette Carnell and they have an issue with the film and
they’ve broken it down very very nicely and if there’s anybody from Atos who
wants to call in and you know just say a few words I would appreciate that
because I don’t ever want to speak on behalf of them
Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell but um they have some very very good reasons
for rejecting I’m gonna say rejecting this film and again and Tony amor he was
on Alger al Jazeera English YouTube channel the title of that show is not my
Harriet who gets to represent black American history and Antonia Moore did a
great job on the panel with a few other people people I think there was an actor
from Africa and the two hosts and at the end of the discussion they brought out
hornet olive qualies tweets now you know i fuck with olive qualia heavy but i
didn’t think that that was the right time nor place to bring that tweet out
it almost was like some type of attack on Atos am i right am i wrong i just
want to mention that just want to mention that okay hey Cristina she says
hey sir I’m going to see the Harriet movie baby I suggest you see it on the
free movie website don’t spend your money then don’t go to the theater watch
that shit on the free movie website like I did I don’t know if it’s work I don’t
know if it’s worth you know 50 fucking dollars Tehran thank you for your cash
absolute to you Tehran from seeing your name right mmm email from gali TV gulley
was poppin nigga hold on hold on guys let me respond to gully right now I was
supposed to get a fucking vest from go yeah let me just say where’s my vest
nigga where’s my best nigga okay that’s the homie gully TV respond I seen the Terminator still more
realistic now what is this Thank You Ronny boss chick Ronny set up the snow
bully call that’s how that’s how I knew to pick up 911 seven Thank You Ronny yeah Ryan why he lives way down in Cape
May oh who is this somebody says that the vp of rock nation wore a wire tell
me more please tell me more and why does it go ETV just fucking text me he’s got
my number hold on a sec guys let me go to area
code three I want somebody spending scroller hold on 301 where are you hey
is this Kristen bill one oh yeah with good OG Mexico on a second hey what’s
that me are you I’m good I’m good man so give me contact so was out for the
one that snitch or were they all fit well Paul was definitely snitching
snitchin Yeah right I mean that’s what I’m saying like you know cuz like the
rap game now like and the whole takaki case sex crime is shit everybody is
looking at him like what everybody’s this mission forever yeah you know what
I’m saying yeah man yeah that’s so like people looking at I guess it’s just a
social media aspect of it they see it they see it now how old you soon were
you calling him from told you lexicon second Chris Chris Chris I’m 24 years
young all right you from Mexico yes Domenico yes sir how you doing with that
coke problem did you uh get some help yeah yeah the thing is that the drinking
problem is is is my situation my my issue right now okay so the cokes not
really issue it’s outpost alcohol yeah I’m thinking right now man but as you
should be you’re 24 you should be mainlining right now fuck you me may go
harder go home now but what happens got his shit Rock you ain’t gonna shit rocks
are they see that I’m talking about the Canelo place I didn’t see it and he win knockout knocked out Canelo knocked it
down Oh Canelo got knocked down which one no
Canelo not to do it out oh no Mexico on the Sega ignore it it has a poor my man
yeah listen Floyd Mayweather whipped Canelo’s ass black man whipped his ass
that’s okay the black man whipped his ass straight up film one I really
respect Lord I respect Lord I’m be honesty and he’s
fighting fight as you should you know cuz your og so you mean you’ve seen Mike
I’m pretty sure you seen Mike Tyson fight
yeah I was there I’m 55 yeah yeah Evander Holyfield
whip Mike Tyson’s ass put disaster straight at 101
what does end up crazy a fair one what Tyson is um no excuses
what does a Manglish hang on stay with me on Mike Tyson and Holyfield the real
deal Holyfield poker from Atlanta whip Mike Tyson’s in first you know about
that yeah he hey dog I’ve heard I didn’t
because I’m 24 but no go watch the fucking film Man 3 I watched a film with
dizzy no I thought well I don’t don’t talk
that coke shit I’ll talk that coke shit Evander
Holyfield whooped his ass twice what are you a fucking excuse remind me where
Buster Douglas rocked Mike Tyson shit and get me started here with it Go Go
man go go man Buster Douglas what Mike Tyson’s ass in Tokyo no wait a minute
kiss the canvas fuck is you talking about man you write those team up let’s
get him out of here man you get you got me all out of character right now man
can I get some Atlanta niggas in a live chat huh the real deal Holyfield Rock
Mike Tyson shit who’s that said big up Mike Tyson eat a
dick I’m sucking Mike Tyson’s dick up here nigga eat a dick we puttin respect
on uh Evander Holyfield’s name right now fuck is you talking about blade on the
check-in via superjet he says star was facing 20 years fed time yet he’s free
while most of the Latin King and shower Posse niggers he ran with are dead or
doing life hashtag coincidence knows no good no
coincidence sir no it’s no coincidence I was facing a decade ten years oh hell no Thank You blade for your um your
donation blade also says first star was running with the Latin Kings then he ran
with the shower Posse it seems this nigga ran with which every gang was
winning at the time yes the shower Posse was the early eighties when I first
moved to Brooklyn I moved to a Maple Street between Beverly and Rogers that
was early eighties and and I’ve told this to if I don’t like to go too far
back but those those niggas were just too ruthless they had no problem
stabbing shooting and killing people and I just said listen I just moved from
from middle suburbia I’m a rock and roller I didn’t come here to do what
you’re doing and then to go to the penitentiary I’m out of here and then I
moved back uptown Manhattan and I started writing with the Latin Kings and
that’s you know I don’t talk about that you’re right Blake you’re absolutely
right he also says respect to William terrain
for pistol-whipping stars dirty Dago uncle can’t be letting these okay
stalking really racist by the house unannounced and uninvited yeah you know
there’s a lot of black people from the South who didn’t entertain what black
people up north entertain you know that’s a misconception that you know
black people in the South were like you know always you know jhaza balsan and
head and handkerchief no you had a lot of Dallas South people that didn’t fuck
with white people and my father was one of them no you
come to the house unannounced if just because you were related to my mother
you had to make an appointment I don’t talk about that tonight Alan Jones gave
me sir he said salute get me on the line for alp okay so where’s your phone
number Alan Jones I don’t see a phone number Koko’s at 3:00 a.m. says father
away you go okay he meant to say farther he spelled father
you go from East Coast the more watered down it gets did you make in pot
restaurant on West ok I’m gonna give that address tastes like I’m done with
Jamaican food it’s nothing personal it’s just it’s different
please it’s different it’s different the Candyman says I would love to see Ronnie
in a in a Money Train parody with Wesley Pipes sucker shit hey Ronnie hey girl
giggle giggle giggle chuckle chuckle JA okay Thank You Man Mort or 486 says do
we get a star discount for buying Twigg sneakers absolutely absolutely I have my
triple butter comm product coming this week okay yeah you get a discount on
these joke no joke with our baby joke joke joke I’m doing a live show you want
to call in you want to call you back okay what number you call in from the
number you call from now yeah call the um the queue and I’ll just I’ll look for
you no bite alright hold on guys
yes you do get a discount if you mention my name alright for twit sneakers hang on guys Twitter peril I wore this
today actually to the mall okay this is a really nice rain jacket look at the
quality in a second you got the secret pockets new stash whatever look at it
look at the quality okay okay Harrison guys crazy show tonight we look
for children of jokes number hold on hold on give me a second choke no joke
Hokies call from the 646 number Chuck where are you now give me a second game
a second okay give me a second guys give me a
second I’ll take one more call in the meantime area code six five zero six
five zero are you there hello hello zero hey what’s up man pick up that phone
hello the phone sir how are you man no I can’t hear you I can’t hear you
what’s going on dark here me better none sounds crazy you come from the trap
phone where are you I’m on the track phone star we complement what’s going on
with you hey big respect man I love your show man
I’ve been watching it for a long time Thank You Man I’m that nigga for real
for real let’s go on now to Oakland California okay I’m calling out Oakland
California yeah I really I really call cuz I wanted to tell you about the
holistic melodies methods and shit like that cuz I felt like nobody had anything
really good well sir can you tell me where I can get something over the
counter I’m trying to flush my system I don’t really want to do all that you
know home remedies and shit you know just I go to the doctor I’m gonna tell
you right now I’m gonna tell you right now star right now I think you say you
want to lose the weight for this little pilot Claridge you know it’s actually a
big pilot sir but can you send me an email you send me an e-mail because I’m
sipping right now I want remote yeah yeah I’ll do that
Thank You Man I’ll do that okay thank you missile all right hey big up yes sir
Thank You Man yes ticket joke no joke joke no joke
6:46 Tokido yo what’s going on man hey Phil joke nigga I saw you shining up on
big boy TV I saw you nigga so good look I called you right joke I called you
cold you also awesome jeez I said joke that’s a good look right appreciate what’s wrong man how you yeah
I have to go out I have to go out of the West Coast cake yeah yeah big boys good
people man Oh show me respect yeah yeah yeah he’s definitely a real one yeah and
she well yeah they I called in there cuz I was seeing saying watching it seeing a
wife so much as output come on but mojo well what’s your views are out bow
before I thought you know I’m 55 I was there but at the same time we’re dealing
with the different generation they see things differently
I can’t dump on out pole you know he’s got to get that bag up he’s a hustler I
have to respect that even though I don’t I don’t agree with you know how he moved
at the same time you know he’s coming he’s out he’s back on the block
he’s still rocking the fly jiggy shit who the fuck am I to sit here and try
and clowning and and he’s down with Troy I read you know Troy reach oh yeah Troy
that nigga for real for real yeah hey cool yeah yeah alright so are they I
mean I I grew up I see awful growing up I see him coming through on
the bikes I’ve seen them on the hunt when he says seeing them
strip strip when they stupid dude now not once but twice on our 25th Street
and then our time I think news either Miami or Virginia Beach I can’t remember
one of them but I know he’s on the strip and he strip to do but for when I found
out to do over the month so every time you see them he have his money he are on
each strip employ make it where everything’s at and you know so
I’ve seen him around and everything what right right like you say there’s a
different time now it’s done so is it well I look guys I look at it like this the only person that that’s really gonna
hold a gripe against them is the poor defense you know I’m saying cuz they
don’t want that ultimately there we took the loss forget everybody else
you know in his family first you know AZ is not going to be nothing
you know anything is not like he’s gonna do something to him cuz he’s fighting
over the whole thing like you know we talk you know what I’m saying and then
then you know it’s not like he got any you know I mean he got he got siblings
but that’s still family but outside of that they ain’t no no Street dudes that
back it still connected to riches out there I’m going dude on to him so I
ultimately is like people can’t expect something to happen to him you know
saying well we if he was a gorilla or not you know they’re saying because
ultimately that was their business you know saying they they was dealing
business amongst each other whether you know you snaked his man and then along
or whatever at the end of it that’s honestly between dumb three and maybe to
connect that you know if he took a loss because of what he did man boy if I can
jump in choked and and if I can go on record and said I agree with you 100%
because you know Minister Farrakhan said in that speech hard trials are necessary
to establish the truth he said if we did kill Malcolm what the hell business of
it is yours he was talking to to the masses now again I’m not
condoning what Alpo did but you know we’re talking New York niggas you you
you’re a nigger from Eden wall projects probably some of the most Crimea’s
cutthroat niggas I’ve ever encountered in my life I’ve told you before I got
robbed I got robbed by some dirty-ass me even wall niggas you know so you know
I’m looking to you man to say what it is or what it ain’t
I’m just I’m being objective I would love to see snow Billy and Alpo and
DeHaven up on either Love & hip-hop or doing a podcast this is where we are now
choke ya see that make some some dudes that don’t mix right knees on
DeHaven pedigree he wouldn’t be with that so because they’re where he stands
for now I don’t joke I spoke to DeHaven last week last week yeah but okay but
I’m just going by their balls apprentice that I know he’s staying on and he eats
from the old school ever you know other things so him doing a product as well I
could be wrong I could be wrong but I’m just saying that you know these guys
have wisdom knowledge experience and I get that but I want you to take a
perfect look at with the snow building kids and this is a perfect example and a
perfect time for everybody to pay attention and watch now I don’t say when
six nine come home these rappers are gonna be in the studio doors pause you
know dudes is gonna be rockin Widow right now like I said I don’t I don’t I
don’t know no Billy I don’t I just heard him on
here you know I’m saying I don’t know he’s a gorilla I don’t know if he did
time or whatever but my point is this he you recommend it to him to do a show
where alpha man who I led you is supposed to be a bitch or whatever right
hang on oh I’ll pose a certified killer and a snitch no offense but I don’t mean
to you know spits no Billy I don’t mean if I can finish my point but face my
point I don’t mean to spits no Billy’s resume
out there but you know I lived in Brooklyn for over 20 years
82 for st. John’s right next to Armstrong funeral home for a decade snow
Billy’s Glock used to go pop I’ll just say that I’d know a lot of cats down the
own ocean engaged and I’m just saying that you know if they were to get
together it could be entertaining it could be something that could be
educational of source I’ll give you the last word okay with that I agree with
you right but talking as from a street level like
this is why you got people like Jews like Troy our famous streets is a mess
and and I even say you know the street rules goes bullshit because they don’t
apply throughout your whole life you know what I’m saying even don’t even
apply when you in a game because look at alcohol in situation he’d say he called
him his brother in the same breath out of talking about chilling you know what
I’m saying so but what I was saying about this no Billy dude was now here he
from when I’m hearing he’s talking I he’s a thorough do their goal by the
street cold what toka if I can just say I don’t want to
talk sideways about somebody else if you want to reach out to him you you guys
talk and then maybe he can come on you know you know you know I’m not saying
come on all right what I’m saying is he said he said when
when 69 come home he’s gonna be under his wing yeah now here’s you got
everybody else out here calling to do the rat nobody’s messing with him
blah blah blah now he said wait come on he’s going to be under his wing and then
at the same time he said I think he would do a show with Pope you know what
I’m saying so it goes to show you that this is a different era now where and I
think Chuck no jokes should produce it with Street Street coals rules don’t
apply anymore you get what I’m saying yeah like it ain’t like poll is still
industry this dude I’m sure this doing so building in the street like I get you
know what I’m saying but what I’m saying to you is if you
look at it you got you got all these dudes out here call me boo the rat
whatever but he’s saying you’re losing come on he’s on the ball way okay joke I
want you to promote your channel because I know you’re gonna build on this within
the next day or so tell people when you when you’re going live next so they can
go to your YouTube channel you can break this down even more please I’m gonna
live tomorrow YouTube channel choke no joke legendary
director the arc is Mireille joke no joke why Instagram yeah
and shout-out to the dude’s know Billy we have you like it ain’t no disrespect
to you I’m not trying to teach a queue or saying anything about your street
credibility I’m just making a point so before they get blown because I’m an
chopped it up and make you something that is not hearing it for me please
official grimy Brooklyn nigga I’ll just say that but but listen choke also with
regards to other tunnel just so that people don’t ever get it twisted you you
what you were there you documented hip-hop because of your passion I don’t
ever want anybody to think that you’re you’re bitter about anything so as far
as the the tunnel document and plumbing tunnel documentaries they can still see
a piece of hip-hop history and they go to a what platform to order those I pulled it down I had it on iTunes and
Google Play right now I pulled it down I’m sure because the aggregator
distributor I don’t know if you familiar with them they went bankrupt Oh Cheryl
so it’s like I’m getting all these sales and somebody’s getting the money but
distribute is not paying the filming so a bunch of filmmakers out here that guy
filmed on various platforms and they were the aggregator for that and none of
us again I checked Bob Beaumont down because if they if
they in Lord as they filed bankruptcy I don’t know how long they’re gonna be in
bankruptcy and then I don’t know what’s gonna happen and then I don’t want my
film stuck right oh well they can go to youtube channel to hear you talk about
the tunnel I went there one time it was a shithole it was a fucking nightmare
everybody was robbing people it was it was craziness but that’s what people
should know that you are literally documented you know years and years
and years of grand footage joke before you do the documentary don’t call it yes
yeah the hip-hop nucleus the documentary on
the legendary I went there one time I said this is a shit hole I’m mad at you
this is ridiculous hey Chuck before you go before you go any good any comments
on Dame Dash and Adam 22i who’s the coach you vulture in that situation oh
let’s go let’s go Joe Turner who would you say is the coach of votes that
situation I don’t know I why would they after all the coaching vultures vultures
vultures why would he be saying thanks to him do on the show absolutely Damon he did hold down Kanye
West his culture he held down Kanye he was talking to uh Adam held him down
yeah oh yeah well that guy that was dial down to attack that was a being racist
fair that was the rage society because Adam was talking from a political
standpoint and Dane was making it racist and he was making it about rape okay so
James just got angry or emotional because he felt like now you’re not
talking about Kanye what you talking about
the black man you get what I’m saying and that’s why that that exchange guy
heat it like that because Dane wasn’t he was he was defending Kanye but he was
more defending the black man against the white man then he was defending Kanye
West okay joke I’ll talk to you tomorrow ma’am I take some more calls I’m a rebel
I stop soon man good to talk to you man I yes sir
respect okay joke no joke that’s the homie jokes getting that bag out here Shh
don’t tell him I told you what is shithole the tunnel was back in
the days holy smokes let me look enlarger anybody ever go to
the tunnel back in the days all they were doing was robbing people I went
there one time I said this this is the bottom of the fucking barrel it was poppin though was poppin I just
looked the Funkmaster Flex you know I spoke to flex two weeks ago we had a
phone conversation that’s all I’ll say good man good man all right um let me
wrap this up here with some awesome cash abs super chance hey Charles thank you
for your donation he says what up star this CF from Philly
did I pick his call up see if there’s somewhere here hey Shep is that you 267
cleaning nah this is a photo from Sony I called with this back okay did you send
you the donation sir yeah I sent it last week and I sent one in this week to look
at what okay good what do you want to say now go ahead I just want to say I
dedicate this to that that out pull top it this is for y’all check it out don’t
play any music don’t play music what are you doing are you playing an instrument
are you playing some type of I’m playing it okay
I heard you go looking to leave Morgan man I heard you were met you leave
Morgan a couple of episodes in fact I grew up listening to leave Lee Morgan my
father was into him so yeah I’m very familiar with his albums yeah
that’s silly zone do you promote buy do you mind if I buy you to please man sure
dad my name is slow Porter or more YouTube
our couple got a couple videos up there I got a lot of videos up there but I’m
gonna start putting my music videos up there okay so that’s it check me out
everybody swole Porter thank you sir salut thank you
okay all right all right I don’t see Charles I was looking for area code 267
Charles pardon me if I didn’t pick up fast enough hallelujah
Jay says hold up a dollar yeah okay uh hold on guys – five – or should wait a
minute Moringa origins is that you Eric OH –
five – hello – five – you know oh yeah what’s up man what’s up man man is
Graham man I’ve been promoting you man did you see me I know I see you I see
you right where you just saying taking it right let me hang up this phone cuz
I’ll but this homebody that that a hold of any hanger this phone together
call me Mac Yuma you there you don’t know yeah yeah tell the people about
moringa origins you one of my sponsors man I got you G I’ve been using the soap
as well yeah right how did things smell how’s it work for
you I like it I like you good good um yeah it’s all fun work but you gotta
take the powder or the pills to go along with it because of where she inside
without okay can’t just take one or the other you know what I mean and a lot of
that other stuff you taking like that aloe and all that stuff you got to put
that mess down mmm let’s do the side effects of it okay so you’re saying
Bostic money is telling me something I shouldn’t be doing and never mind aloe
plant don’t need that man if you if you google L o side effects one of the first
thing it talks about it today on liver problems okay that’s one of the first
things that pop up when it talks about the side effects so a lot of stuff claim
is natural and all that kind of goes up it ain’t that you talk about your blood
sugar stomach pain France diarrhea kidney problems I just put it on my face
I wasn’t like you know drinking getting fucking chewing or it’s just low on my
face yeah well if it does that on your inside
magic was gonna do the at face okay hey so tell people where they go and now
what they will see when they go to Moringa origins calm please that’s who
I’m saying yeah just go go to my website I mean everything is up there there’s a
lot of information if they don’t want to if they don’t want to you know take my
word for it just Google Moringa I mean my ring is not a new plan
but it’s it’s the most high protein plant based product that you can take
higher than any other plan to anybody name any other herb whatever these
people talk about carrots all that easy stuff it’s ten times stronger than
carrots you know what I mean it’s just better for you than anything you know
him yet right now yeah so just go to my website bring origin talk come check it
out well we give more savings amen Julie you
know I mean no Carolina to now say you coming coming to town yeah yeah I’m
trying to go to down man somewhere around Christmas I’ve got a whole bunch
of about people from my terrain family the terrain plantation they they talk
about doing some things down there around Christmas I’m trying I’m trying
you know are you tell my name is missing me maybe
I haven’t been in since 73 Mendon okay oh yeah that’s way before my time man
there’s no Hill you know I’m saying yeah that’s but I’m from the cow from
the Cato I’m from the K all day cancer okay justice yeah from from k-town so
yeah but I got you know I got that I got a mall spot in Greenville North Carolina
we got one in Bloomington and Raleigh the Crabtree mall so we got a few
locations where but most people buy from me online you know what I mean that’s
it’s where more peace most people find me at in and that’s how
it becomes to man you got my numbers you got my direct line man give me about
salute you you know I I pick you up you know I’m going to keep supporting you
and thank you I’m right right with you and food for sure
all right again Moringa origins calm that’s website all right yes sir thank
you me everybody okay take care folks if you want to sponsor this show shoot me
an e-mail the one nine six four and I will send you
the analytics to the show so that you can see what we’re doing behind the
scenes here okay who is there somebody’s sending me something about the CEO of
rock nation yeah court with 35 keys we know this yeah and right now we talk
about Alpo the new documentary trailer you know who’s on the phone here uh that
choke who’s the area code 646 homeless second guys a lot going on tonight okay
I don’t see area code six four six I don’t know who you are but thank you for
your donation that Hollow says for appreciation thank you so much hello for
your contribution Raheem thank you very said what route did y’all take one
Harriet came for you folks the movie Harriet um I suggest you go see it you
know it was okay it wasn’t it wasn’t bad it wasn’t great the director is it kasi
lemons starring Cynthia areevo I recommend you see it I saw it on the
free movie website today it was early in the morning but um it was decent it was
decent you know if you’re Atos antonio more any vet cornell are not supporting
the film and i think they have some valid valid reasons but i don’t want to
speak on their behalf okay just want to say that who was unlike here area code
two six seven who is that – six seven commission guys i think i picked up two
slow swole nah mix i don’t see in the queue but thank you okay who keeps sending me stuff about
the Iraq nation snitch who gives a shit Desiree Perez okay okay we’re talking about
Alpo tonight guys priest is on line three or five priest where are you man see if that’s please hey priest is that
you area code 305 good evening what’s up King hey how are you min king
peace man peace thank you for your contribution is love yes sir
well um two things about the hairiest you know as a Rastafari oh you know I’m
very tribal but my ancestors oh my god because uh you know and I am and and you
know it was route to far I’ve non-biblical Rastafari we see God as
ourselves in the mirror okay we see the divinity in all of us all human beings
either either through your actions you either God or Satan according to your
actions okay you know that’s the true essence of Rastafari you know Haile
Selassie does represented the revival of all black people used to be grow be grew
to about the God concept because our God was our King and then when the invaders
came and told of God with Jesus that’s when everything fell apart has nothing
to do with guns because we were we’re taking 20 people at a time you forget
one gun 20 people getting off at one time just to get one go
okay I’m a mission make sure that make sure that King survived but once the
King was Jesus then that old fat man sitting on that throne in Africa didn’t
Tina that’s where it all they talking no records now what that man you talking
about I’m being I’m being in general in the sense of the chief the African chief
was the God the African Queen was a God he had women live way before t why
people aren’t you cuz we worship the goddess
whether she was on my set my heart um yeah my uh whatever she was bad
always a balance you got a goddess and you had a god yeah so I have no problem
with anything you’re saying I mean it to me it’s all folklore respectfully I’m a
non-believer in ethereal to each his own but now listen can I ask you to get folk
but I only see God in Phil that’s fine it’s fine
our goal the new documentary coming down Troy read that’s the story have you seen
the other trailer I’ve seen the trailer but I really don’t like to promote
certain grime eNOS I’m an advocate is that but I’ve seen it and I know I mean
I I in I used to run to the bus on the beat 35 on Church Avenue okay you know
during the time that Jamaican foxy you know them boys used to roll around
shower Posse put respect on the names shower Posse yeah shower power being yet
yes you know yes ding-dang and all of them you know you have sprinklers yeah
it sprung the lasagna and show up on the one they had you shaking in your boots
keep it real you were shaking I was no no no no I you know I was shit course I
was yeah of course I was you know they they warned us when we went in I mean
the only time I got in contact with them when I went to church in Church Avenue
over the in Flatbush that’s right you had a curfew what time did you have to
be in the house if you weren’t in shower Posse I didn’t even have a car I don’t
know how to be in the house okay curfew you crazy I just I knew I had a being
odd about I grew up I grew up every shelter I grew up I grew up like three
little bears with my mom was older my dad was older it wasn’t me and then I’ll
spoil brat I hate to cut you short man I’m gonna get back to the topic of Alpo
any any Oh any close about closing thing is I’m gonna send you some stuff about
help because you know we’d be way before there was vegan and vegetarian we act on
it you know no sauce all sugar and and you can remember like what he was
talking about he was the Apple Oh King allo the cleanser seagulls use at
one time maybe one time sir I need to flush my system tomorrow please don’t
send me any remedies can you tell me what I can go purchase from CVS
Walgreens or Walmart hopeful player go home what do I get
what do I get my pharmacy section yeah what do I get when I ask for first thing
you get you’re gonna get that you have that arm Quincy they have a colon
cleanser can you give me the name of the cleanser please what’s the name your
cleanser just give me the name of it Jesus me a second guys just give me the
name of the fucking cleanser I want to deceive yesterday and I tried to get
some fleet phosphorus so did it do they still make that look alive do they still
make that yeah I don’t want you know Jamaican remedies just tell me what to
go buy me a second who was this awesome okay somebody says hey big Elvis thanked
me he says chocolate covered white people okay this is racist what’s going
on over see okay man fuck keeping T real on your show Thank You eg salute you
thank you good ok so money sent me something here about ok I’ll get back to
that that’s crazy something about the popeyes chicken sandwiches I’m confused hey Whitney how are you star I’m on area
code nine one two that Whitney grieving Whitnall oh hey hey whoa you know you
remember a while ago when DJ else was on the show I called you I like donated in
that’s when it was just you and DJ Eliot thank you baby
long time ago long time ago oh it was but I want to see this right I sued the
video of Alpo in the car and he’s driving with Troy Reed and I seen that
and another caller hinted earlier I feel like he’s lying because like the
caller said on that notorious documentary documentary that’s on
YouTube he said that he lured rich Porter down to the basement and he had
his little by little Gary who’s he eventually killed also and he lures him
down to the basement and rich must have sense that something was going to happen
because there was they’re walking him down he tried to put prices on his hands
off the railings they’re going on to the basement in the video he makes it seem
like he makes it seem like he got this from the car drove him around and shot
him so he’s switching up his story and I was wondering if people were going to
catch on for that and I’ll call a caller earlier caught on those like he’s
pushing off the story and then another thing I want to say because you know I
watch your show Thank You sometimes you have topics I
feel strongly about and sometimes I don’t but I’m still showing about this
the wrong topics of like snitches right and I feel like you know with the whole
kakashi thing you know in my opinion you know all of the audio that has dropped
has sold that shoddy work on like a writer for six months right and I don’t
want to make it like races but you know you look at the situation all the black
people go to jail sadi go to jail malebolgia ragazze where were their
backgrounds were what they were doing he shot it some people nobody died
he died you know he got 15 years mandatory minimum that it’s right but
you have somebody that clearly was not about that life
like I’m not about that life hang on a second go I appreciate what you’re
saying but now are you calling into Cape for shoddy shoddy zagoon no shoddy
rolled the dice that came into the situation that wasn’t about that life
but train to be something that he’s not you know and everybody was putting
everything on laughing up and now they’re all in jail he gets to go free
yeah you know what was time for snow Billy to get some money now so you know
shoddy shoddy fucked up and now uh Takashi’s coming home it’s no Billy’s
time to shine there it is streets got to eat I mean I’m you know I like know
here’s the point that the Saint said it’s funny well he’s as serious as colon
cancer keep your eye on them he’s a Brooklyn goon – so now hang on a second
if we can go back now when’s the last time you sent in a donation because I’m
about that squirrel oh don’t hang on bucket you fucked up out of here why
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receipt did you want to call in I i got your receipt thank you so much via email
he’s okay set him on six one seven hold on a second
did I pick up too late oh shit I think I’ve missed him Mike from Boston Mike
sorry man I just I got I got swamped tonight doing a whole lot folks there
the trailer for our pose documentary is on Vlad let’s all get focused
Troy Reed good man he’s behind it Troy weed gave me a bag years ago I helped
him open up the the sneaker pawn shop with his son chase Reed let’s get
focused on this all right a few more calls what time is it
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solute boss if we’re gonna support Gucci and Louis why not
Harriet Ann Alpo question mark you’re right why not the game is rigged says my broke troll
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for make Alpo critic in salute to Ronnie for hooking up the snow Billy call okay
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thank you goes through wine what are you talking about man okay Alan send me an
email I I can’t you know talk about certain things on the show here without
worrying about some type of fucking Community Guidelines violation who that
nigga on the NAG I’m tired of making nigger pennies and dealing with nigga
okay help me you owe me pops Sonny Boy still loves you come back I get
fish-scale hey Spanky from the bxs I saw a pic up to one for speaking of the bits
anybody see that some guy in the BX would have fucking pipe just like
beating random women on the street what the fuck hey – one for you there Spanky
yeah what hazel I’m good Amanda man hey what – wanted to be to comment I know
vlog about that I do i classify myself as a BOS listen King I’m speaking of
Cynthia areevo I have a disdain a disdain for African Americans and it
played one of our roles and then in turn and I need to do some research to verify
this and in turn to create fictional characters an atom to the movie that
depict you know African American black on black crime per se and in create this
love romantic scenario between Harriet or to imply to them what limited Harriet
performers slave-owners son just from what I’ve heard the movie is completely
ridiculous so I agree with your vet Carnell on that
point we have to we have to realize but there is a point that it’s a perfect
example of social engineering and I have to agree with that in regards to elbow
if we can just stay on Evette Carnell for a second because again in case you
don’t know I thought I’ve been watching Yvette and Antonio more for a number of
years before you know they really popped off and I love the data that they
present and the way they frame things right and Yvette went in on Barack Obama
three nights ago yeah did you see that yeah oh yeah I
laid him up like a Christmas tree on Sunday morning listen when it comes to
politics what is politics quick quote Pro right
black people are starting to realize now that hey we got nothing out of it let’s
go Clinton that Jimmy Carter a Democrat who was never able to for and held down
we got budgets and and and and it’s not the way to do smart business it’s just
not in regards to a do lesson all of the pushback to it like toddler Polly much
amore on Vlad was pushing back on it here’s the problem and with love with
love and respect of with love and respect to all Africans and West Indians
from the gate when they come into this country what is one of the first things
that they do they differentiate themselves from the african-american all
of them do it that is not a lie that’s not an octave those that I’ve been
married 23 years to a Haitian woman and my other child as other woman my other
child is is half Beijing half African American and nothing against lesbians
nothing against applicants but you have to be honest the first thing they do is
differentiate themselves from African American basis interests a lower a lower
class black ados it’s not against them it’s not against
I’m I was beginning war here but we’re not against immigrants yeah it’s not
anti-immigrant it’s not intend correct we’re not we’re not immigrant even
though we suffered at the hand they’re just pro Atos right right exactly and
always saying is is this we are proud of we are we are finally accepting our
legacy in this country and we are now saving ourselves from other black people
in return not if you get them but to say to America till the frickin superpower
of the entire globe we built the richest country in the world
Thanks and we want back to Penn for what recompense for enough is enough and
whatever you get I want half sorry I thank you for your call no problem thank
you have a good salute all right thank you okay all right
guys I gotta go it’s getting late here I started early tonight let me just say
also salute to hey hey LA sends in a super jet piece star for shots of b12
now I’m moving shaking and popping out here in LA respect boss hogg omelette
thank you sir if you donation concerned white male says star you see the white
babies being bullied by the savages for dressing up like Klansmen for Halloween
I heard this happened in Brooklyn were they white babies over there some type
of Hispanics you know I’m not sure I saw the video you’re talking about and hey
you know um you’re running around with KKK hoods like it’s all fuckin gravy
you know and some African Americans run down on you be ready for the smoke I
don’t know if they were a Caucasian or phenotypic ly Caucasian or you know
whether they thought it was a fucking game but you know for hundreds of years African Americans have been ran down on
in this country so don’t all of a sudden start start you
know Capon because somebody had on a fucking hood you know and they got
checked but thank you for your donation all right guys I’m out of here I can’t
get up early hold on a second ah this is one of my sponsors here I
just got my banners back from my other computer that crashed H and H interiors
Inc make sure you check them out that’s the homie always supports the machine
I’ll see you guys tomorrow at some point I’m not sure what time but thank you for
your support have a good evening and be safe you

100 thoughts on “ALPO Documentary Trailer Released”


  • I’m convinced Choke be smoking that shit. He was dragging, fumbling stumbling his words, not making a point, yelling at Star talking about β€œlemme finish my point,” going on and on and on – sounded like a real live coke rant. Choke gotta stop calling other platforms high. Wtf???

  • Larry Neiberheim says:

    This is the season of the Snitch. Snitches get less time, documentaries, YouTube views, album deals and swag. Keeping it real dudes get jail time and a lot of it or the box.

    You have play the game smart and negotiate your way out. Snitching is the new black

  • The frank stand really open ..sound like star cosigned him lol…van lathan video leak tha wasnt no choke who tf chokes someone from behind their neck lol..lovelyti got the vid

  • I'm not supporting that fake bullshit..white folks are always trying to take theirselves off the hook…if a lie is told too often it will suddenly sound like the truth..that movie is a chess move..our sisters need to snap out of it and understand how wicked Hollywood is and how they love to try to rewrite history.. we play with slavery too much…a jewish person wouldn't dare make a movie about falling in love with a nazi..they dont play around and toy with tragic events like that so why do blacks do?????

  • Elroi The Overseer says:

    β€œStar was my man. We was real close… My man lil tay tay ended up killing him later on”
    – Alpo Martinez

  • When I first got the rough draft of the script that would become Paid In Full, while attending City College, the first person I told was SAME TV members Lahh Woods and Austin Philips. Who would have known that Austin and Azie would end up meeting up and Austin chosen to edit and write the screenplay with Azie. The hours they spent in my kitchen and in Austin's house. Imagine Austin working to graduate college as a film student and getting to do a film he always wanted to do. He had did his screenplay, my screenplay Melissarella and now he was getting the opportunity to do Game Over, which ended up being Paid in Full. But of course Rocafella records conned them out of so much and Austin never ended up directing the movie. He did get writer credit. The story was changed, as the names, and the Jayz that used to be took on the characteristics of the elements in the story and all records after that was about his being in the drug game…To be honest, I never seen him uptown doing all of that ish he bragged about. His partner Dame was a bookworm catholic school kid and knew drug dealers but those records he made and the way he started dressing was influenced by Azie Faison. I really don't think we need to hear another drug story. My family was connected with NB and real gangsters don't reveal their deeds..But you can learn about the female queen pins of the 70s and 80s in A KISS IS NOT A CONTRACT

  • entertainers & podcasters are keeping him relevant for the bag no real street cat with real connect is going to fuck with alpo he is a super rat in the film paid in full they said alpo said when he comes home he's coming back to Harlem because he never rated anybody out from Harlem

  • People that be calling up here got inaccurate narratives about this man,either they got shit mixed up or missing some shit about that man.i suggest them to go listen to the phone interview and then call in lol Rich never shitted on himself it was Gary that did when he got murdered shit like that

  • Jaboobee Theo making Nigerians look bad. Tf u mean Frankie the bull. This ni99a! Lukany can't put a sentence together but he is good $$$ according to star. Get it together Theo! I know goons in Edison Nj don't make me

  • The lame guy on 2:18 needs to sit down y’all clowns let Hispanics πŸ’© on y’all and y’all 😒 y don’t do us like that but wanna claim we black islanders are the ones ok lame ass clowns btw black islanders been doing fa y’all fa years you ungrateful weak minded fools

  • Them dudes was not Harlem Gangsters they was coke boys during the crack era.Big big difference.Gangsters grow old and retire in Miami

  • Ivan IOANNES-Saturnine says:

    36:22 CALLER , GTFOH LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ

  • In case anybody wanted to see and hear Farrakhan talk about how he "dealt" with Malcolm X –

  • Fuck that Harriet movie its BULLSHIT. White bitch wrote the movie smh all inaccurate and fictional shit you can't be serious saying its all right. Star sound more like a bitch as the days pass. Steve B? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Being a supposed reputable og and emphasizing the protection of a bonafide rat is honestly inexcusable. These og's true colors is nauseating….Attention is the new digital cancer….wtf is going on?

  • IcebergWater N.Y.C. says:

    pple love gangsters,outlaws,criminals,etc,but wanna cry about Alpo doing something that is a part of that life.pple are hypocritical.if you are gonna love gangsters,then love everything that comes with it or stop loving them.aint no halfway in that shit.friends kill each other everyday over 5$ dice games,drunk hennesy arguments of dumb shit,chicks,drugs,words,etc.why pple wanna vilify po?

  • JihadDrip Blackawitz Shakur says:

    Them sneakers not bad at all… anybody grab a pairπŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • Dolomite is My name was a masterpiece. I used to sneak and watch Dolemite movies as a kid. I always thought he was funny. He reminded me of my uncles. Eddie Murphy got it right.

  • (((((Sigh))))). Po didn't kill Donnell (Rich's brother). But it wasn't Preacher either. It was his uncle Apple. Preacher was involved in the kidnapping and ransom, but once it became clear that no money was coming, preacher was ok letting the boy go. It was Apple that decided to kill him. Po had nothing to do with that. As far as him killing Rich… Niggas get bodied for less everyday B.

  • "I gotta focus on the road, I'm πŸš— you πŸ‘ him. I wanna make sure nobody's following us you πŸ‘ him."πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • The uncle did the kidnapping of Richards little brother that story is mainly discussed in the preachers crew documentary

  • Why do they keep bringin up this rich porter alpo thing its over and done with let him rest in peace how many stories and documenteries are they do smh

  • Choke's getting that πŸ’° out here….shhhhhhh….don't tell him I told you.(🌟 snitching pay attention)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Reiki Inner Peace says:

    Does anyone think that the FBI told him to say all of this as part of his release to come back onto the community to stir up emotions so the black man and Teresa can continue to kill one another

  • Niggas mad at Po for telling his story but it was cool for everyone else to tell it…..Shit is so corny now all the way around the board.

  • Couldnevabme Gangsta says:

    Star u a fuck nigga from jersey or Boston NY hater we birthed u phony y'all discuss my niggas daily but hate gtfoh Harlem's watching u fuc nigga

  • 29:00 king πŸ‘‘ Sea moss ain't WANT NO PARTS OF his daddy Alpo when he called and his own honor is snatched for Recording him ….he the worst Ninja on YouTube 999 outta 1000 VIDEOS about 1 person FoH

  • BigElvis TheChefRosenburg says:

    #notmyharriet this movie is Fiction..with a black slave Catcher, And a fictional love interest. This movie depicts white sympathy. How the black man and black woman really truly just wanna get along with the white man and woman that loves them.Β  HarrietTubman didn't have the heart to shoot the white man. What the heck?
    Not only is this not my Harriet or my movie this is a watered down sad sell out movie.( Propaganda)
    This writer/director should be ashamed of herself.
    The only African American in the movie is the worst character. A Fictional character. #ADOS (American Descendants Of Slavery)isnt even in this movie.. The woman that plays the main character is not even from America. She doesn't have the same swag. She's incapable of tapping in to what this character truly represents.
    I saw a tweet where she even mention how she was making sure that her Co stars were comfortable on setΒ  And sympathize with them having toΒ  Play such a racist role. Which tells me that she was notΒ  Present enough to truly capture Tubman and what would of been necessary for this role.
    AlsoΒ  This movie was created by Comcast the same company that is in the Supreme Court trying to take away the civil rights act of 1866. How could you make a movie about a black woman fighting for freedom and be in the Supreme Court trying to take away freedom.
    This movie needs to be boycotted.
    Also the star of this movie is Nigerian and her descendants Profited off of slavery. She's spoken about how proud she was of her lineage. A lineage in which her grandfather was a slave trader. How do you get to come to America and tell the this story? #ChocolatecoveredWhitepeople is all that she is. This movie makes me sick.. Do not take your children to see this movie it will indoctrinate them to white sympathy and truly not getting "Any" facts.

  • Aaron Linton- Chambers says:

    I’ll be damned if I support someone who killed a child. The notion that the streets is a place where we should get our moral basis from is plain stupid.

    Repeating the phrase β€œstreets gotta eat” like a parrot doesn’t make someone smart.

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