All Pro Media – Burlington Recreation & Parks Promotional Video

All Pro Media – Burlington Recreation & Parks Promotional Video

You know we are so blessed here in Burlington,
North Carolina to have the magnificent parks and recreational opportunities today the industry
is compressing time so much that it’s wonderful to have the space where families and individuals
can get outside and enjoy the fresh air and what goes on. What we have to offer here within
the Burlington community is such a good cross section of inter generational activities between
all the way from the kids at the parks, the junior seniors, the senior seniors, and the
interaction between the groups. With the community getting involved with Parks and Rec and participating
in the things that are being sponsored and having giving feedback on things that they
would actually like to see it makes them feel like they are being heard and the things that
they really feel good about themselves and things that they really wanna see come to
the park we’re working to have that come together for them. The facilities that the city has
invested in also brings the economic benefit to our community. We’re able to host national
tournaments, whether it be in soccer or softball or some colleges. We’re able to host local
tournaments and all that brings dollars back into the city’s pocket, back into businesses
pockets throughout our community. You know when you start off with an idea and a vision
for where you want it to go and when it really happens, when you see people in the community
really proud of that and you hear the words being spread about the great things that are
happening and Burlington Parks and Rec have given us so much support, it just really makes
everybody feel great. And Burlington is a unique place in which the government, the
private citizens, industry, and individuals all come together to have a wonderful place
to live, a wonderful place to work, and a wonderful place to be competitive, and also
enjoy the outside.

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  • All of this cold weather has made us nostalgic for the beautiful Burlington Parks. What warm weather activity do you miss the most?

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