All Pro Media│Parks and Recreation Client Testimonial

All Pro Media│Parks and Recreation Client Testimonial

Working with All Pro Media has helped us to
establish a shared vision and that vision has helped us to also establish what our core
mission is within the service of our community and that’s provide a high quality of life
standard for our citizens and people who actually come to visit the community. We’ve worked
closely with All Pro, the staff, in developing a really unique promotional piece this year.
Everybody from production down to the camera crews that were out riding on the boats with
us out on the lake to the hot summer days at the tennis courts or out in the parks.
We were able to come together and produce an excellent product. I get goosebumps talking
about it all the time, every time I look at it, I get goosebumps because I say to my staff,
“This is why we do what we do right here.”

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  • All Pro Media makes videos so good, they give you goosebumps — At least according to Lisa Wolff of Burlington Recreation and Parks. See what she has to say about working with All Pro Media in this week’s client testimonial

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