Alcatraz Island Cruise and INSIDE Tour | SECRET Parking

Alcatraz Island Cruise and INSIDE Tour | SECRET Parking

Hey guys, welcome back to living our vision today Michelle and I are going down to the Alcatraz cruise We have tickets for the Alcatraz cruise Parking is the big deal here doing some research for you on this and for ourselves Of course – parking is extremely expensive at least to us We think it is typically $40 a day Sometimes 60 some places are like three dollars and fifty sands per 15 minutes. Give what I’m saying? It’s expensive I did some research and From where we are located uber has went up dollar and two cents in the last 30 minutes So now they are four one way if you take a pool $17.48 otherwise 28:51. There is a place called Pier 27 lot 81 that is located right next to Pier 33 where the Alcatraz Cruise is located. We’ve been down here that’s a very short walk and the only caveat to this is You cannot target Pier 27 lot 81 if it’s a day of a cruise ship or passenger cruises Not for Alcatraz. It’s a different cruise. They have a schedule that you can look at online what you do is you look at their dates here and find your date and make sure That your date is not on here because this is a list of the dates that they do have Cruises going out if your dates not on there you’re golden. So it’s $15 for the first two hours Alcatraz You got all our at least three hours. So Monday through Friday. It’s a $20 flat rate and the weekends It’s a $25 flat rate. They are open from 6:00 a.m. To 10:59 p.m $20 is half the cost of other parking garages and the other parking garages aren’t even this close to pier 33 I’m gonna call them and I’m gonna be sure there’s nothing to worry about In there because you do have to be careful parking in the San Francisco area There’s a lot of car break-ins. We just went to Target the other day We came out looked across the parking lot and there was an SUV Just had its window busted out since we had went in and came back out We’ll do some research on this and let you know Jill then let’s take a cruise Ready to go. Yeah, here we go Can you believe it’s kind of a dreary day today, but we got a spot Right here right here in front of the Pacific Ocean Let’s keep going ready Okay, so here we are at Pier 27 We’ll see how this works out Pier 27 lot 81 Arrive at Pier 27 parking lot 81 and as you can see, it’s pretty empty This is what the person was telling me. A lot of people don’t know about they don’t realize that they can park here So as you can see There’s parking lots pretty much empty you go anywhere else in town and It’s gonna be hard to even find a spot like the guy was telling me on the phone A lot of people don’t know about this parking lot. They don’t think you can park here Here’s your little place to get your ticket. We want option number two $20. It’s your OK button Make your payment processing the card printing receipt alright Unlike some places where you have to put a lot number a lot of your parking spots will have lot numbers you have to put That number in here you just print your receipt and put it on the dash There you go twenty dollars instead of forty dollars and you’re good all day our tour starts at 11:00 a.m And it takes approximately three hours you can stay as long as you want You can take any of the ferries coming back You just got to make sure you take at least the last ferry coming back or you’re stuck on the rock Sit place it up on your dash and you’re good to go. We just saved twenty bucks. I Said enough to get Michelle some pie or ice cream It’s uncool for ice-cream, yeah All right, you ready to go see the rock I am let’s go see the rock it is 9:40 a.m We made some good time. You have to be there 30 minutes prior get in line It’s what they want because they said that they leave over right on time This parking in pier 29 and a half Don’t be fooled by that. That’s for the earlybird parking only Which means you have to be in by 8:00 a.m. In order to park in this garage first breakfast empty out the trash campaign Okay, so we’ve made it to the tour area one thing to keep in mind if you get your tickets in advance They’ll send you a text and an email and if you click on the link on that text, it’ll give you Something looks like this and there is a QR code All you have to do is go directly to the line to line up for your cruise There will be a departure time on there. There is no need To go to the ticket counter or the will call do not need to print a ticket as long as you have this QR code So if you have that QR code just bypass This area and go directly straight ahead is where you line up see all the CEPA lined up This is where we had breakfast if you come early you can go in to the cafe Now boarding 11 a.m. For Those that have service animals And there is your return boat schedule be sure you’ve come back before the last ferry leaves Or you’ll be stuck on the rock Nineteen months their mark is all over this island and they are a crucial part of its history. We’ve just arrived on the island and This is the beginning of our tour We’re going to start at building 64 And we are starting right here at the garden house Sallyport Ain’t talking about you again Sally. I just come out of the theater area We watched one video online about Alcatraz somebody doing a tour they said got to see it in person it’s about like anything That you can watch all you want on TV Nothing’s like being in person just seeing the architecture knowing the history of this place and being here is Just amazing Let’s go see some more 1866 the bone where you where oh, he’s a number Any given time there was approximately 75 families of the workers who worked here at the penitentiary Didn’t they go to school here or did they transport to school? Well in the fifties they would ferry him across to go to school in San Francisco This was also a schoolhouse in the early nineteen hundred’s up to 1933 And then after that it was a resident another apartment house Says on the sign that Like any small town? Alcatraz has its Less desirable places to live as well this building down here that’s destroyed. Basically, it was destroyed by fire in 1970 I think it was I used to be the officer’s club Big officer’s club, huh? Here we go. Here’s the start of the whole cell house Crazy to think of some of the people that used to be here Al Capone whitey whitey Thompson Looking at some of those fans kind of tells you how old this is. Well here it is to sell house And here we go So when we came in downstairs that’s where they checked in then they come upstairs here They come over and they get their clothing And their time then they come over here and this is where they have to shower Wow look how tiny that sink is is all about well The first thing you want to learn when you hit Alcatraz is keep your mouth shut walk with your back to the wall This area is what they used to call Broadway Decision to make whether to obey the rules or not to do good or bad guy That decision affected their lives dramatically It is given housing Medical attention and all the necessities of life. Everything else was a privilege time to exercise outside Getting books and mail all had to be earned One of their favorite privileges was the recreation yard Debug prison within a prison This was what they call the treatment unit Now turn back to the cells walk over to the cells on the far right of the solid green door This was solitary confinement the whole cells 9 through 14 Was occupied the regulations required that the light beyond we kept the lights off when their will knew they were in the garden You may enter one of the cells if you wish So the d-block area they spent 24 hours in their cell That’s why they called it the prison within the prison Al Capone was in this area He was in one of these cells. I’m not the solitary confinement Which are the green doors that he was in this area Was the prison library You put your request on a library card if the book was available they bring input at the bars for prisoners with reading privileges could subscribe to approved magazines and They had some story but some convict got depressed for something that was cut out Never mind that you might have been written as serial, and it was on the back on one in pages Prisoners who behaved could also take correspondence courses took a course from the University of Pennsylvania on animal husbandry The gestation period for a pig is three months three weeks and three days Now on CD Street see in d-block they call it CDs fruit we’re seeing the me Look for a large photo pan along the left wall Stop when you get there In May of 1946 an inmate named Bernie coy along with five Accomplices decided they would escape to freedom Alcatraz was built to keep every inmate directly under a gun This next area the prisoners called peek in place the visitation area When they’ve written that letter and said, you know your dad don’t ever come back we’ve told your sister good yeah, yeah – Roxanna happy the guard came up rack my door and said : and I said, yeah Forsyth 586 nice ad Yeah, you got a visitor. I told him I said you’re full of crap Approach the big busy windows I Thought ll see some good-looking chick, at least if nothing else, you know Then I walked up there and here’s this girl. I I was nervous to know what to expect I knew who she was when I got a real good look at her and when she said Jimmy which is what she always taught me I knew it was my sash once I saw Jimmy it was you know, he didn’t look different and he overwhelmed and we just Couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it Alcatraz the beautiful view there So there was never a day you didn’t see what the hell you were losing and what you miss, you know He was all there for you to see there’s why Here’s everything. I want my life and it’s there. It’s a mile or a mile and a half the way and I can’t get Look at the city directly across from us San Francisco is only a mile and a quarter from Alcatraz and it’s a combination of tides and temperature that makes that swim so treacherous I recall getting that one and like a Shock and expected to be that close if you can do something you got to pay the price Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin, this is the guys from Escape from Alcatraz, June 11th 1962 I’m going to show you their cell That they actually stayed in Three times a day all the man in general population gathered here for 20 minute meals Imagine 200 plus men each armed with a knife fork and spoon This was potentially the most dangerous room in a cell house and if you notice up on the ceiling there, you see these canisters up there rotting around its tear gas and We nicknamed The gas chamber it’s what happened in history a feature. They never did to the button Yeah, if they’d be terrific they would have made a fatal mistake Because into God’s in there and the lieutenant would never have gotten out of there alive Now walk through the barred area at the far end of the dining room behind it is a kitchen area Notice the knife rack on the left The shape of each knife without lined on the rest. This way officers could tell immediately if one was missing Even so some knives disappeared. I think about 314 got killed up Slapper and Chile had drove it into Sol’s his back was just like a nice piece took away the back That was the pumps lamp iron We always had psychiatrist He graduated 1933 there were no jobs There are babies up there We’re just getting back to the car 5:14 p.m. Well, I believe that guy that told me that nobody really knows about this spot is right because look So this is one of your parking options three dollars each 15 minutes daily Maximum of 60 dollars most of it is valet Here’s your other option each half-hour $7 a maximum of $40. You park yourself That is not valet So that’s what we were talking about and they’re pretty full that $20 parking that we got at Pier 27 lot 81 really close to the Alcatraz cruise and Short walking distance to Fisherman’s Wharf so $20 max for the whole day Hardly, anybody knows about it and it’s pretty secure We’re coming around the corner where the hurricane is this is Jimmy we had a widow Wham this is Jim Cantore? Hurricane how are you? Standing up sure is a funny paint job. They gave this place around here all the white polka dots oh The birds have been painted it’s going You marry This way and go down and then around it’s kind of what else I said Yeah, yeah, that’s what I was trying to tell you. Well, I didn’t know if you heard me or not Yeah, right that’s yeah, that’s nice yeah wind sure if you heard that And do not believe we can get through down here no, I don’t think so, I think so either Yeah, that’s trying to tell you that I tried to tell you that too oh Maybe we could just look at it. Okay, let’s look at it. So I was trying to tell you Is what I told you it was It was some oh, you know this were the apartment. Yeah, we’re the apartments where that’s what I told you but Especially when you come around one side of the building I’m not quite sure what that even means. I don’t want to know we went to pause gonna and We have a view of Alcatraz How appropriate is that

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  • Nomadic In Nature says:

    Great video! I would love to do this. I will put it on my list to visit. That's awesome there is RV parking.

  • Great relaxing video as usual. I always tended to rush through places like Alcatraz, you two seem to do it right and take your time.

  • I wonder how they balance keeping the integrity of the "old" building, and keep it from crumbling away? Did you feel any "energy" ;)?

  • I should have held back my comments about Alcatraz for this video. The audio tour was awesome, especially the voices of some former inmates. When booking our tour, we choose the night tour. Walking around was a bit eerie. Good video, take care and be safe.

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