Adventure 360° – Nanaimo

Nanaimo allows me to do my passions through
accessibility. Just the way that it’s laid out, within 10
or 15 minutes, I can basically be from my house and doing something that I am truly
passionate about. For me, it’s about connection. I know a lot of people go to nature to disconnect
from the world, but for me it’s about feeling like I’m part of something bigger. I feel it helps me connect to other people
with similar interests and passions. Nanaimo has a little bit of something for
everybody, and I think it does that little bit of everything really well. It’s a place where you can discover passions
that you didn’t even know you had. It gives you city life, and gives you wildnerness
life, all at the same time. It has both freshwater and saltwater with
easy access. You don’t have to travel more than 10-15 minutes
to be on a body of water, no matter where you live. You can be out of the ocean fishing in 15-20
minutes or you can be on Long Lake like we are today, enjoying some trout bass fishing. With diving around this area, Nanaimo or British
Columbia in general, it’s actually rated in the top in the world. Part of the reason that we have so much life
here is the colder water, with lots of nutrients in the water. One of our very popular activities we do is
snorkelling with the seals and at certain times of the year when we get the sea lions
coming by us, 2,000 pound sea lions coming right up to you, a few inches away from you. Just amazing. You think you’re swimming along great in the
water and this thing comes and does a somersault in front of you, and just takes off. And you realize how small in the ocean you
actually are. The best part about owning a tour company
is getting to show everyone the reasons why we live here in Nanaimo. I love the culture and the natural wonders
here in Nanaimo. And I love being able to see it for the first
time everyday through the eyes of our guests. Nanaimo really is at the center of everything.

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