Add SSL Certificate To Your Website ASAP Or Pay A Huge Price 🚨🚨⏲

It is extremely urgent right now that you
add an SSL certificate to your website and him and explain why in this video hi my name
is Adam from where I make WordPress videos for non-techies if you try the content
in this video Clint sitter clicking on that subscribe button and there’s a little bell
up to the right it click on the need to let you know when I upload a new video yeah I
normally wear black shirt and all my videos this time I thought it were redshirt because
this video is literally a red alert to you if you do not have an SSL certificate on your
website and this is some heartbreaking news and that you’re gonna want to know in order
to avoid what is coming this October if you look at my website I do have a valid SSL certificate
you see right here in the top left it says secure which is also known as the green padlock
to get that you need to have a valid SSL certificate now in early 2017 Google said were making
a change anyone that visits your website and Google Chrome and goes to a page where they
have to log into something instead of the saying secure it’s in Sagan’s sake not secure
well right now they are sending out notices to website owners to level this up so before
it was just a login form now if anyone visits your website and say it’s a blog post and
there’s a common form if you don’t have an SSL certificate is can is a not secure if
there on a page on your website and see there’s an opt in form or your try to get someone’s
name and someone’s email address it’s going to say not a secure here is exactly what the
letter or the notice reads as a starting October 2017 Chrome now this is just the chrome web
browser but Firefox is already implementing similar things you need this it’s going to
show a nonsecure warning when users enter text in a form on an HDT page this could be
anything this could be your opt in form a common form survey anything worth someone
is being asked to enter anything back in its gonna say not secure now I don’t know about
you but I do not want anyone coming to any of my websites and having it say not secure
that would be a disaster if you’re making websites for people you need to advise your
clients that they must have an SSL certificate now there’s several ways to get an SSL certificate
and I’ve covered a lot of them on videos in this channel I have a video on how to get
a free SSL certificate and I recently made a video that shared with you the three best
WordPress of web hosting providers that give free SSL certificates along with the hosting
package I’ll put a link to this article down below in the video description box this is
by far to be the easiest ways to use one of these three different posts that include an
SSL certificate for free that’s the easy way the another way is to watch one of my videos
on using Cloudflare to get a free SSL certificates so those are the two main ways one of the
Webhost I talk about is InMotion hosting right here they just added SSL certificates through
Komodo or whatever so if you have InMotion it’s as simple as a logging in actually they
have like the simplest implementation of it you log into your account management panel
right here it’s is managed basic free SSL when you click on that it takes you to this
page here on the right it’s can show you a list of your domain subdomains add-on domains
that you have on the account you can check the box and then go over here and then just
toggle the free SSL on that’s only part of it you’re also going to need to log into your
WordPress website and install a plug-in called really simple as a self I have a video on
that as well a put a link to that video in the video description box so there are it’s
never been easier to get an SSL certificate actually do need to clarify one thing to someone
ask this in the comments section yesterday one thing that you should know is that with
all of these of free SSL certificates so that’s gotta be the ones with emotion the ones that
are with all of the hosts that use Lexis encrypts and uses something called S and I in order
to make it so it doesn’t cost them any money to give it to you and it doesn’t require what’s
called a static IP address now this thing called S and I is not supported on Windows
XP I looked up the date in Google Windows XP came out in 2001 so were talking 16 years
ago almost 17 years ago Windows XP was released personally I’m using a free SSL certificate
I’m personally not that concerned if someone on Windows XP tries to go to my website and
the SSL doesn’t kick in they could still access it but if you do want to include people that
are using Windows XP so if you look at your user base if you eat most of your users are
using XP or visitors of your websites then you might need to be purchasing a SSL certificate
with a static IP address and you would contact your host for that right here there’s actually
a link on InMotion in order to buy an SSL and a static IP address me personally hey
if you’re on Windows XP I’m sorry but you’re in a have trouble my site please at least
upgrade it one or two generations because I was 16 years ago so that is a question that
comes up a lot all of the free SSL certificates are the same with that problem with Windows
XP but I don’t really see it as a big deal it might affect 1/10 of 1% of the people that
might visit my website so there you have it I’ll put links to this this blog post right
here with this video you can also find the video on my YouTube channel when I talk about
these various providers and why you might want to choose one over the other two I got
all that information in their hey guys do not slack on this you have to start doing
this now you have to start figuring out how you’re going to do this now if you have clients
this is the perfect opportunity to send them all a message and say hey we need to deal
with this before October and you know is an opportunity for you to be watching their back
and also to charge them some money for turning on one of their SSL certificates for them
so anyways this is the hot red alert in this video I’m wearing the red shirt from the red
alert that rhymes see you in the next video

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