A look inside seven RV conversions

In this video I’ll show them – inside and
out last year there was a bus gathering in the Netherlands organised through Facebook
there were some 20 buses and I had a great weekend this year, the year went by and nothing
happend so in september i asked in Facebook if there wasn’t going to be a gathering this
year with no reaction I just picked a spot close by Haarlem and a time, the weekend of
the 21st of October (see my last axle steer! 😉 when I arrived only one rig was present
but soon the rest arrived a total of eight buses and trucks so let’s take a look at these vehicles not including mine, I presume you know how it
looks if you don’t, check out the other video’s in this channel so let’s start with number.. Owner: Jacob Make: truck – Scania Year: trailer
– 1966 Remarkable: Jacob built it completely by himself and lives in it. for 8 years already entrance area – this used
to be an office trailer living room nice job, ey? in between the trailer and the truck, there is room for a motorcycle and here is the kitchen in the back there is the bathroom
with toilet and shower and in the front of the trailer there is the bedroom Owners:Alex
&Emmie Make: VanHool Year:1981 Remarkable:he’s not a mechanic, but Alex does all technics
on the bus himself the tent at the side of the bus is cool! we used it for some dort of party saturday night also cool: his homemade LED ticker display! cood coffee guaranteed! 😉 Alex bought the bus after the conversion,
but is continuously busy improving it Owner: Johan – Make: Van Hool – Year: 1987 – Remarkable: Johan traveled Europe with it, up to the North Cape Owners: Sjaak and Ida – Make: MAN/ Berkhof – Year: 1988 – Remarkable: Sjaak converted it all by himself – it sleeps 10! Owners: Buddy and Lilly – Make:Van Hool / Volvo – Year: 1986 – Remarkable: they recently bought it and want to go live in it we start this
tour in the back, where the bedroom is yes, washing machine Owners: Hans and Vera – Make: DAF -Year: 1989 – Remarkable: Hans made it like this in only three months the couple bought
the DAFempty – it was a moving truck they want to go travel Europe in it 8 months a
year yes, that is one big shower! behind the bed is the garage for the motorcycles Owners: Mathé and Jolanda –
Make: Mercedes – Year: 1968 – Remarkable: bus conversion in 1980 (!), interior from this period inside and out the bus got intensively restored, but big parts of the interior remained untouched from the nineties on, the familiy traveled 18 countries with it, some countries multiple times bunk beds, in total the bus sleeps nine we had a great weekend everyone visited everyone, and on saturday evening we met all and drank beer in Alex his tent and on sunday morning almost all came to the Mercedes and Jolanda provided
coffee I want to thank them all for a wunderful time and for letting us look inside their
RVs. thanks for watching! want more?subscribe!

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