A Change of Pace: Living In West Branch, Michigan

Living in West Branch is a different
atmosphere than living in a larger city. We do have longer drive times for
commuting to work, but unlike the city, up here 15 miles is 15 minutes. And you see
wildlife along the way; there’s less traffic to deal with and really, for me,
that pays off in the end. I use that for my decompression time, both before
and after work, and it allows me to be more refreshed for patients each day. Commute
to work would be no problem at all it’s not like metro Detroit where it’s
not unusual to travel an hour or longer to get to your get to work every day.
West Branch is a very quaint Victorian style town. They have really wonderful
little shops on Main Street. They have an outlet mall. A nice fun downtown area has
a Victorian feel and seems to be thriving where you know in a lot of smaller
communities the downtown is sort of disappearing. That doesn’t seem to the
case in West Branch. A lot of nice shops all sorts of community events that go on
in the community down in that area. There’s a new brewery that just opened
up in the last month with good food. Walmart; you have Home Depot; you have an outlet mall and and an area that we call hamburger hill, where there’s every
fast-food restaurant that you can think of as well. So it has a nice mix.
They have a wonderful art show every year here in town; they have the local
produce and they have the markets in the spring, summer, fall, and so the
farmers are involved. There are a lot of outdoor recreation opportunities as far
as, you know, canoeing kayaking fishing hunting. So if someone enjoys those sort
of outdoor activities this is, you know, you don’t have to travel on weekends to
do that. You can just go out out your door and enjoy those activities. We have
the headwaters of the Rifle River just about 20 minutes away and a really
beautiful state park. We’ve got the Au Sable River, which is noted for its canoe race each year. The schools in this area are very good, and they have
a lot of services that they offer to the students now, and they’re very very
involved with the students, and the community’s involved with the school,
It’s a great place to live. There’s a great community support. You know, a
smaller area allows you to know your patients better and and get involved in
their lives, which makes health care more personal.

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