A 3 Day Trekking Tour in Thailand | My #1 Travel Experience

A 3 Day Trekking Tour in Thailand | My #1 Travel Experience

We’re here in Chiang Mai, Thailand and
we’re going to do a three-day jungle trek. And the first stop is a waterfall
so we’re going to go and swim in there and check it out. We just had a nice
little swim at the waterfall and then we stopped here. It’s like on the side of the
road, and we’re gonna have a nice simple Thai lunch. Some rice, some soup, we’re
also gonna get sticky rice. Oh and some fruit! It’s a wholesome meal. Oh! And it is rapped in a banana leaf. I got myself some sticky rice. It’s very sweet. A lot of
energy, which I really need right now cuz we just climbed Mount Everest.
How was your dad when he climbed Mount Everest? 60. How old are you? 61 We got this real sophisticated bridge going on here. Just one board. Oh! Made it. This is the tree climbing portion of the expedition. Music! Ok, let’s go. I just purchased this hat from someone off in the jungle. Spring 2018 edition. Looking really good. Crazy dog. Magical I wish it would stop on that side. Welcome to my crib and
this is Thai village edition. First of all, the one right here, as you can see, is one
of the restrooms/showers. Very popular here you can shower and you can
go to the bathroom. This is the local market area. We have this open-concept kitchen here. This is one of the second living rooms. Not a lot of people can say that they
have a second living room but we can and this is where we actually have some of
the fire pits ready. I hope you enjoyed our crib Thailand edition. I’m eating three things. As a base always rice. This one is green curry. It’s really mild. Then we got sour chicken. Then this one right here which is like minced chicken I think. Local beer! It’s our first morning in the Karan. Karen. Karan. Karen. All right well agree to degree. It’s either Karan or Karen. It’s our first day
here in the village and we’re just exploring it. So we’re just going to check
around this area. It’s absolutely stunning. Let’s go see it! We’re by a rice field near the river. It looks
like they just harvested some rice. It’s pretty
cool. The vista here is amazing! All right we got this snake in the bag
now. We’re gonna have him for dinner. Gonna be delicious! I can’t wait to have some
fried snake. We’re gonna make it some food today.
Everyone’s helping out. It’s a community event. It’s real good. Full of flavor! We just made it in the kitchen. We made it to the elefantes! So excited! We’re gonna feed him right now. You don’t like that one. He rejected my banana! Do you see this? These are s****. They’re the size of melons. Yellow curry. Cucumber not as peeled with
egg. Cucumber fully peeled with egg. Rice whiskey. Woo! That burns down the throat. Very spicy, you see? Yeah. Red curry. It’s good! I’m gonna have some snake right now, which they caught in one
of the rice fields. What do you think? It’s kind of like a hard shrimp you know. Can I eat the skin or no? It’s like very mild white meat. It’s very spicy but it’s really good. For me it’s
tolerable. I’m gonna have some liver of a snake and this delicious really spicy broth. It’s good too. It’s good but it’s hard. It tastes like chicken. Like you know how chicken gizzards have that texture? You put your spoon in there and you get some nice pieces of snakeskin. That’s how you
know it’s snake soup. This is snake soup, right? That’s snake soup for you. Today I’m going to show you our second house tour. This is the bedroom area. This is our dining room area. This beautiful table. It’s lit by
candles at night. Look at this savage. Oh my god, he’s taking it. This is the fireplace area and this beautiful look out. My mom ripped her toenail off. So the guy made this. So in the middle of the night, it’s super fun when you can’t see and you have to come down here. Sometimes there’s snakes if you’re lucky.
What fun! Oh my god. This is the shower area. It’s a great system, very sophisticated. This is filled with water then you take a bucket and pour it on
yourself. Then we have the toilets. Really advanced locking device. This is a bamboo stick. You just jam it in there.
The toilets don’t flush you just use a bucket of water so very sophisticated. This is the kitchen, real quick. This is the kitchen. They make delicious
food in here, and that’s our house tour so thanks for joining me. Just found a big chicken. I was thinking about food
and how delicious those big legs would be. For eat. For dinner. It’s a table! For the family! He even looks like me. Thanks for watching our Thai trekking
journey. if you like this video please subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you next time.

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  • That poor dog! So lonely, thin and sick looking! I’d have had to find medicine for her/him. And love.
    I don’t think I could ignore such things and smile and laugh.

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