100 thoughts on “5 Things American Tourists Shouldn’t Wear in Europe”

  • Wolters World says:

    Please Note: This Video is for 35+ year old US travelers heading to Europe. Young Europeans do wear most of these styles and trends, but the 35+ European crowd do not wear them to the same extent. And the locals won't care what you wear, so this is more to help you blend in a bit better. Great travels to you all & Thank you for all the comments & subscriptions.

  • 20 subscribers with no videoes please says:

    I see loads of people wearing athletic clothes even when there not going to a gym or running
    And I live in europe
    Also nearly everyone wears sports shoes just people going to work wouldnt

  • the most hilarious thing is when American family comes to Europe and they all, 3 different generations, walk around in matching tracksuits and hats and bicycle sunglasses in just slightly different shades. Like they need special clothes for tourism and traveling lol. Why cant you just wear everyday clothes you would wear to go out in your own city? oh and.. socks and flip flops.. wtf????

  • Running shoes (trainers) are normal wear throughout Europe for all ages. I have to laugh when Americans refer to trousers as "pants". That means underpants in Britain. So yes, don't wear khaki pants…

  • About khakis 🙂 for me a person in khakis on the streets is either an anarchist protester or a soldier on his day off 🙂 a person in khakis beyond the urban areas like in the woods or other natural landscape is either a survivalist, a forester or a fisherman. 🙂

  • In Ireland don't dress as a leprechaun firstly Americans needs to not smile here at least on the streets of Dublin… The glowing straight teeth is a dead give away, also pack an umbrella in a tote bag ladies, bring kitten heals and one nice dress at any age for Ireland or at least jeans and a nice top in the UK and Ireland regardless of cobble stones we dress up on Saturday nights to go out and get drunk… Yes we've 4 seasons in one day but don't dress like a polar bear… Layer.. Cardigans, pleather jackets, light thermals, leggings but northface jackets in the cities and larger towns.. #mortified for ya it's Dublin or London or Liverpool not the pyrenees ski season… Also basic makeup and a loud lipstick or eye makeup at night is advisable.. In the US its street walker style here it's competition with your pal.

  • IloveCzechRepublic says:

    The language you speak gives everything away, even if you have the right clothes. If you are wearing European clothes and speaking German with a German accent, no one will know you’re American.

  • I have been to all these places that Walter recommends…it’s all BS… he make these fake videos to make $!!! Europe is easy…no judgement on their end…Walter sucks!!!!

  • Come to visit Cracow, I saw a photo from Cracow I guess, but I wrote to assure you, we don't give a damn to what tourist in our city actually wear. De gustibus non disputantum est 😉

  • I wear my red MAGA hat from the moment t I wake up in the morning till I go to bed at night. Doesn’t matter what country I’m in. And I don’t care who likes it or doesn’t like it.

  • Good info W. It would really make a splash with a guy who has his college logo shirt, baseball cap and high heels on. Visual effect.

  • You forgot one Thing … Women here in Europe like to Dress Fancy but specially if you re in Rome.. NO sexy or sholderles or skinny tops in churches.. well it is actually also not only for curches… cause we wear more decent clothes. As a Tourist and also to not get the side look from others.. better stay away from naughty clothes which Shows your pants or boobs that much. Just stay simple in Europe (daytime, cause night time it is also okay to Dress Fancy for Clubs and so on)

  • To me, bumbags scream American tourist! But most of these things you mention would be very common in Britain. Less so in Rome. It does depend where you are are in Europe. Americans are noticeable because of their cultural behaviour, not just their clothes. Blend in more by acting more like the locals.

  • David Molinarolo says:

    So in other words, don't dress like an American. Sorry…not gonna bend to the EuroTrash. Gonna dress how I want. And no offense to Mr. Wolters here. I'm just saying. When I used to travel around America as a youth, we used to see foreigners dress as they normally would. Especially Indians and Middle Easterners, and who were we to give them hell about it? That's the beauty though of living in a country that is so ethnically diverse, that everyone generally has respect for native dress styles. So if the Europeans have a problem with ball caps, sneakers, and athletic wear, that's their problem. Not mine.


    Why you said fashionisTA instead of fashionist, that ending is not proper of the English language and sounds awful

  • flyingbunnyninja says:

    What a load of nonsense this video is. Doesn't matter what you wear you will look like a tourist anyway. Wear what you feel comfortable in back home.

  • I have been to Europe twice in recent years and guess what , this gentleman is soooo right. Listen to him and you will have fun.

  • Bernie Boombeat says:

    Iv'e never heard so much utter rubbish in my life, this bloke talks absolute tosh, (that's "shit" for our American friends} people across Europe wear everything this dip shit said they don't.

  • That is a bit outdated. In many cities like in Luxembourg or Cologne there are so many cultural mixes that nobody bothers if you walk around in kaki or wear a baseball cap. I see many people in tradition sub sahel african clothes, head scarfs, jogging pants etc.. actually many people have athletic wear.
    But if you wear a burka but people will stare at you or you'll get arrested.

  • I honestly think this is ridiculous, and why I do not hold these travel videos in very high regard. Certainly Italians do not give a damn what people wear when they visit and spend money in their country! I know that for certain.

  • Hot Productions says:

    We don´t really give a damn what you wear. The robbers and pickpockets rob everybody equally. Even the locals. Most of them are Romanian gypsies nowadays, so it is better just to avoid the gypsies.

  • Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy says:

    As a European, thank you for politely telling Americans this. It's cringey to see my American relatives 'dress like Americans' here in Europe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Now. Could you also tell the british?

  • Also when visiting Hungary: Please, take off your hat when inside. Everywhere inside. It´s very very rude to have your hat on when entering any establishment or private home, or anywhere inside!!
    This goes for men only! Ladys do as they please:)

  • The Philosopher of Culture says:

    In my country, baseball caps, especially backwards, are seen as a sign of being either a simpleton or some nut that tries to look like an adolescent but fails.

  • Gah! You … really … don't wear those … erm … shorts in public, do you? How 'bout a good ol'boy Harley jacket … okay? Thanks, much help.

  • Erin Christopherson says:

    I have to point out that the "athletic wear" (different from the "athleisure wear" that's all the rage now) was terrifically common when I was in Ireland back in the 90s and early 2000s. But in Germany and other places on the Continent its so bad form to wear "house clothes" out in public. I think it's all about where you are and what year it is. But yeah a general rule is – wear "real clothes" 👌😉.

    One thing I've been told is to not wear my Levi's jeans ( or bootcut jeans) in Europe because "cowboy" jeans are obviously American. But I do it anyway because they are the only kind of pants I'm really comfortable wearing. My husband does the same thing with his Dockers pants. At a certain point, I just want to be comfortable and I don't want to have a whole separate wardrobe for traveling to Europe. 🤷‍♀️

  • Haha! I went to Europe for three months and every day I wore khakis and a baseball cap with a cattle brand on it. Never did get robbed though.

  • SnappyPenguin566 says:

    A few questions, planning on going to Germany, appreciate anyone's advice:
    -When you say "get a normal hat," what counts as a "normal hat?" Is it a certain kind of hat (fedora? top hat? Brim or no brim?) or just anything other than a baseball cap?
    – What about flannel shirts? (e.g. the plaid kinds we see when we imagine a lumberjack)
    -Are white socks in general a no-no?
    – What are some good comfy urban street shoes you recommend?
    – What about jeans (black or blue) that are obviously not tight but you wouldn't call baggy?
    – What about just plain colored t-shirts, no writing?

  • Growing up in San Francisco I was shocked by the looks I got in Europe when I wore my I heart dicks and doo doo t-shirt, and then when I had to dump a #2 on the Villa de Plaza they acted like they had never seen someone go to the bathroom before!

  • Man what year was this? Just got back from Germany and all the girls are wearing yoga pants, and guys wearing loose fitting sweatpants, so dress as you like.

  • Teri De Medeiros says:

    I can only speak for Portugal, but true about the baseball hat thing. They dress like they are out of a GQ magazine, they don't want to ruin their hair,lol! No matter how old you are, your Portuguese momma, will not approve!

  • WOLTER, maybe its because you're presenting this from Italia, or maybe you just like moving your hands and arms when talking, but you really should learn American Sign Language ASL while you're at it. Make better use of your kinetic "talking"

  • If your so conscious of being robbed, is that a physical attack? Would it be wise to get an improvised weapon, a piece of pipe, metal bar or stake from a construction site? I visited France & Switzerland in 1989 and was not threatened once, in almost a month's travels. I was only a little ripped off by one French taxi driver. It happened once with a taxi driver here on Oahu in the early '90s.

  • LOL, how you dress is totally unimportant: Americans speak so loud it wouldn't matter what they wear… they'll stand out anytime because of that. My advice: tone it down a bit if you want to blend in. Mission impossible I guess.

  • I dont agree. I am supprised because there clothet are not a problem in Europe. I wear sport schoes amost everywhere 🙂 the only thing i can say dont wear shorts and tops in the churches and temples

  • I spoke to a guard at the Tower of London (he was off duty) and he told me the most rude, arrogant, pushy, demanding, disrespectful tourists were definitely Americans. The most respectful and the BEST were Canadians and Japanese.

  • I op for a leather flight jacket and the rayband sunglasses. So, people know if they pickpocket.. They will get hit by a machine gun that fires burgers and fries while I scream GET SOME!!

  • True..its simple to pick out Foreign tourist here in the US, but they wear their normal attire..in Europe it is somewhat safer to blend in although the young crowd like American gear..i lived in Europe several years and its not hard to blend in..go native!, ha its more fun

  • What good info…Im going to Rome-Italy for 15 days in May & my husband lives in his NY Yankees Tshirts, Celtics baseball caps and Dallas cowboys baseball caps & T's! He will have to REPACK! Im glad- I hate those Ts & caps!

  • Io Parlo Italiano! says:

    Try to pick pocket me, and all you will get 20 seconds later is an empty wallet turn into a glitter stink bomb! 😂🍷

  • Better video.

    I have traveled to Europe
    over a dozen times.
    I wear what
    I feel comfortable in.

    This is a major tip
    to anyone traveling to
    Europe coming or going.

    Wear a 'suit' and tie
    on the plane
    (if you are Male)
    and the same thing
    coming home.

    It is far easier when
    you approach 'Passport Control'
    in Europe when you
    are dressed appropriately
    and the same goes
    when you re-enter
    the US through Customs.

    Believe it or not I wore my
    (Military Style/ Woodland)
    Anawak and Boonie hat
    in Europe and
    never had a problem.
    It is also great when it rains!

    I think that the Europeans
    are somewhat impressed
    when they see
    real American-made
    cowboy boots.

    Otherwise, while I
    was in Europe –
    I always deferred
    to everything that was
    normal for the lifestyle of
    the European on every level.
    I am not an American
    that brings my 'values'
    and tries to position
    them at others
    especially when
    you are traveling
    in foreign countries
    where their values
    are just as valid and
    completely appropriate!

    I am a Christian in orientation
    and will not do anything
    that would be a
    10 Commandments breach.

    Attending Church in Europe
    is refreshing especially
    since their Churches
    in most cases are far older
    than the ones
    you see in the USA.

    You're doing a great job!
    Keep on it!

    Richard 🍀

  • Tardeli costantini says:

    ALL good points NOT to wear in the UK! Sports shoes are ok but NOT sports pants (bottoms) you'll get laughed at big time! And don't talk LOUD.

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