5 Reasons I Love Living in Malaysia πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Travel

5 Reasons I Love Living in Malaysia πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Travel

In this video I’m gonna talk about the
five things I love about Malaysia! What is going on YouTube. Greetings from my
balcony here in beautiful Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I figured this was the perfect
setting to talk about the things that I love about Malaysia. I’ve mentioned this
before I spent 20 years in the Navy and one of the popular stops for navy ships
is Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I’ve been coming here for a long time and I was
fortunate enough to get to return with Remote Year and live here for a month.
When Remote Year is over I plan on continuing to travel and I know Malaysia
is going to be one of the spots that I add to my rotation. So, I figured I’d
share with you the five reasons I love Malaysia. There are actually more but these
are the top five for me personally. Okay so first Malaysia is the perfect
combination of old and new world Malaysia really does have everything
they have hip cool cities like the one behind me
they have quaint little villages they have beaches they have mountains they
have jungles just about anything you’re looking for you can find here in
Malaysia in cities like Kuala Lumpur you have the huge skyscrapers like the
Petronas Tower is here behind me and it used to be the tallest building in the
world you have ginormous malls that have the
latest fashion trends and you have all the hipster cafes and coffee shops all
over the city but at the same time you have the street food vendors the street
markets the hawkers the really cool local stuff if you feel like a
traditional coffee you can pop into an old-school coffee shop and get a co PC
or if you feel like a pumpkin spice latte there’s a Starbucks on just about
every block here as well it really is the perfect combination of the old world
and the new world here in Malaysia okay so the next item on the list is the food
I’ve said this a million times to friends who want to travel for food go
to Malaysia it as the best food hands-down without
question the Malay cuisine is just like Malaysia itself it’s very multicultural
it’s a blend of Malay Chinese Indian and other Southeast Asian cuisines it’s
almost impossible not to find something you like to eat here in Malaysia for me
it’s nasi lemak that’s the quintessential Malay dish and
some people call it the national dish it’s amazing when you come to Malaysia
make sure that’s the first thing you try you gotta try nasi lemak if you hear
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about Malaysia is the great tourist visa for Westerners when I travel I like to
stay at places and not have to worry about a visa here Malaysia most
Westerners get 90 days which is awesome and much different than most of the
places here in Southeast Asia Thailand will give you 30 days and then you’ll
have to go and renew it same with Bali other countries don’t even give you a
visa on arrival like Vietnam and Lao so Malaysia is just a really easy place to
get into and to stay a while if you want to hang out here for me it makes it the
ideal home base when traveling to Southeast Asia and it’s somewhere that
I’m gonna spend a lot of time in in the future because the visa is just so
convenient for a westerner okay next on the list malaysia continues to be one of
the most affordable places that you can travel to compared to other destinations
you can stay in a world-class city like the one I’m in right now Kuala Lumpur
which rivals Hong Kong and Singapore or you can stay in a really cool place like
Georgetown down in Penang and it’s really affordable at 1/4 of the cost
compared to somewhere like Hong Kong or Singapore or Japan if you stay in a
place like Kuala Lumpur you can get this awesome view in a one-bedroom for about
$600 a month an average dinner will cost you about $3
kolo will cost you 60 cents and you can get foo-foo coffee for under $2 here
according to nomads list a local can live for about 800 a month an expat for
about a thousand a month and a digital nomad could stay here for about 1200 a
month so it’s still really affordable to stay in a world-class city like Kuala
Lumpur if you head down to Georgetown Penang you can stay for even cheaper
than that a one-bedroom will cost you around $260 a month a coca-cola will
cost you about 50 cents you can get a meal for under two dollars and you can
get a foo-foo Coffee down there for about a buck fifty Nomad lifts estimates
the cost for locals in Georgetown at about $400 a month for expats about 750
a month and for digital nomads about a thousand a month so even more affordable
down in Georgetown Penang a few years ago it was listed as one of the Lonely
Planet’s top 5 places to visit so you should definitely check out Georgetown
if you come to Malaysia so the last thing and probably Malaysia’s greatest
asset are its people you’re not going to get like the sweaty kha you get in
Thailand or the excessive amount of bowels you get in Japan but what you’re
gonna find is the extremely witty and funny group of people that’ll poke fun
at you and poke fun at them themselves they love to talk about their country
their food and how multicultural Malaysia is but not in a mean-spirited
kind of way and a hey let’s laugh at one another kind of way
everybody in Malaysia is either dude babe or boss cuz I’m a little bit older
I get called boss all the time if you’re a female you’ll get called BAE by men
and women it’s just terms of endearment that
Malaysian people use and it’s actually pretty endearing if you ask me one of
Malaysia’s greatest strengths is its multiculturalism it’s amazing to me that
despite having so many ethnic groups so many religious groups they’ve been able
to live pretty harmoniously over their history and that’s not to say everything
is perfect but the rest of the world could learn a lot from Malaysia on how
to coexist okay so those are the five reasons that
I love Malaysia if you agree disagree or you want to add some reasons to love
Malaysia please comment below thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Love Living in Malaysia πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Travel”

  • Why do they say a digital nomad 1200 a month? I'm a DN and feel I stayed cheaper in Malaysia than 1200.. I stayed for maybe 800… just curious??

  • A fourth of the cost compared to Hong Kong??? Not really true! Not correct.
    Been living here now for a while, working in Hong Kong before that.
    Truth is, yes itΒ΄s hard to find a cheap place to sleep in Hong Kong, not this huge difference that you describes. Besides that, you can live really cheap in HKK too. Cheap excellent transportation, like in here KL, cheap food if you go to the right places and when it comes to beer…
    much cheaper in HKK compared to KL!
    And "Bali" that is just a very small part of Indonesia, you know.

  • he saying Malaysia food it's nice are you serious all people saying Malaysia foods water πŸ‘Ž you wana try best of best foods visiting Pakistan

  • Grigorios Mouratidis says:

    Lived 5 months in Kuala Lumpur really enjoyed my stay there. Worth to visit better than other countries cheap food tasty and friendly people. I missed KL already and looking forward to return back in near future.

  • Come to cyberjaya city and breakfast with me at oldtown white cafe ..two half boiled egg and hot white coffe and steam bread…

  • I must say, for the first time I heard the "best of both worlds," old and new. Hi there, Welcome to KL, enjoy your stay. β€οΈπŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ

  • Agreed all the 5 reasons . Just to add on, if you staying in KL, most people can speak English. Not to forget all Msian can speak basic English actually.So langguage is not a barrier in Msia.

  • You can travel easily to other countries in South east asia from malaysia….stay in malaysia and weekend you can go to singapore bangkok jakarta manila hanoi phnom penh yangon vientiane dili within 3hours flight. Fly with air asia cheaper and you can cover all nearest countries. Even you can go austrlia new zealand china india japan korea hong kong within 5-10 hrs flight from KL.

  • New government budget, now foreigner can own a home in Malaysia that costs only from RM600k instead of a minimum RM1,000,000. or around USD 150k.

    But somehow I wish Malaysia have snow. :/

  • 1 month expenses in US may cost 3 months in Malaysia..enjoy your travel around this country ✌🏽✌🏽

  • Malaysia's Pros and cons:
    Pros; – Not freezing, Safe, Friendly, Clean, Cheap

    Cons; – Sweating all the time, Traffic jams, Less walkable city, Dying economic

  • Boss do you have any difficulties communicating with the local, because Malaysian English or Manglish some people call it is our own style of speaking

  • But KL is underrated compared to Bangkok despite of English spoken, more modern city and better infra..For group vacations, party goers and beaches, probably yes… But for families or expats to be a resident, KL is the right city to be.Moreover an affordable currency. A bunch of superb apartments would also be available. Afterall have a memorable trip in πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ sir. πŸ‘tq

  • Yes Malaysian are mostly friendly. The Malays are humble and friendly. I love my Malay friends and they are true friend. The Chinese are friendly people too. The Indians are helpful and they always spend time to help you out when in need. They are superb people. Last but not least, the minorities 'orang asli' are peaceful people too.
    Enjoy Malay food and they are cooked with varieties of spices that makes you craving when hungry.

  • Ayub Azaman Vlogs says:

    we love you too πŸ™‚ do enjoy Malaysia.
    VISIT MY CHANNEL. i make vlog in MALAYSIA as well.
    Cameron highland, Ipoh and Penang must visit place in Malaysia
    we love the word "new & old"!!!! go Malaysia!!!

  • I would like to share this post I wrote in another thread of living here:

    Malaysia rarely shocks travelers. I think Malaysia comforts foreigners instead. Kuala Lumpur, being in the middle ground, is not as sanitized as Singapore or congested as Bangkok. We have enough of sanitized grittiness that the city has some leftover character from years gone by, cocktailing into modernity like one fusion drink that's gonna make you high, happy.

    But KL does not represent Malaysia in totality. The East Coast has rich Malay cultures and delicious herb flavored Malay cuisine that the KL stalls do not represent the finest the country has to offer. Penang, Melaka and Ipoh without a doubt, are quirky, charming and historical cities that no one attraction overwhelms another. You keep wanting to discover what's around the corner. So is Johor where my Malay buddies always correct me that their Bahasa is the purest form, in zest.

    The far reaching vistas and outdoor actions of Sabah and Sarwak matches the big heart they have in welcoming us their proud and super diverse cultures, tribes, tradition and history, that Jessica Alba had a movie of Borneo. I visited the Mulu Caves and climbed Mount Kinabalu — both life-changing experience that humbled how small I am in this world. Don't miss Borneo. There was a reason why Anthony Bourdain made one of his emotional episodes there.

    We are in an easy country to live in: you experienced it. Though Malaysia is never perfect, I believe we are always a continuous melting pot experiment, trying to find the correct formula. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it wrong, but we always try and try to become better. Thanks goodness Malaysians cook delicious food! If the politicians don't bring us together, at least our food does!

    I am glad you enjoyed your stay in KL and we look forward to more of your pleasant adventures around the world. Malaysia always welcome you home.

  • Malaysian here and agree with your reasons. Very easy access to rest of Asia and Australia via Airasia and to Europe via middle east carriers. Love it here except for the heat. Enjoy.

  • honesly,travel vlogger like you done an excellent job promoting Malaysia compare to Malaysia Tourism Ministry itself.keep a good job bruh. πŸ‘

  • Pls try my home state, Johor and the state capital, Johor Bahru. Singapore is just nearby-a US$1 bus fare will take u there. But Johor has many beautiful places, awesome food, friendly people and amazing scenery as well. If u want good, cheap accomodation, u can look for guesthouses/homestay that will let u stay at discounted rates. All the best.

  • πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‡²πŸ‡ΎπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΎπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΎπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΎπŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ

  • Hey. We live in KL too. Nice vlog and maybe we can do a collab in the future. πŸ™‚ Just subbed and would love if you could sub back. πŸ™‚

  • Burigadang Padam Sakdang Bulawan says:

    Dont know about the whole Malaysia but I only went to KL. I did not like it, sorry. It was a dirty city and there is weird smell or scent like a camphor something and I also dont like the smell and taste of that particular spice (don't know what that is) but I got it with mcdonalds chicken. However I also went to Singapore and I can say, I can live there.

  • Hamza Riazuddin says:

    I find it interesting that soo many people like malaysia. I think it just shows how different types of people suit different types of places which is great. Personally I find KL the most boring place I have ever been to in my life. Also the layout for someone who likes to walk cycle and run everywhere is TERRRIBLE. But again I think the reasons I find it boring and frustrating are very specific. Overwhelmingly everyone who has moved to KL like my parents and other people I know, all seem to love it. Which is great for them. If I was travelling across SE asia I would 100% recommend missing it ha. But again depends on your interests etc. Im happy you have had a good time there though.

  • MalaysiaΒ is ranked 9th for tourist arrivals and 6th most visited cities in the world. In 2018,Β MalaysiaΒ welcomed a total of 25.8 million internationalΒ tourists

  • hannanniannuaar al saadi says:

    Here in Malaysia , any random man who is so much older than us , we call em UNCLE and AUNTT for lady . Bros and sis to anyone down the road. We treat each other like a huge family and with respect . πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ but of course, like any other family , we do have disagreements , opinions but that never tear us apart as Malaysians.

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