5 REAL Possibilities for Interstellar Travel

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  • 00110010011011 10100110011000 says:

    Which option do we like? Answer: NONE OF THE ABOVE.
    Ask yourself why? Why do alien travelers that roam the earth and the universe for more than 10,000 or 100,000 years use flying saucers? Not one, all of them from different worlds, galaxies or universes of different alien sizes? Apply their travel under one system of machinery options.
    The reason "why" we are not hanging around with them is very simple. We are too selfish with each other that we don´t even understand ourselves to live as a species or even share with other species because of our ignorance. That is the reason we will NEVER reach other planets, galaxies or even share with other aliens. THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS MONEY FOR US, NOTHING MORE.

  • None of this will ever happen as long as the nations on earth keep squabbling and fighting over resources and the age old delusion of global dominance. As long as we don't learn to put our petty little differences aside, we will never explore interstellar space simply because no one nation alone has the resources needed to make it happen. Only a globally combined effort will work. Another reason I believe this won't happen is because there's no drive or interest behind it on the part of those in power to make the decision to just go and do it as it was during the cold war when we were in a race against the Russians to get to the moon after they had beaten us into space. So as it stands right now, this is stuff that might happen in two or three hundred years from now after another global conflict that will devastate our planet and decimate a large part of the world's population and leaders will finally learn that the only way to get ahead is together.
    I'm convinced that acquiring the technology for the development of a real warp drive would be possible even in our own lifetime if everyone would chip in and a huge concerted effort would be made by all nations toward that goal. However, since this would essentially be a non profit effort, the rich and powerful on earth with the capital necessary to get a project of that magnitude off the ground would not be terribly interested in getting behind it. After all, if there's no profit in it, then what's the point?

  • "Moreover, the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb, the power of which to do damage is, indeed, incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives."

    – Emperor Hirohito, Accepting the Potsdam Declaration –

  • There are also other major problems besides speed. Debris, spacedust, rocks, gas are a few of them. By going that fast, you could never escape from these particles in space. And then we have to look at science fiction again. You need shields to protect a ship. Any material will not be sufficient. So you need to think about electric shields, or magnetic shields. But the amount of energy needed to produce these shields are enormous. Let alone the size and volume of the device. So that would be another challenge. Next another problem: Gravitational lensing. The direction you will go will not be in a straight line as it changes the moment you travel. Normally that won't be a problem, but it is a problem when another phenomena happens: Gravitational pull. The solar system and other large masses will pull on your ship like hell. Keeping your ship in one line will take a lot of energy to pull out of the system in the first place.

    I like to be optimistic, but I start to understand the Fermi paradox and why we aren't seeing proof of other civilisations. Because the universe is build with a lock on it, preventing anyone to escape their homes. Maybe we will find a way, but maybe it will be too late.

  • This is why I think we should be spending our money on interstellar propulsion instead of our fixation on going to Mars which is after effectively the equivalent of a toxic environment to us. Going to Mars makes as much sense as repopulating Chernobyl!

  • Samuel Collins Mankin says:

    And how are you going to put the brakes on your starship when it reaches it's destination? Everybody talks about exploring other system's in our neighborhood but no one is talking about stopping when the starship arrives at it's destination. Well?

  • The main problem is not energy but radiation. For this reason, it best to send human seeds shielded as best as possible. The idea is the design the lightest ship that can grow humans to maturity and then to send that ship to a gas giant in a new solar system; why? Because the odds are that the gas giant has many moons at least one of which has min-able propellant or gas. So when they reach 14 years old, their first mission is to gather gas and make propellant without blowing themselves up; exciting isn't? Then there next goal is to map the solar system and determine the most suitable world if any to occupy. With this plan the ship can be much lighter and you therefore require much less energy to reach a percentage of the speed of light. Sending adults not only requires at least 10-25X the energy, but they would be frying the entire journey and sustain too much dna damage. Simply put, we have to accept that technologically can cannot acheive the required trust to safely send adults to another Star. This is not possible today nor 50 years from now; E = MCsquared really has us boggled down for a while. So focusing on growing human seeds to maturity without other humans is the most important step to sending humans to another star. Once this is achieved, we already have the tech to send it off.

  • if a laser can push a sale then you should be able to use a laser to push the ship in the opposite way from the ship,by aiming a laser at an object from the ship at a large object,if not then it would not work anyway.

  • We have this technology written down in the ancient manuscripts hidden in Africa.. Can't have this corruption that is man (in its current form) spreading throughout the universe.

  • christian babis says:

    Why not try to accomplish time travel instead? I don't care about interstellar travel, i care about going back in time to erase some fucking mistakes.

  • First we need to make a moon base. Now we can create new materials for the creation of spaceports to build the ships in …… Then Mars and or light year colonization…

  • One other interesting option that wasn’t explored in this video because as of right now no material or particle exists allowing for it, would be accelerating the space around a vessel. Or like an actual warp drive, I saw a paper by a mexican theoretical physicist detailing how this might be possible. It would be done by generating anti-gravity at the front of a ship while generating gravity at the rear of a ship, propelling the space around the ship faster than light speed, and so following the laws of physics that allow no object to move faster than the speed of light. The problem being though, that no particle has been discovered that generated an opposite to gravity, however mathematically using anti gravity in conjunction with gravity is plausible, at least according to said physicist who‘s name I can‘t remember lol

  • Squatchin Maine says:

    Too bad… better technology already exists makes this stuff look peasant drawings in crayon, we all know it… and so you do you… you just wont admit it.

  • The biggest problem is how to make sure shit doesn't happen during the 90 years journey? No pit stop, no towing service, no natural resource. It would need industry-standard factories inside the vessel to produce ship's parts, electronic parts, household stuff that will not last 90 years for obvious. Also, education to a university degree for the 3rd generation since after 60 years into the journey, all the experts, engineers of the 1st and 2nd generation will be dead or too old to be productive. And there is still a 30 years journey lies ahead, and not to mention all the expertise that will be needed after arrived. To sum it up, the plan is beyond long shot it's not even feasible. We just can't do interstellar travel with our current technology. We need to go at least 0.5 C to do that, the journey should not longer than a couple of years.

  • No ill intentions but we all know tons of tech has been hoarded through the years and locked down by black projects. I think we already know how to get to the nearest star and back in a few days. If that. It is called being optimistic

  • there is going to be some kind of evolutional jump just like when i was at school we had wind up calculators and bbc computers but personaly i think we need to let go of some old defunct methods break the rule book and party we wont stop the end cometh we cant stop the end comething

  • If you travel at like 10% the speed of light in a desired direction for years (on the low end, never mind greater than 50% or more).. doesn't that change the amount of years passed on Earth compared to the time you've experienced? So for instance if I traveled 50% speed of light for 3 years then spent 3 years coming back, started at 35 years old and had a child right before I left. I'd come back and my child would've died by old age long before I got back home.. correct?

  • We cannot live on planet venus. It is covered with a dense carbon dioxide layer, the temperature is nearly 900 degrees F. There is no way for the C02 to decrees because there is no water. It is called our sister planet for this sister is too hostile. Mars is relatively better.

  • karunakaram vikash says:

    Fake photo show as they did'nt said any point about interstellar travel as to travel through warm holes give thumbs down

  • Wow this is incredible; We did absolutely nothing to bring about our existence and it will take exactly that much to sustain it for as long as our creator sees fit. We will not go thru an extinction level event.

  • Scientists say you'd need a spaceship large enough to build several power plants on to go .4 the speed of light. Why not just find an asteroid that big, build power plants on that, & then travel .4 the speed of light using a sail anchored into the asteroid being pushed by laser? You're welcome internet and humanity yes; I came up with an actual solution to make this achievable in a matter of years we can be at Alpha Centauri. Will a scientist reading the comments take my idea and claim credit maybe. But both you and I know who came up with the solution. Because why mine an asteroid when you can hijack one full of gold and precious valuables on credit, use it to travel to Alpha Centarui and return with a ton of valuables to pay for the mission?

  • READ THE BIBLE !! God will end it all. Not climate change, not atomic fallout, but Gods judgement. He made the stars out of our reach for a reason.

  • Well its is cool about 3,4 years traveling but what about human needs like food bathroom, you may get also mental crazy… maybe they should contact start trek for ship equipments for more fast travel 😀 LoL

  • Yea all that light speed stufff is cool but wouldn’t you leave your conscience or life in the Milky Way how would you survive such speed

  • Sad part is that in any extinction or near extinction event, a lot of us are going to be left behind. Better start working on your pitch as to why your kid needs to go

  • @1:23 Pesky meddling Kerbals trying to colonize all the things before we do! Quick! Quick! Stop them from developing AI and S̶k̶y̶N̶e̶t̶ KerbalNet going live!

  • All of these ideas for rapid interstellar travel sound amazing! But there is one big piece missing: preventing the liquefication of the humans inside the vessel. If over a long enough period you accelerated to the 1% of C you could avoid this, but in the case of the Kugelblitz, accelerating to 0.1C in only 20 days, would require a prolonged acceleration of about 6,373g, which is more than 100 times what a human can endure. Highest recorded G-force experienced and survived was by an IndyCar driver in 2003, who’s car impacted a catch fence with a peak of 214g, but that was only for a split second.

  • Well thanks to the insanely long distance and time required to go to Alpha Centauri, if we go at 50%c, then we arrive at Alpha Centauri about 6.22 years after the takeoff from the astronauts' perspective.

    Edit: the calculation assumes inertial movement the whole time

  • Bob - Porkins - Middleton says:

    Why not use Alpha Centari's star to help decelerate when we get close to their system? Then we could use another propulsion method to approach the planet. Awesome video! Thanks!

  • The Orion Idea was around when Carl Sagan was alive…I would choose the "Light Sail"… but, honestly…what about CUBE SATs with "incubators" of human invitro fertilization being "shot out" with ion-pulse drives, that , from SMART-1 spacecraft, have been proven "fairly efficent" (quote of NASA Guy, Jim Green),,,and,,, to help "protect, nurture, and, teach" our space-bound "astro-babies" , we send each "fertilization chamber" off with a robotic "controller" that , basically , does "Terminator 2 " – and – "Kindergarten Cop" functions for our future generations of Non-earthing Humans. It would be a BIG RISK and would probably take at least 100 years of "technological advancement", but, the possiblity of success seems much greater than launching to Alpha Cen with 1000s of nukes or trying to slow down with a load of anti-matter that could be perceived by some Alpha-Cen NON-humans to be an act of aggression or a prelude to war.

  • So just because we get to another planet that may even have the atmosphere and water and all that yet its Magnetic resonance is off by several MHz? Could we still live long term on a world with a higher frequency? Or lower? Isn't there other physical issues like that that also limits our colonization as well as just getting there and being able to breathe and eat and drink the life on any given planet? I mean cause you know we can't exist without consuming other life of some sort. Seems like a flaw in the design, having to consume itself to exist…life is terrible.

  • I got that this is only about travelling, but I can't help but picture the massive blob of human flesh squashed in the back of the ship after being accelerated to 10%c in only 20 days 🙂

  • Turn off the sound, just watch the guy and imagine him saying "Oh my god, my new lipstick makes me look so more beautiful than you!" or "Tonight you murdered and the victim was fashion!" or "We don't like people like you in here! This is our Grill&BBQ!".

    What a FANTASY !! Might as well forget about SPACE. Because Earth is a Prison. No one is going anywhere !! The DOME or Firmament. STOPS ANYONE !!! HOW LARGE IS YOUR EGO? HOW LARGE IS YOUR TRUTH? hOW LARGE IS YOUR LIE?

    If you're a Christian, Job Chapter 38 describes how the earth was created. You will know whether earth is flat or globe.

    If anyone denies this they are satanic !!!! anti-Christ, gonna get the mark, minions.
    If you're a Christian, Job Chapter 38 describes how the earth was created. You will know whether earth is flat or globe.

    1. Does a globe have foundation? >>>>>>>>

    foundations are FLAT !!!!

    [[Job 38:4]] KJV Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.

    2. Is it not a flat earth that needs a stretched line for measurement?

    >>>>> a stretched line, is FLAT !!!!

    [[Job 38:5]] KJV Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?

    3. Does a globe have a corner?

    4 Corners of Earth !!!! Cannot exist on a Ball.

    [[Job 38:6]] KJV Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;

    Satan Loves Spheretards & GlobeHeads ……….. JESUS Loves Flat Earth Researchers !!!!!!!

  • Slowing down is one problem. i see a bigger one: at 10 percent speed of light every grain of sand hits you with the same speed… this would be a interesting docu about those hazards!

  • We have fond alien life are you not here? What do you think you are? humankind species alien life form. Mt 13:11 Revelation 2:27

  • Ok! I haven't ask, I go by what you write are wrote like Albert Einstein And your God element pure energy. it will not take that long why? We can reverse time. Just fathom the frequencies match the energy. <💫>π√<🌐<☢️<C=1> Revelation 2:27

  • I think that when we are able to strap a microwave to a giant 5 meter fridge, leave its door open to let all the energy out and put a live chicken in the microwave, we will be able to reach Miami in 15 days!!!!!!

  • Even THIS Technology is too slow..IF ITS GOING TO TAKE DECADES TO GET TO THE NEAREST STAR. LET ALONE GOING TO other star system. Transdimentional physics is where its at. The curremt UFO phenomena shows that the aliens subdue MASS on their vessels….thats why they can OUTRUN light.

  • we do not send 100 light sails a year out? Then we are wasting our time NOW. Earth capitalism is preventing the sails from even existing! SAD to see a whole planet question things and not doing them and then crying it be wasted time if they do better in the future crap. Just send them! Slowing down is not as hard one might think and the sail has to be be taken in and reverse or will fall back on cargo from force of other star and start a far ways off too. face out ass in is the way in such flights and retraction or change of shape and angle of sail important. HUMANS are not going….only as recorded data cargo to be built and born later…why would one even think to bring the flower along with the seed?..nothing in life does that…a seed is a seed not a family. think more like worms and under the surface and in space think large wings as sails and ability to close them like wings…life teach you nothing? IT IS THE CARGO you still do not get it is TEACHER example and TOOLS you need to make new world work for humans that come LAST or near last. VANITY prevents, alters and self defeats…try what works and not what humans want. AI will have space and transport and Humans will be tools in the life cargo to keep gardens (but life does not need humans and nether does AI…so be happy future includes you in anything. if you can run Earth you thin to run other worlds with bad examples of fail only???
    build right here and the future be different…continue on more humans and more strict capitalism and you will go extinct and not have anything.

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