5 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries, Finally Solved

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  • The Elena Doll really reminds me of the Doll Kokoschka had made of Alma Mahler. Kokoschka's Doll was just a whole lot less creepy (still creepy tho)

  • Unicron the Chaos bringer says:

    Guy: *robs a grave, takes the body, keeps it for years, turns it into a wax figure
    People: He's obsessed but well meaning romantic!

  • Matheus Danielsson says:

    Man, not only are these videos very entertaining/interesting they are really good for listening to along with passing time the last 3-6 hours at my job has gone by in like 2.

    11/11 would recommend 👌👌👌

  • HappyMask Emporium says:

    I dont think the foot one was solved i think that its look we dont want you guys to speak of this anymore so accident it is solved

  • sharishaBIGBROWNEYES mccoy says:

    White man goes on a killing spree: gets 40 years!

    Black man kills 1 lady: life in prison😳🤷🏾🤦🏾

  • Zeitgeistmusic997 says:

    This is sickening, the police officers who didnt deserve their jobs and let Brian die were sickening. They don't rush the bomb squad asap? These losers are sickening. They are just souless beasts the same as the ones doing violence who's trapped with an infant mind that put self interest/feeling good above all. Logic, common sense, what's right. All of that is beneath feeling good and they can only hope to copy cat so they see a police officer and think if they do that it'll give them a soul or an identity. They sint get we already have a soul and identity that leads us to our path. They think they'll go through the motions and will get an identity. Even if Brian was involved with it the police was wrong to not help him

  • Zeitgeistmusic997 says:

    That guy who made that bomb is dumber than a scooby doo villain, he made a bomb that couldn't be detonated and was trying to rob a bank. Scooby Doo villains have live action effects better than CGI and try to scam folks for a few hundred bucks

  • Sensei Unikornis says:

    I just got informed that two kangoroos were stolen from the hotel that my neighbour works in and it's an unsolved mystery

  • Yo stop calling black and brown women EXOTIC. It just puts a *disclaimer on her “beauty”. It’s “beautiful” but “different”. When she’s just plainly a beautiful human.

  • Ashton Alexis says:

    Marjorie was a master mind as well and I believe had more control over Bill than he had over her. He was infatuated with her and would do anything for her. Also the 250k matches up with an amount of money Marjorie needed/wanted.

  • It’s so weird how the body works. Seeing a picture and getting a terrible sense of dread in your stomach, even without hearing the backstory(video was muted) The weepy voice killer gave me that vibe.

  • ok, ok so maybe its due to the fact that my knowledge in how criminals are dealt with after they are apprehended but the weepy voiced killer, keed 3 people and because a prostitute got the better of him he didn't kill her and if she didn't he would of killed her and a lot more women but a guy who tried to rob someone and killed an old lady gets life, but the guy who killed 3 people and tried to kill another get 40 years in prison. i'm baffled maybe I missed something.

  • Lots of people drown either by accident or suicide. The shoe would keep the foot afloat. BTW the Patullo Bridge is pronounced Pa Tell A

  • MelangeAllure says:

    How the Fuck did the Weepy-Voice Killer get FORTY DAMN YEARS for killing 3 women and attempting to murder a fourth but the hitchhiker gets life without the possibility of parole for attacking the guy and killing the old lady? Our Justice system at work ladies and gentleman….

  • There is a documentary about that bank heist on Netflix and it was fucking awesome 👏 I’ve thought about it and recommended it many times since seeing it… so much more to the story. Check it out y’all !

  • OfficialXDeadman says:

    There is a documentary on Netflix that states that Bryan had no clue of the plan and the prostitute set him up.

  • Lazy forgot to mention something about the pizza guy with the bomb collar
    The collar was originally designed to go off in 30 minutes or less
    (Yeah, I'm going to hell, what can I say)

  • Tanzler: Gives gifts to Elena.
    Elena. Well gee, thanks. I sure can’t wait to wear this out on the town!

    Courtesy of Sam O’ Nella.

  • ‘Tis I, ya boi says:

    Can you imagine the panic of having a beeping bomb strapped around your neck with nobody around that could help you? That’s possibly the most terrifying feeling anyone could feel EVER

  • Oh but you didn’t even scrape the surface of Tanzlers weird fucking obsession with this lady, it’s fucking weird

  • Fucking disgusting what happened to Brian; gets blown up and all the news outlets fighting to get the best piece of footage first

  • Aisling Kelleher says:

    Could you imagine chilling at the beach and next thing a running shoe with a decomposing foot inside washes up on the shore? I would shit myself

  • Wait if someone “drowned” that would mean they went into the water but why would someone go into the water with socks and shoes?

  • I live in Vancouver BC.

    If you fart down wind, you're labelled a racist, accused of rape, not allowed within 10 blocks of any school, AND you have your public library privileges revoked. And you best believe you end up on the news. EVERYTHING makes the news here.

    I was friends with a kid named Eagle that went missing back in the 90's , and eventually they found one of his arms. That story was on the radio all day, everyday, it was the headline story on the news shows every day, even if they didn't have any new leads.

    I don't for a second believe that these feet have "always" been coming up on shore and nobody made a big deal about it until 2007.

  • Tansler was actually not a doctor he was reilly a crazy guy. ask a mortrican actually tells the story with a lot more detail.

  • ParkChimChimstolemyheart says:

    I've been bingeing on your videos for the past week and I'm absolutely hooked on your voice! Honestly, I NEVER listen to podcasts/narrations of scary stories or anything because I end up not liking the voice 🙁 this is one of the rare two-three voices I've come to love!

  • Omg that clip in the outro with the waving thing freaks me out every time. I don’t know why!

    Anyway, I was introduced to your channel yesterday by YT recommendations and I love your content! Thank you for the hard work you put in your videos!

  • Stephanie loveCandiceDelong says:

    I watched poor Brian Wells blew up on Liveleak,it was very graphic. Marjorie want to have money to hire a hitman to assassinate her dad for his money. There is a documentary on Netflix called Deadly Genius about this case. She blame it on her bipolar. Marjorie also killed her boyfriend because he refused to participate on the bank robbery. She told one of her accomplices to "grind him up later". He was kept inside a deep freezer,the accomplice took one look of that body and would rather go to prison than to cut him up.

  • okie listen, im head over heels in love with my gf. i absolutely love her without a doubt n i’d do anything for our love, but stealing her corpse, making a literally doll out of her dead body, necrophile her n all types of fcked up shit for a few years n on top of that having a replica of it is jus a little bit too far for me.

  • Lazy Masquerade, I like your work, but this Tanzler shit is sick as fuck. I could've lived without ever hearing this story. There are just some cases that don't need to be repeated in detail. I feel so sorry for Elena. Her family cannot even pay their respects and love properly because this dude did not let her rest peacefully. Like how messed up does your mind have to be to do something this morbid?!?

  • Isisnachelly Claudio says:

    What if… The doc just killed her in order to have her? You know, keep her forever. "if he can't have her, no one can't".

  • Jakobbbxcxxxvcxxbvnxbxx ToyLoy-x3 says:

    bruh guy who couldnt stop killing, killed more than 3 people gets 40 years. guy who was high off some what ever stuff and killed one person gets life i mean no one should take anybodies life but come onnnnnn now

  • I remember reading one of Tanzler’s love letters or something last year in English class (12th grade). I had completely forgotten about it until now. I also remember watching Dorthy’s murder on Forensic Files.

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