30 Things to do in Cape Town, South Africa Travel Guide

30 Things to do in Cape Town, South Africa Travel Guide

Today we’re taking you around one of our
favourite cities: Cape Town, South Africa. We first visited Cape Town in 2015 as the
final stop on a monthlong trip across South Africa. However, by the time we arrived, we only had
a couple of days to spare and the weather was less than ideal, so we didn’t get to
see very much. We knew we had to return to do the city justice
and also film a proper Cape Town travel guide for you guys. This time around, we gave ourselves a full
week to spare. Our days were packed with sightseeing, and
with visits to restaurants, chocolate shops, wineries and gin distilleries, so without
further delay, let us show you 30 things do in Cape Town, South Africa: Let’s start with the attraction that should
be at the very top of your itinerary: riding the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. Any Capetonian will tell you to do this at
the first sign of clear weather. When the mountain is shrouded in clouds, also
known as the tablecloth effect, or experiencing high winds, the cable car shuts down. This can happen from one moment to the next,
so you don’t want to leave this attraction to your final day, just in case! Table Mountain forms part of Table Mountain
National Park and it has been voted one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Whether you choose to ride the cable car or
hike to the top, it’s worth a visit for the views you get of Cape Town and Robben
Island. Speaking from personal experience, do not
underestimate how cold and windy it can get atop Table Mountain, even on the sunniest
of days. There’s a shop that sells jackets and fleeces
as soon as you get off the cable car, and for good reason, so save yourself the cash
and bundle up! So last night we were researching some rooftop
bars here in Cape Town and we found one called Cloud 9. It is on top of a boutique hotel and the views
are seriously amazing. It is like 360 degree views and you’ve got
Table Mountain right there. Well, I think officially we are having the
most scenic pizza of our lives. Oh, yes. Check that out. Here we go. So I got Siciliana. So let’s see. Apparently this has anchovies, black olives. Yeah. Tomato. It looks good. .And something I’ve got to mention is we’ve
had pizza in South Africa a few times on this trip. So good. It is so good. They make amazing pizzas here. Thin crust pizza and capers. Yeah, most of the time they are thin crust
pizza and they have really cool ingredients like I’ve had pizzas with bacon, feta, avocado. And Sam got? Which one did you get? I got the Mediterranean. Oh, and that includes I think I’ve got spinach,
I’ve got feta, I’ve got mushrooms. Chorizo. I’ve got chorizo. So there is a lot going on in this pizza. Yours looks really good. Mmm. We’ll have to swap a few slices. One for one. A bite for a bite. A slice for a slice. Says who? Says I. Says the wife. Hahaha. I can really taste that feta. Yeah. So nice. And yeah like the thin crust pizzas are nice
and light and that is kind of good because today is a really hot day. I wouldn’t want to be having a big thick pizza. So this morning we are going scootering around
Table Mountain. Check out our rides. I’ve never ridden one of these scooters before
so it should be a fun adventure. So this is what Table Mountain looks like
at the moment. So we’re going to go scootering on Signal
Hill instead. Feeling famished from that ride, we made our
way to Honest Chocolate on Wale Street. They’re a small artisanal chocolate company
that not only makes delicious chocolate using organically produced ingredients, but they
also brew a nice cup of coffee to go along with their sweet treats. It’s the perfect stop for anyone with a
sweet tooth. Alright guys so this afternoon we’re at Hope
On Hopkins and it is going to be a fun gin tasting. All about the gin. Gin, gin, gin. And we’ve found out last year in Edinburgh
that you are a big fan of gin. Oh, we love gin. I think the last time we had it was when we
were there. We were in a gin den. So this is going to be great. We’re going to be doing a tasting here and
yeah let’s get started with that. We had a total of 4 gins on our tasting: London
Dry Gin, Salt River Gin, Mediterranean Gin, and a pink one called Lucy’s Last of the
Summer Wines. It was a really fun way to spend the afternoon,
especially considering it was a bit chilly out. Alright, Sammy boy. Starting with the London Dry. That is some seriously good stuff. I to think we have 3 more to go. Haha. The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront sits on Table
Bay Harbour with views of Table Mountain looming in the background. The complex is home to shops, restaurants,
bars, cafes, and a few tourist attractions, so it’s a good spot to add to your Cape
Town itinerary. (Live Music) While you’re down by the V&A Waterfront,
you can also do a harbour cruise. We did a short 30-minute tour with City Sightseeing. You can buy tickets on the spot for 40 rand,
which was around $3 USD at the time. If this isn’t your first time to Cape Town,
you’ll notice that there’s a new landmark on the waterfront, and that’s the Silo Hotel. This was considered a bit of a concrete eyesore
for many years, but the historic grain silo now houses a luxury hotel, a bar, a restaurant,
and the new Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, which is set to open in September 2017. We ate at the Granary Cafe and the food was
delicious! For a big splash of colour, you need to make
your way to Bo Kaap. Also known as the Malay Quarter, this Cape
Town neighbourhood sits on the slopes of Signal Hill and is known for it’s bright painted
houses that come in every shade under the rainbow. It’s a fun place to wander around, and you’re
bound to come across a few Instagram shoots going on. While you’re in Bo Kaap, you can’t miss
the chance to sample some Cape Malay food. This type of cuisine combines Malaysian, Indonesian,
and African flavours. We went to Biesmiellah, which is an institution
in this part of town, and we had one of the tastiest meals ever. So all the food is here and it smells and
it looks amazing. But we’re going to be trying something new. We’re having something called bobotie. At least I think that is how you say it and
I’m going to read you the description because this sounds tantalizing. A sweet sour flavored lean beef mince, stir-fried
with fresh herbs, spices topped with a milked egg glaze served with sweet yellow rice. How is it? That is nice. It is kind of sweet. Is it? Yeah. Is it sweet minced meat? A bit? Yeah. I don’t know if there is cinnamon or nutmeg
or something. I wonder if there is any raisins in there? Hhhmmm. Raisins would go really well with this. Okay. It is kind of it has got like a Christmasy
flavor in a way. Oh, wow. Mmmm. So enjoying that huh? It does have raisins. There you go. There you go. My wish has been granted. Haha. My food wish. My food wish. I make food wishes with an imaginary genie. Mmmm. That is good stuff. Time for dish number two. So the next one that we got is a mutton curry
and it says skewers of mutton cooked gently and slowly with a blend of traditional spices
and herbs to produce a tantalizing curry. Check that out. That does look like a tantalizing curry. It does look tantalizing and it comes with
roti. Yes. So I’m just we ate like an insane amount of
roti when we were in Malaysia and Singapore. So that is a very familiar bread for us. Oh yeah. You know what? I don’t even think I got any mutton in that
bite. It is just sauce but let’s just go with that. How is the curry? Mmmm. Savory? Mmmm. Alright, grabbing a bit of roti and going
in for my first bite. I am going in with my hands. Oh nice. I was able to scoop out a piece of the mutton. Right? Wow. Oooh. Wow. That is some tender mutton and then when you
combine it with just like a really rich savory sauce and then a really nice roti. Yeah, that is a winning combo for sure. So this morning we are doing the City Sightseeing
Tour. It is a hop on, hop off and I think they have
like 3 different loops so we’re just going to ride the bus and get off whereever we think
a place looks interesting. Yeah, it is going to let us to explore a lot
more of the outskirts of the city as opposed to just the downtown area so we’re really
looking forward to that. One of the best things we did in Cape Town
was make use of the City Sightseeing bus. This allowed us to explore different parts
of the city, including a few places that would have been hard to reach without a car. The whole journey is narrated via audio headsets,
plus it was a great way to get an overview of Cape Town. So new up we’re at Camps Bay beach and I don’t
think I’ve ever been so bundled up for the beach before. The views are incredible but the water is
ice cold so I don’t think we’re going to be going in but we will show you the views. One of the stops on the bus tour was Camps
Bay Beach. It was a bit early in the day, so we had the
whole place to ourselves, but it’s easy to see why this is one of the most desirable
neighbourhoods in Cape Town. The mountain backdrop is breathtaking! Another place we visited during the hop-on-hop-off
tour was Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Set against the eastern slopes of Table Mountain,
this is yet again another beautiful spot worth visiting. If you do make it all the way out here, don’t
miss the tree canopy walkway, named Boomslang, meaning tree snake. So last time we were in Cape Town we didn’t
make it to the Kirstenbosch Gardens and I was really sad because this was the one place
I really wanted to see and now we’re finally here and we’re doing the canopy tree walk. We have arrived at Beau Constantia. Why are we here Sam? Wine, wine and more wine. Wine tasting time. We just spent a full week in Stellenbosch
drinking wine. Clearly that was not enough. I’m hooked. I’m hooked. I would do this probably every weekend if
I lived in this area. Alright, let’s go in. While riding the city sightseeing bus, we
also discovered that there was a wine loop, so naturally we decided a wine tasting was
in order, and made our way to Beau Constantia. Beau Constantia is a boutique wine farm located
at the top of Constantia Nek overlooking False Bay. It was a beautiful setting and their wines
were also really good! Let the wine tasting begin. We are starting with a glass of white. Pas de Nom is the name. That means it has no name. Hahaha. You’ve gotta like that. That is so clever. So clever. Anyways, we’ve ordered food. We got ourselves a cheese box. Ooh. Cheese and meat box. Look at this. Look at all of that cheese and meat. Look at how big that is. Fancy. Okay, that is meant to be shared Sam. That is just for me. Moving on to the red. On to the red. And I’m definitely more of a fan of the red. Oooh. Spooky. So today we are visiting The Castle Of Good
Hope but unfortunately we’ve chosen a day when there is some kind of event happening
here. So there is going to be no firing of the canon
and we can’t go into the museum so we’ll just show you the grounds and make the most of
it. This place is a maze of yellow. It is so bright and cheerful and we’re just
wandering around the Governor’s Quarters. He had a fancy home. The Castle of Good Hope was built by the Dutch
East India Company between 1666 and 1679, and it is the oldest colonial building in
South Africa. The fort was built as tensions rose between
Britain and the Netherlands and rumours of war began to swirl. Today, the building houses the Castle Military
Museum. Now let’s dive into museums. First up, we visited the District 6 Museum. District 6 was once a mixed community of freed
slaves, merchants, artisans, labourers and immigrants. It was a vibrant community, however, by the
beginning of the twentieth century, the process of removals had begun. In total, more than 60 000 people were forcibly
removed to the Cape Flats, and their houses in District Six were flattened by bulldozers. This museum is a memorial that shares individual
stories of former residents. We also visited the Slave Lodge, which as
the name suggests, was a building used as a lodge for slaves of the Dutch East India
Company. Like the District 6 Museum, this is a must-visit
to better understand South Africa’s history. And if art is your thing, there’s the South
African National Gallery which is located in the Company’s Garden. The gallery houses works by South African,
African, British, French, Dutch and Flemish artists. So this afternoon we’re taking a little wander
through The Company’s Garden and we lucked out with an AirBNB that is directly across
the park. So it is pretty cool. You have a few different museums and galleries
within the park itself and Sam is off chasing albino squirrels at the moment. And while you’re at the The Company’s Garden,
we’d also recommend grabbing a bite at their restaurant. We went there for breakfast and had a bit
of a feast. Well you’re looking pretty happy over there. With coffee and food in front of your face. Another cappuccino and look at the size of
this. This is the full English or the complete breakfast
or whatever you want to call it here. Well, give us the tour then. This thing is massive. Like this plate. Look at this. It is more like a platter. It is a platter. It is a double hand platter. Double hand platter. Oh man. So over here we’ve got what appears to be
some fried mushrooms. I love mushrooms We have a hashbrown. We have a grilled tomato, we have toast. We have bacon and that will please any Canadian
guy. And over here we have like a thin. A long thin sausage and then we have two eggs
well done. Okay, so for my breakfast I ordered Eggs Benedict
with Salmon. Eggs Benedict is probably one of the breakfasts
items whenever it is available like we’re kind of all over that. It is probably one of our favorite things
to have. Mmmm. What do you think? Mmmhmm. It gets the thumbs up. The Cape Peninsula is an easy day trip from
Cape Town. You could do a bus tour, but why would you
want to sit in a bus all day when you could be riding a sidecar? This was one of the funnest tours we’ve
done in a while and it was a blast thanks to our guide Bradley who had a great sense
of humour. I’m going to make you look gangster for a
second. Hahaha. Leave it there for me. Gangster. My Gangsta look. There you go. Almost there. Suits you well. Yeah. There we go. And the coolest thing I have to say about
this helmet is just the sunglasses. They are kind of like sunglass goggles. Yeah, goggles. They are goggles. There we go. There you go. So for now you can take this down but if you
need it when you’re on the bike if you’re behind another car or fumes or a lot of wind
in your face just pop it up. Okay, so now Sam. Good. Alright, are you all set? All set. Now your turn. Ready to go. We rode all the way down to the Cape of Good
Hope, which is the southwesternmost point on the African continent. Sam had an encounter with an ostrich and we
saw baboons. We also climbed to the top of the lighthouse
for views of what looks like the ends of the Earth. Next up we have made it to Boulders Beach
where the main attraction is penguins, penguins and more penguins. There is a colony of penguins here and we’re
going to go check them out. For a little bit of shopping, we hit up Greenmarket
Square, where there is no shortage of choice when it comes to souvenirs. We saw everything from beaded jewelry and
wire art, to bright dashikis and carved wooden sculptures. Now if you had to choose one thing to take
back home what would it be? Well, that is a tough decision because a lot
of really cool artwork and like tapestry and all of these other things but I’ve got my
eye on this skinny giraffes and I’ve seen them sold all over South Africa but that would
definitely not fit in my suitcase. I think I’d like to break them in 3. They are like really tall. They are like six feet tall. Like wooden giraffes. I’d have to break its neck off and then its
legs and then throw it in the suitcase and then glue it back together but that wouldn’t
be very cool. So I guess, I guess I’d have to explore shipping. Just a short walk from there, we found Mariam’s
Kitchen. Here you can order the famed Gatsby, a popular
South African sandwich, which is a behemoth of a meal. What have we done? Oh, what have we done? Oh my gosh. Okay, so today we’re in Cape Town and we wanted
to try the Gatsby. This is a dish that apparently originated
in the Cape Flats. It is fast food so we thought hey let’s order
two half portions and then this behemoth of a meal arrived and I’m not entirely sure how
we’re going to eat all of this. I don’t think we can accurately portray just
how big this is. It is huge. Put your hand out. My hands. Tada. Like this thing is enormous. It is like bigger than my head. This is the half portion. This is way bigger than your head. Imagine if we had gotten the full one. Like the bread would be out to here. Like, this is to feed a family. It is enough food to feed a group of friends
and we’re going to eat all of this. Just the two of us. Arggh! Okay, so it is time introduce you to the Gatsby. Time to tuck into it but first basically it
is just if you can imagine it is a massive submarine sandwich. Yeah. You can see it is shaped like a submarine. If we actually went like that you can see
that is probably what a large one looks like. Yes, that would be one large basically. Maybe one large one. And anyways yeah. Let’s take a look and see what is inside. So it is filled with chips. That is the key ingredient. Every Gatsby has chips. Woah, look at how many chips there are. And then the one that I got here is the Steak
Masala so you can see there is a big generous chunk of steak. Big hunk of steak. I noticed some lettuce at the bottom. There is a bit of salad in there as well. Yeah, there is a little bit of salad but is
obviously at the very very bottom. You can barely see it. Yeah, and we noticed on the menu they had
a whole bunch of fillings. You can get it with hotdog, sausage, eggs. They had one with curry as well too. So many options. You can get anything you want really. Alright, so let’s actually go in for the first
bite. Actually they just told us we’re supposed
to be eating this with our hands. Okay. No cutlery allowed. Alright. So good luck. Alright, good luck with that. Woah. This is just like oh my gosh I can’t even
hold it. Oh my gosh. Hahaha. Woah! Mmmm. That is so so so good. Mmmm. And also you got your chips coated in barbecue
sauce? You know what? I got mine, I think there is barbecue and
maybe like a bit of piri piri. That is like really spicy so you really taste
the chips, you taste the steak and then of course there is not a lot of salad in there. I have to say. I do think there is some onions but my gosh. You know what this is like hangover food. Time for the first bite. That is insane. That is just so big. So so big. Mmmmm. Isn’t it good? Yours must be spicy? It is good. Well the tomato sauce is sweet so it balances
out but seriously this is like carb overload. Bread and potatoes. Yeah, there is no way we each needed our own
half one. We could have shared a half. We will try our best. Had we known. Had we known. Another dish we’d recommend trying is Bunny
Chow. For this meal, we made our way to the Eastern
Food Bazaar. We’re going to introduce you to a dish called
Bunny Chow. And we first had Bunny Chow when we came to
South Africa about two years ago. We had it on safari and the first time we
heard bunny chow we were like woah they’re eating baby bunnies that is a little sad. I’m not sure I can. But this dish has nothing to do with Bunnies. Nothing to do with rabbit. It is actually a curry so it is a hollowed
out loaf of bread stuffed with curry and this is a dish that actually originated in Durban
where there is a large Indian population. Yeah, so first up I am having the chicken
bunny chow and before I have that I’ll point out that the one you got is vegetarian and
there was also lamb on the menu. So yeah, lots of options. Lots of options and just look at how big this
is. This is my hand. It is seriously like half a loaf of bread. Right there. So I’m just going to dig right in. I’m going to try and get. Oh, wow look at that. Nice big piece of chicken. I’m going to try and get a little bit of bread
and try to get a bit of chicken. Should that piece of chicken is so big I think
I’m just going to go for some sauce. Oh la lah. Oh, that is nice. Yeah? Oh yeah? It smells so good. I can smell the curry. That is a wonderful curry. It is rich it is a little bit spicy but not
overpoweringly spicy and it kind of reminds me a bit of a masala. Of a masala curry. It has just kind of got that rich tomato base. Yeah. Oh my gosh that is good. I’m going in for a second bite. You know it is good when I go in for round
two. And I did get a little bit of bread from the
side as well. Cool. Mmmmm. Oh yeah. It is now my turn so I got the vegetarian
bunny chow. And here is the bread that was hollowed out
from inside the loaf. So I’m going to use this for dipping. Ype. So here we go. I should mention if you compare yours is more
of a brown color. Yeah. Whereas mine is orange. So yours should taste different. Mmmm. That is good. How is that? It is good. Woah. I’m spraying everywhere. We’ve got some lentils, potatoes, green beans. Not lentils. I mean peas. I mean peas. Peas. But yeah, it is so spicy. Oh my gosh. It burns in the throat. Yours is obviously spicier than mine. Mine is spicy but just kind of mildly spicy. Mmmm. This is such a fun meal as well. Like look at this. I have a tower of bread on my plate. Like how often do you eat out of a tower of
bread? Not very. And if you feel like sampling some international
cuisine, Cape Town has that too. We were in the mood for Peruvian, so we had
dinner at Charango, where they make a mouthwatering ceviche and tiradito. For a look at Cape Town through a different
lens, you can also do a street art tour with Juma, who is a guide and local street artist. He runs a few different tours through Woodstock
and the township of Khayelitsha, where you can see murals done by national and international
artists. It is time to hit up Kloof street. Kloof. Yes, and I’m in search of Pinotage which is
a unique wine to South Africa. Yes, so let’s see if we can find a wine bar. Oh la lah. If you’re looking for a taste of Cape Town’s
nightlife, Kloof Street and Long Street are your best bets. These two streets are lined with bars and
late night dining spots. We kept things pretty tame, but if you stick
around long enough this area really comes to life. So we didn’t end up at a wine bar. We ended up at a cool hostel that has a bar
and they serve wine so we got some house wine. This is an official Baz bus stop. Oh. So this is a bit of a reminder of our trip
in 2015. Alright, so yeah anyways going back to the
pinotage. So this is the local grape of South Africa. And it is a red grape and it is known for
its smoky and fruit flavors. Oh mister wine connoisseur getting fancy over
here. Yeah, and I love my wine so time to try it. Good stuff? Oh yeah. And I’m having the white. Cheers! Clink. And that’s a wrap for our week in Cape Town,
South Africa. We hope you enjoyed following along and that
this guide gave you a few ideas of things to see, do and eat in Cape Town. As always, if you have any other suggestions
for fellow travellers, feel free to share those in the comments below. In the meantime, wishing you happy travels
and see you next time!

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    Great video guys 🙂 I totally agree the pizza in South Africa is absolutely delicious! All the food is incredible there. Watching this seriously makes me miss my time in Cape Town 😭💔 Hubby and I recently spent over a month travelling around different parts of Africa and we completely fell in love with Cape Town, it's seriously so hard to imagine a more beautiful place in the world, it's perfection. We loved surfing there, climbing Lion's Head Mountain (The best place to watch a gorgeous sunset) and we miss seeing those cheeky, cute and very comical African Penguins on the beach. Cape Town is a place that once you have been there you will never forget it 🐧🌊🏄🌍

  • jaco van heerden says:

    i am a south african in england for 18 years , i am going home for good next year, i want to go on sams bike. what is the companys name because i dont get it on google

  • Arjun Prajapati says:

    Visit Groot Constantia for wine testing and try the Grand Constance, I bet you can't forget the taste of this wine. Groot Constantia is an old winery with museum which near to the Cape Town city.

  • Killed myself watching you eat Cape junk food. I‘m an ex pat, go home once a year, but never eat that food. That Bunny Chow cracked me up though.

  • Izabella Chies says:

    Amazing video!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing! I'll be travelling for Cape Town in 4 months and I can't wait for it!

  • Elisa Cappelletti says:

    Nice images, they show a wonderful part od South Africa! I just went there and I can recommend that you have to visit it once in a lifetime! I also made a video of our roadtrip where I show many locations in south africa , it is on my channel or there for who is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7lgfCR0Eu0

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