30 Second TV Ad: “Feeding Time”

30 Second TV Ad: “Feeding Time”

DAD: Oh, it’s gonna be chilly today. I’m going to have to bundle you up when we take our walk. DAD: You want to something to eat? I’m all ready for you. DAD: How about some mashed bananas? It’s your favorite. ANNCR: It’s never too early to talk with your kids about the dangers of alcohol. DAD: Look what I have for you. ANNCR: But it can be too late. Dad: Just a little more ANNCR: Today’s the day to start the conversation and stop underage drinking.

6 thoughts on “30 Second TV Ad: “Feeding Time””

  • This commercial and the girl in the coffin are way over the top.  When mothers and fathers of children that have died in alcohol related deaths see these commercials, it brings back painful memories.  I don't think that responsible parenting needs to be reminded of their duty to teach their kids that drinking and death can go hand and hand.  These commercials are totally unnecessary. 
    I know because I have 2 grown children.  It is up to responsible parents to teach their children about drinking.  These parents don't need anyone to tell them how it should be done.  A coffin and a man with a brain injury are totally not necessary. 

  • I think this is hopefully so others will see the dangers and I think they are necessary. A lot of parents are not responsible when it comes to their parenting duties. Maybe this will make them think, and the kids,too.

  • Gabrielle Nistico says:

    Was honored to do the VO for this. We need to talk about this issue more and prevent tragedies from happening.

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