28 Budget Travel Hacks When You’re Broke AF

28 Budget Travel Hacks When You’re Broke AF

– Whoop! Hello and welcome to Hopscotch the Globe My name is Kristen Sarah. If you are new to this
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we release a new video. (upbeat music) Using the incognito window. Websites have a cheeky way of knowing what they’ve quoted you in the past and will hike up the
price when you return back if you have not booked yet. In order to make things
competitive and cheap, make sure you are browsing on the hush. Try Couchsurfing or stay
in hostels or Airbnbs if you want to save money. It’s a great way to not just save money but also stay in local neighborhoods and get that local feel
that us travelers seek out. Also in Airbnbs and Couchsurfing, you’re in someone else’s house. In hostels, you have access to a kitchen, so you can go to a grocery store, a local grocery store, and cook your food back at your place, so you don’t have to spend
three times, four times the money out at a restaurant. Take a free class or go on a free tour. One of the many amazing
things about hostels, ’cause there are quite a few
things that I absolutely love, is usually at the front lobby
there’s a bulletin board. On that bulletin board, they post things that are happening within the
community, within the hostel. Many times those things are free classes that you can participate
in or free walking tours of the city you’re standing in just the way to get all
the travelers together and create that sense of community that we all absolutely
love when we travel. If you want to get an authentic experience and also save money,
go where the locals go. The locals know best. They don’t just know
where the best food is, but they know where the
best bang for your buck is. Get to know the locals or start
a conversation with a local and ask them where the best
place to get local cuisine is. Many times, I’ve found
myself at a little stall on the street eating this
delicious street food that costs me next to nothing. It ends up being one of the best meals I’ve had on that trip. Work for free room and board. Most of the time, hostels
are run by travelers who have been passing through, decide to stay for a couple of months, and end up working at the
hostel for free room and board. If you don’t really have
a schedule and a timeframe for your travels, you
can extend those travels or save money on your travels
by working at a hostel, working at the front desk or making up the rooms or whatever. Another option is WWOOFing
where you’re working on a farm in exchange for food and a stay as well. There are so many other options. I’ve actually included those
options in another video that you can check out. I’ll leave a link in the
description box below. Choose cheaper destinations. If you are on a tight
budget, don’t go to Europe because it’s gonna cost you a lot more, and you’re not gonna have
as much time to travel as if you were to go to
somewhere like Southeast Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia
where you can really, really stretch your budget. I would say from experience
that I would be able to spend the same amount of money spending
maybe two weeks in Europe and doing the same kind of activities, eating the same amount
of food as I could spend staying like two, three
months in Thailand. If I don’t really have the timeframe and I just want to really
travel as long as possible, I would stretch my
money by going to places like Southeast Asia. To add to that, traveling
in the off season will also save you. Usually when people travel, they don’t have an endless amount of time. Maybe they have a couple
of weeks or up to a month, and they want the best weather possible. You’re gonna choose
what’s called high season. This is when most travelers are traveling in that destination because
of the weather for example is going to be the best. But if you’re more flexible
and you have more time, traveling in low season
will save you so much money. In the high season,
hotels or tour companies will really hike up the prices. You’re gonna be paying
like double or even more if you’re traveling in the high season compared to the low season. Another great thing is, there
is not as many travelers. It’s less crowded in the
places that you’re gonna visit. Talk with other travelers. If you have other
friends or family members who are into traveling as much as you are, or reach out to bloggers
or YouTube creators. Hey. Just talk with other travelers
because a lot of the times, they’ll have advice or maybe
they’ve even know of some deals to the places that you want to travel to. Perhaps they know
someone you can stay with in the destination you’re going to, or they have a friend
who owns a tour company. You never know until you
talk to other travelers. It could save you money. Sign up for travel bloggers’
newsletters like ours. We do have a biweekly
newsletter where we share deals as well as giveaways and
updates on our travels. If you want to know
more about travel deals, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. I’ll leave a link in the
description box below. Quick little plug there. Use a VPN to book things like your flights to get good deals. If you’ve never heard of a VPN, it’s basically a plugin that
is tricking the internet to thinking you’re in
a different location. I’m gonna give you an example. Okay. There is. (laughs) Okay. This is Bob. This is Luis. Bob is in London. Luis is in Toronto. They both want to book the same flight from Toronto to London. But Bob is getting a better deal because he’s located in London. That’s it. That’s the only reason. By changing your VPN, you
can act like you’re in London when you’re not actually in London and get that cheaper deal. Frequent flyer points. This one is one of my favorites because you’re just spending money that you would normally
spend on a daily basis buying food, buying gas, et cetera, but you’re collecting points that you can use towards travel. You can use it on flights, you
can use it on accommodations, you can use it on tours. There are many credit cards that offer different point systems. You have to really shop
around and find the one that’s best for you. I use the American Express
Platinum and love it because it not only gives
me really good points, but I get access to so many
lounges around the world. There’s other perks with the card that are just definitely
makes it worth the annual fee. Some of the perks for
example is I get $250 that I can put towards
either a hotel or a flight every single year. I’ve also gotten $250 that
I can use at duty-free to get a crap ton of alcohol
that I’ll never drink. But my friends love coming over. Pack light to avoid baggage fees. I’ve been preaching
carry-on only for years now because that’s how I’ve been traveling, and it’s benefited me in so many ways. One, I always know where my stuff is. Two, I don’t have to pay
those stupid baggage fees that cost too much. Three, I never have to worry
about someone going into my bag or losing my bag when
I get to a destination. If I have a tight connection, I don’t have to worry about my bag not making it to my destination and getting lost who knows where. But we’re talking about money here. We want to save as much as
we can, wherever we can. Not having to pay baggage
fees, that’s gonna save you an extra up to even
sometimes $100 on your trip. Get around by foot, by bike,
or by public transportation. Taxis and Ubers are great. They’re convenient and
all, but they cost money. They definitely cost a lot
more than using your two feet and walking around, or
renting a bike for day, or taking public transportation,
which are all awesome ways to really immerse yourself in the culture and get to places where
you can’t get to by cars. There have been so many times where I’ve just been
walking around a new place or biking around, and I
find like little areas that I get lost in, and
I wouldn’t have been able to get there if I were
to have been driving or taking a taxi. There have been times
where I’ve found myself in little tiny alleyway type
places where I discovered a really delicious restaurant or I struck up a
conversation with a local, and those end up being one
of the best travel stories that I have on that trip. Fly to one destination and
then take public transportation to your final destination. An example of this for me would be flying from Toronto to London again. It is probably the cheapest
way to fly out of Toronto to get to Europe. Let’s say I’m trying to actually
get to Hamburg, Germany. If I choose that cheaper flight to London, and then I just take a train to Hamburg, I still get to my destination, but I’m saving money in the meantime. To go with that, if you
also take an overnight train or an overnight bus, then you’re saving
money on accommodations. This one doesn’t work for everyone, but if it does work for you,
it will definitely save you. Being flexible with your travel dates. On Skyscanner, you have the option of looking at the overall month and seeing where the cheapest date is to travel to your destination. If you are flexible, then you
can choose that cheapest date to fly out and save money. Book a flight on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The reason is, booking
flights on these days is in lower demand, so
you can get better deals. Not many people want to fly
in and out on a Tuesday. Usually they want to
flight out on a Friday, come back on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday. If you have the flexibility,
I recommend flying in and out on a Tuesday or Wednesday to save money. Sign up or continuously
go and check out sites like YYZ Deals or YVR
Deals, Scott’s Cheap Flights because these resources
are some of my favorite for finding the cheapest flights ever. YYZ Deals is my favorite
because it’s only flights leaving out of Toronto going
everywhere in the world. If you live in the GTA, this
is specifically for you. Go and check out the website right now. It will blow your mind because the guy who runs this is amazing. He posts the cheapest flights. However he finds them, I don’t know, but I love him for it. The cheapest flights leaving from Toronto everywhere in the world,
and I’m talking like $150, all taxes in, return to places
like Morocco or Costa Rica. What’s also really great about it is it’s not just last-minute deals where you have to leave within a week. You usually have a two-
to three-month window where you have to travel to get that deal, which I think is pretty great. Scott’s Cheap Flights is
another one I highly recommend signing up for because it’s flights leaving from all over world. It’s not specifically
leaving out of Toronto going to other destinations. It works for a lot of you watching. KAYAK.com is also another great resource to find cheap flights. You can sign up for alerts. Let’s say you’re flying
from Los Angeles, California to Bangkok, Thailand, and
you only want to spend anywhere under $1,000 for a
return flight including taxes. You can sign up for an alert, tell them how much you’re willing to pay, and you’ll get notified when there are flights for $1,000 or less. I would highly recommend taking out money when you get to your destination using your debit card at an ATM. You will get the best rates this way. If you feel a little bit uncomfortable not having money on you when
you get to your destination, then you can always exchange
just a little bit back home, so you have enough to go from
the airport to your hotel and maybe buy a couple of meals. Bring a reusable water bottle with you. This is especially beneficial if you’re traveling for
long periods of time. You’ll be surprised how much
money you can actually spend on bottled water. It really adds up, especially
if you’re traveling destinations where the
weather is really hot and you’re drinking a lot. I was actually surprised
in places like India or Indonesia, Thailand how easy it was to find filtered water systems where I could fill up my water bottle. I thought it would be more
inconvenient than ever, and I would just have to
end up buying bottled water, but I end up reusing my reusable
water bottle quite often. At least have it on you,
so you have that option. Eat a bigger lunch and a lighter dinner. A lot of restaurants are food joints who charge double for dinner
than they would for lunch. So, you might as well eat as
much as possible for lunch, go for a lighter dinner. You can save money that way. Or eat lunch out at a
restaurant, food joint, and then go and get some
groceries and make your own food for dinner at your hostel or Airbnb, and save money that way too. Fly when no one else wants to. I am talking about those red-eye flights, those early morning flights
where you have to get up at like three a.m., and it
sucks, but you can save money. Sometimes it’s worth it. If you have a long layover,
spend the night at the airport instead of getting an airport hotel room, which is going to cost you
way more money than it should. There is a really wicked website. It’s called SleepingInAirports.net. It tells you all the
airports around the world where the best places
are to sleep, to eat, to find WiFi, to lounge, to shower. It tells you everything you want to know to make your overnight stay at
the airport super comfortable and get that rest that you need. Wash your dirty travel
clothes in the tub or sink, or if you’re really lucky
and have a Whirlpool, best washing machine. It actually makes me super
angry how much hotels charge to do your laundry. Who is gonna spend $10 to wash one sock? One sock? There have been where
we’ve stayed in places that have a Whirlpool or just
like a tub that has jets. And we fill our tub with
water, we put our clothes in, we sprinkle something like
those Tide packages you can buy at grocery stores, and
you turn on the jets, and it starts to, like,
turning your clothes just like a washing machine would. It’s fantastic. It works so well. Check for deals and coupons on websites like Travelzoo or Groupon. You can find some pretty sweet
deals in the destinations you’re going to on tours or accommodations or restaurants, et cetera. One of the many great things about travel are the people that you
meet, other travelers. You build these connections with people that you can’t find doing anything else. They happen really fast. They’re like hardcore deep
connections that you can find. A lot of my best friends
today are people that I’ve met all around the world, from
all these different countries during my travels. Now I have places all around the world that I can go and visit
and stay with my friends and get a little close
perspective, save on accommodations and get to hang out with some
of the most amazing people that I’ve ever met in my life. The more you travel, the
more people you meet, the more friends you make,
and the more places you have to stay around the world. Skip the travel size products. I’m talking about those little toothpaste or little shampoos and conditioners. Get yourself GoToobs, which are reusable travel 100-milliliter containers that you can reuse over and over again. Get yourself little containers and get the normal size toothpaste and just squeeze as much as you need into those reusable containers. Two things that are
great, you’re saving money and you’re helping the environment. Follow your favorite travel
bloggers and travel YouTubers to get the best
recommendations, the best deals. Connect with them, reach
out to them, ask them. If you reach out to me,
I will be more than happy to offer my advice or help you out in whatever way I can. Reaching out to Siya and I, for example. This is what we do for a living. This is what Hopscotch
the Globe is all about. Not just us but other
people whose community are willing to help you,
to help you plan that trip, to save money doing it. The vision with Hopscotch has always been to be able to reach out to
as many people as possible and help you realize that you can reach all of your travel dreams, you can travel the world
no matter your lifestyle, no matter your budget. I hope that you realize that
even if you’re broke AF, you can travel using
these budget travel hacks I just shared with you as
well as so many other hacks and advice, tips that we’ve
shared in other videos. I will leave a playlist. I think there is a thing that’s
gonna pop up right now here as well on the description box below. I will leave a playlist
of all the travel hack and tip videos that we’ve done on how do you become a better,
more efficient traveler and save money doing it. Again, if you’re new to this channel and you have not subscribed
yet, be sure to do so. Click that notification button
as well, that little bell, so you get notified every
time we post a new video. If you have any questions,
leave ’em below. We will see you guys next time. Bye. I am so pregnant in case
you didn’t know. (laughs)

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