2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX Review | Just How Flexible is This Class C RV?

2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX Review | Just How Flexible is This Class C RV?

Today’s episodes all about flexibility I’m reviewing the 2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX and we’re starting right now! What’s going on Neil Balthaser here and welcome to Ultra mobility the channel where you vote for the RVs that you want reviewed and compared. It was a close one this week neck and neck between the Travato 59KL and the Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX but the Unity supporters poured in at the last minute pushing it over the finish line with a final vote tally of 55 to 45. So that’s the review we’re doing today No worries lithium lovers the 59 KL review is coming out next week. Let’s take a quick look at some exterior shots the Unity is about as good-looking as a huge box on the back of a cutaway chassis can look. At least Leisure made an effort to try and give this thing a kind of streamlined look. Mayb? Sort of. I mean come on it’s a lot better looking than the bread delivery vans or airport shuttles you get from other manufacturers. Who said it? I said it! It’s got 34 cubic feet of exterior storage but there’s no pass-thru storage. Don’t cry for me Argentina you do get a slide-out which includes two compartment drawers that come out with the slide-out so that’s kind of cool. Built on the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 cab chassis this rear-wheel drive 3 liter v6 diesel engine sports a five-speed transmission and delivers a hundred and eighty eight horsepower and 325 foot-pounds of torque you can expect to see around 16 to 18 miles per gallon. That’s pretty good mileage for a house. Let’s briefly talk about hookups. No I’m not talking about that kind of hookup. How old do you think I am? I’m talking about utility hookups and on the Unity FX they’re located on the driver side near the back. The good news: the cable TV and Shore power plugs are up higher. The bad news: water and the optional macerator control switch are located way down low. Alright let’s head inside and see what all this flexibility talk is about.This is the layout of the Unity FX you’ve got a lounge up front that has all these crazy configurations and we’ll get into that in a minute.There’s a Murphy bed that drops down to convert the lounge into your bedroom and we’ll also get to that. Mid section you’ve got our galley and in the back there’s a second lounge and your bathroom. Okay let’s talk about this front lounge since it’s the star of the show. I will admit there’s a ton of different configurations you can do with this lounge. Let’s just run through them so you can see for yourself: You can have two individual chairs with a small flip up table between. You can move the seat backs to face each other and flip down a larger table for dining. You can fill in the middle section and have a large sofa. You can extend out the base of each chair grab some cushions from the rear lounge and have matching Ottomans. You can extend up the armrest to add support for the back cushions and create a chaise lounge. Or you can drop in the armrest / drink holder and create theater seats. Also the two cab seats swivel around and there’s a pedestal table they can be set up between them as well. So that’s a lot of flexibility and I do have to hand it to Leisure travel vans the concept is really cool but I also have to point out some things that bother me. First there are no three-point seat belts other than the two cab seats this is a two-person RV max and that’s a shame because the Unity FX would be more flexible if it could carry four passengers. Also to seat four people at the table you’re gonna have to perform a little furniture yoga. It goes something like this: you pull out the extensions from each chair base then remove the larger seat cushions from each side and find a place to stow them and then you run back to the rear lounge and get for smaller cushions and use them as new seat bottoms two on each side then you raise the arm rests on each side to provide support for the backrest and then you move each backrest center so the two people can share part of it… Don’t worry there’ll be some kind of instructions that you can follow I’m sure. Finally when I tried these configurations out myself I thought they were better in concept than execution. The biggest beef I have with many of them is that the seat cushions and backs are just kind of sitting there. They’re not really attached to anything. Yeah you can see that there are some places to snap the seat backs into place but they’re not available in all configurations and so I kind of felt like things were sliding around. I’d rather have less configurations that are better thought out. Okay let’s talk about the Murphy bed. It’s pretty simple to set up. You need to make sure you have the seat cushions in place and the table tops folded away. Then you just unlock a couple pins and drop down the bed. It’s pretty straightforward. The bed’s 68 by 76 inches and if you’re over 6 feet tall you’re going to be okay. I’m 5’10” and you can see that I have plenty of room. A couple standout features are the built in back rests that are adjustable so that you can sit up and watch TV and the bank of awning style windows above. Keep in mind that the slide-out has to be out for the Murphy bed to have enough room to drop down. If Jenny Craig’s working for you you’ll have just enough room to squeeze between the bed and the kitchen counter to get to the bathroom at night. And I know if you’re as old as me you’re running to the bathroom at night. Let’s talk quickly about some standout features on the Unity FX. First there’s ducted AC and full water filtration standard also there’s the Truman aqua go comfort Plus instant hot water heater and I love the comfort plus model because it constantly recirculates hot water in the lines so you’re never waiting when you turn on the hot water and and Leisure Travel ops for the upgraded Mercedes chassis with all the driving safety assist features like blind spot and collision detection. There are also a couple upgrades worth a shoutout: I wish every coach builder offered a Wi-Fi cellular extender. It’s one of those things every modern camper needs on the road. And the power stabilization jacks are only for stabilizing and not for leveling but they will eliminate that wobble that you see in some of my videos as I walk around. Alright let’s head into the galley where we’re also going to talk about the FX’s electrical system. I love the modern and sleek look of the galley. Shown here is the glamour decor package with Bianca white matte finished upper cabinet. Ewwwww weeeee! Very sexy! A clean-looking Corian counter and beautiful curved radius cabinet doors below the sink all complement each other and work well. You’ve got a big window with awning style lower windows that open and a dedicated fantastic fan above so ventilation is great in this galle. Also CamperDude one of my subscribers pointed this out and I agree with him: a stove’s placement should be away from any furniture so that when we guys cook we don’t mar the furniture with our epic cooking failures. Good point CamperDude. Ysou and I are safe to cook in this galley. About the only ding I have is that there’s no counter extension so that limits your prep space to what you see here. As far as storage you’ve got loads of it. The upper cabinets are 12 inches deep so your plate should fit up there fine. You’ve also got a tall and deep pull out pantry and on the other side of the galley you’ve got a 6.7 cubic foot three-way refrigerator with a separate freezer and above a convection microwave. Both the refrigerator and microwave doors are positive locking – bonus points Leisure Travel Vans. One last thing of note: look down. You’ve got plenty of aisle width even with all those drawers open. If you’re standing at the stove someone can easily get past you to get to the rear of the coach. Let’s take a look at the FX’s electrical system. First off it’s just lead-acid batteries no lithium upgrade available here. Time to step into the 21st century Leisure Travel Vans and offer a lithium upgrade. Also the 1000 watt inverter is lacking by today’s standard. We need at least 2,000 watts to run things like the microwave without needing to start the generator. Speaking of generators both are options here. You can upgrade to a 3.6kw
00:10:31,260 –>00:10:38,070
LP generator for $3,900 or for a whopping $7800 go for the 3.2kw diesel generator. You can get up to four hundred watts of solar for $2,800 so as electrical system go I think Leisure Travel Vans can do better at the very least they should include a generator as standard. Time to move on to the back of the coach where we’re going to take a look at this rear lounge and the bathroom. Keeping in mind that we’re in an RV that’s 25 feet long. It’s kind of cool that we have such a spacious second lounge back here. It’s an L shaped configuration tucked in the corner which makes it cozy and private.There’s a second 24 inch LCD TV facing towards the back and once again demonstrating its flexibility there’s a stowaway ottoman under that seat we’re facing which can also function as a workstation table or dining tray. If you have grandkids or you’re shorter this area could also be made into a small bed but I’m 5’10” and you can see it’s not big enough for me. Let’s take a look in the bathroom. This is a dry bath which means the toilet and shower are separate. Speaking of toilet I’m a little squished on this toilet my shoulders are scrunched in my head is hitting that thing above me. I’ve been in Class B vans where I haven’t been as squished. Turning to the shower there’s pretty good height here thanks to the skylight plus the shower components are recessed which gives me a bit more elbow room. As far as tank sizes are concerned we’ve got really generous tanks on this Unity FX. Okay it’s judgment time should you avoid the Unity FX? Consider it? Shortlist it? Or buy it? I think you should consider it. There are other Class C coaches out there that are more practical than the Unity FX including some from Leisure Travel Vans itself. Having two lounges is great but I think trading a less flexible lounge for a permanent dead setup is a better way to go. Finally you know I can’t close out this episode without saying something about Leisure Travel Vans short two-year coach warranty. The Leisure Travel Vans brand is synonymous with quality and you know what their coach warranty needs to also reflect that. All right thanks so much for watching. If you enjoy these videos then give me a thumbs up, subscribe by clicking any of the numerous subscribe buttons on your screen and remember to hit that little notification bell for all the latest from me right when it drop. Also I’m completely independent with no RV sponsors like some other RV channels so if you want to help support my independence you can check me out on patreon at patreon.com/ultramobility Alright that’s it for now we’ll catch you next time. Remember vote for the RV’s that you want reviewed and compared – check out the link in the video description below see ya!

100 thoughts on “2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX Review | Just How Flexible is This Class C RV?”

  • Awesome review as always! I personally love this layout, just wish leisure travel vans had 1 of their models as 4 season! Looking forward to the 59kl review!

  • Great review but I wouldn't knock LTV for only having a 1,000W inverter. It is sized for the batteries. A 2,000W inverter and microwave/convection use would drain those batteries really quickly and make for an unhappy camper.

  • Thank you! I was at the Hershey show this month. I was disappointed to notice the lack of seatbelts! I hope by the time I’ll be ready to buy Leisure Travel will make those recommended changes so My husband and I will consider buy one.

  • Looks good! Inability to lower the bed without extending slide out is a limiting factor. And they need to upgrade components like fridge, electrical, batteries, etc. Never understood the need to squeeze in 100 TVs into coach.
    Also would be really helpful if you could demonstrate the coach with slide in to understand how front lounge works in this configuration.

  • I'd like to see this with the Murphy bed in front and the corner bed instead of the lounge in back. That way you could sleep 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 large children like I have (16 yo twins). Also the "U" lounge rather than those 2 recliners would be better.

  • Now this was a GREAT review! Thank you so much for demonstrating the actual size of each feature. It's so easy to say oh this is spacious, etc…but when someone actually sits in the bathroom, or lays on the sofa, well then you can see perfectly how big it would be. I know I complained before because you didn't demonstrate and with this video you more than made up for that! Again, thank you, great video review!

  • Great review as usual. We love the leisure travel van and looked at some at The Hershey Show. After comparing the Unity fx and the Unity MB I like the MB better. It give you a bigger bathroom which I prefer over the additional sitting area. I do agree that the inverter should be 2000 watts and it is time to go to the lithium batteries. The PleasureWay’s have some very nice models. They have
    used lithium batteries for a few years now and have a better warranty. Leisure better up their game to stay in the race. Will you be doing a review of the Unity MB?? Thanks for the great reviews!

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  • Would love to see the Leisure Travel 2018 Wonder RTB. It has the euro style garage that is lacking on North American class b plus and c’s.

  • From my European perspective I think this is mostly pretty good. The interior is really nice, this is often not the case with US RVs from the big manufacturers where the 80s lives on. Canadians appear to be ahead. I also like the flexibility however only two seatbelts is a turn off. Also, no garage at the rear for bicycles and e-bikes.

  • Thanks, seen some at the PA RV show but i;m not ready to be able to know everything I should be looking for. I did notice it had no cup holders, only in the drivers compartment. But any help will be thankful. Rich..

  • Lead Acid?
    do they also include a hand-crank to start the engine?
    How about a buggy whip to get the thing moving?

    using 120-year-old technology in a 2019 RV just seems to be a red flag for a company
    what other 100-year-old technologies are they using?

  • This unit only has 2 seats with seatbelts because that is what it is designed for. 2 people. No more. No matter how big my RV might be, it is for 2 people. In my case 2 people only, no dogs, cats, no kids. Pure heaven! Very nice review. Keep it up.

  • I agree SO much on the lack of seatbelts! When we first saw this one, we liked that one of our kids could sleep on the back lounge, but then hearing he wouldn't be able to ride? Makes no sense – that's a real lost opportunity there – I wonder if it has something to do with carrying capacity? And as much as I love the idea of a murphy bed, I don't like all the sunlight it cuts out.

  • jimbotheassclown says:

    If I'm going to give up mobility and safety of a Class b I'm getting a fixed bedroom And a more reliable platform than a Sprinter.

  • Your doppelganger was walking around Cannon Beach, Oregon last week! I'm sure he thought I was stalking him and should have just been bold, and asked if it was you! I even scouted out the parking lot to see if there was a class B out there. Too funny. Enjoyed our trip to the Portland area. Always a treat. Thanks for your videos!!

  • Loved seeing this! Agree that it isn't perfect but the Unity FX is one of our top floorplans, largely because of the rear lounge. My wife goes to bed early; I go to bed 2 to 3 hours later. Working at a small table in one of the front seats is viable, but having an entire workspace definitely has a strong appeal for both of us, even if having that space means other things are compromised.

    I wish Leisure Travel would move the kitchen between the bed and the bathroom (like the Unity Murphy Bed model) install the MB's entertainment center on the passenger side wall, and use some of the back wall space for the wardrobe area — perhaps with two narrow rows of clothes hangers running parallel to the back mask.

    The entertainment center is narrower than the kitchen. Moving the kitchen to the driver side and installing the MB's entertainment center on the passenger side would allow the fancier recliners (again from the MB) to become an option because they would have enough room to extend. That extra room would also mean that the bed in the FX could be used without deploying the slideout.

  • I like their Wonder RTB (Rear Twin Bed) better. Mostly because I think they use the space much better. And I love the built in garage they have in the RTB. USA market is behind the European market when it comes to built-in garages. But all seem to be lacking more than 2 seat belts and lithium. Major negatives in my book.

  • YouTube channel "Creativity RV" talks about her full-time experience with her Leisure Travel Van Unity. She talks about warranty issues, price negotiations, and if she would buy new or used again. She comes across as a very good and honest speaker. If your thinking about buying one of these, I think you'll get some additional good information from her. I would begin her video at time 1.00. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L67uRv_Z3dY

  • It is time to raise their game: the generator power off the engine (more space and weight released in lieu of Onan), induction cooktop (eliminating propane bottles) and the Cinderella incinerator toilet (releasing more carrying weight in lieu of the BW tank). Thank you for your excellent review and holding RV manufacturers' feet to the fire.

  • 🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🧐❤❤❤❤❤ 🚐 🔩 🔧 🛠⚙️⛓ Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🚐 RV Journey 🚐 🗺 🌎🌍🌏 🚐 Ultramobility, what can we choose outside the cookie cutter? This will not fit in my Subdivision in GA and I will have to pay for storage. Can we have a Fundraising link to purchase Camera …No need to drag it out! Let's get it done before the holidays. 2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX nice unit!

  • Enjoyed the comedic side to your personality. During the seating configuration, I just couldn't help think about the saying "less is more". Okay, so the grand kids can sleep in the 2nd lounge they just can't ride in the rig. Hmmmm

  • Thanks Neil 🙂 Your work is exceptional. Appreciate all you do so we all can be more knowledgeable; and helps to narrow in on just the right rv :))

  • Unfortunately, I've been hearing too much about mfg. quality control issues lately from more recent LTV owners. Stuff not working at delivery, bits & pieces of the components they mfg. literally coming apart, and general signs that they're rushing to get product out the door while letting the QA stuff lapse. I hate to see this, since they have such a decent reputation. I'm thinking they need to take a step back and really address QA at their mfg. facility. (OK, they also need to come in to the 21st cent. on the electrical system, etc…)

  • Great review again! I would love to see a look at the underside of the vans you review. It would be interesting to see the plumbing and how serviceable it is and if they are winter capable.

  • Fernando Mendoza says:

    Solid review. I suggest you also list the internal width from wall to wall to get an idea of the general living space, specially because RVs' sizes can go from the almost 79" of a van up to almost the road limit of 102", and because it's not a dimension that's generally listed in manufacturers' websites.

  • Excellent points as usual Neil. The lack of lithium upgrade is unforgivable! And a thousand watt inverter is a joke!
    You make an excellent point about a permanent bed, I would rather have that than the secondary lounge.
    And last but not least, and idea of more counterspace would be a flip out smaller table from the wall that you could slide above the counter, this would allow you to put plates of food or other things for preparation. I got this idea from a VW camper with a table built into the sliding door.
    I think a lot of these designers in the US need to be taught what simplicity is.

  • This is nice looking and all, but the tech is already out of date and the lounge/bed area would not be useful for anything but an overnight trip. It's pretty…but honestly, that bathroom is maddening. I can't believe a 2019 upscale camper has a gas stove and lead-acid batteries. Great review, as always!!!

  • You are speaking in flashy talk and it's freaking me out. You are sounding like a RV salesmen. Please for the love of God! HOOK UP!! SERIOUSLY!?! No one thinks you are too old for a HOOK UP! But still… ew. You give a lot of stats with your reviews that I rewind quite a bit. To keep that all straight I like it clean. The text on the cabinets is great, I can understand it clearly. Still love the channel and what you are doing. I feel like someone is telling to be more cheeky. Maybe I just need to get use to it, it's just distracting from the facts. No LITHIUM!! UGH!

  • I saw an interesting video by RV lifestyles Mike and Jennifer Wendland. It was about Road treks new Watt fuel cell . I thought you'd be interested . I didn't know Thor bought out road trek and hymer. My, my, they're buying up just about everyone .

  • Thanks for another great review! Yes, the Leisure Lounge still feels like a V1.0 design, there must be a better way. Those armrests when raised to support the cushions felt none too sturdy either when I checked out the unit myself. And many thanks for showing yourself in the bath, the rear lounge etc., really shows the ergonomics!

  • Neil,
    Fantastic production value. Thank you for going so far above anyone else in terms of detail and production value. I love that you are not afraid to critique these manufacturers. That shows your independence, and I love that you tell the bad with the good. Keep up the great work!

  • I have a Roadtrek Zion. I looked at several C-Class RV's on Ford gas, Ford Diesel and Mercedes Sprinter (Diesel) chassis. Great for more room…BUT…they all drove like trucks. The engines were loud and the vehicle vibrated to the point it was nerve racking. PLUS they all had an internal generator, which are loud and not as convenient as my engine mounted generator on my RAM engine. I'll stick with my small B-class Zion.

  • Neil, big recent developments I'm hoping you can comment on: Roadtrek demonstrates WATT the latest Fuel Cell Technology. The first Class B's to have this new technology will be demonstrated at the 2018 RV show in Pomona, California (in October 2018). In short this fuel cell will use propane as the fuel source. Will be used with solar and lithium batteries to give maximum performance to use all electrical products in your RV "including" the air conditioner! Ultra quiet! Non polluting! Extreme low maintenance! Second development please comment on: "Thor RV company bought Hymer and Roadtrek? 2 videos that discuss these topics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r7qQWhB-zY , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naQk7RrWUdI

  • I agree that it is time for Leisure Travel to step up to Lithium Ion, volt start and engine alternator for recharging. I know it will raise the price point, but I, for one, would buy it. Nobody wants to run a generator, or always be required to plug in for power. I don't think a 1000 watt inverter is enough to live comfortably. I definitely agree that the RTB is awesome. They really did put a lot of thought into the use of space in that floorpan

  • Since this is built on a cut away chassis it was never intended to have belted passengers in the rear. As far as safety goes in class C and A RVs with rear passenger lap belts I don’t believe those would be the safest thing in a severe collision especially if they are side facing on a bench seat. Does anybody do RV crash testing?

  • What an outstanding review once again! Dang you’re good at this. Appreciate you showing pluses and minuses Hey leisure way, 150,000 bucks but only two year warranty when competitors are boasting 4 or 5 years?? Macerator is optional?Seriously? Lithium not even available??Inverter only 50% the size of today’s typical RV inverters?? I can’t even turn on the microwave to make a quick snack without firing up a generator which is also optional at this price level?? I’m so turned off by this manufacturer I will never buy their product. Their apparent philosophies have lost my trust on many levels. I would take the pleasure way XLMB.

  • Christopher Salazar says:

    I’d like to point out an error. Those extra seat cushions for the dinette are stored under the dinette seats – in a dedicated compartment with a door. They do not come from the lounge in the rear.

  • Clicks2Flicks with The Wiz says:

    Neil, I agree 100% regarding the flimsy way the various configurations of furniture fit together. This was my first thought when I saw Dean's original intro video of the FX. Once you bump them, or sit on them the wrong way, they're gonna fall apart. It's as though LTV was mimicking Ikea, but forgot to include all the fasteners that hold the pieces together.

    Too bad, as the idea is genius, as is the concept of two distinct and LIVEABLE living areas.

  • Are you sure this is for the 2019? WiFi/Cellular booster is standard in the 2019, and the stabilizers have been thrown out in favor of a 4 point leveling system.

  • I’d like eliminating the rear seat and make a larger shower/toilet. I’m ok with the Murphy bed, but I’d probably sleep on the lounge as it’s just me and my tiny Yorkie. I’m better it’s over $100k too. Yeah I’m going towards a class c.

  • robert armstrong says:

    love your videos…I am ready to buy a FX after looking at many diff coaches. Having the two lounge areas is huge plus for me.

  • Gilbert Reynolds says:

    Thanks for giving an up close look at this unit. I am a tall person at 6’4” and it is good to see the true dimensions of the interior with someone of your height. Especially the toilet area. Would love to see a review of a Thor Vegas.

  • It blows my mind that at this price point lithium batteries are not included. I have no idea who LTV are catering to (with this model) but it is not me.

  • 1) absolutely love your quality B/B+ reviews, & and largely agree with your observations regarding Unity FX
    2) We are 40-something’s having recently full timed for 4.5 months (30,000km) in LTV Unity FX We have the following observations:
    -fantastic layout, most living space of any Class B+
    -flared sides + slide out provide maximum space in B+ van great for longer trips, no tow vehicle required
    -can relax in rear lounge read/watch tv while kitchen/bed in use (bed stays made)
    -unique multi position bathroom door allows space to be used by the bathroom OR the rear lounge
    -pantry is class leading and doubles as privacy screen for rear lounge/dressing area
    -front lounge flexibility is simple & great, and well worth it. Cushions for additional dinners are stored under the dinner seats (NOT in rear lounge). Only 15 seconds to set up. Execution could be better
    -drybath great for full timing
    -Truma Aqua go comfort plus wonderful
    -removable macerator SUPER convenient
    -loads of under chassis storage eg, Webber Q BBQ, scuba gear, campsite gear, anything you want really
    -electrical systems: are old school! For the price expect lithium upgrade, multiplex wiring, c/w touch screen control, 2000w pure sine inverter charger, 2nd alternator, etc
    -optional solar panel install has 30’ of wire behind below averag3 solar controller!! Line loss huge! Rewire over to doorway with better solar controller after purchase
    -not sure what demographic needs (2) TVs in 24’ van…go for full wardrobe option instead
    -2018 bathroom door design does not stay put underway with loaded door storage, had to shim door when departing, new 2019 door solves this BUT removes much needed bathroom storage.
    -rear lounge: ottoman not functional as desk, hardware does not allow for sufficient leg space. This is really for a 2nd person to put feet up in rear lounge. More elegant design would be to delete this for a custom jack knife extension of the rear lounge into larger sleeping area.
    -front lounge: does not include additional seatbelts. This could easily have been engineered into the design, and increased flexibility.
    -arm rest support/operation hardware awful! This needs completely different hardware
    -made in Canada & there are no 4 season options! Eg, heated tanks, enhanced insulation, double acrylic windows, etc.
    great for a 3-season full-timing couple downsizing from Class A, who does not need latest electrical frills, either driving every 3days, or on shore power

  • Harmonious Hypothyroid says:

    thank you for making these videos. I just subscribed. I was looking forward to seeing more videos of Class C RVs because I thought the indoor space is more practical for my husband and I. He is tall at 6'3" , if you are I think 5'7" and feel squished in the bathroom, and by standing in the shower area, this would not work for us at all. I also would much rather have bunk beds in the 2nd lounge area to make it ideal for guests. However, I also agree that the lack of seat belts would be an issue, specially if we plan on traveling with our nieces and nephew. 🤔 ….overall, cool features, but impractical for our needs. Thank you again.

  • My concern is about the odd sized bed which there are no sheets to fit! there are 60 inch for a queen and then there are king size sheets at 76 x80 regular King, or 80×80 for the California King. None of which is going to fit this bed! I loved the concept and idea of this series of micro coaches, but the second concern is the lack of counter prep area. You can't even turn around to use the table, not really. it's just so small. But the second living area with the couch is great. I guess it depends on personal priorities but the bed is a primary issue and much of the reason people like to take their bed with them when they travel. Decisions decisions…

  • Your videos are really good.  You're informative and easy to listen to.  Is there a possibility that you can review the Leisure Travel Van Unity Murphy Bed?

  • Fahed Baghdadi says:

    From my info the Mercedes part and laborer charges are outrageous I preferred Ford or dodge were Mentenance are easy all I’ve North America
    What’s your suggestion I on I should go for I appreciate your input

  • I have seen every Class B van out there and by far Leisure Travel Vans has the best modern design. I would like to see larger RV manufacturers get past the 1980’s dated look. I like the exterior styling too. Recently they have offered a larger garage for bicycles in their Wonder model. I would like to see a pass through that could fit my Vespa 150 scooter. Think they are starting to offer lithium batteries in their concept model. You did a good review. I agree I would like to see seating that does not move when you sit in it. Think they do need the lithium upgrades and I want to see them offer an all wheel drive winterize model. These vans are about $150,000 with all the upgrades so they are a bit pricey. Wonder how Leisure Vans hold their value in the resale market. They have a good network of Leisure owner groups across the country and in Canada.

  • Thanks for the video. It’s great and I plan on watching more.

    Just one comment totally unrelated. I’m not your mom, but if you are getting up in the night to go to the bathroom often, get your PSA checked. You look pretty young to have that going on. Your comment about that issue popped out at me as my husband and brother recently have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

  • I LIKE the slide out. I didn't realize just how "expanding of my world" a slide out is until I traded my Class B for a B+. The slide out makes the inside look like a "condo" rather than a rail car. BUT…I don't know if I like the fact the slide out has to be out in order to bring down the murphy bed. And on my previous B…I had an extention in the galley. BUT I had a MUCH bigger entry side door so on my current B+, with a smaller door, that would probably be a problem.

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