2019 Ford Ranger: Tough Has More Fun in Seattle | Ranger | Ford

(intense music) – [Narrator] If there’s an
outdoor adventure heaven, you can bet it’s located near Seattle. – [Man] What is it about this
area that you seem to love? – There’s something about
the Pacific Northwest that just draws me to it. All right, let’s do this. And I think it’s part of the fact that you’re out here like,
battling the elements. The grit about that is, I don’t know, there’s a weird thing
that like, feeds me to it, and I just like, keep
coming back for more. – [Man] It’s freezing cold out. What are we doing today? – [Robert] Well, we got
the zone picked out. It’s a really cool one, it’s just kind of difficult to get to. I’m gonna try to ride off the falls and see if I can do some
flips on the way down. (adventurous music) – [Eric] These mountains here are crazy. It’s steep, and it’s deep, and it’s just got it’s own attitude
and character about it. This no-boarding thing, I think of it like snowboarding, but without bindings. Is it gonna be hard? Probably, but I think it’s gonna be fun. – [Geoff] The opportunities,
are limitless here. Be the tools to get there. Mountain biking is a very difficult sport. Every sport has it’s ups-and-downs and mountain biking, if you were to take an impact, everything hurts. You put all this effort
into a learning track, relying, overcome your fears,
it all just accumulates to this overwhelming sensation of success and you just want more and more. (adventurous music) – [Robert] Nothing brings me
this much happiness in life than the whole process, the jump, the adventure getting there,
I mean, it’s pure bliss. (cheering) – Are you serious? – [Eric] Knowing that you
could just hop in your truck and find your own zone to get out there where no one else has really been, that’s what I love about it.

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