20 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Hotel Rooms

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  • Yellow Productions says:

    Want cheap flights? Watch my video on how to get good flight deals: https://youtu.be/JzoSdPdytnc

    Check out this playlist for all of my travel advice videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVadUHX1B-ISzNV0bH2Ew_kfhOi9K8qc

  • Richard Mccarley says:

    Grandpa Richard is old school. This seems like a lot of work to save a little bit of money. He just wants to prepay for the trip and be told when to show up at the airport

  • Hyatt’s cash plus points used to be a great deal. However since they’ve changed the cash portion to 50% of the room rate, instead of a flat rate, this method no longer a good deal and should be avoided. Hyatt points from my experience are worth nearly 2 cents each. I would recommend using cash if you don’t get at least that much value out of them.

  • I've found it valuable to call the hotel directly and negotiate the rate or even upgraded rooms. Also corporate lodging and free lodging through casinos.

  • Great video Chris.. I think Hotwire (booking at last minute) an Hotels.com (stay 10 nights 11th night free) deserves a mention. Also like to book air and hotel at the same time.. Bundling always savings..

  • TY for the tips! I have been booking refundable hotel stays and checking back and finding cheaper prices. I then cancel and rebook. It is time consuming but I simply can not justify paying $400 a night for a low rated hotel in NY (plus taxes and fees).

  • Scottman895 Travel says:

    Those are some great tips! As a AAA member, I have gotten so many great deals on hotel rooms which have been even cheaper than the prepaid rates. One tip I have is that hotels which are undergoing renovations or construction may sometimes be cheaper. I stayed at a Marriott in downtown San Francisco last year which had some renovations going on, and I thought I saw somewhere that the rooms were at a discounted rate due to the construction inside the hotel. The only downside is that they may shut off the water during the day on certain days, but that wasn't a problem as I was always away during the day. Other than that, the stay at the hotel was great!

  • Hey!!! Do you know of any cool places like museums, land marks or food places Off the strip of Vegas 🤠? I think you mentioned something like that in the last Vegas video.

  • David Fingermuncher says:

    Another excellent video Chris! I can confirm from experience that re-checking the rate is very important. I’ve literally saved thousands of dollars over the years by doing this. Keep up the good work 😎

  • Christine Miller says:

    My husband and I always go to Vegas Monday through Thursday. Best rates, and if we’re lucky, comped rooms because of our Caesar’s Rewards! We’re going back in November and are getting 4 nights comped at Bally’s!! Love your videos and tips! Thank you!

  • For number 4 under affiliations for Vegas. If anyone is Military active duty, reservist, retired or Honorably Discharge Veteran, you can get automatic upgrade to Pearl Tier for MGM's M Life Rewards. On top of all the perks you get from being on Pearl Tier, you get additional discounts and promos like 40% discount for up to 3 guests at Cravings Buffet at The Mirage. That's just one of many extra perks. Caesars has a similar program called Caesars Rewards Salute Card with similar perks as well as off property perks with partner companies like 5% discount on Hawaiian Airlines and Tier status match with Wyndham Rewards among many more. Upon signing up you are automatically upgraded to Caesars Rewards Platinum Status.
    For number 9, during my last visit to Walt Disney World, I was there when Hurricane Irma hit. I had to extend two additional nights cause flights got cancelled. I saw a lot of people complain on Trip Advisor how the Best Western at Disney Springs (where I was staying) was being of no help because they were sold out. I quickly checked the hotel web site and sure enough, it showed no rooms available, but I quickly jumped on Expedia and found that they still had a couple of rooms available and I quickly booked two nights and was able to use my points so I only paid for resort fee. I quickly went to the front desk with my Expedia booking info and they quickly updated my current check in status to extend me for those two additional nights and didn't even had to switch rooms or do a check out and check back in as some other hotels had made me do in the past. So if the hotel web site shows a place is booked, checking those discount sites like Expedia and Hotels.com can really get you out of a tight spot. 🙂

  • Screw that don't go to a cheap hotel I'm going to tell you why they raised it up to minimum wage was $15 for any way that works in hotel so now they don't change their sheets they don't clean the hotel rooms everyday they don't clean the restaurants and there's bed mites that's what happens when you raise minimum wage if you can't afford the good hotel you get the shity hotel just like foreign countries they don't care anymore cuz poor people hurt poor people you can't hurt the rich don't pay for it and then take it out of your ass

  • All great tips, but typically I book hotels last minute, and have found that Hotwire, and Priceline (Express Deals) always have the lowest rates if you're not picky about what hotel brand you stay at. sometimes 60-70% cheaper than the hotel website. Granted you don't know what the hotel is until you pay, and it is not refundable. But it gives you every other detail (Star rating, TripAdvisor rating, neighborhood location, amenities etc.) I've always been more than satisfied with the hotels I get from those options. And now they've even started giving you "hints" at which hotel you will get, which turns out to be correct almost 100% of the time. I know alot of people are more picky than me, but it's the only way I book hotels

  • Chris these are really some great suggestions on things we can do to lower the cost of hotel rooms.. I am a world traveler but you really hit the ball out of the park with tricks to getting the best pricing… L.A Rob

  • Sarah (Bebe) Brechner says:

    The best advice, absolutely! very helpful! A tip – if you need a cheaper hotel in the US, look for the newest one you can find. Even a Motel 6, if spanking new, can be better than a worn out Marriott Courtyard. Trust me. And TripAdvisor & other review sites really help with international hotels, too. That great deal in London? That’s because it is undergoing nightmarish renovations or has no air conditioning. I never book a hotel w/o checking reviews, especially for my international business travel. One more suggestion – read the tell-all hotel worker‘s memoir “Heads in Beds” by Jacob Tomsky. Even as a 25-yr business traveler, it was an eye-opener!

  • When we go somewhere and need a hotel for the night or a few days, I do what you have just said in your tips, I love the hilton chain, we do have the american express and are silver members, but sometimes rooms can get expensive depending on the area and if its a weekend or weekday, when its too expensive or the hotel is not close to our destination, we opt for another hotel, but I always check reviews because one thing I hate is a dirty roach infested rooms with bed bugs, I really don't care for the brand I just want a clean comfortable room. Overall great tips and great video!

  • Crystal Elizondo says:

    I want to book a hotel but not sure how since I am a family of 6; 2 adults, a 5 year old, two 4 year olds and a 1 year old do I book 2 rooms or just 1? Do I add all the kids or? I see in some they say up to 2 kids free

  • Great video! I 100% agree with all of this… I'm currently booking a hotel for Myrtle beach. 3 months out, and I'm just confused on what to do 😫. Booking.com has the room the same price as the website, but booking has free cancellation. Hotels website makes you buy protection for $30, but offers free breakfast every night as well! So it's a hard decision. What do I do?!!?

  • Great tips! Don’t really like #20 to complain for a discount. Obviously if you have issues you need to bring those to a managers attention but some people without integrity will use this to their advantage

  • Always remember that they have their tactics. For example, "there's only one or two rooms left" is a lie 95% of the time. As in buying anything, always act as if you are just price shopping. A more specific example, when booking, they ask where you are going? Never let them know if you're ultimate destination is the city of the hotel room. If they think you might drive further or less to get a better deal, they will offer a lower rate than if they know they have you locked in to stay in that city.

  • More tips: Negotiate the rates at the front desk for upgrades. Offer to pay with cash if you have it (hotel doesn’t have to pay commissions and card fees to anyone).

  • Gabriela Knox says:

    Another strategy I use – doesn't really save you money, but helps you get more for you your money. I have a budget I want to pay per night – lets say $200. What most people do, is they look for the best hotel they can get for this price. Sometimes it's worth it to look "one level down". A premium room in a 4 start hotel is often much better than the cheapest "low level, no view" etc room in a 5 star hotel.

  • Hi I have a question: For example: I have Wyndham credit card, but since hotels.com has better rate, can I reserve on hotels.com and pay at the hotel using my Wyndham reward credit card and still get the points?

  • Tip # 20 doesn't seem to apply at the Residence Alma Marceau in Paris. I got ripped off for $10,000 when I reserved on booking.com. I made a reservation and canceled it 3 hours later and the hotel, Residence Alma Marceau in Paris, charged my AMEX $10,000. I have been trying to get my money back for a year. The hotel said booking.com charged them $1700 commission. Amex has been useless in resolving this issue. Stay away from booking.com! And if you think that big annual fee you are paying for your AMEX card will get you some help, think twice.

  • You deserve my 95% approval for your presentation. Because you were candid andgave detailed examples and explanations. I go to hotel rates and reviews on TripAdvisor and Trivago. And I go to a 3 or 4 star rated hotel with a 8.5 out of 10 feedback from hotel guests. Better deals with lower rates can be booked on slightly popular and recommended hotels on the list. Location is most important followed by cleanliness. The free breakfast fare is also a good come on.

  • Book a hotel in your country on an overseas travel website (even after currency conversion) you can sometimes save huge 💰 money


    Ha-Ha this is funny. So they say nobody is going to Hong Kong, but yet all the online hotel bookers are asking sky-hight room rates.

  • Krystal Siverling says:

    I just wanted a few nights for my husband and myself we got married in July but couldn’t afford our honeymoon we can’t afford something big but I want to surprise him any recommendations for Ohio hotels?

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