20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide

20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide

in this video we’re showing you around
Vienna after spending a few days in tirol the capital was our next stop and
what a change of scenery we sought snow-capped mountains for some
of the most elegant streets in all of Europe the end of the city of imperial
palaces countless museums and grand coffee houses and it was a feast for the
eyes we can already tell you that one week was not enough to see it all but in
this video we’ll do our best to show you some of Vienna’s highlights we figure today we would go out for cake
it’s going to be our lunch so we’re gonna be trying the famous Zakhar
towards ya we’re going to the hotel where it originated and we’ll be eating
at the cafe Zucker and it’s a bit of a walk it’s a real it’s a bit of a walk
for here it’s like 30 minutes according to Google Maps yeah so but this is our
first time to explore Vienna on foot so we’re actually quite excited and yeah
we’ll show you a bit of the journey along the way our walk led us directly
to the Ring Road which is a circular Boulevard that encases the old town the
road is located with the city’s medieval fortifications once stood and it’s a
beautiful part of the city to explore on foot
seeing as it’s lined with parks museums palaces and numerous historic buildings
we even stopped by to say hello to Mozart along the way but now back to
request for cake by now we all know Sam loves standing in lines yeah but this
isn’t nearly as bad as some other lines you’ve been into to get its cafes I
think your ferry through the line we waited for
Oh chill hours someone threw a fit someone is having a hard time deciding
so many sweets so many coffees of the menus work sense of it I thought where
we were first when we first saw the menu aside it looked kind of limited but it
is what she’s moving here it’s finally time to begin we’ve been
taking a photos and video for food for probably the last 10 minutes before us
so I went with the classic I ordered the Sacher Torte yes if you take a look here
it’s got a little chocolate si Ella I’m letting you know it’s the official with
the original is that pretty good and then figured we would try two different
cakes so Sam do you remember which mean you got yes I am trying the lilliput and
this is another Viennese specialty yeah so why don’t we have a dissection here
so it’s a it’s a ring cake with spicy ginger candied orange that looks so good
oh my gosh look at that making a mess of this doing this for cake well I can
actually solve it if I eat here yeah I think I might even like this one
better really that’s how good it is oh my goodness
our next stop was st. Stephen’s Cathedral located in the heart of the
old town this behemoth of a Gothic cathedral dates back to the 12th century
and what immediately caught my eye was a colourful tiled roof which you can
appreciate even more once you ride to the top of the tower all right so we’re
all about visiting churches rugger we travel and we usually have to climb the
stairs if you want reviews of the city this time around give us an elevator so
we paid five fifty each yeah euros so we just finished visiting seeds
Stephen’s Cathedral and next up we’re heading to Mozart’s health which is
right around the corner apparently he only lived here for a little while while
he wrote the marriage he got off don’t guess a five is the only one of
Mozart’s apartments in Vienna that still exists today he lived in this particular
house from 1784 to 1787 so chin of plans yeah a little bit of change of plans
unfortunately in the Mozart house you’re not allowed to film no cameras no photos
no nothing that’s annoying but anyways it’s 11 euros to go inside
it looks yeah so unfortunately we can’t show you what it looks like inside but
if we find a museum where a lot to film or definitely well let’s go so Sam we just finished visiting st.
Peter’s Church and perfect timing what was going on in there
the organ was playing so yeah we couldn’t have picked a better time I
know it was amazing it was a free concert like you can have a donation
yeah but yeah it was packed in there I know Soho I always feel like when we
visit churches become at the wrong time so this is a really nice surprise yeah from there we continue to hofburg palace
where before even entering we came across some impressive Roman ruins right
out front after sneaking a peek at these layers of
history we then bought her admission tickets to the Imperial Palace that was
once the seat of power of the hub’s burg dynasty okay so I just got a ticket so we’re
gonna be going inside hofburg palace yeah do you eat or looks amazing like
this is probably one of the main things to do good we paid 13 euros 90 cents for
an admission ticket which gave us access to the Cece museum the Imperial
apartments and the silver collection but since no cameras were allowed all we can
show you is this but now check out out Grand the souvenir
shop look so you can imagine the rest all right oh yeah yeah so important
allowed to film inside the Imperial apartment I go they’re quite strict here
in Austria no photos no video well there are a lot of people visiting so I guess
yeah people moving along with all of you guys but anyways it was very impressive
inside it came to just over 13 euros and yeah we would highly recommend it it’s
gonna take a little time to explore it properly and while Hochberg was the principal
Imperial winter residence schonbrunn palace was the summer residence so it
only makes sense to show you that next again they were pretty sticky about
camera so we decided to focus our attention on the palace park which can
be visited free of charge during opening hours our trip to Vienna also happened to
coincide with some of our friends being in town so here are a few clips of that game how does it were a cab involved in
landing either guitar and coin or a one-year coin in that bucket
yeah if you land one 50 Cent’s you get one limoncello if you’re brave enough to
put you in there and you win you get in each other we’re Thursday so we got
fourth rosey hopefully water let’s get landed here cool pays off even after paying a lot
probably eight euros and tips and points so worth it you ready and the few nights later a few friends
took us out for a night on the town which included a stop to sample the
infamous using sausage all right we’ve been restaurant hopping and bar hopping
and now it is time for sausage all right your kids are coming for the first time
this is the famous using sausage I mean look at we got sliced up and so it’s
already using all over the tree I can smell me try it with ketchup mustard cheese excellent choice kazar kind of do you think Becky is your
favorite spot no no no Albertina art gallery
yeah and Leos is the oldest in the city okay we went to a bar and I drank tea
got a teetotaling de totally and because last night was not crazy
enough today we signed up to take part in vine vanveen which is basically like
this vineyard crawl so we’re just visiting vineyards in the outskirts of
Vienna and you walk from vineyard to vineyard and have some wine have some
food and joy nature see yeah that’s what we’re doing right now we were lucky
enough to be in town on the one weekend at the end of September when this hike
takes place but that being said you can visit the vineyards independently or
even join a wine tasting the rest of the year hi Sam hi we’re moving on to the
next winery you need to get up a second vineyard of the day and we’re
not even having wine we’re just digging into the food this
time we’ve moved on to Kay’s expects them to be the cheese sausage right no I
got the just a regular sausage just about work it will not be using cheese
like last night but enough about wine let’s move on to breakfast where we’ll
show you one of her favorite finds in the whole city
okay so here we are we made it to the restaurant we had in mind it’s called
beer not entirely sure what that means but they do have a cool menu with with
alias it’s like those bald cats I don’t even know what they’re called but yeah
they’re on the copy we should know the name of this cabin we’re gonna look this
off later on if you know please tell us yeah but we came here a few days ago and
we actually had more of a Middle Eastern breakfast like Sam had this giant hummus
platter I had Chuck chicken it was really good
yeah but we also notice on the menu that they specialize in a Viennese breakfast
and they also have farmers breakfast yes so that’s what we’ve ordered and should
be coming to see actually our drinks are here trying to stay warm out here on the
patio it’s late September I mean it’s surprisingly chillier to get today’s a
lot chillier than it has been on other days maybe we should have sat inside
okay let’s enjoy the sunshine so yeah I got myself a cafe latte nice and milky
and frothy yeah and we’ve been noticing they shared you good coffees in this
thank you bye and Sam got a little cappuccino and a cute little I did just
over here now I’ll be trying that after all right guys so our Viennese breakfast
has arrived this is the Vino coaster and it comes with say milk which I already
dug into so came with croissant we have some ham some cheese a hard-boiled egg
butter jam and I can already tell you I am a big fan is this is this is a
typical Viennese breakfast isn’t this the Viennese
yeah well showcase the other one in a moment’s time with this bread roll oh my
gosh I don’t know like we’ve been in Vienna how many days and we’ve managed
to only discover this bread roll today how it’s kind of sad it’s so good it is
good oh so good kind of reminds me a bit of a
continental breakfast yeah so we’ll give you a little tour so we’ve got the nice
bread over here yeah and it came with two slices yes
two very thick slices of cheese looks like a cheese and then we have the egg
which I’ll be giving to you this is I think kind of like a carrot cream cheese
type of mixture it’s a spread to put on the bread obviously yeah and then of
course we have the gutter kin the pickle and then we have something we have so it
looks like a really good-quality meat and some Tomatoes oh fuck Berlin right
the bread is delicious it’s like it’s absolutely amazing I’m
then that nice thick slice of cheese and then a little juiciness from the pickle
it makes a really nice yummy bite so next up we’re visiting Kratzer which is
one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and it’s pretty cool because
admission to the park is free it’s just open and then once you’re in you
actually pay for each individual ride and it’s only a few euros like so
remember like 2 euros 4 euros it really depends on the ride you’re going on but
next up we’re gonna get on the famous ferris wheel okay so we are about to go on this
ferris wheel behind us made famous by the movie the third man
yeah and I’ve never seen a ferris wheel quite like this I know they’re unusual
booths they almost look like little tram come yeah or like tiny mini homes so
it’ll be really interesting to see what it’s all about let’s go
the reason red isn’t just an attraction but it’s also one of yen its historic
landmarks this is one of the oldest Ferris wheels an operation dating back
to 1897 and it also held the title of world’s tallest Ferris wheel up until
1985 tickets are 10 euros per person and during our visit we also made time to
sample some Austrian food so you want to introduce us to your dish oh sure you
this is one of my favorite dishes in Central Europe goulash and you can see
here it comes with pickles as well it also comes with bread dumplings and I
remember we made the mistake and when we had crush in the Czech Republic of
eating our bread dumplings with the hands appearing right you are supposed
to use your fork a knife all right I’m gonna do that this time for cutlery
cutlery right here guys so yeah I’m gonna get the get a bit of the meat get
a bit of the bread it’s gonna be a wonderful first bite oh yeah oh that’s so good the meat is so
tender the sauce the gravy is so rich and flavorful and just having them the
bread complements it really nicely too so I ordered the leaner but the classic
it’s supposed to be meal but they don’t have that on the menu here they have one
made with pork so yeah that’s the one we ordered it’s actually a lot cheaper when
you order the one with meal it costs double yeah this was all about this is
about ten years the one would feel you’re looking we’re at around 20 euros
you’ve noticed yeah that’s really nice it’s a really thin
cut of meat when I believe the way they make it is that they dip it like whisked
eggs are not first flour with eggs and then breadcrumbs from the fryer so this
is really nice um you know what it reminds me of a Milanese in Argentina and their dessert is you it has arrived
we’re having apples really yeah you know the famous Viennese dessert Austrian the
absolute classic and it was invented in Vienna so yeah you said in case you’re
wondering it is popular in other parts of Europe but invented here oh I was amazing mom it’s just like
there’s so much cinnamon and the pieces of Apple are so big juicy and then you
have the dusting of icing sugar and then it’s just work of art it’s a work of art
and then the pastry is just nice and and flaky and delicate oh my gosh that is
good it’s like the perfect way to end this meal this has been a wonderful meal
like everything we’ve had has been so good so we are now standing in front of
Swindell fossa house which may just be the most colorful building in the whole
city what do you think well yeah definitely the most colorful that we’ve
seen and definitely the least traditional as well yeah reminds me a
little bit of La Boca apartment buildings don’t normally make for an
interesting tourist attraction but hundertwasserhaus is an exception this
residential complex was designed by an artist with a love for bright colors
crooked lines and uneven surfaces you can visit the interior of the building
since people do live here but it’s fun to admire from the exterior plus you
have a quirky shopping center right across this is the cool surprise right around
our neighborhood there’s a flow Mart which is a flea market
aha massive like this just huge pedestrian street full of collectibles
and street food so we’re gonna go check it out again just like the wine hike we
happen to chance upon this event during our visit but that being said Vienna
hosts numerous flea markets across the city one ongoing market that we visited
was Naschmarkt which is known for its food but it also has lots of stands
selling a mix of antiques and random trinkets okay so we have finally made it
to the museum quarter which is kind of like this massive courtyard that’s just
surrounded by little different museums and galleries and cafes and we’ve
already learned you’re not allowed to film anything here in Vienna you can’t
film us at galleries or museums so we’re not even gonna bother trying but yeah
it’s a cool place to check out if you want to have a wide selection of
different museums to choose from Vienna has a whole lot of museums more than you
can cover in one single visit but the museum quarter does a good job of
grouping a few together here you’ll find at MoMA
which is the Museum of Modern Art’s kunst olivine which showcases
contemporary art Leopold museum which holds Austrian masterpieces that range
from Expressionism to modernism and a few of their performance and exhibition
spaces then right across the street you have Maria Theresia flats where you’ll
find both the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art history so overall
plenty of choices and if the Opera is your thing that’s just a skip and a hop
from there as well I’m gonna be putting a dog tracking
collar on you where have you been for the last half hour we got losses a big
Oh whatevs Sam likes to wander off with his camera we found each other at last
let’s keep sight segment and on one of her last mornings we decided to visit
another coffee house for one more vino melange with a piece of cake so we have
made it to the cafe and thankfully it was open and it’s a good thing because I
was feeling pretty hangry like this is the breakfast happening right here so
the place is called Aida and it’s been around since 1913 so my
goodness over a hundred years I imagine they’ve had plenty of time to
perfect their pastries their coffees their cakes so for my drink I got the
AIDA melange so this is espresso with steamed milk
and whipped cream that I have since you know mixed into the cup exactly a little
sort of that you yummy yes please that is quite nice oh and have I
mentioned everything here is pink yep everything there is menus the cakes
the waitresses the uniforms the chairs it’s all everything looks pretty and
things over here Mozart kick a Mozart cake alright so for
something sweet I’m just gonna read it off the menu because too many
ingredients I ordered the lagina Mozart dr. veena
so the original Viennese Mozart cake and it’s described as a dark sponge filled
with the finest nougat and pistachio marzipan encased in a light chocolate
fondant icing there’s a lot of times pretty good I like fancy like placing
that’s like poetry I like chocolate yeah there’s a lot of stuff you like so it
looks thick look at the filling is so thick it’s like thicker than the the
cake itself yeah good stuff oh yeah let me that made up
for the sandwich you didn’t Lisa yeah I think you’ll be keying in on the suite
and up next Sam ordered bitch to top fence tool so basically this is like
Steudle a pastry with austrian cheese in the middle yeah looks like a claim she
yeah that’s kind of like basically what you’d normally have on a cheesecake kind
of filling I really like that yeah yeah this would be you know what would be so
good with apple strudel like if you combine them together oh you’re getting
fans yeah a little bit of a little bit of Apple strudle and a little bit of a
topless doodle together in the same fight that would be magic absolutely
magic lastly a quick note on transportation
because while wandering on foot is a lot of fun you’ll need to make use of the
ubon for some harder to reach attractions transportation time
transportation so our favorite way to get around the city is by Lou bond and
we got two tickets they are to 20 euros each that’s a pretty decent price but
it’s kind of funny because we noticed that for like that reduced tickets that
are 1 euro and 10 cents there between children age 16 to 15 but also for dogs
too so apparently if you’ve got a dog you’ve got to pay for it to come on oh
yeah yep and that’s a wrap for a guide to Vienna
we hope you guys enjoyed following along and that you got a few ideas of things
to do on your own trip now you guys know the drill if you have any other
suggestions of fun things to do see or eat in Vienna feel free to share those
with travelers in the comments below wishing you happy travels and until next

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