15 MOST Common NYC Tourist Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) !

100 thoughts on “15 MOST Common NYC Tourist Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) !”

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  • Went to NYC last year and loved it. Desperate to go back. I agree so much about the weather but a warning to anyone not American. Use a weather app on your phone that will give you the temperature in centigrade because the TV weather and any temperature displays in public are only in Fahrenheit, which I just didn't understand at all.

  • Thanks to public transportation in NYC I found out about the Jackson heights food . The bus dropped me off at Jackson height to catch the subway I ended up taking a walk and boom I found the best food in nyc

  • Lukekendallrugby says:

    I visited New York and hear all these stories and you just know people make mistakes all the time. I wrote a little blog about the main attractions. Will expand on that too.

  • My mistake was paying to much for hotel.i will wach your video for my next trip.
    I suggest put a note in your video of where are you filming at that moment. So if people like the background can visit👍

  • mistermatt moose says:

    it just seems like it's way too much work to have fun in nyc, everything is a scam, and I always heard the people are rude as hell.  another video tells me vegas is going to hell.  I've been to l.a., didn't really care for it.  most other American sites are overly commercial and expensive.  I can retire in 4–6 years.  screw it, i'll just stay home.

  • Dude, you've got the best travel vids, even though I've only seen ONE destination in your vids! Dude you're killing me!

  • The mistake is falling for buying stuff at the street only to give u a upset stomach bacteria and germs everywere .dont buy at stands or food vendors . Only ice is cream I would say is worthy.

  • 1) taxis and uber are too expensive, had i known…i would've saved more than 50USD from airport to my destination. take the subway definitely.

    2) go to AT&T for sim cards, don't buy the prepaid cards from convenient stores or the vending machine those sims do not have internet access! you will have a problem as you need your google map in NYC. no public wifi, so it's a hassle.

    3) have a plan, a destination every day, and stick to it. you will be lost in nyc one way or another especially if you're only trying to discover places for the first time. so it is better to know what you want to do for the day.

    4) never wear your leather boots or leather shoes, i made this mistake because i wanted to look cool and fashionable but my feet was laden with blisters, and I almost wasn't able to walk in the next few days. wear you most comfortable walking shoes. rubber or sneakers would be the best. if you're a tourist, you will definitely do a lot of walking in NYC.

    5) if you are going in winter, ensure you bring a backpack or bag. everytime you enter a store you will take off your gears and put it on again on your way out, it is very easy to lose your gears. i lost 2 bonnets and a pair of gloves, a muffler, ear muffs…i lost something almost everyday! so ensure you have a convenient bag to put all your gears conveniently as you go in and out of stores

  • NYC Insider Guide says:

    Excellent tips!!!! Also guilty of staying in the Manhattan bubble!!!! But for sure Arthur Ave is the best.
    Download some free maps and guides to help you plan your trip.

  • I think your videos are more suitable for people living or temporarily working in New York, because they have plenty of time to check out the city. Most foreign tourists just stay in the city for a week or ten days, they just get to see a few of the most famous attractions in Manhatten.


    Tipping sucks! Need to carry 5-10-20 usd all the time ! It’s so ugly keep touching the money and giving the money people seem not happy their work. DIY — no complimentary water even in 5 star hotels/ I hate that !

  • Ralph harrison says:

    Good video I used to live in the tri-state area and worked in Manhattan for 26 1/2 years so I know Manhattan very well.

    There’s one thing you forgot to mention about saving money on hotels.

    If you stay in downtown Jersey City NJ there’s some nice hotels were you could save money, the path train will take you into Manhattan in 5 to 10 minutes.

    There are path trains that will take you either into the village or 34th St. or the downtown financial district.

    I just wanted to mention that.

  • I went to my first ever musical / theatre @ NYC – we saw “Jersey Boys” and at the hotel concierge they quoted us $200 per ticket, we went to TKTS @ Times Square and we got 2 tickets for less then $80 and we were sitting at the front 😄

  • I’m a New Yorker and I had no idea about sit or squat Lmfaoooo but I’m gonna check that out. I almost always run into a bar

  • We have booked a Christmas trip to NYC for this December, booked a hotel in queens for £276 for 3 nights, subway station a 5 min walk away & a 15 min nonstop commute to Grand Central Station. To stay in Manhattan we would have paid £700-£1000 for 3 nights!

  • Keep cash on you so we can rob u? Don't walk and stop we hate that? Have ur ticket ready?He's more annoyed with what tourists do to annoy people in NYC. He's a BELLEND.

  • OMG, thank you for this video!! I will be coming for my  first visit in Dec. You have given me some great information.

  • I’ll say this: almost every tip you have works for Chicago, too. Only the weather is more insane and an Uber from the airport to downtown (if traffic is good) would cost about $35, which beats the 45 minute L ride you’d otherwise take.

  • What I noticed is LOUD racism beginning from 5:30 – 6:30. Every Cheff/Waiter with white skin has face shown, and every one with dark skin, only hands are shown. The York Police are fairer.

  • Joseph Forgione says:

    Believe it or not I watched your video after we visited New York last month. Suprisingly, we followed most of your suggestions. Next time we come back, we will be even better prepared. Maybe you can do a video about finding affordable parking in the city. We paid a lot to park our car.

  • Dazed & CORN fused In the Midwest says:

    Here Be Barr
    My family an I are planning to visit in about 2 yrs saving money an waiting for babies to be older lol I’ve been watching your videos very carefully! I don’t want to see the tourists traps I want to see the hole in walls … and the burrows I can’t wait to see your beautiful city!

  • Didn't bring enough cash, didn't remember debit card pin only had credit card. Missed out on eating Halal guys.
    BTW, Congratulations on 100k subscribers!!

  • I was wondering if you could produce a video that describes the running trails in New York City. During my last visit, I ran lower Manhattan. I found there are many places to run in New York City.

  • Hey 😀 I'm making YouTube videos in Tokyo, Japan and I'm going to visit New York for the first time between 11th and 14th September. I just had the idea to ask you, if you'd be interested in a collaboration, as you said you live in New York. I'm traveling alone and it would be great to meet some people, but also to get to know other Youtubers in other countries, as I plan to travel more. Let me know if you are interested. 😀 And apart, thanks for the tips in the video 😀 I'm looking forward to my trip.

  • NEVER eat from the food trucks of 42nd street, too expensive and bad quality food. It's better if you eat in a pizza restaurant or other type of fast food restaurant.
    Buy an unlimited metrocard instead of recharging the same metrocard and always check the weather before going out. If it is raining wear a rain coat and rain shoes.

  • As much as I love the other boroughs, I don't think it's a good idea to recommend staying there for a first-time visitor to NYC. Most of the places that a tourist would like to check out while in the city are located in Manhattan; the time it would take anyone to get here from Queens, Jersey City, or Brooklyn eats up whatever monetary savings they get.

    Also, so many schedule changes in the subway happen outside of Manhattan. It would be far too confusing for someone who doesn't know the lay of the land to have to deal with reroutes and trains running on a different line than what they're marked.

    If you're a repeat visitor who couldn't care less about going up the Empire State Building again, then sure, stay in Washington Heights or LIC and enjoy the savings. But for those who'd be out and about the entire time checking things off a guide book, spring for a Hyatt or a Hilton in midtown.

  • I do not understand tipping. It's ridiculous. We are paying for the food, environment and service. Restaurant owners should be giving minimum wage to the servers, it really shouldn't be in the customers jurisdiction.

  • I like using TripIt for pretty much any trip I take. It's not just for airline and hotel reservations, but also for any activity you might want to do on your trip.
    If you add the address of your activities, then Tripit has a Map function that let's you see where all your activities are in relation to each other… nice for planning the day, since you can see all your stuff that might be in the same area.

  • New York is tough for bathrooms, like the video said, but restaurants/bars are always a great place provided you are eating there. Libraries are the best option. Nice, clean bathrooms whenever libraries are open. Whenever I get into New York way early, I stop at a library for a bathroom break. My rule of thumb is, whenever there is a bathroom, use it. Also, the Occulus and big malls have cleanish bathrooms and Penn Station and Grand Central Station have them too – though these are not always or often clean in my experience.

    I actually think New York has more options than downtown Denver, since our free options are the library or train station. Both are ok.

  • Goin in December with my wife kids it’s their first time but me & my partner have been before truly loved the place 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Also I took an airport shuttle from midtown into JFK. It’s super convenient and one way it cost me $18. I didn’t have to do all that hustle and bustle out of NYC. It gets you into the airport in enough time for your flight and then one I took left from 33rd street.

  • I'm ariving at 10 pm at JFK with my mom so i think its better to order a taxi because i dont think the subway is so safe at night in nyc especialy with a lot of luguage

  • Housekeeping should be tipped as well. If you have them come in to clean each day, leave $5 each day. If you just go to the cart and get towels or toiletries etc, I give a $1 each time I do that. I tend to leave the do not disturb sign up each day and just go to the cart if I need anything refreshed like towels, coffee etc. On my last day, I will leave a more generous tip when I leave as the room will need deeper cleaning as it wasn't cleaned every day. These folks are paid very poorly and really need the tips.

  • Just back from NYC staying in Brooklyn hights….. Best way to find way around and see unexpected things. Plan route before you go out if you get lost don't panick enjoy every second you always end up getting back onntrack. Totally gotten the big apple bug

  • We had a ride from Newarc to Airbnb on Staten Island. We made it with Carmel it was not the cheapest but with the Bags it was the best way.

  • why would you go to the most toxic tourist attractions with tons of other tourists thats there to take selfies etc.. i'd go down to the lower east side and try to get a glimpse of the true and old NYC

  • Damn, I wish every big city had a guide like you. So far I've only found Honest Guide Prague and you. Subscribed! Keep up the good work 😉

  • the fashioncloud says:

    im the only human that goes to nyc and does't visit central park (actually inside), the met museum, the brooklyn bridge and chinatown!! biggest regretss everr

  • 20% of total bill for tipping? 15% if service is little bad? Do you guys tip for asking directions too? Nah thanks …… I'll rather visit visit Japan

  • My first visit was a year ago, and I wasn't sure if I was doing the right things, but I'm going to New York again in December and can't wait😍❤️

  • Jon, you are so balanced and rational in your videos. I have a list of NYC tips and recommendations that I like to share with some people. I link to your YT channel. I’ve lived in the metro area most of my life. Don’t change a thing. I don’t like unwarranted hype or scaring people. You do neither.

  • I pretty much agree with taking public transport from the airport if you are travelling light – done it twice now and will do so again on my next visit in 2020. It's quicker and cheaper. However, I have to take issue with Air bnb, which is mostly ILLEGAL in NYC. Bookers also run the risk of falling victim to scammers. There are plenty of hotels in the City to suit every budget, so don't take the risk of turning up after a long flight to find that the accommodation you 'booked' and paid for does not, in fact, exist.

  • Some tourists yesterday asked where to get the 1 train in Queens ( for anybody who doesn’t know the 1 train isn’t in Queens). So this was in on Steinway street which is the second stop coming from Manhattan, I found out that someone told them to take the R train to the 1 train in Times Square looks like they took the train going to the wrong direction. So tip make sure you are taking the train in the right direction.

  • The tipping part killed me…if I am satisfied with the service and the food quality I am generat tipping at least 10%. This is a bonus, people need to do something for it, the fact that staff is not earning minimum wage requires a law/action/a different career, not client's good will of giving them something extra.
    I appreciate though that at least the 20% is not incorporated in the bill like it happens in the UK on occasions (!this infuriates me)

  • Kim Hugo Jørgen Rasmussen says:

    My wife and I are going to NYC in three weeks for the first time. We’re so excited and appreciate this video so much. Thx. We’re 50 years both of us so the walking part won’t be the preferred transportation however we’ll bring good shoes anyway 😂

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