15 Affordable Campers and Travel Trailers Under 20K

15 Affordable Campers and Travel Trailers Under 20K

– [Reacher] We’ve been
telling you camping time is creeping up on us, so
it won’t be a surprise that this one is gonna
have some campers in it, but this one is a bit different, as it came about due to so
many requests for a video having options on the lower
end of the price spectrum. In listening to our
viewers, I gathered up a few to bring you 15 of my favorite campers currently under $20,000. Just as a side note, I would like to add that these are in no particular order, since they each have a
few somethings about them that I think are super cool. – Thank you for watching Minds Eye Design. Number 15. – [Reacher] This first one caught my eye due to the versatility, which
can make a huge difference with these smaller campers. The side hatch is a nice addition, as it provides an open spaciousness when it and the rear
entrance door are both open. I’m still not completely sold
on slide-out kitchens though, but this one offers a ton
of space for everything and hides itself underneath
one of the benches when not in use, so
there’s no wasted room. Speaking of room, there’s enough
to sleep two people inside and another two outside, if
you wanna put a rooftop tent on this bad boy. Throw in some solar panels for the integrated electrical systems and the idea of seven
plus days off the grid doesn’t sound so bad. – [Alex] Number 14. – [Reacher] This next one taps
into that sense of nostalgia that I hope all of us can appreciate. The style is reminiscent of
an era that I’m pretty sure most of us weren’t even
born in, and if you were, feel free to comment and let
us know the memories you have of those camping trips
from back in the day. So, I think it goes without
saying that my favorite thing about this trailer is the
addition of the boat on top. I said in a previous video
that having to choose between towing a boat
and a camper is no fun, so this eliminates that problem. Again, there’s that versatility. Adding in the option of
getting out on the water without having to rent a
watercraft goes a long way in the fun department. – [Alex] Number 13. – [Reacher] I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the first thing my brain latched onto when I saw this one was
the string of lighting around the exterior and interior. Feel free to make your
jokes about simple minds, loud noises, and shiny objects below, but it’s not just the
aesthetics that make this one. The rear bumper actually has an optional slide-out storage unit hidden behind it. Seriously, who thinks of this stuff? And the icing on the cake
is the ability to alter the floor plan to include triple bunk beds and as most of you know from past videos, my inner child loves me some bunk beds. – [Alex] Number 12. – [Reacher] It goes without
saying that buying a camper isn’t just about the neat
things and the way it looks. There’s also the side you don’t see, such as the framework and chassis and that’s what caught me on this one. It utilizes an all-aluminum, all-tube, fully welded cage frame,
which differs from others that have a steel frame
on a base with walls that are stapled or screwed onto them. This difference in
manufacturing is what makes it the strongest in the industry and like some other brands out there, this one has developed quite a following, which involves owners of
these trailers forming groups on social media platforms. We’ll throw the links to the
groups in the description for those who are interested. – [Alex] Number 11. – [Reacher] Although
I’m a fan of diversity, there’s also that need
for the standard camper that has all you need
located on the inside. Not only does this floor
plan have a kitchenette spanning the width of the trailer, it has a slide-out which
houses the dinette area and a fully enclosed wet bath. I think it goes without
saying how nice it is not to have to bathe in
an exterior enclosure. – [Alex] Number 10. – [Reacher] This one
comes in with the standard teardrop shape you’d expect
from a smaller trailer, but don’t let that fool you. In this case, the rugged
look isn’t selling a false promise of how
tough this trailer is. I won’t get too deep into
the specs on this one, but the base model alone
is loaded with most things you’d find as add-ons when
buying from other companies. The guys behind this one are
passionate about what they do and test the hell out of
everything themselves. That dedication to one’s own product goes a long way with me, making this one a definite entry for this list and I have to add that the
jet black powder coating on this thing ups the
intimidation factor by 100%. – [Alex] Number nine. – [Reacher] It took a
while for me to sell myself on this style of storage
trailer, rooftop tent combo, but once I saw the appeal,
it really made me want one and like most things, every
time I think I’ve decided on what I like, I see something
that makes me reconsider, but this one, so far, it’s
staying at the top of the pack. The cargo area has more than enough space to hold all of your gear,
as well as a full-sized ATV. The tent mount can handle
a hard or a soft shell, along with an attached awning. My favorite thing, though,
is the 360 degree area lighting package, which
basically allows for you to see what animal is raiding your trailer while you’re hiding up in the tent. – [Alex] Number eight. – [Reacher] Here’s another
one that falls into the realm of a normal-looking trailer,
but just like the one I mentioned earlier, it’s
what inside that counts. These floor plans start
at just 14 feet in length, which doesn’t sound like a
lot of room for a camper, but the company managed to
get a large dinette area, which also converts to a sleeper, a separate sofa, a spacious kitchenette, and an enclosed wet bath in that space. My office is roughly the same size as this and I can barely seem to
make anything fit in it, so yeah, high five to this one. – [Alex] Number seven. – [Reacher] Most of my
camping excursions as a kid involved truck bed campers
or a tent on the ground, so I guess it goes without saying that I might be partial to this one, but it’s not just my own history that makes it one for the list. The story of how this
one came to be appeals to my nomadic rebelliousness. On top of that, the attention to detail, the rugged materials, and
the common sense approach to the layout and what’s
included are the sole reasons it’s the only truck bed
camper that I would consider if I were to buy one. – [Alex] Number six. – [Reacher] I stumbled upon
this one some time back and fell in love with the
idea of it immediately. If ever there was a camper
to define modularity, this is the one. It’s composed of interchangeable panels, which allow for the
user to create a layout specific to their needs,
which can be extended in size. The door, the windows, and the
optional interior accessories can be used as needed, as
well as the whole thing being able to break down and
store away in a compact form. A camper that can fit any size trailer and still be stowed away
in a corner of the garage? I’d say it doesn’t get
any easier than that. – [Alex] Number five. – [Reacher] This next
one is the big brother to the previous entry. I love the idea of this one so much, I felt that I had to mention that the company also
offers a stationary option. Although it’s intended to be a
specific size once assembled, it does still offer the modularity, as the user can put panels and accessories in the layout that they
choose and as an added bonus, the panels are interchangeable
between this and the trailer. – [Alex] Number four. – [Reacher] Although this one
isn’t readily sold in the US, I am partial to it for many reasons. I love the look and style
that hints at a teardrop, but has enough of a different
shape to be more modern. On top of that, it has
everything located internally while still offering plenty of space to move around comfortably. Couple that with the large
windows and you create the impression of a
trailer larger than it is and speaking of the
size, this one is smaller than my previously mentioned
office and still manages to have more than I think I could fit. Obviously, interior
design is not my forte. – [Alex] Number three. – [Reacher] So, this one
is as different as it gets from any others on this list. This is a straight up,
bonafide covered wagon and before you ask, no, it doesn’t have to be pulled by horses, although that is an option. The look of this one will
take you back in time, but it has all of the amenities
of a modern camper and more. That, and it’s just cool as heck. I’m a big fan of the look
of natural wood grain on just about anything. Add in the ability to customize the layout to the needs of the user and the option of a wood-burning stove
and you’ve got a no-brainer on why this is one of my favorites. – [Alex] Number two. – [Reacher] First off, I
wanna say that it pains me that this company went out of business. I get that things happen,
but it just kind of sucks when there are those that
put their heart and soul into something and it
doesn’t pay off as expected and like the last entry,
the natural wood grain is a big plus for me. That, along with the attention to detail, the rugged design, and
the customizable nature, what every company should
offer in some capacity. As a side note, they also
offered a truck bed version that was just as awesome. Even though they’re no longer around, their website is still up. If anything, you should check
out what they had to offer, just out of appreciation
for the skill set. – [Alex] Number one. – [Reacher] This final entry on the list is one I have yet to see in any form, but I hope that it
influences those yet to come. Not only does it have a pop-up roof in the front and the back, it
also has pop-out side walls, which more than double the
living and sleeping space. All of this can be covered
with a mosquito mesh tent offering protection from the elements, while still enjoying the open
feeling of the outer areas. Side walls that pop out, that’s some outside-the-box
thinking that you cannot ignore. – Hi everyone and thank you for watching. I’m Chanli with Minds Eye Design. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave some comments below and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video, leave another comment and let us know, and then, if we use your idea, we’ll give you a shout-out in that video, but don’t leave yet. Keep watching because there’s more. (calm music)

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  • Minds Eye Design says:

    Thank you for watching everyone! This video is for all of you who have been requesting more affordable lists.
    I hope you like our selection. Leave a comment and let us know your favorites! (p.s sorry about the late post)
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  • Benjamin Burkhardt says:

    I think Winnebago, Coachmen, Rockwood, Flagstaff, Lance and Jayco are my favorite RV brands. Lance is the most expensive here, but Lance makes the best truck campers and smaller travel trailers. Jayco and Coachmen have affordable entry level campers that won’t break the bank. Winnebago and Rockwood are my personal all round favorites.

  • Booboobear2388 says:

    I don't like these "cutting edge" modern designs. To me, the "plain" traditional designs look a lot better and are much more functional.

  • george mullett says:

    Great video, most of those trailers are not under 20,000 here in canada.. the armadilo is 28,000 for example.. once you pick your options you are closer to 30,000

  • MIke MIhaljevich says:

    You need to have the prices on each, dimensions as well if you want to improve this website. But, it is a beginning at least. Nice job although the narrator uses much of the same verbiage for many of the offerings. Also, he says too often: "it goes without saying'. All minor criticisms but this site is one of the best I have seen if not the best considering that persons like myself are looking for cheap alternatives to the large and expensive RVs.

  • Number one is totally wrong because it's not a camper it's a tent that's just stored in the middle frame it shouldn't be on this list I didn't even see a kitchen or anything just sleeping areas? I wouldn't say this number one but to be fair I wouldn't put it in this group I should be with pop-up camper trailers that have soft sides the same as the sheep wagon it had soft sides you can't call those campers. It should be a category of Their Own the same as the one that had the luggage in the pop-up tent on top those are three different types of camping and I don't think it's comparable to the hard-sided regular travel trailers which by the way they're not campers either their trailers.
    I'm 64 years old and grew up in a camping family tents station wagons truck campers trailers you name it. I do find that everybody gets mixed up with the what the names are really supposed to be.
    Because they all have their unique category like a campervan really is more like a van conversion a pop-up tent trailer is in the tent category. I just think it's unfair to the manufacturer's when you create a list you should have all like items. But all that said number one is still just a tent stored inside metal frame I don't know anybody that would actually sleep in that and pay that kind of money. I also saw the reviews of the Kim bokamper that you said you would really like the material is not quite right the installation would be really bad and it's way overpriced for the materials that is in there. Is watch some separate videos on the Kimbo and you should see all the comments are similar to what I have said it's in the price range that it shouldn't belong I get it that wants to have a rugged look but you got to look at the cost of materials that are in there it's just not worth it. and I think due to the materials and the lack of insulation it would be very noisy on the road.
    I forget the number but I like the first one that included the bath because it made a really good to use of the area it wasn't that big and it kind of reminded me of the older trailers the vintage ones small enough but enough room to include everything. the only reason I don't like most of the teardrop trailers is cuz you have to go outside to use the kitchen and what if it's raining what if you just woke up and you're still in your pajamas and you can't make that cup of tea unless you go outside in your pajamas.

  • As an additional comment depending on the type of wood the wood Campers or trailers look really nice but now that I've been watching more and more of an conversion people they are switching to Balsa and other types of wood that are not too heavy because the gas mileage is in consideration by the time you get all your appliances in your car go in there.

  • The boat on top of the camper was very unique I think that was great for anybody who goes fishing and that type of thing I really like that one but I was hoping they had some kind of way of having an opening in the trailer so if you wanted to stand up taller the boat volume is there it's wasted space could even be used as a extra cargo area… slide-out hatch like a moonroof so you get the height if you're using the kitchen area and then you can put some cargo or outdoor gear or other things up inside the boat

  • kayla koechig says:

    My question is, if these campers are 20,000$…. why don’t you just make your own? I mean, buy the base trailer part and build up! Especially if you have welding and woodworking experience. Don’t waste your money if you don’t have to.

  • Channel Zero One says:

    Guess options under $5,000 is not gonna happen. Maybe I should start building trailers since the mark up is so insane. I could buy a new cargo trailer. Then spend about 2k in materials to build it to my liking and be way more capable.

  • I remember the boat on top campers and love them. By the time I was born, my parents really were not camping anymore. They took me camping once, and I ended up sleeping in the back of the station wagon with my big brother, who was about 15, because I was 3. I only went camping one more time when I was 17, with my other older brother and my sis in law, until I was married and the mother of 3 children, and I was so surprised that I really enjoyed myself. We rented a pop-up. The next year we rented a 5th wheel. We finally bought a used C=class and have had it for almost 10 years. We spent 5 months in Shenandoah Valley, and have used it many more times for a week here, a few days or hours. I love the layout because my kitchen is in the back. It is small enough to have fit in my old driveway, or a parking space for a van, yet sleeps 5 people, has a bath with tiny tub, a dinette for 4, jacknife sofa and over the cab queen sized bed. It could use updating but is still in excellent condition.

  • Jeffery Maxwell Rawson says:

    Fascinating as always. The modular camper reminded me of some Disaster Shelters, perhaps that might make for an interesting topic.

  • Thomas Curtis says:

    Hi I love your work. Do you think that you can do a video on all electric camper vans and or trailers focusing on 100% renewable eco-friendly design?

  • Back in those days we used to run the colored folk out the campground in the count of them stealing our canned guuds

  • Jon de Carbonel says:

    Out of our family, our beach had a truck and camper, everybody else had trailers and RVs. BUT…. many times we could go where they couldn't.

    That said, I've seen some really stellar layouts lately. On a few we've looked at, they've built the frames with double weight distribution at the tow ball, they can follow your jeep anywhere.
    One of which called OPUS built in New Zealand. The frame is sturdy as all get out, and it self inflates using air in less than 2 minutes. Beautiful layout, lots of space, AND A POTTY! Also a pull out kitchen, grill, fridge, sink, all can be accessed while camper is folded up.
    We saw it out at CURTIS CAMPERS in Oregon. Great little unit.

  • Tardeli costantini says:

    No.8 Coachmen clipper ultra-lite 14CR would be the one i'd buy for sure,it's perfect!!.Right size for me over all inside and outside with all what i need.Thought about a small tear drop camper but getting the right size with the shower is ify.

  • Good LORD! just get a tent already, It’s so dam small , why would you spend 20K and lug around that weight for a hard shell tent….we grew up using tents, it was the real way we went camping . This is not camping when you try to make it like a home on wheels..

  • Mr. OL' Skool6191 Parts Unknown. says:

    Yes I have a big question. What affordable 4 season light weight of 5,400 pounds or lighter camper trailer with bathroom, shower, etc. for 2 people living together who want to go full time camping / explore the world in the us of course for under $10,000 at least no higher then $20,000 if possible? can you make a video of that please?

  • Tardeli costantini says:

    Addition – No.4 i would but straight away as it goes with my small car.It'll tow it away and won't come back and the same with No.13 Don't laugh now….if No.13 had a shower at the front then it'll sell like hot cakes here int UK as many people have small cars and those sizes would be suitable for towing as a get away break due to it's lightness…..1400lbs/1500lbs weight and they'll seriously consider it,i would!

  • Ken Gabrielson says:

    Number three was the neatest it took you back in time but cargo trailer roof top tent was the most practical

  • In my younger years, MANY MOONS AGO, my family went camping using a trailer that didn't have a kitchenette, or shower, or even a toilet. We did our cooking outside on a Coleman two-eye stove. When I started camping with my wife, we had a 10 X 12 tent. Now that I am older, I want a camper that is comfortable without the mess of a stove or toilet. I prefer to cook on a portable grill, and I have a 4-eye propane stove that can be placed on a pick-nick table. Solar power is a must since I have to use a CPAP machine every night, plus we like to watch TV as we eat so electric hook-up is also necessary when we go to established National or State Parks. I am also looking for a camping trailer I can pull with a three wheeled motorcycle.

  • Kimberlyn Hughes says:

    I like almost all of these. They are still too expensive for me! But thanks for the video, I enjoyed it.


    Hi Minds Eyes Design , wow thanks for this video! my son told me that my design of Earth Traveler inspired you to make this video it is a honor. Just keep In touch for the add-ons that are beyond imagination. The properties of the combination of materials I'm using are amazingly endless. Buoyancy is the main property, even if I cut it in pieces it will float. So if you see one of this teardrop camping in the middle of the lake, don't be surprise. We are working on the first amphibious version right now, please check the video or contact me in my website if you need more info. Thanks again
    Angel Irlanda

  • Find me an affordable "toy hauler" camper/travel trailer. I'm an aviation cabinetmaker who travels the country. I'm looking for an affordable toy hauler to carry my tool chest and motorcycle (daily driver) so that I only have to use my truck when the weather is bad. I'll ride my bike in weather above 20 deg F…as long as the roads aren't icey…so please, find me something like that!

  • Beverly Balius says:

    Capri’s are the perfect cheap truck campers,,, 1 version has a full shower,,,, but porta potty,,, good enough for cheap

  • The people that dye
    their hair purple orange green or all of the above are they hoping that talent scouts for My Little Ponie the movie will spot them
    Or is it they feel invisible to the world and stick a neon sign on that reads: here I am..
    hopefully it's not the latter and they find what they're looking for in hollyweird

  • If you ever do another one of these lists, Scamp campers should make the list. Light weight, Durable and all 3 trailer sizes are still under 20K. We have the 16' layout #4

  • Lots and lots of good choices! hard to choose but I'm thinking of either 3 Idaho Sheep Camp Sheep Wagon or 2 Casual Turtle Terrapin (Used I guess)

  • Steve Cartwright says:

    Every camper was attached to an economy killing Toyota vehicle. Selling out this country used to be unthinkable. Now it is commonplace and actually looked upon as preferable. Anything for a buck.

  • Still confused on why travel trailers are so frickin expensive. As a fabricater there's not enough there to justify the cost. But the dealership get most of it

  • Tardeli costantini says:

    I 'VE FOUND THE RIGHT ONE NOW.After a lot of looking & learning i've found the PERFECT caravan.It'll fit (just) in my garage.I can get a 2010 FREEDOM JETSTREAM ~ FIRST CLASS LIGHT WEIGHT 2 BERTH for £8,000 ish.The FREEDOM JETSTREAM TWIN is v.similar too for interior spec.Size,height,length and width,weight is the same but unsure if it has a heater for warmth/hot water.Both are 650kgs so max payload 750kg so my little car will easily pull it.I'll be getting a portable 100W foldable solar charging panel,3x decent long thermal curtains which i'll double up and put behind the normal curtains to keep heat in on all the windows (except the kitchen window of course,cut out some carpets for underneath the seats/storage space to keep some more warmth in the caravan and may get some carpet for the rest of the caravan throughout to keep it snug through the British winter.I also have a battery jump pack with a 3 pin house hold UK plug and can use a normal battery charger to charge up the lessure battery if i ever need it (incase) I wanna be prepared for off the grid when and if i need it.I'm new to camping by the way lol

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